Morning Prayer Summary for Friday, December 14, 2018

Pastor Ray shared…

I keep remembering when Charles Capps came to Living Word in our old building years ago. He was our first “big name” guest. We were stoked! Charles Capps is coming! Wow! A lot of the emphasis of his ministry was “what you confess, you’re going to get.” I remember him saying, “If you want your cat to come, don’t call for your dog.” Or the opposite. You’re calling for your dog, but you want your cat to come. It doesn’t work. He talked about the importance of what we say. James 3 talks about taming the tongue. It uses the picture of a ship with a teeny rudder that changes the direction of the whole ship to illustrate how important our words are. In that chapter, it talks about words we could speak that would tear down and ruin a nation. Or the opposite. We can speak words that lift up our nation.

Capps had a word about increase in 1978. That’s a while ago! But the word is still true. It’s a classic word about increase. Pastor Mac said last Sunday that our income is about half what it was last year at the same time. The toys were about half as last year at the same time, but now they went over 10,000! So if that could happen with toys, that will happen with the Word that we declare over the finances for this church.

There are two things I wanted to go over. One is this from Capps. And the other is by Jerry Savelle when he came to Living Word and he had a prophecy about breakthroughs.

Feb. 1, 1978: Word from the Lord through Charles Capps

Financial inversion [inverted, turned upside down, reversal in position] shall increase in these days. For you see, it is My desire to move in the realm of your financial prosperity. But release Me, saith the Lord, release Me that I may come on your behalf and move on your behalf. For yes, yes, yes, there shall be in this hour financial distress here and there. The economy shall go up and it will go down; but those who learn to walk in the Word, they shall see the prosperity of the Word come forth in this hour in a way that has not been seen by men in days past.

Yes, there’s coming a financial inversion in the world’s system. It’s been held in reservoirs of wicked men for days on end. But the end is nigh. Those reservoirs shall be tapped and shall be drained into the gospel of Jesus Christ. It shall be done, saith the Lord. It shall be done in the time allotted and so shall it be that the Word of the Lord shall come to pass that the wealth of the sinner is laid up for the just.

Predominantly in two ways shall it be done in this hour. Those who have hoarded up and stored because of the inspiration of the evil one and held the money from the gospel shall be converted and drawn into the kingdom. But many, many will not. They’ll not heed the voice of the Word of God. They’ll turn aside to this and they’ll turn to that and they’ll walk in their own ways, but their ways will not work in this hour. It’ll dwindle and it’ll slip away as though it were in bags with holes in them. It’ll go here and it’ll go there and they’ll wonder why it’s not working now. “It worked in the days past,” they’ll say.

But it shall be, saith the Lord, that the Word of the Lord shall rise within men—men of God of low esteem in the financial world—that shall claim the Word of God to be their very own and walk in the light of it as it has been set forth in the Word and give. They’ll begin to give small at first because that’s all they have, but then it will increase, and through the hundredfold return, so shall it be that the reservoirs that have held the riches in days past, so shall it return to the hands of the giver. Because of the hundredfold return shall the reservoirs be lost from the wicked and turned to the gospel. For it shall be, it shall be in this hour that you will see things that you’ve never dreamed come to pass. Oh, it’ll be strong at first in ways, then it will grow greater and greater until men will be astounded and the world will stand in awe because the ways of men have failed and the ways of God shall come forth.

As men walk in My Word, so shall they walk in the ways of the Lord. Oh yes, there will be some who say, “Yes, but God’s ways are higher, surely higher than our ways, and we can’t walk in those.” It’s true that the ways of God are higher. They are higher than your ways as the heavens are above the earth, but I’ll teach you to walk in My ways. I never did say you couldn’t walk in My ways. Now learn to walk in it. Learn to give. So shall the inversion of the financial system revert and so shall it be that the gospel of the kingdom shall be preached to all the world, and there shall be no lack in the kingdom. Those who give shall walk in the ways of the supernatural. They shall be known abroad. My word shall spread and the knowledge of the Lord shall fill all the earth in the way and the hour in which ye stand. Ye shall see it and know it, for it is of Me, and it shall come to pass, saith the Lord.

Pastor Ray continued…

Then in 2011, Kenneth Copeland spoke, “Heaven’s release is continuing to increase.”

Gloria Copeland added, “The world says doom, and we say bloom!”

