Prayer Summary for Thursday, August 13, 2015

Jerre led in worship…

♪ We draw near to You…O Lord, we call on the name of Jesus… On the wings of the Spirit… In the secret place with You, O God… Speaking mysteries, O Lord… Declaring, Father, Your will in the spirit… On the wings of the Spirit today… Covering, covering those things on the wings of Your Spirit, Lord… I’m talking to You, Lord, even in the spirit… In the liberty of Your Spirit, new sounds, O Lord, new words, O Lord… Liberty… Oh You grant it, Lord, diversity, O Lord, in Your Spirit… Fresh and new, fresh and new… Carried on the wings of Your Spirit, Lord… Revival there, revival there, Lord… It is done, it is done, O Lord, it is done… All the nations, Lord… All the nations by Your Spirit will come… All we’ve got to do is yield to You… More and more and more… You carry us on the wings of the Spirit and we will declare in the spirit that You are Lord over all the lands… Lord, we thank You for the gift that You’ve given us… Holy Spirit have Your way… We love You, Lord… We love Your ways… And we love who You are, O God… You’re beautiful, so beautiful, so wonderful, full of wonders… Open the eyes of the people of the nations, Lord, to see Your beauty… To see Your great beauty… Lord, I want to know You… In my heart there is a fire… You put that fire to know You, Lord… And every morning when I wake up it’s You that I desire and just to feel Your heart beat is what we long for and, Lord, we want to know You… You are the sweet Spirit of supplication… That we know… You’ve opened our hearts and minds and placed upon us the spirit of prayer that we know… And so we are not complete until we yield to You and do Your will, O God. ♪

Erika prayed…

Thank You, Father. We’re so thankful that You saw fit that we would live in this day and hour, that we would be co-laborers with You in the great work of prayer. We trust you with all our hearts, souls, and minds. We lean not to our understanding but in all of our ways, we acknowledge You. Holy Spirit we welcome You. Have Your way.

Erika shared…

I’ve been pondering lately about just where we are on the timeline, and I came to the conclusion that I don’t want to be praying about something He doesn’t want to pray about. You don’t either. So I’ve been thinking about that and how we can pray. This morning, the Holy Spirit made me to know a few things about what we could pray about today.

Pray About Defining Moments

He said to pray about defining moments. There needs to be prayer for those in authority, both in the body of Christ and in the world, that they would have defining moments where they go, “Oh! That’s what I’m supposed to do. That’s what I’m here for. I can do that.” In the news, we saw what appeared to be a defining moment for a very high ranking official in our government. His defining moment affects the outcome of this nation. I was like, “Praise God!” So we need more of those. While we pray, we’re not going to attach our brain to it. Remember how Pastor Lynne taught us how to point our tongues in that direction. So we’re going to point our tongues in the direction of “defining moments.”

Pray About Decisive Points of Conflict

Then we’re going to pray about “decisive points of conflict.” Through the years, Pastor Mac has taught us about decisive points of conflict during a battle. In war, they strategize about places where it is imperative to get your forces in there. Our war is not in the natural, it’s in the realm of the spirit, but the principle still applies. You could be skirmishing over here and there, but if God shows you that it’s right over here that will make the whole thing tumble, you better be over there. So there are going to be some decisive points of conflict that we want to pray about. So that could mean praying about your prayers, where they go, not scattershot but right there. They’re going to hone in right there and they’re going to hit the mark.

Pray for Leaders to Have a Divine Supply of the Spirit

We’re going to pray for leaders, which the Word already commands us to do. We’re going to pray that spiritual and natural leaders have a divine supply of wisdom through the Church. I like how Patsy said it. She said in her book, A Divine Supply of Wisdom by Which to Rule, “If you have two leaders, you know the devil is vying for authority over them. And hopefully the Church of the living God is too.” So whoever grabs a hold of them is going to have them, and we want a divine supply of the wisdom of God to go to them.

Pray About Confluent Events

Next, we need to pray about confluent events. I like the word “confluent.” It’s an adjective that means “flowing or running together so as to form one.” Example: A confluent stream. Confluence is the place where two or more things merge in the act of merging. We know at the First Coming of the Lord there were all of these events that all came together for His First Coming. So too at the end here, we’re going to see some things coming together on God’s timeline. So we’re going to pray about those events.

“When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice.” We need righteous people standing in their places of authority. If the whole earth is in chaos, you better not be. If you’re standing in your place of God-given authority, it’s going to be well with you. So we’re going to pray about them being righteous in their authority, and we need to get righteous people in positions of authority.

I like Esther 4:14, “For if you remain completely silent at this time, relief and deliverance will arise for the Jews from another place, but you and your father’s house will perish. Yet who knows whether you have come to the kingdom for such a time as this.” We believe the Church’s voice is being amplified every day in the way that God wants it amplified. He has avenues for His voice to reach into the darkest places of the earth.

Here’s our prayer list again: defining moments, decisive points of conflict, leaders must have a divine supply of the Spirit, confluent events.

Pastor Ray shared…

Pastor John Hagee stood up as soon as there was graffiti sprayed on the synagogue in his city. He didn’t sit back and say, “That is sad.” He got up and went to the rabbi and then declared that this is not only an attack against the Jews, it’s an attack against the Christians too. Erika, you said something about the Church standing up. That’s a good example of the Church standing up and doing something. Standing with those that need to be stood with in these days.


