Morning Prayer Summary for Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Ms. Jeani…

I was at Teen Challenge one night praying for the women. One woman came up for prayer and you could tell she was tormented by what was going on inside of her. She continued to talk about what was wrong with her and everything in her life. I looked at her and said “You know, I think you should just keep thinking about what’s wrong with you and not let the Father love you.” She was surprised and then we laughed.

We kept praying and the tension was broken with laughter which our Father loves to do with us. He has a great sense of humor. Then I put my hands on her face and looked into her eyes and said “there is nothing wrong with you.” The tears just came. Holy Spirit immediately touched her heart and ministered to her and kept ministering to her over and over again. I saw how after 45 minutes her countenance had changed. She said to her friend “Did you know there is nothing wrong with me?”

We hear the Father saying as He puts His hands on our face “there is nothing wrong with you.” His Word never says there is something wrong with you, not one time. That’s the accuser lying to you. You were perfectly and wonderfully made. There is nothing wrong with your body. There is nothing wrong with your cells. And as He ministers this to you, we are going to pray from that position.

Even today, you know that it’s Christ in you, the hope of glory because there is nothing wrong with you. Even as we pray today, things that have been going on forever are broken off of you because Jesus has set you free and you are free indeed.

I thank You that the body is equipped today to go out and take dominion because there is nothing wrong with her, because she belongs to Him, and because she identifies with Him.

I thank You, even today, as Jesus said to the enemy “I have nothing in common with you.” The only thing that the enemy can ever do to convince you, is to accuse you and for you to agree with that accusation.

Today, we know, we are convinced by Holy Spirit that there is nothing, absolutely nothing wrong with you.

Ms. Annie led us singing Holy Spirit, You are Welcome Here

Ms. Jeani…

We are preparing our hearts to declare some things over the body of Christ this morning. We are going to first watch this little clip a couple times. This is a clip of a father training his little child. Observe how she keeps her focus on her father’s voice and what her father is saying.

The following clip is a father training his child

Think about this, when she gets off the path and she turns around, does her father say “What’s wrong with you?” Does he say that? No and He is not saying that to you. He’s not saying that to you and He never says it to you, not one time has He ever said it to you.

Ms. Annie led us singing Father, I Belong to You

Ms. Jeani…

We intercede for the body of Christ that truth is revealed in the Word. They do not hear a stranger’s voice. They are the hope of the world. The earth cries out for awakening, for revival in the body of Christ, in Living Word Christian Center, in the Chapel, in corporate prayer. Every door in your heart that’s been shut to Holy Spirit, let it swing wide open. Christ in you, the hope of glory!

We declare over every unique calling right here in this chapel, right now in this church, that it comes to life, that it’s awakened, that it’s revived. No weapon formed against you prospers.

God knew that weapons would be formed against you. But those weapons, they don’t prosper. Every lie is being crushed under the mighty hand of a good, good Father. Let strength rise up, let courage to declare who you are in Him rise up! Courage, the courage to know you belong to Him!

It’s time, Church. It’s time to walk out the dreams He put in your heart – it’s time.

It’s always been in my heart to build up the body, for us to really understand that the earth is crying out for you to do what God has put in you to do. The dreams He put in your heart are His dreams and His dreams don’t come true if you don’t do it.

“God loves to partner with unreasonably optimistic people – We have not been called to be realistic but supernatural. We don’t deny the facts of circumstances, but we believe in truths higher than facts.” Pastor Steve Backlund, Bethel Church

Ms. Narese…

(tongues) to not quit, to press in, pick it up and go again, pick up any area of our life that we’ve let go, take it and finish it. The Father wants to finish it.

Ms. Jeani…

Where you’ve dealt with ailments in your body, right now we declare over you, those symptoms have to go! When the little girl stops and starts to turn around… In fact they must stop now and the Father speaks over you “Let’s go. Let’s go.”

Shame, no longer prospers in your life. Oppression, no longer prospers in your life. Those are weapons that have been formed against you but I am here to tell you today “They do not prosper!”

Ms. Sue…

Our nation is one nation under God, indivisible. I cover our nation in the blood of Jesus and I state the truth of our nation. The facts that have been declared through the enemy’s camp, they are changed now in the name of Jesus! The Truth is that we stand as one nation under God indivisible. We stand together for You in righteousness, speaking forth the truth of what You have declared over our nation. We are a nation of God, we serve You with every breath, every step, every move that we make, Father.

