Morning Prayer Summary for Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Ms. Annie led us singing Take Me Away; In Your Presence; Wonderful Peace

Pastor Ray…

Everything is in His presence. Maybe we don’t always think “everything” is in that presence. We are singing about His peace. There is peace, rest, strength, abundance of every kind. We could just go on and on and on. But there is also fire in the presence.

There is something I read this morning from E. M. Bounds just about prayer but about prayers that would be a flame, fire. And that’s in His presence. It’s not in us. It’s Him.

His presence, it’s so important that we just come into His presence. We welcome it. We receive it. We start lifting our eyes up and like we have said before “we practice it.” We keep going there. We keep that as a priority.

The following excerpt was taken from The Necessity of Prayer by E.M. Bounds:

“This holy, fervent flame in the soul awakens the interest of heaven, attracts God’s attention, and places at the disposal of those who exercise it, the inexhaustible riches of divine grace.”

It’s in Your manifested presence. Okay, so we don’t have to feel it or necessarily see it but we know we can sense it. We are familiar. Thank You for the touch of Your presence this morning. There is health in it. There is restoration in it. Hallelujah. There is seeing and know and revelation in the presence. Words are in that presence that we need, help that we have to have – it’s in Your presence. I thank You for Your presence. Thank You. Thank You. Thank You.

“Do we really feel this inward hunger and desire for heavenly treasures? Do the inborn groanings of desire stir our souls to mighty wrestlings?”

“Our hearts need to be worked over, not only to get the evil out of them, but to get the good into them. They need to be worked over so that the foundation and inspiration to the incoming good is strong, moving desire.

And remember I read…

“This holy, fervent flame in the soul awaken the interest of heaven, attracts God’s attention, and places at the disposal of those who exercise it, the inexhaustible riches of divine grace.

“The dampening of the flame of holy desire is destructive to the vital, aggressive forces in church life. God expects to be represented by a fiery Church or He is not, in any proper sense, represented at all. God Himself is all fire; and His Church, if it is to be like Him, must also be as white heat. The only things which His Church can afford to be on fire about are the great, external interests of heaven-born, God-given faith.

We can be on fire for other things. But this is the only true thing that we should be on fire for – more of Him.

“Yet, holy desire does not have to be fussy in order to be consuming. Our Lord was the incarnate opposite of nervous excitability, the absolute opposite of intolerant or noisy speech: Yet, the zeal of God’s house consumed Him. And the world is still feeling the glow of His fierce, consuming flame. They are responding to it with an ever-increasing readiness and an even larger response.

They are responding. The Church is rising. There is more fire. There is greater desire for more of the fire.

“Fire is the motivating power in prayer. Religious principles which do not come out of fire have neither force nor effect. Fire is the wing on which faith ascends. Passion is the soul of prayer. It is the “effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man which availeth much” (James 5:16). Love is kindled in a flame, and zeal is its life.

“True prayer, must be aflame. The Christian life and character needs to be on fire. Lack of spiritual heat creates more un­belief than lack of faith. If man is not wholly interested in the things of heaven, he is not interested in them at all. The fiery souls are those who conquer in the day of battle. They are those from whom the Kingdom of heaven suffers violence and who take it by force. The stronghold of God is taken only by those who storm it in worshipful earnestness and besiege it with fiery, unshaken zeal.

Pastor Ray…

Zeal, hunger, thirst, desiring it, wanting to be hot, wanting to be white hot for God. That’s what we want, Lord. We need it. We want it. We open our hearts. We increase our desire for more heaven sent fire that You Church, not just this one here in this location but The Church of the Lord Jesus Christ be set totally on fire and burn bright! Burn right! Burn hot! Ooooooooh for fire, Lord! For more fire, Father!

We receive fire! We receive fire! Burn in us and burn through us, let our words, Lord, be words filled, saturated with heaven-sent fire! Let our tongue…. Ooooooooh! Let us be bold, let us be strong, let that anointing within us move and cause us to command and declare and believe and expect and receive… we receive heaven’s fire…

Ms. Annie led us singing about the fire

Living flame of love come baptize us, come baptize us

All consuming fire, You’re our hearts desire

Living flame of love, come baptize us, come baptize us

All consuming fire, You’re our hearts desire

I want to know how high, how deep, how wide is love, love, love

I want to know how high, how deep, how wide is love, love, love

Pastor Ray…

So, hindrances, hindrances have to go. Deception has to leave. For the fire of God almighty is burning them out and sending them away. Watch them go. Watch them leave. Watch them go. Watch them leave, never, never to come back again.

Resources are in the fire! Not just generic resources but money is in the fire! So poverty or lack of any kind – out! Be gone! Leave in Jesus’ name.

It’s global. It’s global. It’s heaven’s ways. It’s heaven’s days. It’s heaven’s plans. (singing in tongues)

The more, the more, the more, the greater…

(Ha, ha, ha) Highways, ways to go that were never thought about for you personally for you to go. Ways or steps to take that you hadn’t ever thought about taking. Conditions are changing. Days are moving. Times are changing, situations in the times that were living in. (tongues)

(Ha, ha, ha) Thank You, Father. We rest in You. We rest in You, oh Lord. We take comfort. We do take strength. We do receive joy. We do accept Your fire and Your desires. And we turn our hearts and we turn our eyes…

Hallelujah, hallelujah, Lord (tongues and waiting in silence).

Burn, burn, burning…. Eyes, the eyes Lord, eyes to see… Thank You, Lord. Thank You, Father.

Pastor Ray laid hands on everyone for a fresh fire

Ms. Georgeanne shared…

Pastor Ray, you laid hands on me and I fell down. I usually don’t do that a whole lot. I couldn’t even speak English until just now. Praise God.

I want to share what happened to me getting here this morning. I live in St. Paul and I got a little late start. When I was going through downtown St. Paul, I just felt icky and dark, just in my spirit. I started praying in tongues and the Lord just spoke to me to start singing about the blood. I started singing and pleading the blood all the way here, talking about blood and confessing the blood. I knew something bad was going to happen and that’s all I can say. Sure enough on I-694 someone squeaks right up along side of me, almost jams into the guy in front of him, then sways sideways into the other lane… and nothing happened.

This is our God. This is the Holy Ghost. This is what Pastor Ray was talking about, the fire and being sensitive to the Spirit.

This is what the Lord has been really pressing in on me. “You’ve been in the Lord long enough Georgeanne. I want you not only to be sensitive to the Spirit of God but when I tell you to do something…” He showed a snap of the finger and said “That’s when I want you to do it. I want you to be more sensitive to that every day whether you are making a bed, in the grocery store or at work. When I tell you something, I don’t want you to contemplate on it. I don’t want you to just think ‘wow, what a nice thought.’”

He literally showed me a finger snapping. He said “right away, right now.” Because this is the day we live in. I couldn’t push it back. It was dark and it could have been a real disaster. Praise God!

I am not disciplining you. I am pointing the finger on my own nose. This is what God has been showing me and if there is a sense coming up upon you, it’s not just a suggestion. It’s a snap of the finger and be sensitive to it now.

So, I am encouraging you as the body. This is the day we live in. This is the God that wants to talk to us. Praise God.

Ms. Annie led us out singing Hallelujah, Hallelujah

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