Prayer Summary for Thursday, May 21, 2015

Jerre led in worship about the name of Jesus…

Jesus, You are high and lifted up, all the world will praise Your great name.

Pastor Ray shared…

I like that declaration: “all the world will praise His name.” Instead of saying, “The world is going to hell. They’re just not praising His name.” We declare, by faith, the world will praise the name that’s above every other name. What’s that name? Jesus! The healer. The provider. The way maker. When things aren’t right, He makes a way. We praise Your name, Lord, and we do declare that by faith “the whole earth will praise Your name. Your glory from shore to shore, nation to nation to nation to nation will come forth, fall on the people, bring about absolute total change on the earth.” Hallelujah. Thank You, Jesus.

If you saw the moon last night, it was super bright about a quarter to ten. It was like a slice but you could see the rest of the moon vaguely. I was driving my grandson, bringing him home from church. We were talking about when man walked on the moon and what the earth must have looked like when they looked back at the earth. The difference between the earth not filled with the glory and the earth filled with the glory of God—do you think the earth would be brighter? I do. I think you would be able to see it. We have the Word on it—the whole earth will be filled with His glory.

I was telling Erika this morning that while I was driving, I heard this minister on the radio. He was going to pray for the Church and the nation. But he used the first part of his time on the radio to rip on the Church and the country. He was saying things like, “It is so bad, so terrible, it’s going down…” things like that. He said all of that first before he prayed. I’m not putting him down, but it sounded like the Devil bragging on how bad he made things to be. I’m sure he didn’t realize that; he was just trying to describe what we need and how bad we need it. Then he prayed a prayer where he asked the Lord to open up the curtains and open up the eyes of the people… My point is that I wasn’t lifted up by what he was saying. His words brought me down. As a result, there was no anointing on his prayer.

Same way with our bodies. Our natural bodies. How are we taught to speak over our bodies? You are full of sickness. No! What do we speak over our bodies? Life. Health. “I will live. I will not die. I shall declare the works of God. I’m above and not beneath. I’m healed because of what Jesus did for me.” I want to read something and it’ll lift us up for our prayer. In brother Hagin’s book, Tongues Beyond the Upper Room, he listed reasons why we pray in other tongues.

Scriptural Purposes:

1. A means of magnifying God
2. Speaking in tongues helps us stay conscious of the Holy Spirit’s presence
3. Tongues aid you in worshiping God
4. Tongues stimulate faith
5. Gives spiritual refreshing
6. The best way to give thanks
7. Praying in the Spirit brings your tongue under subjection
8. Praying in tongues protects you from the contamination of the world
9. Praying in tongues is the introduction to the gifts of the Spirit

I want to read what brother Hagin said about number eight: Praying in the Spirit Brings Your Tongue Under Subjection. He uses the scripture in James 3:8, “But the tongue can no man tame; it is an unruly evil, full of deadly poison.” He says:

Let me include this one important thing that speaking with tongues helps bring the tongue under subjection. And I think we would all agree that our tongues need to be brought under subjection. So what does speaking in tongues have to do with this verse? According to this scripture, the tongue is the most difficult member of our bodies to control. Notice it says no man can tame the tongue. But God can!

So when you yield your tongue to the Holy Spirit and speak with other tongues, you take a giant step toward fully yielding all your members to God. If you can yield the most unruly member to God, you can yield any member of your body to Him. Think about it—the Bible calls the tongue an “unruly evil” and a “deadly poison”! Many Christians assume that the sexual members of the body are the hardest to control. And they may even condemn other Christians who fail to control their sexual appetites while they sin just as grievously or worse themselves because of their uncontrolled tongues!

Some people are always running around talking about fellow Christians and running them down. For instance, some preacher may fall into immorality, and everyone in the church starts talking about it. “Did you hear what the preacher did? Well, let me tell you all the terrible details.” But putting out the other fellow’s candle doesn’t light yours! Criticizing and gossiping about others is a grievous sin too. The Bible says the sins of the tongue are an abomination to God. Proverbs 6:16-19 says, “These six things doth the Lord hate. Yea, seven are an abomination unto him… A false witness that speaketh lies and he that soweth discord among brethren.”

