Prayer Summary for Thursday, June 25, 2015

Jerre led in worship…

♪ Trust in the Lord… O Lord, we say that You are our God… Hallelujah… And all our times are in Your hands… Our times, this time, O Lord, is in Your hands… We’re gathered here in Your name, Holy Father, to do Your will… Gathered here in Your name, O Lord, to do Your will… We love You, Lord, we love Your ways, we love who You are… You are here in this place… We wait upon You, Lord… Here in this place… You live within us, Lord… and You rest upon us, Lord… and You renew our strength… Mounting up with You, Holy Spirit, like the eagle, O Lord, mounting higher and higher with You, Lord… For You are the glory and the lifter up of our heads… You lift our eyes into the heavenlies where we are seated with You… High above the darkness, Lord… High above the tribulation… We’re high and lifted up, seated with You in the heavenlies, O Lord… And You give us authority this day to speak what we should say and I know it will make a difference today. ♪

Pastor Ray shared…

Miss Jerre, when you said that we believe what we say today will make a difference, we have to believe. We must believe, otherwise, we’re spinning our wheels. What we say based on the Word always makes a difference. When you said that, in my spirit I heard, “If My Church does not say, does not pray, or believe what they say and pray, there will be a difference one way or the other.” We can see it in the earth in these days. Things are different than they were yesterday and not everything is better. Many things are better but there are a lot of things that are worse. It reminds me of what brother Hagin said about the chaos that happened in the 60s and early 70s in America and that the Church was responsible. If the Church had done its part and prayed, many of those things would not have taken place. Thank You, Father, for Your precious Holy Spirit. Thank You, Holy Spirit. Let’s sing that.

Jerre led in song…

♪ Thank You, Holy Spirit, we are in Your presence… Fill us with Your power… Live inside of us… We thank You, Holy Spirit, we are in Your presence… You’re the living water, You’re a never drying fountain… You’re the comforter, my counselor, take complete control… We welcome You, Holy Spirit… ♪

Pastor Ray shared…

In Romans 15:30, Paul is talking to the Roman Church and he says, “I appeal to you [I entreat you], brethren, for the sake of our Lord Jesus Christ and by the love [given by] the Spirit, to unite with me in earnest wrestling in prayer to God in my behalf. 31 [Pray] that I may be delivered (rescued) from the unbelievers in Judea and that my mission of relief to Jerusalem may be acceptable and graciously received by the saints (God’s people there), 32 So that by God’s will I may subsequently come to you with joy (with a happy heart) and be refreshed [by the interval of rest] in your company.” (Amp.)

These three verses are like a cue for us to pray for our pastors. That’s what I have on my heart today. Paul could have asked for many things, like help, finances, workers, helpers, whatever. But he asked for prayer. It would almost be like if we had a super wealthy relative and he came to us and said “What can I do for you,” and we said, “Pray for me.” I love how Paul didn’t ask for all those things; he asked for prayer and that they would unite with him in wrestling prayer. That is serious prayer. So I felt today that we’d do that today for our Pastors Mac and Lynne. There are pastors all over the earth that need to be able to declare freely and victoriously from the pulpit that their congregations are equipped and stirred and filled by the Holy Ghost, and that they’ll rise up and take their places, whatever nation it is. Sandy and I have friends who are pastors in Nice, France. We lift them up before the Lord, because we can see the warfare against God’s will and plan.

Let’s start by singing in the spirit and then we’ll lift up our pastors. They need help to do what God has called them to do and we need to stand with them before God for them.

Confession over pastors…

My pastors are blessed and prosper in everything they put their hands to. They’ve got utterance and know what to do and see things I don’t see because of the office they stand in. No weapon formed against them will prosper for the blood of the Lamb has been applied over them. They have utterance like they never have before… freedom… they’re walking in victory… they have every need met in their lives beyond their needs… resources come from every direction… we ask for that today on their behalf that whatever they set their hands to will prosper. It will move from them to the body that they are over. Thank You, Lord, that the joy of the Lord would be their strength. We send a supply of the Holy Spirit now to our pastors. We stand with them and declare they shall fulfill every detail and plan that God has called them to fulfill. You’re breaking through and going beyond where you’ve ever gone before. You’re full of the joy of the Lord and that joy in you is your supernatural strength. Be filled, be stirred.

