Morning Prayer Summary for Friday, August 16, 2019

Pastor Ray…

I saw this on the news and it reminded me of this scripture. It was a men’s race. There was a man that was out front and he started celebrating and waving at the people before he crossed the finish line. The other guy behind him passed him and won the race while the guy was waving at the crowd. Anyway this is the verse: “Don’t celebrate too soon.”

Hebrews 12:1, “Therefore then, since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses [who have borne testimony to the Truth], let us strip off and throw aside every encumbrance…” Don’t be waving at the crowd! “…(unnecessary weight) and that sin which so readily (deftly and cleverly) clings to and entangles us, and let us run with patient endurance and steady and active persistence the appointed course of the race that is set before us.” That’s us individually, but we’re not alone. We’re together, of course, because we’re one body. We have to keep focused, stay moving.

I have a couple things I wanted to share. This is from a word by Kenneth Hagin.

Demonstrations of the Spirit, III
Kenneth E. Hagin

February 24, 1999

I heard the Spirit say, “It’s not time to give up. It’s not time to turn aback. But it’s time to move forward. For you’re about to move into the greatest move of glory that you’ve ever known or seen. So take steps with Me, saith the Lord, and know that I’m leading and guiding and directing and enter in, enter in. Do not stand back as some do and wonder and say, “Could this be true? Can this be so?” No, be pliable, be yielded unto the Holy Spirit and He will guide thee and He will speak to you. And in the nighttime, you’ll hear a voice speak unto you at times telling you exactly what to do and great shall be the rewards thereof.

Moving, moving, moving up, moving, moving forward, moving, moving on, moving, moving into, moving, moving into a dimension of the Spirit that you’ve not been in before and you’ll be overwhelmed, overwhelmed with holy awe, filled with tears of joy. Oh, oh, oh my, oh my, my, my, my, my, shall we? Shall we, Lord? Shall we enter into that holy place? Oh, to that place where the supernatural is common place, where the supernatural is an everyday manifestation. Oh my, my, my it is awesome. It is awesome. It is awesome. It is awesome. Awe, open their eyes, open the eyes of Your people that they may see.

Then this one goes along with that from Billye Brim in April 24.

Walking in the Higher Dimension
Billye Brim
April 24, 2019

Oh you say, Is it possible to me, a face-to-face relationship with Thee? Can I know that too, as others have before, as others have known You? Yes, it is possible to you. And there is a grace granted in this day. To lift you into that Place, so that you can hear what I say, and do what you see Me do as the Master did when He walked the earth. It’s possible to you! It’s possible to you! Yes, faith is involved; believe Me, and time- your time, receive Me. All through the day turn to Me; hear what I have to say about anything, anything you face here in this- your Place. [Turn our hearts-the inner man, quietly before His Heart] Turn to Me, and I will speak to you and lift you higher, so that you can see it from another realm. And it won’t affect you, and you’ll walk in the place of victory and peace and manifestation. Make it your habit to turn aside as Moses did to see the bush on fire. You have to turn aside from daily life. It doesn’t always require a great amount of time; just a turning of the head; just looking unto Me, the Author and Finisher of your faith. Now you are going to begin to see occurrences of these things that have been spoken about today. You, some in this room, will experience them, and you will hear of others walking walks with Me. Not all will tell what they see; not all should. But, I will reveal, and you can reveal what is good and will be understood. But, there are some things that are going to happen that men won’t understand. And sometimes it is best to conceal. Until the Father says, “OK, you can reveal.” But, the revelation will already have come to those in the heavenly realm. The principalities and powers they will already have seen where you’ve walked and what you’ve done. There is much blessing ahead, much, much, blessing. And there is blessing now, but your eyes still have not seen nor your ears heard what is all prepared but for those who trust Me, but you are about to see more and hear more than you’ve ever seen and heard before. So, do what you have heard today: face-to-face. You’ve heard and you know and as has been said in this place today. It is in the doing that you will receive, even this renewing. So, take hold of yourself by the nape of your neck, and say, Get into this! Get into this Word! Get into prayer! Get into face-to-face relationship! And step away from care that would hold you down. I will give you eyes to see; I will give you places with Me. You can literally walk above the fray. And don’t let anything get you down. For you sit on the throne, and you shall wear a crown.

Pastor Ray continued…

Hallelujah! Thank You, Lord. What do we do with cares? Bid them goodbye. I’m never, ever, ever depressed. I’m not a depressed person. I’ve not had to deal with that, hardly ever. But the other day, I was driving somewhere and all of a sudden, I felt depressed! I don’t know why it happened. I wasn’t depressed about anything. Nothing had changed to make me feel that way. Nothing in my life was negative. I had to speak to myself and say, “Depression, get away. Go!”

