Morning Prayer Summary for Thursday, December 3, 2020

Anne led group in worship…

Pastor Ray…

For us to actually do what even before we were born what was pre-planned for us individually, we must prophesy over ourselves. I keep getting that. Begin to speak over ourselves, just like we speak over others. Or here in the chapel, we’re sending out our prayers and we speak over situations. The country, the world, nations, people. Every single one of us, no matter what part of the body, where we are, we must prophesy over ourselves. Maybe no one else is doing it. It’s critical that we keep saying and notifying ourselves. I’m reminded how Keith Moore, when he took over for Kenneth Hagan healing school at Rhema, he had to say over himself, “I am anointed” thousands of times. Because he was stepping into a position. He just kept saying over himself, “I’m anointed” until he got it. That’s how the Word works, of course. If we say “by the stripes of Jesus, we are healed,” we keep notifying ourselves. It doesn’t have to be a long prophecy. Thank you, Lord. Thank you, father.

My earthly father actually prophesied over himself, but it was negative. He would continually say to his children, “I can’t do this. I can’t do that. I don’t know what I’m going to do.” He kept prophesying in a negative way over himself without knowing any better. He didn’t know any better. He didn’t know the Word. And it took him out because all of the words that he spoke, he was hearing those negative words. And so it’s so critical. What I was thinking when I was sitting there, it’s not, it’s not even enough to not say anything negative. We have to be saying something based on what the Word said about us.

Sometimes I do that. I don’t say anything. I’m thinking something, you know, and I just don’t say it. But the next step is what we do say must line up with the Word. Hallelujah.

So this morning, Annie, I want you to start playing again. Yesterday I haven’t read the GPAN yet, but I know yesterday Peg was singing about standing, stepping, walking, moving ahead, basically in victory… marching. She had an awesome song by the Holy Ghost. And it’s such a focus for us… the future. So I was reminded again of Kenneth Hagan Psalms that he received by the Spirit. You can find them in his book “Plans, Purposes, and Pursuits.” He had a visitation up above the meeting center in Tulsa where they were about to have some meetings. And he saw himself in the meetings saying some things and he had a visitation above the building with Jesus. How would you like that? So he saw what he was to do. He saw people that were going to be there and he was faithful to give these Psalms. He didn’t sing them. He spoke them. So basically they’re very prophetic. I wanted to just go through these because it’s so critical in these days.

Just to pursue God’s plan, it takes effort. We cannot “status quo” it. We can’t go there. We must contend. Let’s put it like that. You know, just be willing to move forward. I’m sure you’ve heard these before. It’s about Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow.

Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

Yesterday, it’s gone. Yesterday’s gone and it should be forgotten. Satan will oftentimes (as friends) remind you of your yesterdays. What do we say to that? Be still be still, but remember that your yesterdays, all that’s wrong is under the blood. It’s under the blood. All that is good, all of it is right, it will be all right for you to recite all of the good things, but walk in the light and know that your yesterdays are forever gone. And today is beautiful. So walk with the Lord and enjoy His blessings, for yesterday does not exist.

Jesus is Lord. The devil is not Lord. The media’s not Lord. Those that want to remind us or pull us back to the past, they’re not Lord. Jesus is Lord. He’s Lord over you. He’s Lord over me. If we make Him Lord. And we’ve made Him, Lord.

Then he got up a word about today.

“Today is not as dark as some men would have you believe.”

Before I came, I had the news on to see what’s happening and it was on the wrong channel. I could not believe the negative news! Because I don’t listen to that. And it was just one negative thing after a negative thing. And it was all man’s opinions. It wasn’t the Word, that’s for sure. So…

Today’s not as dark as some men would have you believe. Today’s not as dark as the media would have you believe. Today is not as dark as some politicians have said it would be. In Jesus’ name, today is not as desolate. It’s not as desperate as the media oftentimes would portray.

This is what the Lord said through Kenneth Hagan.

Today is the day of the Lord, a day of deliverance, a day of blessing, a day of visitation. For you see, those who walk with the Lord, walk in the light and they walk by faith and not by sight, but those who walk in darkness, they can’t see. Yea, even the God of this world has darkened their minds and all they see is desolation, darkness and the end of time. The end of time will surely come, but remember the Master said to us, “Walk and live in this time, when these things begin to come to pass, lift up your heads, look up, look up.” Just keep looking up, lift up our heads, look up, rejoice for your redemption draws nigh. So today is not dark. Today is not dark. Today is not dark. Today is bright and today is light. Walk in the light and all your pathways will forever be bright.

