Prayer Summary for Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Pastor Ray prayed…

Father, thank You so much for Your presence this morning. We welcome You, Holy Spirit. We yield ourselves to you together, both corporately and individually. We receive You. We expect You. We know we have Your Word on it, even when there’s just a couple of us gathered together in Your name. You’ll be there. Thank You for Your presence. You’re beautiful. We love You and magnify You. We lift up Your name above every other name. Thank You, Father, that we’re not staying the same, but we’re continually changing. Things are being rearranged. Our bodies are whole and healthy. We have more than enough resources to do what You’ve called us to do. We’re protected by the blood of Jesus; that blood protects us today. We’re washed in it. Cleansed by it. Thank You for what was done on the cross and the blood that was shed. Thank You for the cross. Thank You for the empowerment of Your precious Holy Spirit. The same power that raised Jesus from the dead is resident within each one of us. Your anointing will not leave us, but we know that as we yield, we open ourselves up to a greater degree of You. Thank You for Your ministry and the power of Your Spirit.

Pastor Ray shared…

I want to read something from brother Hagin. It’s partly a prophecy and then some declarations about healing when he received the instruction to start the Prayer and Healing Center in Tulsa.

1979 Healing School Prophecy by Kenneth E. Hagin:

Your spirit should be sensitive unto the Spirit of God. And if you’ll sensitize your spirit by feeding it upon the Word of God and by inviting Him to come in to abide, then your spirit will be sensitive unto Him who is a Spirit and He shall speak unto thee and guide thee through thy spirit, for the spirit of man is the candle of the Lord.

You’ve tried to bring everybody to the level of your faith to receive healing. But I’ve provided a number of means whereby people at all levels can be healed. The Lord wants everyone healed, babe as well as mature, even the sinner. If you’d give yourself to enough prayer, intercession will be given to you. You’ll take the place of the sick one. The same symptoms they have will come upon you. And when they leave you, the person will be healed.

God has given us the land. [Pastor Ray commented: That’s a broad statement. God has given us the land. We could say everything that we need, whatever is necessary, He’s given it to us, but we must do what?] But it must be possessed. The way we possess it is through intercessory prayer and soul travail.

This one has a date of December 1, 1948 in Van, Texas:

The secret of a successful apostolic ministry is full of faith, full of power, using the divinely given instruments of soul travail and divine compassion. Intercessory prayer will make you irresistible.

There are a number of different methods whereby one may be healed. Just because you were healed by one method one time, that doesn’t mean that you’ll necessarily receive that way the next time. The Lord may lead you to use a different method.

We’re going to have a Prayer and Healing Center where people can come and stay until we get them healed. Because there are some people that are not going to be healed just because you preached to them or taught them once. We’re going to have people that know how to pray. We’re going to have a group of intercessors. We’re going to teach them to intercede.

You can intercede for the sick just like the lost. You must give yourself to prayer long enough in order to be given this kind of intercession. The same symptoms came on me, whatever they had, I had, and I kept on praying until it left me and when it left me, it left them. There’s a Spirit of intercession here in the area of healing that we’re missing. And many dear ones will never be healed unless we take our place and fulfill our obligations.

As a pastor, I had healing meetings, but most of the people that got healed in my meetings came in from the outside. The folks in my church that got healed, got healed by this method primarily, by praying one for another, by making intercession for those that were sick.

We’re going to form an intercessory prayer group and have a prayer and healing center here in Tulsa. People will know that they can come and find people (not just me). We’ll train people to pray in the Spirit and to make intercession. We’ll pray down the glory of God. But we won’t cease to minister in other ways…

God’s given us His Word and there are various ways of acting on God’s Word, and we’re at various stages of spirituality. We can act—some of us are on one level in one area, and some of us in another area, but God is interested in meeting us all (now, where we are) and He will.

Don’t try to make everyone receive at the same level or at your level. You’ll never be able to get everybody up to this level. As long as there are babies, someone’s got to carry them. Labor to bring everyone to the place to receive on their own, but God wants everybody to be healed—babes and older Christians, even sinners. God has provided aides and means to help people receive, like special manifestations. Laying on of hands with a tangible anointing is the lowest level upon which an individual can receive their healing. This is an assist to their faith—they can see the minister, they can feel his hands upon them, they can feel God’s power. These things help them to believe.

At Sheridan Assembly of God Church in Tulsa, Ok.:

Have a prayer school in the daytime and at night time, have a healing school. If an individual isn’t able to pray the prayer of faith for themselves, they don’t have to stay sick. (If they can’t, it’s usually because they haven’t been taught or else don’t know how to act on it.) These folk are described in James 5:14–15. In these situations, someone else can do their praying and exercising of faith for them.

It’s not just up to the pastor/minister. God expects the congregation to pray one for another that they may be healed. There are some folks that are never going to be healed unless we pray. You have to stay with some people long enough until you talk them out of dying and talk them into living. You’re not going to do that in one sermon.

