Prayer Summary for Thursday, March 03, 2016

Jerre led in worship…

Mary shared…

Today I want to read a scripture in Habakkuk 2:14: “For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord, as the waters cover the sea.” I love that verse! What does it mean to be filled? It means to be saturated, to overflowing. Imagine that. The earth filled with the knowledge of the glory as the waters cover the earth, Here’s a fresh translation: “The earth will be filled to overflowing, saturating God’s people with an intimate knowledge of God’s glory, through close observation and a firsthand experience of the attributes and perfection of God’s love, holiness, and power.” That’s our desire for ourselves and for all those that are called by His name and for those who don’t know Him. I’m going to read an excerpt on Habakkuk 2:14 from the Revival Study Bible.

“Something remarkable is happening. God’s awesome glory is on the move bringing forth His mighty presence. Without the glory of God openly manifested, the Church easily becomes more of a corroding influence than a powerful purifying force in the world. When the glory is absent, individual Christians become less than God intended them to be. One of the mighty purposes of revival is to bring into clear view the manifest presence of the glory of God.”

We have been praying year after year about the glory of God and His presence. We just keep at it. We’re preparing the way for God to come. It’s not going to happen in just one day. In Patsy’s book, For Such a Time as This, she uses the example of preparing a highway. In the natural, when people are working on a highway, it doesn’t happen in one day. You keep at it until it’s the way it’s meant to be, until it’s completed.

“Revival comes to usher in the presence of God’s glory in such a powerfully manifested display of the true expression of who God is and what He does to create a fresh heart hunger for His presence. There is a God-shaped vacuum in the human heart that only God Himself can fill. Revival comes to awaken you to a full hunger.”

We want people to see a true expression of who He is. That we would be so filled with God Himself that it would be none of us but all of Him. And that we would so emanate Him and His glory and love, all that He is that people would be drawn to us. It’s because of Him, not anything we are. We want them to see Him. Amen?

“Revival comes first as a great disturber and exposer of man’s hearts before it comes as a great blessing and comforter. Before we can grasp the glory of God, we must be revived for our low condition. Revival comes with discomforting revelation of ourselves and confronts us with questions that disturb the condition of false peace.

“Revival awakens the conscience with such probing questions as ‘Am I really living the kind of life that my redeeming Lord would have me live? Is there anything in me that really distinguishes me at a glance from the unrenewed world? Is my character different? Are my tastes, habits, and ambitions different? Do I wear the name of God on my forehead or am I hiding it somewhere out of sight? Am I declaring plainly whose I am or do I wear the marks of my ownership to God so faint that even a microscope could hardly discover them?’

“Revival comes with questions like these to humble us enough to see our need for the great uplifting power of God’s glory for victory over the downward drag of our earthly environment. Grasping the glory of God brings an uplifting above the world, above corrupting influences, and gives us victory over our sins and weaknesses.

“The central thrust of revival is to bring us back to the cross. The cross always brings a crisis. Why? Because there is so much in us unlike Himself that needs to die, and dying is a crisis. Revival confronts man with his sin, not just in deeds of sin alone, but in his unlikeness to a glorious God. A revelation of sin in one’s life is not only an awareness of what we are, but of what we are not in relation to a holy God. That is the purpose of God’s powerful self-manifestation in glory: to create an inner crisis, a moment of decision to separate from the unholy and be cleansed to live in the purity of God’s presence—in His glory.”

I’m not here to condemn. It’s just something that we have to remind ourselves to stay filled with Him and desire all of Him and none of us. It’s a daily thing of daily dying to ourselves. But then we take it to the next step as pray-ers, we’ve got to have more. I know there is more in that the Church needs to awaken to the plan and purpose of God so that we would shine with Him to bring in the loss, that they would know there is a difference. We’ve been praying this for years. I still pray about revival and His glory. I want Him to be magnified, to be glorified. They have to see Him. The way the world is, we have to be the light. We have to be so opposite of the world and be so bright. It says that as it gets darker, it’s going to get lighter. The Christians are going to shine even brighter and brighter and people will know without a shadow of a doubt that God is good and He is real and He is a loving Father.


Separated unto You and Your purposes
And the chains that bind would be unlocked
To be set free to stand up tall, eyes fixed on You with Your purpose, busting out and busting through
That the truth would rise to the top and change lives, setting the captives free
Saying “thus far and no more”
We shake off the old and put on the new
Walking far above and seated with Him in that place
Not below what has been established for us
There is a cost to walk in the more but it’s worth it
The channels, Father, we lift up those who made those channels
That’s it! That’s the way
He’s showing you—that’s the way, go, go, go!
Equipped in the Holy Spirit—orders, orders, orders
That’s been removed, now in the name of Jesus
A free flow, it’s a free flow now, flowing in the river of the Holy Ghost
Multiple rivers
It’s a climb in the spirit, up and over and into the next level, that place in the spirit
Multiplication and acceleration
As it multiplies in the river, it’s bringing along more called ones into the river—That’s the multiplication!
A force to be reckoned with in the name of Jesus—Holy Ghost filled and flooded
Time and time and time, going, going, going, again and again, filled and flooded with Him
Going out and coming back and going out and coming back
Press in now, you can, you can in Him
Bright, shining—seek Him, orders
Money, we lift up money, resources to respond to the call
All the resources come in with everything needed
Clothed from heaven above for the work of the Gospel
Never letting go, for you are marked by God—each one
The voice—He’s summoning, Oh hear the voice of the Good Shepherd summoning you to come and to go
The voice of the Good Shepherd, of the Holy Ghost speaking words
Shaking off those things and making you ready for Him
There’s more—march forth, go forth
Combinations, collectively
Surprise! So many, there are so many
Say those words! They need to hear it, words that penetrate and pierce the hearts breaking bondages in the name of Jesus
Signs, Holy Ghost signs, making it clear over and over again
The hearts, Father, to reach and change hearts, minds, be cleared out, all connecting to the hearts
The anointing breaks the yokes
Eyes, eyes see, open to the truth
Never to be the same again, never to go back, climbing up into His arms—up and out

Jerre shared…

The Lord showed me this scripture in Hebrews. I believe it relates to what Mary was praying about the body of Christ coming to the Lord and up to the high place, pressing for the mark of the high calling. It’s about having the compassion of Jesus. The scripture is “Remember the prisoners as if you were chained to them.” To get out of our heads and into our hearts and to have the kind of compassion that Jesus had, we need to picture ourselves chained to a prisoner.

Jesus came to break every single chain. Actually the chains are all broken. But there are people in the body of Christ that still have chains on them be it sickness or mental disabilities. The crown of thorns was upon Jesus’ head. The Bible says the chastisement of our peace was upon Him. Just like the stripes were for healing, the crown of thorns that went into His head is for our peace of mind. Many Christians are chained to the devil of tormenting spirits. But we need to have a heart for people like that. Can we work it up in ourselves? No. But the anointing can come on us. Just like when Mary was praying, the anointing was on her to call out of her heart, out of her innermost man for freedom, to set the captives free. We’re to bear one another’s burdens. When I saw that scripture “as if you were chained to them,” it gave me a new depth of the love of God, a new compassion, a new reality of our responsibility as a pray-er. Not superficial, cold prayers but as if you were right there in that prison with them, only with the power to set them free.

Worship continued…

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