Morning Prayer Summary for Wednesday, January 23, 2019


Holy Spirit, thank You for Your presence… Thank You for the name of Jesus that is above every other name… so that we know that through You, the blood that was shed on the Cross in Him and through Him, by the Holy Spirit, these days we are hearing and we are knowing and we are flowing.

Father, thank You for putting in us a tenacity to just keep on moving, keep on expecting, and believing that what You said in Your Word would come to pass and we would walk in those degrees of glory, another degree and another degree and another degree. Thank You for it, Lord. We look up, turn up our eyes to heaven from where all of our help comes from and believe to receive and walk out the things that You have given unto each one of us individually but also as a Church, as members of Your body, that we overcome, You overcame so we always do overcome. We thank You for it in Jesus’ name.

The following excerpt is taken from How to have a Revival by F.F. Bosworth:

Nothing can hinder a revival in the church that prays “According to the power that Worketh in Us. ”

(20) “Now to Him Who, by (in consequence of) the [action of His] power that is at work within us, is able to [carry out His purpose and] do superabundantly, far over and above all that we [dare] ask or think [infinitely beyond our highest prayers, desires, thoughts, hopes, or dreams] (21) To Him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations forever and ever. Amen (so be it).” Ephesians 3:20–21 (Amp.)

Jesus taught “that men ought always to pray, and not to faint” (Luke 18:1). Two things remember: First, “Always to pray,” and Second, “Not to faint,” or as Weymouth translates it, “Never lose heart.” This means that Christians should never be without a definite petition before the throne of God, with their minds fully made up to get the answer. The chief ingredient in real prayer is the purpose to get the answer. Jesus said, “If two of you shall agree on earth as touching anything that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of My father which is in heaven” (Matt. 18: 19). The main thing that we are to agree on is that we will not stop praying until we know we have the answer. The mere asking without importunity, without a purpose to get the answer, is not what the Bible means by prayer. Some people do not believe God will answer prayer at all; others think He will do so once in a great while, but let me say, friends, He always answers real prayer, for Jesus said, “Everyone that asketh receiveth” (Matt. 7:8). When men and women are yielded to God so that they can pray acceptably, they always receive the answer unless they “faint” or “lose heart.” There is only one thing that hinders anyone from praying acceptably to God, and that is his own stubborn will; so I repeat, everyone who really asks receives. There are comparatively few in our day who have learned to “pray through.” Nearly everyone goes through a daily routine of prayer, but there is just one here and there who asks with his mind made up to prevail with God for the answer, and it is not real prayer until he is thus determined. We are to “ask in faith, nothing wavering” (James 1:6).

If it is right to pray for a revival, then it is wrong to stop praying until we know we are heard. If we undertake to pray for a thing, then we ought to either follow it up until we got the answer or withdraw the petition. There are thousands of God’s children who have had their sins forgiven, their hearts purified through the blood of Christ, and who would not do wrong for anything, but out of this multitude there is only one here and there that is definitely by prayer undertaking any project for God and the salvation of souls. They hope for it; they want it; they go through the form of asking for it in family prayer, but do not stir themselves up to take hold of God, Isa 64:7, and see the thing brought to pass. Elijah did. Jacob did, Daniel did, the one hundred and twenty did, some today do, and we all should. Among the one hundred and twenty, there wasn’t even one that was not of “one accord” in importunity. Without exception they prayed until they were perfectly adjusted and in tune with God, and when that is done the devil has to take a back seat. When God’s people unite in prayer with perfect hearts, it matters not how strongly the devil may entrench himself, his strongholds can be pulled down. We are living in a day when to us the manifestations of God’s power seem wonderful, but the revivals and the power of God we see are small compared to what God wants them to be.

He wants us as a church to unite in prayer until He is able so to display His power as to make everyone know that He is with us. Even away back in Egypt, when God had men of faith, He revealed Himself and His power until there wasn’t a boy or girl in all Egypt but know that God was on hand. I met a minister and his wife in Oakland, California, who said: “We prayed for a revival, but of course you know we never receive as much as we ask for.” I said to them: “I don’t know any such thing, but I do know that the very opposite of what you say is true, and that the answer is always far beyond our petition, provided the power of God is sufficiently working in us while we pray.” I have proven this to be true. By reading Ephesians 3:20, we see that Paul had discovered this wonderful fact. He wrote: “Now unto Him that is able to do exceedingly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us,” etc. Because of the lack of this power working within most Christians today, they are not getting anywhere near as much as they ask for in their daily routine of prayer. But where the condition of this text is met, the very opposite of this will be true, and the answer will always exceed the petition, and will surprise the one who made it.
What is the power working within us? I answer it is the Holy Spirit making intercession through the saints with groanings that cannot be uttered, Rom 8:26,27, far beyond our knowledge of what to pray for, asking for a thousand details of which we are not even capable of thinking. It’s beyond us.