Tomorrow. What about tomorrow? So many are worried and even depressed and some even almost driven to suicide. What will tomorrow bring? Will tomorrow ever come? What about tomorrow? Will I be here? What about tomorrow? Will it bring fame or will it bring fortune? Will it bring blessing? Will it be bad or will it be good? Yea, saith the Lord of hosts, tomorrow belongs unto the saints. Tomorrow can be filled and will be filled with victory even as today when you walk in the light and walk by faith. So see tomorrow as a steppingstone to greater success and achievement in the realm of God. Bright belongs to us. It’s good for the father of lights sendeth down always onto His own that which is good. His mercies endure forever. So do not feel any anxiety about tomorrow, just trust in the Lord. And leave it in his hands. Trust in the Lord, leave it in His hands, walk by faith and shout above the turmoil “all is right, and all is bright for we are children of the light. Darkness and gloom will overtake any who will yield unto Satan and walk in his way. Darkness and gloom, negativism, and doubt. Fear, you see, dominates those who do not know what it is all about. We’re talking about tomorrow. But those who are enlightened by His Word, knoweth that the trial of their faith is more precious than gold. So in the midst of the trial and in the midst of the test, they sound forth the shout of victory and rejoice for they know that victory belongs unto the children of God. Victory belongs to the children. And they know that there came out from heaven long ago the Champion sent by the Father to those who live down here below. And in the world of darkness, He came and said, “I am the light of the world. Follow Me and you will not walk in darkness.” So darkness and gloom are a thing of the past. For now, you are the light of the world. Now you walk in the fullness of God. And the glory of the Father and all that He has provided is thine. So shout it above the roar of the enemy because, you see, all that God has said and declared is sublime.

Pastor Ray…

The last one is victory, and we’ve been declaring it, we believe it, and we’re focused on it. Victory! We’re children of the light. We’re not depressed. There’s no place for depression in us for we walk by faith and Jesus is Lord of all Lords and every knee will bow and every tongue will confess “Jesus is Lord.” He is King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

Jesus is Lord, hallelujah.


Victory, it’s not in places or things. Victory is not in people or man’s plan. Victory is in Him the Eternal One, the one who planned the great plan of redemption and sent the Champion out of heaven long ago. From the bosom of the Father down here below, and He met the enemy in awful combat and arose victorious over death, hell, and the grave. And ascended on high and led captivity captive. The victory is in Him. And in Him, you live, and He lives in you, then the victory is on the inside. Stir up, stir it up, stir up the victory. Shout the words in the face of the enemy. Victory, victory, victory! Every day. Victory every night, victory every moment. Victory, victory, victory for the victorious one in us does live. Greater is He than all the forces of the enemy. Greater is He than temptation and all that against us may come. So we’ll rest and rejoice every day, for you see, we are and He is the victorious one through us. He’s given it to us.

Pastor Ray…

Just one other thing. This goes right along with it. This is a couple paragraphs from the same book.

“If the enemy brings a picture…” You know, whatever it might be… a picture of defeat, doubt, disease, how on earth will things turn out? You know, all those things.

We’ll just simply say, “Ahh, Satan, that’s just a picture. I’ve turned that over to the Lord. He has it. He’s working it out. It’ll all work out just fine. And I’ll be pleased with whichever way it goes and whatever happens. I’ll be pleased for your way, Father, is best and Your way is right. Glory to God. Yes, Lord do rejoice in that. We realize You’re raising up many who will prove faithful. And If they will just stay faithful, they will be promoted and a stronger anointing will come upon them. And it will be increased greatly. And they’ll move into a higher place of ministry; for there are different dimensions in the same office.

Have you ever thought about that? There’s more. There are different measures and different dimensions in the same office. And those who stay faithful… let’s think about that for a minute. Faithful, faithful, faithful. The faithful will move up into a higher dimension of the same office. Yes. And a spirit of knowing will be manifested in a more perfect way in them. And so they shall speak forth and much good shall be accomplished. Yes, the plan of God shall be made known. We rejoice in that and we are glad, hallelujah.

Jeannie shared…

So He gave me this scripture at the beginning of prayer and I didn’t know if it was for prayer for today, but it’s right along with what Ray has been talking about. So we know that God watches over His Word to perform it. And we know that we have been praying and proclaiming and declaring over our country, over our leadership. We also know that when the paralytic was about to be healed, the paralytic threw a fit and then… healed. Because Jesus stuck with the Word. So in Luke 12:3, I’m going to read verse three and then verse two. Now, as I read this, hear it through the filter of the righteous. Now this is what Jesus was telling His disciples. “Whatever you have spoken in the darkness shall be heard and listened to in the light. Whatever you have whispered in people’s ears and behind closed doors will be proclaimed upon the house tops.”

We have spoken so many things in dark times and God watching over His Word to perform it, is expeditiously performing it. Those things that have been spoken over this region, over this country, over our leadership are being performed. They are being performed. This scripture also goes for the wicked. Verse two, “Nothing is so closely covered up that it will not be revealed or hidden that it will not be known.”

