Morning Prayer Summary for Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Ms. Annie led us singing Lord, You’re Beautiful

Pastor Ray…

I heard this in my spirit: I’ve called you up. (Yea, we’ve heard that before). But today I am saying I’ve called you up in a place where you can say and where you can see what you say before you say it. You’ll see and you’ll say it and then you’ll see it come to pass. But I’ve called you up in a place where you can see with the eyes of your spirit not your natural eyes. And the things that you see in the natural, those things are changing one way or another. They’re either coming up or there going down. And so what you see concerning what I say and declare by the Spirit, these words you’ll see yourself but you’ll see your supply coming out to a higher degree and making a greater change in those that you speak to, those that hear your voice, those that hear My voice through you and that will lift them up too! Hallelujah. So, there is an ascension! There is a lifting! There are steps that have not been walked out yet but they will. And I am calling you today to look up unto Me where all of your help, all of it, comes from. The details, the plans, these things will unfold as you contend in these higher ways and higher positions. It is Me. It’s not you but it is Me working all the time through you. Take heart. Be lifted. Be encouraged. You don’t even have to know what to say. Just listen and let your heart guide you in every word that you say. I’ll show you. I said I would. I’ll tell you. I said I would reveal unto you the things, the plans, the days, the weeks, and the months that are to come. It will be all right. It will turn out all right. Hallelujah. Thank You, Lord.

Ms. Annie led us singing Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus

Pastor Ray…

Miracles, breaking out, breaking loose, coming forth… Times, different times, new times, words, words, words, word, words… Sometimes it’s like the clock just stops and we rest, we lift up, we make a melody, we sing in other tongues, we sing a new song, we stir ourselves up. And while we are in that kind of time period, we can see where we’ve been, we can see where we are, and we can see what we’re called to do. We have revelation knowledge from Him spending the time, looking away from the things we see in the natural and looking unto God, looking unto the Father, trusting the power of the Spirit to work through us. Our eyes, Lord, thank You that we do see and in our hearts we hear. We can really hear in our heart of hearts and speak it forth. Things will turn and change, hallelujah. You are good, Lord, and Your mercies are new every day. Thank You. Thank You. Thank You. Hallelujah

I like that when we sing “turn my eyes to Jesus.” To me it’s turning away from some situations, some deals, some ways, natural situations and turn it all and look unto Him.

In our Sunday morning services, Pastor Mac had this word from the Lord. I want to read it from both services. They are the same but a little different.

It’s just Your presence, Lord. It’s all about Your presence. We refuse to go on without it. We don’t just want to be in the natural, look in the natural, see in the natural and that’s all we see. We need Your manifested presence in our lives. I know we have gone over it and said it and declared it and believed for it thousands and thousands of times just in here. But we need more. And so we are yielding to You just when we sing like that looking at Your face and we know that we can see that in Your Word. We see Your face in Your Word, hallelujah. And You are faithful.

The following is prophecies were given by Pastor Mac Hammond on Sunday, March 10, 2019 at Living Word Christian Center:

03/10/19: Sunday 9 a.m.

…dealt with me about a word I’m to give. I’m gonna proceed just without the usual traditional religious introduction, “Thus saith the Lord.” But make no mistake, it is a word from God. And what He dealt with me about to share is the fact that the day that we’re living in has become a point of discouragement for many people. Because it seems like no matter how much they pray, no matter what they do, our nation moves ever deeper into the darkness of racial divide and animosity and hatred, accusation, division. And I felt it touch my heart. Lord, how much more can we pray about this? How much more can we resist it and what can we do? And, basically, He reminded me to remind you that even though we always resist evil whenever it shows up, we stand against it even if we feel like we’re not making any headway. We never let evil have a free course in this life without confronting it and resisting it to the best of our ability. Even so, we are to be aware of the day in which we live. Because a lot of these things are not going to change. The light is getting lighter. The dark is getting darker. And there are going to be things that you pray about, feel frustration about that are not going to change because of the day in which we live. But to still stand firm against darkness whenever you see it and know that you are that generation and you will see the great outpouring of the Holy Spirit, former and latter rain. You will be part of the greatest harvest of souls that has ever been brought into the body of Christ. You’ll see the end of this age. So understand, a lot of the darkness will remain. It must be so. Stand against it, but rejoice in the certainty that the day is nearly at hand when you’ll hear the shout and the trump. Thus saith the Lord. Amen.