The people that You have placed in office, they are Yours. They agree with You and declare every day Your will because You are in the midst of them and it will all come to pass. What the enemy has spoken are lies and they are defeated and under the blood of Jesus.

Ms. Jeani…

Pastor Lynne talks about pouring our hearts out before God. We pour our hearts out before Him; preparing ourselves to co-labor with Him. We can count on Him to minister to our hearts through His Word because out of the heart the mouth speaks. So, we let Him minister to our hearts so the Word can come alive. We are not robots that just declare the Word. We let Holy Spirit minister that Word to us and we don’t have to be ashamed to pour out our heart to You and say “You have to help me with this.”

Even for our nation today, He helps us. He ministers the Word to us.

Ms. Narese…

When I saw that video, when the little girl stepped off the side curb, I felt like the Lord was saying “She jumped off and she thought she was done.” And He said “get back on and finish it.” I feel like there is something in there for people in here. You have gotten off and you haven’t finished something. He is saying today “Finish it.” You may have dropped it for whatever reason, distractions. You may have thought you couldn’t do it anymore. Maybe it was too much condemnation on you.

There are areas of the call that He wants us to finish. There are areas for Living Word that have to be finished now. And He is saying “Get back on and finish it.”

Find that place in your heart, don’t deny it, pick it up again, run with it, see it, let the Father encourage you to do it again. See the vision again. We speak no to discouragement. We speak no!

Ms. Jeani…

Let’s watch over that right now. Let’s listen for a minute.

The finality of the Cross, the finality of the finished work released over Living Word, over the hearts and in the hearts, and in the plans and purposes that You have set for Living Word – released. The work that You put before us to finish, it’s finished. We thank You, that it’s finished.

Brother Mike…

One thing that stuck out to me in the video was that when she fell off, she only fell off about 4 inches. She didn’t drop 50 ft. or 1000 ft. into something. She wasn’t as far off as it may have felt because God saw from a bigger perspective. She only stumbled just a little bit and it didn’t take much for her to get right back up.

Because of what God has done for us, we can have that same optimism. Where the enemy would want us to believe, that we fell a really long way and we have to go back to zero again and start over, God never said that. He just says “Get up. Get up again.” How many times does a righteous man fall? But the righteous man continues to get up. It’s not how many times you fall, it’s how many times you get up. And you only need to get up one more time.

God never condemns any of us for stumbling or falling. His Word is always encouraging and I love how He says “Focus” and the only thing she says is “Focus.” She is hearing what her father says and she does what he says for her to do. God loves to partner with unreasonably optimistic people.

God made the covenant with Abram. Abram was unreasonably optimistic. Even at his age, the desire of his heart was to have children and that’s the only thing that he ever really asked God for. God said “I already knew and that’s why I came to you, to cut this covenant with you.” Abram didn’t come to God and say “I want to make a covenant with you.” God said “Abram, I want to make a covenant with you because I see that you are unreasonably optimistic to the fact that you would even leave the familiar to go someplace that you have no idea.”

Father, we thank You as the body continues to stand in that covenant. He made that covenant and He did not revoke it ever. That covenant is to us as well. Abram is called the father of our faith. That’s a pretty big label to put on one man who messed up a few times. Father, we continue to stand for the body of Christ around the world. We have been called to be supernatural. You made that covenant with us so that the body can have something to hold onto, that as we continue to walk through, as Your covenant continues to be realized, to be strengthened, confirmed. We don’t deny what we might be going through right now but the body continues to focus on the truth that is always higher than the facts.

When people talk about wanting to go up higher… God, You are the highest of all. You are so high that You look down on everything in the sense that You see how big the problems really are. Like the dad in the video realized the little girl only fell a few inches. It wasn’t a big deal. It might have felt big to her but from His perspective, our Father’s perspective, who is wanting the best for us, wanting us to focus, and finish what He is encouraging us to do, He sees that it is not a big deal.

We continue to keep our focus on You, keep saying what You say about us, seeing what the enemy is trying to do, change our focus. The enemy wants us to turn around. The enemy wants us to think that it’s finished. We’re not finished until the Father says “It’s finished.”

Everything and every circumstance, every fact is nothing compared to the Truth. Holy Spirit, convict all of us not in a condemning way but an encouraging way.

It doesn’t matter what you’ve been through. What matters is you continue to listen to Me because I have every answer and I will help you walk all the way through until you are finished.

We closed prayer by watching the clip again father training his child

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