In a three weeks’ meeting at Bridgeport, Texas, a few months ago, I spoke to the saints in the day meetings on the subject of prayer for twenty days in succession, and it seemed as though they nearly all received the spirit of prayer. Some told me that they woke themselves up praying on their knees in bed, weeping for souls in the middle of the night. In this meeting I saw sinners so convicted that they would blush clear to the roots of their hair.
One large man there, six foot four inches in height, and weighing about two hundred and fifty pounds, was powerfully convicted of sin, but resisted it for several nights until he thought he had grieved away the Spirit and was lost forever. As he left the service one night, he told his friends that he was going to shoot himself, that he could not live in such a distress of mind. He thought that since there was no more chance for him to be saved he might just as well end his life, and sure enough, the next morning he put a revolver to his temple and was ready to pull the trigger when his wife and children screamed so he delayed discharging the weapon and shut himself in a room. His wife was afraid to look in, fearing that lie had ended his life, and the little girl ran over to the house where I was stopping, crying and trembling, and said, “Papa is killing himself, and mother wants you and Brother Hines to come over at once.”

We went over and found he was holding the door-knob and would not let us into the room. I said to him, “Bob, you are highly privileged today. I wish that the Spirit was striving with every sinner in the city as he is with you.” He replied, “You are certainly mistaken. I have resisted too long; there is no more chance for me and I cannot live in this state of mind.” We had a hard time to make him believe that if he would yield to God his distress of mind would leave him and he would be happy. He would not yet open the door so we knelt down and prayed, and when we had finished God had gotten through the key-hole and Bob relinquished his hold on the door-knob. We walked in, found him trembling and resisting God. We put our arms around him and urged him to yield to God, which he soon did. He was saved and became like a sweet little child, and his wife, who had been praying for several days for his conversion, did some shouting as he hugged her and praised the Lord for the peace and joy in his heart. That night when he came into the meeting he walked right up front and took his seat in the choir, and when the altar call was given he walked straight to the altar and received the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

Oh friends, God is not only able, but just as willing to do great things when we make it possible by the prayer of faith. His willingness is as infinite as His power. He is able to save the worst of sinners and he is just as willing. He is able to send a mighty outpouring of the Spirit upon any community, and thank God, His willingness is just as great as His power, and He sends us the word, “Ask, and ye shall receive.” For the sake of precious souls, let us not consent to anything short of God’s will for us in this.

Pastor Ray continued…

Are we never going to stop praying for President Trump? No. Are we going to stop praying for the country for a while? No. Are we going to stop praying for the connection between Israel and the US? No. Are we going to stop praying for revival because we haven’t seen it? No. We have to keep it up, keep stirring the pot, lifting our voices like in the upper room where there was not one person that was not in one accord. They were going to stick it out, stay with it. This church right here, we are in a church that has been built on prayer. The foundation of this church is prayer. If we back off a little and truly don’t believe for God to move in a miraculous way, we will not see what we should see. I believe we will enter, I believe we will come in on Monday and still see people in the sanctuary from Sunday morning weeping and praying that God would move in a greater way than He has ever before. Yes, He has moved. Yes the Spirit of the living God has moved in this place. He has moved in many different ways. Many lives have been changed but there is more and more and more. That means we can’t take a seat, can’t continually just keep doing things the way we always do things, the way we always speak things, the way we always believe things. But we must step up into a newer place of expectation and we must yield in a newer way to the power of the Holy Spirit in us and through us that we can be enabled to do what we have not seen up until this day. This is Wednesday and remember on Tuesday we prayed for Wednesday and began to pray somethings about today, yesterday.

Demonstrations, empowerment, equipping, a fresh stirring, a fresh desire for the more that we know that there is… Thank You, Father.


Let’s pray in other tongues for a while. I want us to believe to pray up to a level that we can’t go up to in the natural, to a level we can’t manufacture words or come up with words that would take us there but by the power of the Holy Spirit we would move up there. We will just keep speaking unto God! (tongues) It’s urgent, it’s right, it’s time… We must walk in it, it’s urgent, urgent, urgent, its 911 time… we call for it, we call to it… Open, show up, free, free… catch up, catch up, be established… Stand up, rise up, be strong, be courageous, walk on through… believe, believe… walk, move, move, move…

We watch it, we are watching over this move, we watch over the sudden-lies, the changes, the new, the turns, the rearranging… open, open, open heavens, a spirit of prayer, that a spirit of prayer would come upon each one of us, come upon the churches, come upon the believers… Right where it has to be! Right now! Finished already! Finished! Finished already! Superseding! Superseding! Go! Go! Go! Out of your bellies flow living waters, out!

