Morning Prayer Summary for Friday, January 22, 2021

Peg led group in worship…

Pastor Ray shared…

When you just sang the first song, it just reminded me of Isaiah six. “I heard the Lord’s voice saying Whom shall I send and who will go for us? Then these words filled the prophet’s mouth. Then I said, Here I am, send me.” Are we willing to say that today? It’s just, am I willing to say that? Are we willing to just say, “Lord, send me”? I know you’re leading us. I know you’re guiding us and you always, always give us the truth. Your Word is true. If you send us, that’s where we want to go, whatever it is that you want us to do, that’s what we want to do. So I believe we’d say that today, “here I am, send me.” Let’s do that first song a little bit more. And then there’s just a couple of things I want to go over. Please and thank you.

Peg led group in worship…

Here we are, 2021. It’s our desire to be one. It’s our desire to walk out your desires. It’s our plan, Lord, to walk out your plans. Here we are. We love you. We worship you. We promise to keep our eyes looking up, looking ahead, speaking those things that even though we have not seen yet, we shall see with great expectation. Day by day by day, 24/7. It’s not that we, you know, just make an appointment for an hour here or an hour there, but always all through our days with you.

I had this happen last night. It was in the middle of the night. I wasn’t exactly totally awake, and I didn’t want to be awake. Okay. This started going off inside of me and I’m going to just going to go through it. I wrote these things down when I got here. So a couple of them, may be they’re not exactly what I heard then. I began to go down through every hour, beginning with one o’clock, two o’clock, three o’clock. I went down through 12 hours and these are some of the things that… And they just seem like they rhyme. Then I went back to sleep. It was just like… bing, bang, boom. And then I went back to sleep. So one o’clock, they’re encouraging words from heaven, from the Lord for us to keep our eyes looking up and keep ourselves up.

One: For you, the battle was already won. WON.
Two: My power has been given to you; give it to too.
Three: You’ve been made free. Stay free!
Four: There’s much, much, much more.
Five: You’ll always be alive (in Me you can hide).
Six: Prosperity won’t be just a few sticks. (Everything you need will stick.) I can’t make these things up!
Seven: For My church, it’s like heaven.
Eight: Every day, we have a date (time with Me). So they’re kind of things that the Lord would just encourage us. I’m with you. For My church, it’s heaven. It’ll be like heaven on earth.
Nine: You’ll always be mine.
Ten: Victory today, victory tomorrow, and victory then. When is that? When you need it? When do we need it?
Eleven: On earth, as it is in heaven.
Twelve: Take everything I’ve promised you in this, the 12th hour (now).

And then I remember thinking, “Well, that’s 12 hours. What about the other 12?” And this is what I heard. “Just go over the same 12 again.”

Thank you, Lord. You know, we have so many promises that maybe we’re not really in expectation for all of the things to be in manifestation here in these days in each one of us in each one of us individually. And so we do look to others and we do, you know, lift up others. And we do respect the gifts that the Father has put in others. But in us, individually, for us personally, we must believe what He said He would do and see it come to pass. For us individually. He’ll take care of the whole picture and compact us together and get us joined together with those that we should be. We don’t have to make that up.

Now this goes right along with that. And I like the song that you did. It goes along with that. We just say yes to the Lord. And these are things that He’s kind of reminding us that are ours. But this is a confession that brother Hagan gave in like 1975. And then right at the end, he called up Vicki Jamison and she began to sing in the spirit. Remember how she would do that? Then she’d sing out in understanding, and she’d sing every body part you could think of. The anointing is in us and the anointing will carry us, and the anointing will make ways where we could never do it in the natural. But be anointing… Were so hungry for an ever-increasing manifestation of that anointing. Hallelujah.

So this is a confession. I say it then you say it.