That is our prayer—that the Church would know and comprehend and walk in the revelation of whose we are
We have the inside track to know where to go and how to pray
Spirit of wisdom and revelation flowing to the Church
For defining moments for the Church and those not in the Church
For those in authority to come to their senses, to wake up and say, “I must go this way…”
A supply of the divine wisdom of God flowing to those in authority
In governmental positions of authority, at every level
We apply the blood over them that they would see and know and comprehend
We apply the blood over their seeing and knowing
Those counselors set to speak to them, we apply the blood over them
Some of them must be silenced—Silence, in Jesus’ name!
You’ll not speak those lies and deceptions, contortions to those leaders
Assistance! Angels, go! Work on behalf of the heirs of salvation
Boldness to uncover things that need to be uncovered
Light and illumination on those situations
There must be an amplification of Your voice, Father
Voices to declare the right way
We will have boldness and courage for this last day
Some things need to be flipped over
That brings a different view
Seeking for the truth and for that which is right
We bind conspiracies to cover up and hide the truth
Expose that for what that is… bring it to the surface and into the light
Men and women making decisions based on the truth
Declarations—we will go the way of the Lord
Numbers—increase—a gaining in momentum
A turnabout—round and around and around but knowing when to exit and knowing where to go
Stop going that way and begin to go in the right way
That’s not the way you were called to go
That can turn a nation in a day!
To converge, the converging, the confluity, Father
Even in the body, together
Assignments by Your Spirit

Pastor Ray shared…

I saw the Church and it was like the Church changed color. I can’t quite describe it but it began to change color and to rise up. Not because of pressure from the world but because of the love for the Father and the direction of the Holy Spirit. And the Church began to rise up and march. There was a marching that could not be shut down. For the Church will be restored to what it was to be at the very beginning, where it rose up and began to march ahead. And it began to call forth others in. It began to rock the world! Standing on the Rock, declaring His name, moving by the blood in the authority that’s been given.

And there is a new sound! As Mary began to pray, there was a sound from heaven and it began to change situations. The Church began to change color. And it got brighter and brighter and brighter until it was like fireworks. And the prayers that were prayed were from a higher level. Those assignments we just prayed about, there’s a door concerning an assignment that’s already been given out for the Church to go through. That’s a door. It’s an operation. And it’ll get the Church to the right destination and the Church will not settle any longer and not sit back as the world goes by. But the Church will rise up and declare, “This is the way it is. For it shall turn out right because the Word has already declared it.”

I like the declaration of one of the men running for the office of President when he was asked the question, “Has God spoken to you today concerning America?” He said, “God speaks to me every day from the Bible. From the pages of the Book, He speaks to me daily.” Isn’t that the way it should be when the righteous are in authority?

There is going to be much joy! Remember how David began to dance so much that his wife got disturbed watching him jump, run, and dance? I’m reminded how he built a tent and he called forth praise-ers and those that would worship. He said to Asaph, “You and your brethren, this is your job. Get in that tent and worship around the ark of the covenant.” David said that when we spend time with Him, number one, we’re happy. There is joy in His presence. Number two: there is strength in His presence. Number three: when we seek His face, our face, or the face of the Church, will be a reflection of His love and goodness and mercy. That’s what we want to be. We lift up the body of Christ… If there was ever a call, it’s the call for the body of Christ to rise up in these hours.

Jerre led in worship…

♪ Hallelujah… New boldness… New glory… I see Your song, Lord… above, above the song of the world… Above it… Your song coming down, going up, but going down. Your song, Lord, trumping the song of the world… Hallelujah! And the Psalmists, Father, stepping into their places, not just with a mealy song but a song that’s empowered from on high, a song specifically for this season… this season! A song fresh from the throne… Hallelujah! And the sound, Father, is from heaven being born on earth coming with power, coming fresh from the throne, for You are the creator of the universe… You are the creator and those things will come with such a boldness and such a refreshing and so full of Your Word and so full of Your Spirit, Father, so full that it’ll sweep people into Your kingdom… Hallelujah… Specific words, there are specific words for specific peoples… They must be born upon the earth… We thank You that they will be born upon the earth… Born upon the earth and the voices, Lord… I remember we prayed about the voices… We keep lifting up the voices… Those voices have come forth now… I’ve seen it and I’ve seen that prayer answered… But we’re asking for more voices in the Church to arise… Arise in boldness and strength, arise with the wisdom of God, arise!… Hallelujah! That will be pure, Lord… Pure… They will be born in purity, Father… Purity from Your throne and for Your glory… For Your glory, those voices arise… Knowing that they wouldn’t have a song to sing expect it be for You, Lord… You put the song in them, You put the boldness, You put the wisdom, You put the righteousness—You did it! We give You glory… We give You all the glory, O Lord… And let there be a revival in the midst of Your people of prayer… Father, open eyes, open ears and let them hear the call of the Spirit… The Spirit is calling the Church… Come! Come and be with Me!… Hallelujah! High calling… it’s a high calling… Hallelujah! I hear that, Lord… No more will the Church be filled with an empty tomb… but the song of this hour must have Your power and will have Your power… To set aright all that is wrong… Hallelujah! ♪

♪ We stand before You washed in Your blood redeemed from every kindred and tongue… We have crossed over to the heavenly side… rose of pure white, called in the light of the crucified… We stand before You washed in Your blood redeemed from every kindred and tongue… ♪

Pastor Ray shared…

Here in Minneapolis you can take a drive down by the river, by the lock and dam in downtown Minneapolis and look at the falls. They never stop flowing. It’s always flowing and coming down. Today we hit a point when Mary got up and started singing, there was a sound like a shofar blasting. It’s not a natural river. It’s the river from heaven. It’s the power of the Holy Spirit. It’s always been there but when the Church begins to do what we just sang about… When the Church rises up into the light, it will be like those falls and it’ll flow and flow and flow and bring about great change, not just in one area or one nation, but across the face of the earth. I believe it!

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