Morning Prayer Summary for Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Ms. Annie led us singing Lord, I Worship You


Thank You for the blood, Lord – the precious, precious blood
We do enter in and it is through the precious blood of Jesus
Entering into the way, entering in more to Your plans and Your ways

Pastor Ray…

I heard this just while we were singing. Entering in by the blood, this is how I heard it, tying up loose ends. I know what that saying is, I know what it can mean but I don’t know what it is or who it concerns. If it’s plans, if it’s the Church, if it’s our nation, or situations in our nation, if it’s US Bank PULSE meetings, whatever it might be. Tying up the loose ends, hallelujah, things, just finishing up some things, clearing up somethings, ending somethings – tying up the loose ends.

Continued praying…

Hallelujah – thank You for it, Father
Thank You for Your will in our lives, for the ministry of Your precious Holy Spirit
For the work that must be done, it will be done, for the things that are to come
For the battles that were already won – hallelujah
Thank You that the Church has won
We pray that today, the Church, the body of Christ would be united as one
One body under the head, hallelujah
Thank You, Father, for it
Thank You for what’s happening, for the changes that have already come
Thank You for what will come
We look ahead, we look out in front, we call an end to some things and beginning of some other new ways, new plans, new ideas, new favor – greater favor
Enabling us to keep shaking out of the past, moving into the new
Days, weeks, and months
By the blood we prepare the way, call those things that are low – up!
Be smoothed out in Jesus’ name
Better and better and better – more, more change
Greater change, we expect it, we yield to it
Not to stay just the same or status quo but contending for Your perfect plan, Your perfect will
Sentence after sentence, paragraph after paragraph, and page after page
It’s like a new book! An end and a new beginning (ha, ha, ha)
Miracles, miraculous events, not leaning on our old deals, old ways but contending for the new
Contending for the furtherance of Your will and plan
Intimacy with You – holiness, holiness before You
Daily, daily, today
Today, today we open up our hearts and lift You up and magnify who You are!
Magnify Your Word, magnify Your great presence in our lives – thank You for it!

Ms. Annie led us singing in the Holy Spirit

♪ I’ll be the glory in the midst of you
A wall of fire all around

And over all the glory will be a covering
Over all the glory will be a shield
Over all My presence will be a covering

I’ll be the fire all around, I’ll be a fire all around
I’ll be the glory in the midst of you
A wall of fire all around

And over all My glory will be your covering
Over all My Truth will be a shield ♪

Pastor Ray…

I love it, the glory, a shield, a buckler. Thank You for it, Father, hallelujah.

I can’t quite get over yesterday, just the bigness of what took place. I believe Father God had to be blessed if I can put it like that. The bigness of that move lined up with His will for His people and for His land and it was like a stamp of “This is the way it is.”

I know that a lot of things were said. There were news stations that reported the negative things that were occurring on the border and how terrible it was. It is terrible. But we know that there are people that made decisions to try and come against Israel and we know that their intentions are not good. Their intentions are to take it over, push it out, push it away.

Pastor John Hagee spoke and led the closing prayer for the ceremony. I want to read from one of his books. I thought it was interesting based on what he said yesterday, the message he delivered at the end and the prayer.

The following is an excerpt from In Defense of Israel by John Hagee:

I began this book by mentioning the honor of being invited to address the 2007 Policy Conference of AIPAC, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee. That night some in the audience were stunned when I apologized for the many atrocities that had been committed against Jews throughout history in the name of Christianity, I spoke of the Crusades, the Spanish Inquisition, and, of course, the Holocaust.

“Where are the nations that have persecuted the Jewish people?”
I asked the audience. “Where is Pharaoh and his army? Where are the Babylonians? Where are the Greeks, the Romans?

“Where is the Ottoman Empire? Where is that goose-stepping lunatic, Adolf Hitler, and his Nazi hordes? All are historic footnotes.

“But where are the Jewish people? They’re alive and well; they’re thriving; they’re prospering; they’re growing”

The crowd began to stand to their feet and applaud. “Even in the day of adversity,” I continued, “they’re still going forward.

“Where is Israel? Where are those who were scattered throughout the Diaspora? The mighty right hand of God has gathered them from the nations of the world, and Israel was miraculously born May 15, 1948. Israel lives! Shout it from the housetop—Israel lives! Let every Islamic terrorist group hear it!”

People began to say it with me—”Israel lives!”
“Let every tin horn dictator in the Middle East hear it—Israel lives!
“Let it be heard in the halls of the UN!”
Their voices grew louder as they shouted with me, “Israel lives!”
“Let it echo down the marble halls of the presidential palace in Iran—Israel lives!
“Let it ring in the terrorist camps of Osama bin Laden—Israel lives! Israel lives! Israel lives!”

The room was electrified as we pronounced the verdict of the One who promised never to slumber or sleep as He watches over Israel: the chosen people of God are alive and well.