There are lots of ways that we never thought things might happen but I had this happen this week. At Mr. Car Wash, you can pay $29 for a month and you can go there 100 times to wash your car in a month. You get a sticker for your car that says you paid the monthly fee. Last week, I went through and a lady came to me and read my sticker. She said, “I don’t know why, but you’ve been terminated.” “What! Terminated? What do you mean?” She said, “I don’t know, but I’ll talk to the person inside. I’ll have her call you to straighten it out.” I talked to that lady and she asked me, “Are the last four numbers of your credit card this?” No, they’re not. She said, “Do you know…” I can’t remember the name. Maybe James Howard, or whatever. I never heard of this name. “Do you know him?” I said, “No.” She said, “What is your full card number?” I was uncomfortable giving her my number but I had to do it just to prove that’s the card I used originally. I gave it to her and she said, “We have no record of ever charging you. For three years, you’ve never been charged. We’ve never charged this number for three years.” The James Howard guy has been paying for your car to be cleaned. What? I guess he never looked at his records. But somehow he realized he was paying for my car for three years: 29 dollars every month. It never came up on our card. I don’t go through the invoice to see if they charged me for it. I don’t do that. The woman said, “I’m going to have to call corporate and I’ll get back to you.” I started thinking, three years! No, devil. You’re not taking from me. It’s not my mistake. That was their mistake. She called back, “We found that so and so has been paying for your car for three years. Would you like us to straighten that out? We’ll use your card and sign you up.” I asked, “You’re not going to charge me for any back payments.” She said, “Oh no, we would never do that.” In other words, they have to reimburse the other person, but I didn’t have to pay it because it was their mess up. There is no limit to what He can do and will do for us in different ways that we might not even know about. We’re blessed.


There is one lady in our group who has 70 family members. We made a determination to lift up our family members and the people God has given us to claim them for the kingdom. There’s a lot of darkness and depression out there, bondage to fear. The spirit of fear needs to be broken over our relatives and friends. Fear is what holds them in places where they’re unable to see. They let fear steer their courses. So we being the ones who have that light are to command that light to shine in every one of their lives. The Lord said, “Ask Me for the heathen as your inheritance.” I want to destroy all the works of the devil. He spent years constructing bondage but we must go in and drag out our families. But He’s given us this light to shine the face of Jesus on them and to give them light who sit in darkness. We need to drag them out of the darkness to help them come to their senses and repent.


We thank You, Father, for the laborers going out in this season when people are open to hear the good news. The gates of hell shall not prevail against the church… Your church is rising up and speaking light and liberty and bringing down bars of iron… releasing them from prison… opening up prison doors… we thank You specifically for our family members… that they would know that Your glory would be manifested… we thank You for today… that many sons and daughters are coming into the kingdom… great light is coming forth… in that light we are developed… who we really are… these identities are coming forth… callings are calling… people are coming to the light… paths are getting brighter… laborers, we ask You to thrust them out… to speak words in season… to bring about changes in the lives of everyone… Lord, we take the land wherever we go… releasing those that sit in darkness… Your glory would be known… releasing Your glory so others would taste and see… You are the one true God… goodness and mercy and unfailing love… walking humbly with You… hearkening to Your voice… being baptized with the Holy Ghost and with fire… the joy of the Lord is their strength… thank You for the joy of salvation… in all things, hope rises and joy comes… no weapon fashioned against them shall prosper… they walk in light and wisdom… if You are for them, who can be against them… stir up that gift… every single one ministering what they have… loving their neighbors… Your love abounds in and through us… we do abound in this love… toward each other… You help us… great comfort and joy flowing through the Church… acceleration… everyone speaking forth, singing to themselves spiritual songs… utterances coming forth…

Pastor Ray…

I kept hearing “D Day.” We know what that meant years ago but what I had in my spirit was “D Day, a deluge in 2018. Still in 2018 a deluge or an overpowering presence of God that will still bring about the increase, the greater days or weeks, exiting out of 2018 into 2019, a huge deluge or a wave of the Holy Ghost power! And it’s an abundance. It’ll bring about even still, it’s not too late. It will bring about a change in the way people see. It’ll bring about a revelation about giving in 2018 to make the difference over into 2019. OHHHHHHHH! It’s a sound. A sound of definite increase. It’s a sound of God’s glory, power, the anointing still… no, we’re not quitting. We’re not giving up. We’ll not give in. For still what must come in, it shall come in. OOOOOOOver the top! Over the top. Beyond and over and above. OOOOOOO! A sound of victory. Victory! Victory! Spirit. Soul. And body. Bodies. Rearranged. Bodies turned around. OOOOO! Hallelujah! Thank You, Jesus…

Word from Jerry Savelle:

Breakthroughs are on the horizon. Breakthroughs, saith the Lord of Grace.

For in the field of technology there have been breakthroughs. In the field of medicine there have been breakthroughs. In the computer age, there have been breakthroughs. And now it’s time for a breakthrough in the Spirit.

It’s time for you to go further than you’ve ever been before. It’s time for you to experience My glory as you’ve never experienced it before. For I have said that you go from faith to faith and from glory to glory. Hallelujah! And it’s time for a new dimension, saith the Lord. A breakthrough!

