Morning Prayer Summary for Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Pastor Tim…

Why don’t we just enter in and thank the Lord for His goodness and His faithfulness. No matter what you’re going through, and I don’t mean to minimize what you’re going through. I know that many of you are going through some very serious struggles. Things are tough right now for a lot of people, but in spite of what you’re going through, God is still good.

He’s still on the throne. He’s still in control. None of these things have surprised Him or taken Him off guard. He’s mindful of everything that is happening. Most importantly He’s mindful of us. He loves us, He cares about us. He’s taking really good care of us.

In Jeremiah 29:11 it says, “I know the thoughts and plans that I have for you are good and welfare and not for evil or for destruction, but to give you a future and a hope, an expected end.” And that Word is still true for us today. He never alters His Word, never goes back on His Word, never changes His mind. He’s still faithful. He has been faithful. He’s is faithful. And He will continue to be faithful to us. I really believe our best days are ahead of us. The best is yet to come for us. I’m thankful for that.

Father, we just thank You for Your goodness, for Your grace, for Your loving kindness, for Your mercies, which are new every morning. Thank You, Father, that You have new mercy for us today. Great is your faithfulness, oh, God. Thank You for who You are, and who You’ve been to us. Thank You for all the things that You have done for us, Lord. You are good.

I love this song, and I love what it says. I invite you to enter in with me as I sing. Let the words of the song minister to you this morning.

♪ Walking around these walls, I thought by now they’d fall.
But You have never failed me, yet.
Waiting for change to come. Knowing the battle’s won.
For You have never failed me, yet.

Your promise still stands. Great is Your faithfulness, Your faithfulness.
I’m still in your hands, this is my confidence.
You never failed me, yet. Never failed me, yet.

I know the night won’t last. Your Word will come to pass.
My heart will sing your praise, again. Jesus, you’re still enough.
You keep me within your love. My heart will sing your praise, again.

Your promise still stands, great is Your faithfulness, Your faithfulness.
I’m still in your hands, this is my confidence.
You never failed me, yet. Lord, You’ve never failed me, yet. Great is Your faithfulness. Oh, God!

There’s no shadow of turning with You. Great is your faithfulness.
I’ve seen You move, You move the mountains. And I believe I’ll see You do it, again.
You made a way, where there was no way. And I believe I’ll see You do it, again.
Oh, we’ll see You do it again. You did it before, so I know You’ll do it again. ♪

You never let me down, no, not once. You never leave me. Always for me, fighting for me. Great is Your faithfulness, Great is Your faithfulness. You made a way, where there was no way. You made a way, where there was no way. It’s who You are. You made a way, where there was no way! And I believe I’ll see You do it, again. That’s who You are.

You are here. You’re moving in our midst. You’re touching every life. We worship You, Lord. We just worship You, right now.

Ms. Jeani…

Speaking of His faithfulness, I was late to prayer today. I was not only late but I was behind some slow moving vehicles. And in the middle of it, Holy Spirit said to me, “My people need to know, that just because things seem slow, they’re moving forward and they’re getting to the place I promise them.”

He’s faithful. He’s faithful. And if it seems like things are slow. You’re still moving forward. You can count on His faithfulness. And the things that He has promised you personally and corporately are coming to pass. They’re coming to pass! In fact, the best truly is upon you.

Pastor Ray…

It’s true. Believe it. We’re in overdrive. In our car, if you hit a certain button, it changes to “Dynamic.” Then you’re really moving.

We’re moving! No matter what. No matter what’s happened or what’s happening. He is faithful. He is working and keeping us moving ahead. We’re not going in reverse. We don’t have a reverse. The past is finished. It’s over.

I had this written in my Bible, “God put us here for a reason, and it’s for others.”

When we say, yes, Lord, You are faithful and You know, we need to get out of this, or that needs to change. These things that are so personal. But it’s all about other people. And so, if we just have our act together. And how do we get our act together? Look up. Receive. Believe. Stay filled. Stay welcoming the precious Holy Spirit. If we stay like that, God can use us. And He’ll use us with His power, by His presence, and the anointing.

But God’s love will flow through while we’re moving to bring change to others. When His power gets in us, we’re filled and on fire and we don’t doubt it. When the Holy Ghost really gets in us like that, we will see absolute changes. And there’ll be changes in our cities, changes in our nation, changes in hospitals, changes in businesses, changes in families, changes in all kinds of different schools, changes in leaders, changes in ministry. We can go down the whole list!