If I can stay with people, I can control their diseases. Reading to the sick, praying with and for the sick, emphasize what the Spirit is emphasizing. Don’t stress a scripture for a situation that the Spirit is not emphasizing; it will cause confusion. Rightly divide. [end quote]

Pastor Ray continued…

He said, “If I can stay with people, I can control their diseases.” I remember brother Hagin talking about that when he was here. There was a man that had diabetes and had to take insulin every day. One time, he traveled with brother Hagin and the whole time he was with him, he needed no insulin. And if you have to take insulin, you have to take insulin. If you don’t, there can be some serious manifestations. Then he said, “reading to the sick, praying with and for the sick, emphasize what the Spirit is emphasizing. Don’t stress a scripture for a situation that the Spirit is not emphasizing; it will cause confusion.” In other words, rightly divide the Word. Or we could say, be led by the Spirit. A lot of times, the person that is in need, we go with what is ministering to their hearts, the scripture that they’re standing upon, that’s real to them. We stand on that with them. I like that—be sensitive to what the Holy Spirit is emphasizing.

James 5:34-15, “Is anyone among you sick?” We could say “Is anyone among you sick with any kind of sickness, no matter what it is? “Let him call for the elders of the church, and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord. 15 And the prayer of faith will save the sick, and the Lord will raise him up. And if he has committed sins, he will be forgiven.” (NKJV) 16 “Confess to one another therefore your faults (your slips, your false steps, your offenses, your sins) and pray [also] for one another, that you may be healed and restored [to a spiritual tone of mind and heart]. The earnest (heartfelt, continued) prayer of a righteous man makes tremendous power available [dynamic in its working].” (Amp.)

We could say the earnest, the effectual prayer of a righteous man or woman makes tremendous power available. Dynamite power. Dunamas power. The same power that raised Jesus up from the dead, out of the grave. Thank You for that power today that is resident within each one of us. The anointing and Your presence, Lord. Thank You.

Just reading that, I felt that it would almost be wrong not to ask if there is anyone in here that needs healing. Is there anyone here in the chapel that needs healing? I want you to come up and anoint you with oil and pray with you.

Ann led in worship…

What a healing Jesus. He is so faithful and so true. What a healing Jesus. He’ll restore, refresh, and renew. What a healing Jesus, for such a time as this. Rise upon healing wings, son of righteousness. I am the Lord that health thee. I am the Lord, your healer. I sent My Word and healed your disease. I am the Lord your healer.

Pastor Ray prayed for those that came forward…

Pastor Paul spoke out during corporate prayer…

Pain is a lying vanity, and it’s trying to oppose what is already there. Pain is in the sense realm. Healing is in the soul realm. In the name of Jesus… Healing is from the spirit man to the body. Pain is in the body. Healing is already manifest in your soul because it’s in your soul you make the decision, “If I can but touch the hem of His garment.” What she said is of the soul. She said, “If I can but touch the hem of His garment.” It’s a decision she made in the soul and it was manifest in her body. So pain is not an indication that healing has not already come.

The mind has two levels. It has a memory and it has an imagination. Your memory replays the past. Your imagination pre-plays your future. So tell your mind to pre-play your future by your imagination. Don’t stay in your memory. Stay in your imagination. Every battle is a battle of the mind. And it’s in the mind you gain control. It’s in the mind you gain dominion. It’s in the mind you access the dominion. It is in the mind you take your place.

Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus. Root, root, root, root… I speak to the root! The root cause of the problem, I say, “Who is holding the root? Get out, get out, get out in the name of Jesus. Root, get out!”

You do not believe in your body. You believe in your soul. Your body should not dictate how you believe. It’s in the heart that you believe. In the heart, not in the body. So don’t let the body tell you that you are not healed. Let your heart tell you that you are healed.

We don’t take cues from our bodies. We take cues by the Spirit of the Lord, the Word of God. Let this Word be in you. You have been made whole. Every whit whole. Far too often, we listen to our bodies to tell us how to respond to the Word of God. We should respond to the Word of God by the living word of Christ given unto us. It’s an honor to receive the Word. Take the Word. Take it! You can approach God with words. He says take words and approach unto the Almighty. He said let us reason together. Take the words. They are life to them that find them and health to all their flesh. Take the Word. Take it in. It’s forever settled in heaven. Take the Word, not your pain.

The Word has dominion over my thoughts, over my body. Take the Word. One part of you is spirit and if the Spirit of Him that raised up Christ from the dead dwell in you, He that raised up Christ from the dead shall quicken your mortal body by the Spirit that dwells in you.

Ann led in worship…

In the beginning there was the Word. And the Word was with God. And the Word was God. In the beginning, and by His Word, the worlds were framed. And Jesus is the Word.

Pastor Ray shared…

I just received this text from somebody. “God loves to be trusted to do the work. You don’t have to do the work. He rebukes the devourer… today! He finishes our faith. We rest in His unmerited favor. And the Lord of hosts does the word NOW! Amen and amen.” That’s a good text, huh? My phone just lit up with a faith-filled text telling us that we are not doing the work. He rebuked the devourer and will continually rebuke the devourer for our sakes. Who is that? The tither. When? Now.

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