Prayer Summary for Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The following prophesy was taken at Winter Bible Seminar on January 31, 1985 by Kenneth E. Hagin

We’re coming into a place, oh yes, you’ve walked in the realm of God. And there’s been a manifestation here and a manifestation there of My power, and My Spirit, and My gifts. And you’ve rejoiced in it and been glad of it and said, “Isn’t that wonderful what the Lord has done?”

Not realizing that if YOU would desire and covet and pray, not that He would use you (for that would be selfish) but that He will manifest Himself in the body of believers where you worship. And if you’ll believe, surely He will manifest Himself.

And you’re coming into a place where these things will not just be a happening once in a great while. But it’ll be very commonplace. It’ll happen every day, every week, every month. The miraculous, the supernatural will be as real to you as the very air you breathe.

Because you see that is the realm and the place where you should function. For you are supernatural children born of a supernatural God, with a supernatural birth filled with a supernatural Spirit. And that supernatural Spirit will manifest Himself in a supernatural way.

Expect the supernatural. Be glad and rejoice. And be very humble and do not attract attention unto yourself. And ye shall see the glory of God with you.
You’ll come into the place in these last days. That even further revelation will be given you concerning faith. You see the Word declares, “We know in part and we prophesy in part.” There is not one single evangelist, there is not one single pastor, there is not one single teacher that knows it all. But we only know in part and we prophesy in part. But the revelation will come in a greater measure and part. And we will see that it’s speaking into existence the things that God has prepared for you.

The enemy comes by your door and he comes knocking at the door of your residence—even your heart and spirit. Very often he brings depression, obsession, doubt, weakness, fear, and even sickness. And he endeavors to attach it to your body. And too many times you think you’re being humble and say, “The will of the Lord be done.” But those that are knowledgeable in the way of the Spirit and in the Word will go to the door and say, “We don’t accept that package here.” You see, we’ve got a receipt, the receipt says, “The bill has already been paid.” Jesus paid the price for your sins and delivered you by His own precious blood.

You see, “Himself took your infirmities and bare your sicknesses.” Show Satan the receipt and hold that receipt before your mind and before your eyes. And every time He suggests defeat, you say, “Yes, but I have the receipt. The receipt! My healing, my deliverance is already bought and already paid for. Go your way, walk on down the street to those who do not know they are complete. But you can’t come in here.” And so you’ll walk and know in the supernatural. Your health shall spring forth speedily. And all the angels of God shall be at your command.

————————————————————————————- ————————

It’d pay you to make a study of that last statement.

1/31/85 PM Thurs. WINTER BIBLE SEM.

This is part one, there will be part two in a little bit. (playing the piano and singing)

Jesus redeemed us from the fall… Jesus redeemed us once for all… No further price will be ever paid… It was paid in full on the Cross that day… For Jesus has delivered us from the fall… Paid in full, paid in full, it is written on the notice, paid in full… Paid in full, paid in full, it is written on the notice, paid in full…

Poverty can’t hold me anymore… When sickness knocks, I won’t answer the door… For Satan is the oppressor, but Jesus is our Deliverer… He delivered from the curse forevermore… Paid in full, paid in full, it is written on the notice paid in full… Paid in full, paid in full, for Jesus has delivered me paid in full…

Oh, paid in full, it’s paid in full… It is written on the notice, paid in full… Paid in full, paid in full, for Jesus has delivered me, paid in full.


He won that we would win—the price has been paid
Keeping it before our hearts and minds
Every time the Devil brings it up we say “No, here is the receipt”
Return to sender because it’s paid in full
We shall fulfill what has been declared—what God has appointed
Thank You, Father, that by faith in the blood, we have overcome
We take our seat up above in heaven’s place and watch
Moved by what You said, Father, in Your Word—taking our authority
Telling evil plans to stop!
Rolling off the care of it on to You, Father—it will not hold us back!
Money, money, money!
The Church is coming up in the finances—the battle has been won and the price paid in full!

Pastor Ray shared…

Concerning the nuclear deal with Iran, I just feel some senators and congressmen have said, “Well, I am going to support it. I have thought it over and I am going to support that deal.” But today we declare by the end of the 60 days, there will be some changed minds. That’s right. What’s that sound like? No deal. No deal! There cannot be a deal. And thank God many have already said, “No, I am not supporting that deal.” But others have said, “Yes, I am going to support that deal.” Some of our own representatives right here in the State of Minnesota, but today by the power of the blood and in the name of Jesus, we declare a change of heart before the vote comes up, a change of mind concerning that vote. There can be situations before the vote comes up from now till then that will change minds, hearts, and will change the vote. We plead the blood of the Lamb over every day and over every state. We say by the blood of the Lamb, do what’s right no matter what the fight—do what is right!

Continued praying…

Standing up and calling those things that be not as though they are
Contending and contending—never giving up!
We only sit down in our Heavenly place
Some patterns need to be taken out!
The Church is going in the right way!
Yielding to the power from heaven above
Continually calling things to move in the right way!
And a higher One is watching

Annie sings…

♪  Marvel not when you see what looks like justice perverted before Me
For higher officials are watching over them and a higher One, a higher One is watching
I am watching, watching, watching over all
I am watching, watching, watching when you call
I am working, working, working through it all
So marvel not at what you see
Just press in; abide in Me
And I’ll do mighty wonders you will see
I will work My wonders you will see ♪

Pastor Paul prayed:

I was just reminded how Jesus dealt with the fig tree. He didn’t curse the branches. He cursed it from the root. “Let no one eat food from you anymore.” Usually what I have seen from all these legislators is they have their pork bills added to a bill in the hope that if the bill fails the pork will pass. It’s a way of saying I know this is outrageous, they are not going to accept this but all these byproducts that are attached to the bill from the bill will slip in. So it’s like a concession. So, what we are going to pray about is dried up from the root. Praying nothing will be covertly put in as a form of concession to Iran but it dries up completely from the root. No one eat fruit from that deal, from that proposal any longer. No byproducts will slip in unawares. Nothing will be covertly put in as a form of concession to Iran but it dries up completely from the root completely.

Father, I thank You that we will not be desensitized by just the measure of the bill itself but all byproducts associated with this bill that they intend to pass that the public is unaware of but will be detrimental to Israel… We are saying, Father, that also dries up from the root. We curse this root and we say there will be no fruit in the name of Jesus that will be detrimental to Israel; that will be detrimental to the United States of America in the name of Jesus. Thank You for the answers in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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