The bottom line is this: you have the potential to do more damage and more sinning with your tongue than with any other member of your body. But the more you pray in tongues, the more you will learn to yield your tongue to the Holy Ghost—and the easier it will become to speak only words that edify others in every situation. [end of quote]

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When you know something and you don’t repeat it to your spouse, it feels so good just to not speak about some things that would tear down another believer. It feels even better to lift them up. So that’s why I started out by saying to be careful how we speak even before we pray. And be in faith, do everything we can do to be in faith to pray out from that higher place, taking our seats in heavenly places. If leaders only speak down and negatively over those that they’re leading, what happens to those people? They’re down. And we have the Holy Ghost, the power of the Spirit in us to build up, lift up. By faith, call these things in the Word as though they are. The whole earth will be filled with the glory of God almighty.

Erika shared…

What did Jesus say? “I only say and do the things that I hear from the Father.” Thank God for His Word. He gave us the vision and the plan of God in His Word and all of the details by the Holy Ghost. I want to read from John Shiver’s book on Revival Glory. Brother Shiver describes the faces of revival or how the Holy Spirit would manifest. It says that “in and through the Church the multi-faceted, many colored, variegated sides of God would be revealed.” Think we’ve had that yet? Not quite. So we don’t get agitated but we say, “Lord, this is what You said.”

Because in the coming global awakening the whole earth will be filled with the glory of the Lord. What’s that going to look like? We will see a blending and a combining of all of these faces of revival being manifested at the same time. Try to imagine what it would look like if a repentance revival, an evangelism revival, a prayer and deeper life revival, a worship revival, a Holy Spirit presence revival, and a Holy Spirit power revival hit the nations around the earth simultaneously. Can you see it? The Church needs to begin to see this by faith because before the return of the Lord Jesus, the earth is going to be impacted by such an outpouring of glory, power, and presence of God that it will bring about the greatest harvest of souls the world has ever witnessed. The big one is coming. Revival glory without measure is coming. Why? Why would He do all these manifestations, operations, diversities of operations and gifts? Why? For a harvest. Revival is God’s “code blue.” It is what He uses to resuscitate the Church and breath life back into the world when conditions have become so serious that death is imminent. From God’s perspective, there is nothing more important than revival that He can give the Church and the world. Without revival, nothing else really matters because there is no Church left to bless and use. This is the reason that revival is not an option. Imagine a sickly hospital patient whose heart has stopped, who is now questioning the pros and cons of CPR and whether or not this treatment could be God’s will. If the patient wants to continue to live, if they are to have even a chance for recovery at all, their only hope is CPR. The Holy Spirit is far more qualified to decide what the Church needs and doesn’t need than we are. Therefore when He sends revival, we must embrace it and passionately pursue it with all of our hearts. The choice has never been about whether we like revival or don’t like revival. Revival is actually a choice between whether the Church will live or whether the Church will die. It is just that serious. The Church must always embrace what God is doing. [end quote]

The heart of the Father is that the whole earth would be filled with the glory of God. And that’s what we’re praying about—the great awakening. We can give it a lot of names or titles, but expand your vision of what God wants to do in this day and hour. There are multitudes that need an awakening; they need the Church to be awakened. And that’s what we’re praying about and asking God for. We’re just moving back the borders to include the whole earth. The whole earth will be filled with the glory of God. That’s what we’re looking for, Father.


By your grace, You are helping us in the final leg of the race
You give us vision that sealed in our hearts by the Holy Spirit of Your desire and plans
That encompasses many things
The gift of other tongues, praying out the mysteries
Preparation, plans, changes, in operations, in manifestations, in diversities
Some churches are already lit up but need to be lit up a little more
Some are walking in the way but need to step up higher
We’re looking for the way to go, Father
The tongue, the voice of the Church of the living God, that we would see it that way and speak it that way
Building up and edifying
Removing obstacles
Carriers of Your presence
Holy Ghost filled carriers of His presence
The Church filled to over flow

Jerre led worship in song…

The whole earth is filled with Your glory. Glory to Your name. The whole earth is filled with Your glory. Holy is Your name. The whole earth is filled with Your glory.

Pastor Ray shared…

When you started singing that, I went to the airport in Minneapolis/St. Paul. It just came up. I don’t know if we ever prayed for the airport to be filled with the glory. We probably have but I know for a fact that words have been prophesied about people coming into that airport and seeing a fire, a bright light in the north part of the city.

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