It’s Him – it’s the power of the Holy Spirit within that can and will bring about these changes. Something is going to change. And it’s going to be good. It’s never bad. That’s what’s so awesome!

When Pastor Tim was singing, “He’s here with us and even when we don’t know it, He’s working.” I had an opportunity last evening to call back someone that had a need. When you were singing that I began to see where this couple. It’s the wife and basically, the doctors have just given up. And so, this couple has been quarantined in their home for three months. He’s the caregiver. And I had opportunity to just pray with them over the phone because no one can come in the room with them. They can’t see their daughter. They can’t see their grandchildren and they can’t see anyone. And so, they’re left with exactly what we’ve been singing about today.

God’s faithfulness. And he said to me (I’m paraphrasing), “I know we have a choice. We’ve been raised up in the Word here at Living Word. We know that it’s a choice that we make and we’re to choose life, not death. And we have chosen life and we’re believing for an absolute miracle that those in the world could see, that it would be a witness to them, God is working.”

I know there are others. I’m sorry. There are a lot of different requests and prayers and help that needs to happen immediately, like now, 911 kinds of situations. I’ve read in the middle of the night an email that someone was absolutely in fear of the days that we’re living in right now. This person is unemployed and fear of the future, fear about what’ll happen in our own city here, where the police force has been defunded. Well, fear has to go!

Fear has no place! Faith must replace the fear. It’s got to go! Fear must leave. We all know that. We can’t have fear and faith at the same time. One destroys the other and we believe for faith to destroy fear, the blood of Jesus to take it out, the name that’s above every other name, the power of the Holy Ghost, the anointing that is resident within us!

So, we lift up all the different people right now perhaps unemployed because of the three months that people were locked in. We’re reminded today that God is faithful in every way. He’s faithful in every situation. He’s been faithful. He is faithful. He’ll never change. He’s faithful all the way through! And we’re moving through. We’re moving ahead. And our God, the God of all gods, King of kings, Lord of all lords is faithful.

We lift up all these needs, Lord. We’re praying for signs and wonders and supernatural changes from heaven. A rearranging! For some, an absolute paradigm shift. They were thinking one way and suddenly, by the power of Holy Spirit, their minds were changed, their hearts were changed in Jesus’ name!

We plead the blood this morning. Cover each and every 911 situation. You know their names. We lift them, Lord. We lift those up (tongues)…We believe for divine revelation. We believe for divine restoration. We believe for supernatural changes. Change for one situation over into a good way,a good plan, a good day, a better day. Hallelujah!

Bodies being restored. Bodies being made whole. We plead the blood of Jesus and declare by the stripes that Jesus took, we were healed! We are healed! We’re healed.

It’s supernatural change. Our God is moving! Changing!

Scripture focus…

“(11) For I know the thoughts and plans that I have for you, says the Lord, thoughts and plans for welfare and peace and not for evil, to give you hope in your final outcome.” Jeremiah 29:11 (AMPC)

Well, that means He’s working. He knows what to work on and when because He’s thinking about us. He knows our names. He knows who we are. He knows our every need. And He’s the need meet-er. Hallelujah.

I wrote this on the bottom of my Bible. “to give you an expected end.”

How’s it going to turn out? How will it be? It’s going be good! That’s why we can say, thank You! That’s why we can say, it’s going to be good! It is going to be good! It’s going to be better. It’s going to work out. There’s no evil about it. And then it goes on to say.

“(12) Then you will call upon Me, and you will come and pray to Me, and I will hear and heed you. (13) Then you will seek Me, inquire for, and require Me [as a vital necessity] and find Me when you search for Me with all your heart.” Jeremiah 29:12–13 (AMPC)

We’re calling upon the Lord today on behalf of others all over the earth.