If breakthroughs can be experienced in the natural realm, why not in the spirit? And this is the hour of breakthroughs. For I’m going to enable you to experience a breakthrough in the spirit realm where subduing kingdoms is concerned. You will begin to understand spiritual warfare as you’ve not known it in days past.

Some have seen but a glimpse, but in the days to come, you will know it as a general. You will know it as a technician. You will know it as those who are experts in their field, for I am raising up a people that shall be experts in spiritual warfare. I’m raising up people that shall be technicians in spiritual warfare. And they will not only know but they shall share and they will show and they will demonstrate. And it shall be widespread and many kingdoms shall fall, saith the Lord.

For this is the day and the hour for breakthroughs. And your cities are headed for breakthroughs. For I’ve heard the cry of those who are stirred in their hearts. I’ve heard the cry of those whose bones, whose souls are a fire and a flame for it’s time for a breakthrough. It’s time.

It’s time that those who once knew Me who are now backslidden, it’s time for them to return unto me, saith the Lord. Soon you will begin to see many that left the faith, they shall return. And, yea, there will be 100s, even 1000s, saith the Lord, who once were on the front lines, who lost their zeal but they’ll regain it. They shall return to the Father’s house and shall return to the front lines and engage in warfare. Returned where they should have been all along.

For this is an hour, saith God, that there is a note of seriousness that I’m causing to come upon the hearts of My people. Yes, it shall be fun. And, yes, it shall be glorious. But, oh, the task that is ahead, saith God, will demand a determination to walk in the spirit and not in the flesh.

For I have declared in My Word that this is the time that Satan would dispatch an army of seducing, deceiving spirits. And if possible, he would deceive even the elect. But stand firm in My Word, saith the Lord, and do not allow that which I have revealed to you in days past slip. But hold it dear to you, embrace it, confess it, believe it with the same energy that you did when you first heard it.

For this is the hour, saith the Lord, that you owe it to yourself to be so established that you cannot be deceived. So deeply rooted in Me and in My Word that you cannot be shaken. And come what may, you are on the Word to stay. For this is the hour of breakthroughs! This is the hour when those who have been diligent and faithful and said, “My God, I will not allow myself to slide. I will stand on Your Word forevermore.” Breakthroughs are headed for those people, saith the Lord.

Mighty breakthroughs in every realm of their lives. Yea, spiritually and financially. Yes, they will experience breakthroughs, saith the Lord. And I’m no respecter of persons. I’m willing, yes, even you that would begin now. I’ll cause things to be accelerated and I’ll give you a breakthrough. So it’s time, saith the Lord, to set your face like a flint and say, “I shall not be moved.” I’m on the Word to stay. I will not let go of which I have learned and those things which I have been taught. I will apply and I will endeavor to learn more. And as you do, you are headed for a breakthrough.

For this is the hour of breakthroughs, saith the Lord. So rejoice in Me and know that you shall be refreshed and you shall be revived and all that you have lost, shall be recovered. And, yea, I will even raise you up, saith the Lord. And in these days to invade the enemy’s camp and take back everything that he has stolen for this is the day of breakthroughs! Yes, many who have been faithful in your giving and publishing the Gospel, breakthroughs! In your finances, on the horizon. Some of you will be entrusted with more funds then you’ve ever dreamed of before.

The Lord says, “I can trust you. The breakthrough is coming. This is the day of breakthroughs. And yea, there will be churches, entire congregations who will experience breakthroughs, saith the Lord. Living Word Christian Center is experiencing and will continue to experience breakthroughs. In Jesus’ name. If you’re from another church, we agree for breakthroughs in your church.

There will be breakthroughs in the city, saith God. There will be in days to come those who have opposed you the greatest. Many of them will be converted and become your strongest supporters. For breakthroughs are coming, saith the Lord. And those who have fought you the hardest, many of them will realize soon that you cannot be shaken and that they are fighting a lost cause and they will drop their carnal weapons and pick up spiritual weapons and join you, saith the Lord.

For this is the day of breakthroughs. And there will be those who have said it can’t be—it will never come and they will be made to look as fools, saith God. For this is the day of breakthroughs. Say not in your heart, “I can never happen here.” For this is where My Spirit is near. For the Lord of the Harvest has come your way and you will begin to see more souls come each and every day. For the breakthrough is yours, saith God.

So get ready. You have just begun to run the race. And the race before you, you shall run fast and you shall run strong and you will not give up. You will run the daylong. For this is the hour when you will see My power and the hour that you will see My grace. So know in your heart that I am the Lord that has spoken to you. So get ready, I said it. It will come to pass. This is the day of the breakthrough!

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