7/31/1975, Kenneth E. Hagin

I am a king for Jesus made me the same.
I will not groan and complain.
But I’ll speak of faith of His greatness and glory and power.
Yea, I’ll not walk in defeat from this very hour.
Failure and disease and sickness too no longer a part of me.
But healing and victory and glory and grace belong to me.
Because I stand in His Presence and His glorious face.
I’ll run the race and not be afraid.
Yea, fear and doubt are a thing of the past.
Joy and love now fill me at last.
So I walk in victory full of His grace.
The righteousness of God and we become a new race.
We’re not dominated by Satan or death, poverty, disease, sickness, or defeat, but we walk on the top of every enemy for in Him we are complete.
Kings to reign and rule to dominate.
And walk in life way above all this world and strife.
The name of Jesus has given me a new song.
I’ll sing of His power of His might and His grace.
Yea, I’ll rejoice and be glad in every hour.
And though Satan comes with tests and trials and though momentarily the sun seems darkened and the winds of adversity blow.
Yet I know and am determined to show.
That In Him, I rule and reign and dominate.
So I’ll speak to the clouds “Away you go!”
I’ll speak to the darkness, “You must dissipate and disappear now.”
I’ll speak to the sun and say, “Shine on, sun.”
And the Son of God will shine through me.
And His light will drive away the darkness.
And His life shall be made real and full in me.
For you see, I’m a king!
And kings rule and dominate.
Their word is full of truth and majesty.
And when their word is spoken, then all will obey.
So I’ll use my dominion and power,
Not only in my own life but to bless humanity.
And release those around about me.
And so it shall be said, “The kings are come to rule and to reign in this domain.”
So let it be known and shout with a voice that is loud and clear.
I am what He says I am and I can do what He said I can do.
I will not accept a substitute for it all belongs to us.

Pastor Ray…

Hallelujah. We rejoice in you, Lord. We rejoice in who you are. We rejoice in who you are in us. We rejoice in the days that we’re living in. We will not be down. We’ll not look down. We’ll not keep looking back, but we will contend. And we will dominate because your Word is true. And you’ve called us to be kings to rule. For you are good and your mercies endure today and all throughout the rest of our days.

Peg led group in worship…

Barb led prayer…

Holy, holy, holy fire… in the house…. holy fire in the house… burn up, burn up and burn away and consume… all that does not belong… all that hinders… all that delays, Father…  holy, holy, holy, holy fire… Holy fire burn… consume, consume… Holy fire burn… Holy fire burn …burn …consume… Holy fire burn. holy fire… Oh, burn it all the way… Burn away the chaff… everything that’s in the way… make the way clear… make the pathway clear, Lord… make the way clear… open up the way today, Lord… let your glory, let your glory go before… let your glory go before us, Lord… every hindrance, everything, everything that’s been delayed, clear out the way, clear out the way for those things to move, for those things to move into place… clear out the way, clear out the way… all those obstacles, clear them out today… melt those things away… melt those things away… burning fire, consume, consume, consume, consume, in Jesus’ name… consume today… consume today… You’re handing out the keys… You’re handing out the keys to every door that needs to be open today… You’re handing out the keys… You’re putting them in our hand, Lord… and we open them up… and we stepped through… because the way has been cleared out… there is a voice, there is a voice that cries out like the one that cried out in the wilderness… there’s a voice… it’s the voice of My Church and that crying out, “Prepare you the way of the Lord”… we prepare today… we cry out for everything to come into alignment, come into place… we prepare the way, Lord… we prepare the way for your glorious entrance… oh, we prepare the way… we clear out the way today by your Holy Spirit … for your great return… for your triumphant return… ♪

Sing those things out by your spirit.  Sing those things out… all those things that are necessary… to prepare the way… every single thing… everything that He has appointed for this time, everything that needs to come into order and come into alignment… sing those things in… sing those things in… in the name of Jesus, sing them into the way… sing them into the pathway…. we call those things in… by your Spirit, we call them in… we call them in, Lord…

even the guests, we call them in… those gifts, we call them… all those voices, those prophetic utterances, we call them in, in Jesus’ name… every word that needs to be spoken, we call them in, in Jesus’ name… in the right place, at the right time… speaking the right words… declaring your truth… calling everything into alignment now… yielding to your Spirit… listening to your voice… there’s an operation…  that the Holy Spirit and only the Spirit can do… it’s an operation… open, open, open, open… ♪