Today, there are some other meet-ers of needs. In other words, people filled and baptized with the Holy Spirit that are on the way to others that have called out and said, Father God, Lord! I need a miracle! I need a change! Ha, ha, ha, ha! I can just see that! People, believers, being on the alert. Just, waking up to what they’re called on to do. Hearing more clearly what the voice of God is saying and then saying, “Yes, Lord. I’ll do it!” Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

The following excerpt is from Leslie Dewel:

“Blessed Holy Spirit, come again today. It’s a new day, now is the time for overflow time. We need it, we need it, Lord. Come, indwell us fully in a mighty way. We’re longing, we’re waiting for your grace and your power. Blessed Holy Spirit come on us, this hour. Holy Spirit, come. Come now, upon us. Come upon us now. Hungry, thirsty, longing. We before you, bow. Work in all your fullness, in and through us all. Hungry and obeying, Lord. In faith, by faith we call. Holy Spirit.”

Pastor Tim led us singing Holy Spirit You are Welcome Here

♪ Come and abide in us…  Lord, saturate us with more of you… You’re who our hearts are yearning, and longing for to be overcome by your presence, Lord…Holy Spirit, come… ♪

Pastor Ray…

I keep hearing or almost seeing, in my heart, capitol N, capitol E, capitol W, “NEW.”  And it’ll be better than you ever thought it would be. And the answers will come. They have come. It was finished.

I know there is more to that. It was emphasized this morning, the new. Not old but new and better. Brighter, openings, opportunities, better ways, better ideas, words spoken by the Spirit within us will continually bring about those better ways, better days, better plans, miracle times, ways and days, signs and wonders, supernatural revelations, understanding, and wisdom. Hallelujah! Lord. Come Holy Spirit, thank You.

Let’s pray in the Spirit while Pastor Tim plays; pray some things needing to be established, rearranged (tongues). Today, going beyond, above, through that! Staying on it, with it; staying in it. There is an opportunity to take a turn there. Oh, Lord. Thank You.

Pastor Tim led us singing in Tongues…

Pastor Ray…

I saw this. It was like a recipe book but it said, “Heaven’s Recipes for Success.”

Okay, I don’t read recipe books but that kind of recipe book I will read. And it was written to us individually. When we would open it, our name was in there and the plans and God’s purposes for each one of us individually to carry out. It was very clear.

Sandy has a lot of recipes. If you follow the recipe, you’ll have success as far as food. But we are talking about supernatural recipes for health, prosperity of every kind – spirit, soul, and body. So, inside the book (it goes with the Book) it’s tailored directly to each one of us. Our God is faithful. He created us. He knew us before we were born. He put within us a blueprint for each of us to walk out. We said it the other day. We can’t be someone else. I can’t do their plan and they can’t do mine because it’s written in us, like that recipe for success.

God wants people to prosper. It is His will in every way and for every day, in every word that we speak. We are His mouthpiece, His feet, His hands. Hallelujah. Thank You, Lord.

For those of you who are tuning in and are not a part of Living Word, maybe you belong to another church, I want us to pray for pastors. Here, it’s Pastors Mac and Lynne. I want us to lift pastors up so that the positions of leadership they are in, that we will all come up further. As they come up, we come up – all of the body of Christ.

You pray there for your pastors and we will pray here for our pastors. We lift them up this morning. Just get a picture of them whole, supernaturally healthy in every way, full of fire, power, the anointing, great revelation from heaven, insight, vision for the future to declare things that will bring forth the church here where we are or wherever you are. Bring the churches to their full plan and purpose on this earth.

We declare an abundance of strength, wealth of every kind, answers in Jesus’ name. More and more and more of the glory of God upon them, more and more and more of Your presence, Lord. That they would be so saturated, so filled to overflowing. Let Your joy be their strength in Jesus’ name.

We apply the blood of Jesus over each one of them; cover them with the blood of the Lamb today. No weapon formed against them will prosper in Jesus’ name. Saying, “You can do it! Go! Go! We are with you. We are supporting you. We’re covering you!” Hallelujah!

Change, these are parts of the changes that God almighty wants to do. And we are receiving today so that we can be the difference for others, so we can bring these changes to others we come in contact with. Hallelujah!

Pastor Tim led us out singing Great is Your Faithfulness…

Pastor Ray…

Oh Lord, great is our confidence that You’ll never change. We’re confident. We trust in You. We rely upon You. Today, it’s going to be better and better and better as we move forward, confident in heaven’s ways, heaven’s plans. It’s a good day, a new day. Thank You so much for the power of Your precious presence in our lives in Jesus’ name. Hallelujah.

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