I’ve given similar speeches all over the country at our Night to Honor Israel events. I’m accustomed to an enthusiastic response, and our congregation at Cornerstone Church is even more vocal when they lift their voices in praise to God on a Sunday morning. But my heart was deeply stirred that night by the powerful current that rippled through the convention center. Part of my emotion was the thrill of a scrawny eight-year-old boy from Channelview, Texas, who had watched his father weep at the rebirth of the nation of Israel and who had grown up to proclaim God’s love for the Jewish people in the corridors of influence. But mostly it was the bedrock knowledge that the message I had delivered was truth.

The Jewish people have suffered pogroms (organized massacre of a particular ethnic group) and persecution; they outlasted Pharaoh’s slavery and Hitler’s Final Solution. And I have no doubt that long after Hamas and Hezbollah have been buried in the boneyard of human history, long after the crisis with Iran has been resolved, the flag of Israel will still be flying over the ancient walls of the sacred City of David, and Jerusalem will be the praise of all the earth.

Pastor Ray…

I don’t know if you are aware of it but Pastor Mac and Pastor Lynne were in Washington DC yesterday. John Hagee was designated to be in Washington DC but he couldn’t because he was in Israel. So, he asked Pastor Mac and Lynne to represent them at the White House. It’s an honor and it’s a privilege. There is a picture of them with their lanyards on yesterday morning and their invitation to go to Eisenhower room or whatever it was in the Whitehouse to watch the live stream. Oh, what an honor and privilege that our pastors were in Washington DC for this event. I love it. (ha, ha, ha).

Ms. Annie shared…

Yesterday when I was watching I was thinking about a song I had got some years back about Jerusalem from Psalm 137.

♪ By the Rivers of Babylon we sat down and we wept
When we remembered you, oh Zion
There upon the willow trees we sadly hung our harps
How could we sing the songs of the Lord in foreign land
If I forget you, oh Jerusalem, may my right hand forget it’s cunning
If I forget you, oh Jerusalem, may my tongue cling to my mouth
If I esteem you not above my joy, the city of our God
He has chosen you to place His name, the Lord of heaven’s hosts ♪

You know it’s funny because there is so much symbolism in God keeping His promises. When I got that song, it had nothing to do with Israel. I was in a situation that felt like an exile. I had gone to visit in a place where they were far from God and the darkness of it was kind of trying to penetrate me. I was trying to go to sleep at night and it felt like what people must feel who are separated from Jesus. Psalm 137 came up in my heart. It was like the cry of God’s people who were in Babylon. They’re cut off or they have been taken away from God’s promises and from His blessings. And people who are living out in the world, they are cut off from God’s goodness in some ways. I mean His rain falls on the just and the unjust but just feeling the pain of that, that song came to me. The whole song came to me and it was my own heart crying out to not forget God’s place which Jerusalem represents, the city of God. Let’s not forget that He is there.

There was so much emotion for me as I watched what happened in Jerusalem. It shows that the cries of God’s people down through thousands of years, He never forgets. He always shows Himself strong. He always comes through and what He said is going to come to pass, it will come to pass. And so, like with that song, I take that for my lost loved ones and for areas of my own life that are still needing to come to… places where I still feel like sort of I am in exile because I haven’t arrived there.

I was listening to Billye Brim last month talking about praying for the peace of Jerusalem. She brought out the whole meaning of the Hebrew word peace, shalom. We are praying for the shalom of Jerusalem. We are not praying there will never be a conflict because the enemy is always going to come against the wholeness of God’s plan. But we are praying that God will always be working and bringing the wholeness of His plan. And so the embassy of our nation coming to Jerusalem was a fulfilling of a piece of the wholeness of God’s plan for us! For us! (tongues)

Pastor Ray…

The fact that America has a president that did what none of the other presidents said that they would do. But he stood up and he made a promise and it was fulfilled yesterday. So, we cannot not continually contend for what God has called for this nation to do. And I know that was a big deal, a big step for America to honor Israel by moving our embassy, actually doing it yesterday. Hallelujah.

Ms. Annie led us singing God Bless America

Continued praying…

We bless this country, we pray over it
We take that precious blood and cover every aspect of our country
Over our leader, our president, all those in positions of authority
We plead it, we cover it – our country with the blood of the Lamb
We know based on what You said in Your Word, Lord
We overcome by the blood of the Lamb and testifying about it
So we do – we testify about the blood, the power, the anointing
Oh, Father, thank You for the blood covering our country today
From shore to shore, north to south, east to west, state by state
One nation under God, under You, Lord, indivisible – hallelujah!
Thank You for the blood!
What needs to be done, it shall be done
For those still that need to be removed and replaced in our land
In Jesus’ name, we believe it will come to pass
For it’s just Your will and Your plan – that’s what we are looking for, yearning for, asking for, and believing for
We thank You for it in Jesus’ name, Amen

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