Pastor John…

The best is yet to come… (tongues)

it’s a greater thing… it’s a greater thing… and I’m getting it ready… the Lord says He’s getting it ready… it’s a greater thing… we weren’t ready for the greater thing… and we were disappointed because it didn’t work some way, but God, He is on the move… He is simply preparing for the greater thing… and all that we’ve been trusting God for is being poured into a bigger pot… it’s being poured into the bowls of incense… it’s being poured in for a much greater, much greater thing than we could believe God for or even we couldn’t even put it into words, but we will put it into words… God’s giving us new words… He’s giving us… we go from faith to faith… and so you have to go from faith to faith… and so that means we humble ourselves and we have hope, but we must go meekly and with some humility into the next wave… and it is a greater faith… it is a greater word… it is a greater plan than we had any idea about, except we know it is the moving of the Holy Spirit… we know it is harvest… we know that God is doing something beyond what we could even verbalize… and so He is preparing us in our hearts and we will wait upon the Lord… and we shall renew our strength and mount up with wings like eagles and run and not get weary and walk and not faint up… so the waiting on the Lord is not a time of inactivity… it is not a time of disappointment… it is not a time of being quiet… it is a time of pressing through into the greater thing and it will come by the Holy Ghost, for out of your belly shall flow rivers of living water… for there was too much mixture in your brain, but the brain is willing to rest and the spirit is coming alive and out of the belly shall flow… an ever increasing river, in many places and those rivers will join into something far beyond what we could understand, see, or believe for because it’s a work of God… in Jesus’ name… ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha…


Look up, for your salvation draws… look up, look up… don’t beat downcast and downtrodden, for your salvation draws nigh… glory to God… deliverance is come in Jesus’ name… you have humbled yourself and you shall be lifted up… the enemy has tried to keep his foot put on your neck… Ha ha… but you are rising up, now in Jesus’ name… you are rising up in the name of Jesus in the power and the strength of His Spirit… the body of Christ is rising up into that mighty army… that force that He has established to move in this earth, to dominate in this nation, to dominate in their cities, to dominate in the earth in Jesus’ mighty name… this is the time we have been appointed to… this is the time that we have been called to… this is our nation… and we claim it as our nation… one nation under God, one nation under God, one nation under the Spirit of the living God, one nation under Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior… one nation under the blood of Jesus Christ… and this is one body that is rising up in Him today… our eyes are lifted… our voices are lifted… our hearts are turned today in the name of Jesus… and there is no weapon of the enemy that has been fashioned against us or our nation that shall prosper… we declare today, we declare it to be so, and it is in Jesus’ name. Amen. Amen. Amen. It is so in the name of Jesus… Holy Spirit, we thank you, Father, for cooperation in your body… that cooperation… it’s time for total cooperation… those that have been out doing their own thing, those that have been out making noise where they’re not supposed to be making noise… we call them into alignment today in the name of Jesus… we speak against that disunity, that division in Jesus’ name, and we call you into unity in the name of Jesus Christ… you will not separate… you will not divide this body in the name of Jesus Christ… ha ha ha… for it’s a cord, that cord that will not be broken… that cord that will not be destroyed, it will not be separated… it will not be pulled apart… glory to God. Hallelujah… there’s a demonstration… haha…  there’s a demonstration, glory to God… Whew! demonstration… Oh, there’s a demonstration… demonstration… Whoa glory!  There’s a demonstration coming… a demonstration coming to this nation, a demonstration of the power of almighty God… there’s a demonstration… Ha ha, there’s a demonstration… there’s a demonstration that will not be denied… glory to God… no one will be able to deny the demonstration… glory to God… go ahead and demonstrate… go ahead and demonstrate… go ahead and have your way… go ahead and move however you want to move… we cast every care upon you, Lord, because you care for us so much… we cast every care upon you, Lord, ha ha… I thank you, Lord, when we cast our care, you carry… when we cast our care, you carry everything for us… so we heap them onto you today… Hallelujah… We heap every care and every concern on to you today in Jesus’ name and we receive the peace and the joy and the strength that comes by your Spirit… Hallelujah, that river of peace and joy that flows on the inside of us… Hallelujah… and a passion that rises up, that passion for you, that passion of the Holy Ghost… bringing glory to your name, bringing glory to your name… Hallelujah .. there’s some new keys for you… there’s some new keys for you… some new songs, some new music for you… there’s some new keys and when you play those keys, whooo, oh the glory, the glory, the glory of God on you, the glory of God flowing through you… there are some new sounds coming out of you… there’s some new sounds flowing out of you… oh the glorious and presence of God… you’ve seen it.. you’ve seen it… and it’s going to be greater than it was before… total restoration to you… total restoration to you… angelic assistance… come on out, come on out today, come on up today and yield to the Holy Ghost, let Him have His way in you… Hallelujah. We rejoice. We rejoice. Thank you, Lord. For restoring the voice, restoring the voice, amplifying it, amplifying the voice, glory to God… you even cause our voice to be amplified… glory to God, it hits that frequency… that strikes right into the heart of the enemy… glory to God… it strikes and it breaks up that evil, those plots and plans of the wicked… that frequency of the Spirit that destroys… every yoke and every burden … goes right there…  the Holy Ghost sends it exactly where it needs to go… it’s a strike of the Spirit… He strikes in those places… with precision, Holy Ghost precision, exactly where it needs to go… He makes sure it goes right to that place and go… like of programmed missile, a God missile right into that situation, right in to that… that plan of the enemy, it goes right in to the heart of that plan and destroys it… and not just a little bit… completely destroyed… so that there’s no trace of it… it’s so important that we engage with your Spirit… now we engage with Him… we engage with the Holy Ghost… we engage every single day, every moment we engage, Father… for you’ve given us the victory… it’s in our hand… Hallelujah. Glory to God. thank you, Father.