Mary led us singing in the spirit…


We pray over the steps they are to walk out
We stand in the gap on their behalf
We resist the enemy on their behalf—“get out!”
Revelation, new steps, new territory, new opportunities
Equipped and filled up
New keys to new doors for greater opportunities—assignments


If it’s a new door, there has to be a new key to open the door. And many times when you go through a new door, there’s a whole lot more. There will be other doors and other rooms and realms. So we’re praying over our pastors and praying in these keys, whatever they might be. Maybe it’s a connection, a relationship… maybe it’s a resource. Let’s pray about the keys…


It’s time—this is the time, right now
It’ll be like a suddenly—it’s a sudden turn, a sudden change
Do not pull back, but push ahead
That’s a different kind of key, a different kind of access
Let go and go! Let go and stay in the flow—go with the flow!
Stay steady, take your time, take your place, take your authority
Each one, each pastor
We watch over those steps…if there is something that needs to be rearranged or healed or restored, we declare it for them and speak on their behalf and we declare victory
By the blood, they shall apprehend.
They comprehend for the spirit of seeing and knowing is in operation through them
New ways for the new days
The Word doesn’t change but the Word is still the same, but new ways for the new days
Understanding and wisdom for the days we are living in
Answers, help, and solutions
Every one of them—ministries, churches

Jerre prayed…

Father, You promised that Your burden is easy and Your yoke is light. We speak that over every pastor throughout all the earth today, that Your burden is easy and Your yoke is light. Thank You for eyes to see that, and that they roll the care onto you. Each one, nothing upon their shoulders but all upon the Lord Jesus Christ. Thank You, Father, for divine joy springing up within them and answers to their prayers. We plead the blood of Jesus over each one of them. For every pastor throughout the whole earth. We thank You for revelation knowledge flowing in each pastor. Every attack against them, we call you down in Jesus’ name. The blood of the Lamb is against you. Their families are covered in the blood of Jesus. Thank You for a spirit of rejoicing to come upon them and the spirit of faith. Father, You said You’d make crooked paths straight, so in the name of Jesus Christ, we ask You for straighten the paths for the pastors. Straighten their paths. We declare their paths are straightened in Jesus’ name. We thank You that they have a great yearning for Your presence, that they enter that place with You, the secret place with You more and more as they see the day approach. We bind discouragement in the name of Jesus. You fowl spirit of discouragement, you must come down. The blood of the Lamb is against you. All provision flows and flows… We speak more than enough for every pastor. An abundant supply. Thank You for the spirit of truth resting upon them, Father. We bind deception from every pastor in Jesus’ name. For Your glory, Lord. That Your Word would spread like a fire. Boldness to speak, that they would have supernatural boldness to speak. And the ability to quench every fiery dart of the wicked one.

Pastor Ray shared…

I just had to get a new grill because the old one died. You know how you turn that dial way over and just hit that little button and it goes “Boom!” If you put a hamburger on there and leave the dial all the way up, it’ll burn it up. That reminded me of the 90s in Canada where the presence of God was poured out in that church; there were many pastors that came from nations and they were so dried up and burned out and “rusted up.” They needed to be oiled up. They needed the fire of God upon them and they needed to be restored to have that dial turned all the way over to where it says “high level of joy.” Just turn it all the way over. A high level of joy and in that higher level of joy, the supernatural strength of God came into these pastors. We witnessed it. Many did. And many received it. The joy of the Lord was being poured out and not just joy but the presence of God. But in the presence of God, there is joy! There are no sad sacks filled with the power and presence of God. So that’s why we’re lifting up these pastors to the Lord for strength. I’m sure there are pastors that are dried out. Many have been in ministry for years… Be filled up this morning! Be supernaturally saturated with the power of the Holy Spirit. In heaven as it is on earth—be filled up and re-baptized with the power from heaven—the supernatural, Holy Ghost God given joy-filled…

A word came forth…

And for some, the paradigm shift is a shift back to where they once started from. It’s not a paradigm shift in another direction so to speak like we might think. A shift into this or a shift into that… but a shift back into what they were called to in the beginning. And it’ll bring a fresh stirring and a fresh fire and a fresh desire and they’ll begin to rise up and declare what they declared then and it will come forth now. For these are the last of the last days, and it’s time for the Church to rise up and declare these words and plans and destinies and visions to come forth. When? NOW!

Jerre says…

Let’s all stand up and declare these words over them: ♪ Red hot, white hot, blazing on fire for Jesus. They are red hot, white hot, blazing on fire for God. Well they’re red hot, white hot, blazing on fire for Jesus. Holy Ghost, come on and stroke their fire again. ♪

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