So, Father, we thank You for that promise, that nothing is so closely covered up, no scheme of the enemy is so closely covered up that it will not be revealed. In fact, right now we take comfort in that. We take comfort knowing that the enemy’s schemes seem like they’ve been there too closely guarded, that there’s too much of a coverup, that they’re being revealed. And they’re being dealt with. And it’s coming to pass. The justice of God is coming to pass on behalf of our country and America’s plans and purposes. The things that are contradicting what the Church has proclaimed over America is being taken care of by God. It’s not too late. It’s just the beginning!

Expeditiously… swiftly right on time… there’ve been so many moments, so many moments with the people of God when it looked like it was over and it was just the beginning… So Father, we thank You for that right now. We thank You that all of the times we’ve prophesied over America. All of the times we’ve prophesied over the Supreme Court… all the prophecies for this time… every kingdom word that has been spoken over our country is coming to pass… why wouldn’t you want to get on board? Get on board! Rise up and get on board!

Nothing is so closely covered up that it will not be revealed. This goes for His promises. His promises are being revealed while the enemy’s schemes are being exposed on every level… micro and macro… Father, we thank you for it.

This morning I was reading in Genesis 13 about when God said to Abraham, “Now that Lot has left you everywhere you go, I’m giving it to.” But then he said a Lot, “Now arise and go.” And I’m thinking, “Whoa, why would he tell him to arise?” Because we need to get up to go! So we get up and we go! And we know that what God has proclaimed is coming to pass. It’s coming to pass right now. It’s coming to pass in Congress. It’s coming to pass in every city. It’s coming to pass in every county. It’s coming to pass in every courtroom. It’s coming to pass with every judge. It’s coming to pass right now. Right now. It’s coming. It’s coming. It’s coming.

Absolutely nothing. No thing is so closely covered up that it will not be revealed or hidden that it will not be known… and dealt with… with the miracles of the Most High… Father, we remind You of Your words… Your words that have been spoken over America… that have been spoken over Living Word… These things are not so closely guarded that they’re not going to show up. Things are showing up.

Whatever you have spoken in the darkness shall be heard and listened to in the light. And what you have whispered in people’s ears and behind closed doors will be proclaimed upon the house tops. It has to happen. I mean, it’s absolutely impossible for this not to come to pass. I mean, you can’t get away from it. So you might as well get on board and believe it. Don’t you want to be there when you see it? Don’t you want to know you were right there contending?

Exposure… Father, we thank You for exposure… exposure… all things, all things, all things being exposed… everything being exposed… you can’t heal a wound if it doesn’t get exposed… anything that stays hidden that needs healing has to be exposed… we thank You for every wound in our country that needs healing right now… it must be exposed and it’s been tended to by God… America, America, one nation, one nation under God, one nation, one nation under God… Father, show us what it means to arise… show us what it means to rise in the hour… the honor and the privilege that we have to be alive in the hour… to have this assignment… this assignment for America… You just spoke through Ray that the future is bright. We declare “America, your future is bright.” The courts of heaven, now the courts of America… the courts of heaven are now the courts of America. Now the courts of America… kingdom courts, kingdom courts in America, kingdom decisions in America… the momentum, the momentum is turning into accelerated momentum, accelerated momentum… justice … I’m remembering a few years ago when Lynne was preaching about the judgment of God and the judgment of God always brings restoration. The judgment of God coming out up the courts of America… the judgment of God, the judgment of God… it’s a good thing… the best thing for our country. Things are cleaning up. Things are shaking up. It’s a good thing. The Church strengthened. It’s shining like she’s never shined before …

Heaven must retain Jesus… Heaven must retain Jesus until the restoration of all things… in the courts of heaven, things are being accomplished in order to bring up …

Pastor Ray shared…

I had a vision while we were praying. And I was stepping out on a diving board. It was just wide enough for me to get out there alone. And when I got to the end, there was nothing there. There were no doors. There was no gate. There was nothing stopping me. And suddenly I was joined by others. That board seeming like it was a diving board, turned into a platform. And the platform was covered and filled with the body of Christ. And out in front where the end was, there was only faith that could be used to exit or enter into… exit out of the past and enter out into the great unknown. In other words, uncharted territory. What I got from that was, “Church, continually rise up and speak what you’ve been told by the Spirit to speak. Do not speak what the world says to speak. Do not speak what your mind might even say to speak, but speak what My Spirit declares through you. Speak that. And continually stand fast and know that its shall come to pass. And suddenly all the surrounding things will change. And suddenly the picture will be rearranged and the new days and opportunities and ways and those things we read this morning about the future, that it’ll be better, it’ll be greater. It’ll be light. It’ll be bright. These things, shall all and are coming true.

Annie led group in worship…

Group prayed in the spirit…

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