There are things the enemy will try to bring our way. But we’ve been given the power of the Holy Spirit and we can take authority over whatever the enemy tries to bring against us, to stop us in our race. We’re in a race! Right?

Hebrews 12:1, says “What race?” Some people don’t know they’re in a race. But we are! And we’ve been given the authority and power to overcome in every area. Amen?

Pastor Ray prayed…

Thank You, Father… we’re overcomers in every area of our lives… the positions and places You’ve allowed us… given us access to for these days, we believe to do the best and highest… we believe to believe and we believe to receive and we believe to speak and act and do accordingly based on what Your Word has said we can do, should do, will do. And we believe to take our seat this morning in heavenly places, up above all the fray, all the doubt, all the questions. Thank You for Your presence and power and anointing that is within us… for no weapon formed against us can prosper. No weapon formed against this ministry can prosper… what we set our hands unto prospers… we’re equipped and have the authority and we use it over every act of the enemy that comes against us… we lift up the body of Christ … those that are down and attacked with depression, we take authority over depression of any kind… or doubt or questions about how things will turn out… we pray for the answers and solutions that You brought… thank You for the power of the blood… we overcome through it… we lift up families… we plead the blood over families… we pray over children for eyes to be opened… we take authority over the enemy that tried to rule and reign in these children… we cancel out wrong relationships that turn children in the wrong direction… we lift up Maranatha as preparations are being made to send these children out… changed and rearranged… we watch and pray… it’s not finished… we hold the blood over that work to be finished… we take authority over anything that is against Your Word… not that way… not that same old pattern… we break the old ways and patterns…


♪ The past… the past is the past… it’s completed and done and finished… today is a new day… a new way… so say to that mountain… say “be thou plucked up and cast into the sea…” it must leave… in the name of Jesus… say, Mountain you must leave… in the name of Jesus… grace, grace, supernatural grace, grace to overcome… grace to say “be thou removed in the name of Jesus…” grace to obey… grace to step up and out… grace to take every step… grace, grace, that ability to move out… to move up … when your mind’s eye said, “I can’t… I don’t know…” let your eye be open to the possibility… let your thoughts be open to His ability… it’s not you but it’s Him… in the name of Jesus, it’s possible… it’s not impossible… and this is the thought in your mind… not just your heart knowing the truth but your mind knowing the truth… renewed by the Word… renewed by the will and purpose and the plan of God… letting your voice speak against the darkness… changing those things in the name of Jesus… circumstances … your words have great effect on those things around you… your words… ♪

I hear the Holy Spirit saying this over and over again: There’s a conflict between your mind and spirit. It is your spirit that is you. And it is your mind that conflicts with what your spirit knows. And your heart is one thing and your mind is another. And that battle between your heart and your mind is what keeps you from that divine revelation, divine provision, that healing, that sustenance… And all it is, is a turn of your mind. So cast down every vain imagination that exalts itself against God. Cast down those things contrary to the plan of God. When it says something contrary to what the plan is, you cast it down. For it is a vain imagination that exalts itself against the knowledge and will of God. And it puts a barrier between you and your plan. So in the name of Jesus with your words, even though you don’t feel like you should… We don’t go by the way we feel. We go by what the truth is. And what that truth is, is what we speak. The truth is that we are whole and healthy. We are wealthy and full. We have peace and joy unspeakable and full of glory. That is the truth of the living God. All things has been provided for you for life and godliness. That is what I receive in the name of Jesus. Anything contrary must leave. Thoughts of darkness, I take authority over you in the name of Jesus. Doubts, I take authority over you and loose you out of my life. I will receive the report of the Lord.

Pastor Ray…

I saw this, that the things that were stolen from us… it could be time… health… it could be family members… it could be finances. Whatever that was stolen from us, those things shall be restored seven times greater. We see it this morning before we leave this chapter, we declare, “Seven times greater restored to us.” We believe it’s on the way. We receive it by faith. We call it forth and we declare, “Devil, take your hands off it. It shall be restored.” Thank You for it, Lord.

Dave shared…

One more thing. The Holy Spirit spoke and said this for somebody here. There is somebody here that feels like they’ve made a mistake and they can’t reverse that mistake. Because they’ve done something in the past and they feel like, “It’s my fault that I’m in the circumstance that I’m in.” The Holy Spirit said, “That does not matter. So quit thinking about that.” You’re presupposing that God cannot overcome the mistakes you’ve made. But that’s what grace and mercy are all about. While we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. He brought redemption to us and made everything new. So cast that thought down. That’s holding you back from receiving.

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