 03/10/19: Sunday 11 a.m. service

There’s been a lot of folks that have been disgruntled, I guess is the right word used, that it seems as if their efforts along with much of the body of Christ really hasn’t made much difference in the direction this nation is going. They haven’t seen the results. They’re hungry for revival. They’re ready for all of the hate, animosity, polarity to end. And, of course, that’s true. If you love the Lord, that potential is there for anyone. But the Lord wants me to remind you that even though we’re called to resist evil everywhere it raises its head, we’re never to remain idle or we’re never to just allow things contrary to the Word to occur without our resistance. Not just in prayer, but in every way that we can naturally. But in spite of that, He did say be aware of the fact that many of these things aren’t going to change because of the day that you live in. It matters not that you’re at the end of the age; you shouldn’t use that as an excuse to remain idle. You still do everything you can to maintain the presence of God’s kingdom and His influence on this earth. But be mindful that a lot of things are not going to change because of the day that you live in. Sometimes it seems as if we’ve believed for the end of this age to occur for a long, long time and nothing’s happened yet. So we get kind of used to adapting to the status quo. And He said be aware of the shortness of the time. Use the occasion to press harder to bring as many into the kingdom as possible. There will be a great outpouring yet to come, the former and latter rain together. And a great harvest. But you’re living at the end of an age that will grow progressively darker until that day. So don’t be disappointed. Don’t be frustrated by seeing less change than you want to see. Continue making the effort in making the press. And I guess I’ll end it in a religious sense, “Thus saith the Lord.”

Pastor Ray…

So, what does that say to us? Continually press, push, declare, believe, watch for, don’t let the enemy have his way. We know he is defeated but we do know that like this Word said in the end of times these things… even with how it is so separated now in our nation, we call for unity. We call for it. We believe for it. We contend for it. It’s our right. It’s really a command for us. When the Bible says to pray for those in authority, the Bible means to pray for those in authority! We don’t give up. We don’t quit because we haven’t seen maybe the change we want to see or maybe we see change going in the wrong way according to what we believe. Hey, listen, we live in Minnesota. But we have stood for Minnesota to continually move in the right way, God’s way. We are not declaring we have to have a Republican state or a Democratic state but we’re declaring it to move more in His way. And we’ve done that year after year after year after year. Are we going to quit now? No, no, no, no.

I look at it to be encouraged to continue to do what we are doing. If there is something else we are called to do, Holy Spirit of God will show us what it is we are to do. If there are prayers that we haven’t prayed, thank God for the prayer and prayers that are Spirit-led directed from heaven prayers. Hallelujah.

I want to have you agree with me for a minute. One of the ladies who comes every morning to prayer, yesterday her son in-law was hit with an attack in his body while driving and it took him off into the snow. They found him unconscious and took him to the hospital. He had surgery last evening. The doctor’s report was not good. But the Bible always makes it clear that we choose LIFE. So this morning we go right into his hospital room and hold him up and by faith we declare that whatever evil report that was we contend, we plead the blood of Jesus over you, your brain, over every part of your body, all internal organs and declare this morning “Be normal, be whole, be healed by the stripes that Jesus took upon His back.” In Jesus’ name, we plead the blood. We declare “Wholeness, restoration, things that are wrong to be made right, and the report to be a good report in Jesus’ name. For no weapon formed against him or that family shall prosper but in Jesus’ name health, prosperity, wholeness, a turnaround, a complete turnaround, change in Jesus’ name.” Thank You for the blood.

Ms. Annie, please go up and start singing about the blood. I want to see the blood of Jesus covering him and also as we went down through this Word from Pastor Mac Holy Spirit said don’t be moved by what you see in your country as you pray. Don’t be moved in the natural but to persist, contend, keep moving, keep pressing, keep declaring. And we’ll take that personally. We take it for the body of Christ right on down to our own church. We use it for what we see naturally maybe in our finances right now or whatever we know or whatever we have heard. We are looking to heaven and contending and contending and contending and contending. Oh, the joy of the Lord, that’s our strength inside of us and it keeps us pressing, contending, moving and puts us in a place where we will never give up. Hallelujah. Thank You, Lord.

It keeps us in that place where we overcome. We can see it. We see change. We see the new. We see turns. And we don’t stop. We know we have that word given unto us “If you don’t quit, you win.” Win, win, win – it’s the opposite of losing. Hallelujah.

We overcome by the blood and the word of our testimony. And a lot of the times that testimony is what we say about the situation. And we say what? We overcome by the blood in the name of Jesus.

Ms. Annie led us singing There Is Power in the Name of Jesus

Pastor Ray…

Yesterday we went over some things about Israel and our connection with Israel, decisions, plans for the future for the land of Israel, that it would not be given up, given away, that Jerusalem would never, ever be divided. We went around the borders, covered that country. And this morning, I just wanted to end by praying in tongues just a little bit in the White House. That we’d go in there and be in agreement with those that are praying in there, praying in these days and have been praying for the president for wisdom, for understanding, for revelation, for the right decisions to be made. We believe that the enemy is defeated, that he does not have a way to get in and turn our country in any way against Israel. So, we are going to cover that in tongues. There are decisions and things that need to be done that we don’t necessarily know everything about it (tongues). A mandate, heaven’s mandate, moving it, moving, a show, a showing, showing.

Did you know that when we hoist the sails, so to speak, and go to the White House praying in other tongues, and if you had the thought, “You know I have a situation and I wish we would have prayed about that.” Do you know in your tongues, you can be in the White House praying your heart out and He, the Spirit of God, can use your tongues and pray about your own situation because He loves you so much! God the Father can do more in five minutes than we can do in our lifetime with our brains! It’s covered. So, if you have any doubt about it, it’s covered and it will work out right and we keep our eyes on Him. Thank you very much for coming.

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