Pastor Ray…

I’ve got the interpretation of our prayers this morning and it’s in the Word. But in Psalms 23, the Lord says He prepares a table for us and on that table is everything that we need, everything that we need. But verse six says “surely, only goodness, mercy, unfailing love shall follow us all the days of our lives and through the length of our days, the house of the Lord and His presence shall be our dwelling place.” And then down in verse four, “He has he who has clean hands and a pure heart who has not lifted himself up to false hood or to what is false nor sworn deceitfully, he shall receive blessing from the Lord and righteousness from the God of his salvation. This is the generation, the description of those who seek Him, who inquire of and for Him and of necessity require Him who seek your face Oh God of Jacob.” Then verse seven says, “Lift up your heads, oh, you Gates, be lifted up you age abiding doors that the king of glory may come in. Who is the King of glory? The Lord strong and mighty, the Lord mighty in battle.” Verse nine, “Lift up your heads, oh, you gates. Yes. Lift them up you age abiding doors that the King of glory may come in. Who is he? This King of glory, the Lord of hosts. He is the King of glory.”

I saw this while we were praying for out front. And we were preparing a way, but I saw some things that needed still to be filled in. You know, how the Bible talks about low places, high places, whatever. I saw like a brick pathway and there were bricks that were out. It wasn’t the yellow brick road, okay. But it was gold and we in our prayers, as we began to speak and pray today, we’re going on out front and filling up those places where there were some problems. This is for the church and this is for America. And this is for the rest of our time here on this earth that we declare things, we repair things, we restore things by the words that we say and the prayers that we pray. So I don’t know. That’s just my interpretation of our prayers today. Do you have anything else?

So we’re preparing things. So when we get out down that pathway, it’s all right and good. And we’ll just keep on walking right on through, because the Lord is good and His mercy endures forever and ever, and ever. We’re not down. We’re not looking down. We don’t have a frown. We’re full of joy and that’s our strength to keep looking up. Hallelujah. I know we maybe went over a little overtime. Oh, well! Go ahead.


The Word says that every day you can get a new song. I don’t know what I was listening to yesterday, but I heard someone say “the Lord has you sing things because it’s easier to sing hard things. So, you know, we’re saying, burn me up, you know, fire refine me. I mean, that’s not a comfortable thing, but when you sing it, you know, it feels a lot better, you know? So sometimes He has us sing things because you might not in your natural mind, “Well, I don’t want to say that,” but when you sing it, the Holy Ghost is like, “okay, we’ll just get them to sing it because that’ll be easier for them to agree.” That’s something that you can use to every day. You can have a song, a Holy Spirit song and let Him sing whatever He wants to sing out. I mean, it could just be a praise or a worship, but it could be something He needs to sing out for the future. Something for your family. So if you yield yourself to the Spirit, every single day, whatever He wants to do, if He wants to sing a song, He wants you to declare some things, just let Him use. You just be open. And like He said, engage. Engage as often as you can, because He’s always there just waiting for you to give Him time.

Pastor Ray…

Hallelujah, that was a good Friday. Thank you so much for joining together. Don’t you just love to flow together? Just the body… Thank you, Lord. I know we don’t know everything about today. We do know one thing. It’s going to work out just right. Pastor John said things are getting better. Better days are ahead. So this is a great day in Jesus’ name. Amen. Praise God.

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