The fear of the Most High, the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom! We crush fear of man, we crush a political spirit, we crush it under our feet! The kingdom of God, the kingdom of the Most High right here, right now! Sign it! Sign it! Approve it! Approve it on behalf of the Most High!

I see a mantle, a mantle, mantles… We watch, watch it move, those things change, those things be finished, watch those things that are to come, those that are to come, come, come forth. So we watch over things and we call them forth, call them up, call them through, call them finished… Seems like momentum, it’s big, it’s greater, it’s unusual, it’s different, it’s more than ever before. We turn our expectation into a new level and we expect to see it! Oh, Father, Holy Spirit of the Living God, fall fresh on the Church! Ooohhhh! Even in those atmospheric conditions, things lining up like they’ve not lined up before…. Positions, people getting in their positions to walk together… I see the army of God marching forward, contending for greater, contending for more, a march, a marching, a contending, a calling, a believing, a yielding… The best, greater, furtherance, the glory of God, the presence of God, the newness! There is victory in that, there are turns in that! Hallelujah!

Pastor Ray shared…
I keep seeing this. In the world where some person will come up with a great plan for a movie and it will have great success. And then others will copy that theme or that movie and believe they will have that same success. Well, I am seeing that as the Church. And I am seeing it as this church, Living Word Christian Center. This church has never been called to be just like other churches. Other Churches have never been called to be just like this church. So, I am seeing a picture, where the things that God has called this church to do, has begun to be spoken about through our Pastor Mac when he’s begun to speak about the supernatural presence of God, Holy Spirit. And in this open door, there is something that is different about it and I believe it’s the time or the timing. We believe to yield to the Spirit of the Living God in the way that we should yield, that we will not try to duplicate someone else that did something else because they were directed to do it. But we will yield ourselves to the Holy Spirit of the Living God and we will do what we are called to do, right now in these days, this ministry, by the Living Spirit of God!

Continued praying...
Thank You, Lord, it is urgent, thank You! Thank You! So we watch, we watch over it… So we will watch over the words that come forth, we watch over the words that pastor Mac should say and the things that he should preach, and the steps that he should take, and the plans that he should walk out, and we are in expectation that that move that is different that what we ever, ever experienced before and we have experienced some moves that are divinely orchestrated, moves that are Holy Spirit things that we had not ever seen before but we are not looking to go back, we are looking ahead into the things that we are to walk into in these days now! This year, 2019! Thank You for it, hallelujah… And it’s a heart, it has to be that heart call, that deep down inside yearning for it, yearning for the more, yearning for that spirit of prayer to just come upon this place… And bodies to be so changed, so rearranged and lives to be so, they can’t make it up, they can’t dream it up, it is like a dream but it’s not a dream it’s reality… The plan and the purpose that God has for you and has for me… So we hold fast like we’d hold onto the horns of the altar and we will not let go, we do expect to see what You have for us to give us victory! Victory, victories, unusual, what the world would say “that’s an unusual thing, an unusual manifestation.” Manifestations of Holy Spirit that will bring us into a new position, or place or realm of declaration concerning the race that the Church is in. Thank You for it, Father.

Prayer for President…
Let’s just sit in this and let our expectation come up to the measure of the Holy Spirit plan for us… Father, we lift up our President and declare this morning there are cracks in the resistance that is continually tried to come against him and Your plan that he is carrying out for this land. There are cracks beginning to open and there are doors beginning to open too where the resistance is beginning to see that they are standing on the wrong side of history. So, we pray that our President stays strong, true, will not quit, will not give up, will not give in to those that speak the wrong ways but he will continually line up to Your picture for America, one nation under God indivisible. We declare Jesus is Lord over America. We declare it to be so, that believers are beginning to have a larger voice than the unbelievers… Change, changes, we plead the blood, declare the blood covering over all of our positions of authority in our country… eyes to be opened, ears to hear, changes to be made in Jesus’ name, we thank You for that, we thank You for it Lord that it will as our leaders operate in wisdom, it will go well with us the Church. Thank You for victory, thank You for changes, thank You for wholeness, health, wealth, prosperity of every kind in Jesus’ name and everyone said, Amen.

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