Prayer Summary for March 24


So thankful for Your Presence, Lord
Thank You for the opportunity to be here today in prayer
For the ministry of Your precious Holy Spirit – operating in joy

Pastor Ray Shared…

I was coming home from Church this Sunday and on the radio in between songs the announcer said “You know a lot times I hear people say if I were the pastor, this is what I would do… critiquing the message and basically saying they could do a better job. He went on to say if you wanted to really help, the best that you could do for your pastor is to get on your knees and talk to somebody that can really help him. Stop talking about him and start talking to someone else who can help him. His main point was that there are so many things that we do not know, things that have happened, things that are happening, things that are being said, things that must be said, plans that must be made, it goes on and on and on.

We do that, Lord, we lift up our pastors. That’s what Phil Halverson was praying for when he left this earth on the platform in the other building. Pastors… and he prayed for pastors continually.. that they would be moved by your Spirit, refreshed and renewed.

Continued praying…

Lifting up the pastors that they would declare what You have called them to declare
Pleading the blood – strengthening them to go all the way through
Declaring them the head and not the tail; above only
Speaking unity in all their churches – whole congregations praying for their pastors
Total Change – opening things that have been shut for years
Not giving in to fear – trusting in the Spirit-given word
Praying over the revelation – increase now
There is water there; rivers there
Sustained receiving – being transported further ahead now
It’s a day of consistency – speaking and seeing
It’s a daily walk with the Lord – a sustaining into the next day
Supernatural keeping now for the Church
Stay on the road, stay on the plan
Say it and see it and move – now is the time!
It’s becoming clearer every day
Seeing with our eyes what God has been doing in secret
It’s like popcorn popping – an acceleration
You think ISIS is powerful – just wait and see what God is doing
There is a supernatural rising up now! Only God can do what you are about to see!
Pleading the blood of Jesus over underground churches – Iraq, Iran, all over the world
They are growing in numbers in Jesus’ name
Praying and walking with God every day!
Thank You, Father, that we are going out the Glorious Church!
Doors opening up for us all across the world in Jesus’ name
A mighty move of God – a spiritual revolution!
Thank You, Father, for a great outpouring all over the world
Angelic assistance – there is a supply there!
It’s a move into the glory

Pastor Ray shared…

I heard in Margie’s tongues “What about the tithe?” When we were praying out in other tongues the will and purpose and plan of God – things we do not necessarily know, in the center of all that I heard “What about the tithe?” not “Tithe” but “What about the tithe?” It was an English interpretation of the tongues that she was praying.

It got me to think on that, as far as the authority and the anointing and the power on our prayers. How God rebukes the devourer for the tither. It just seems so critical right now that as pray-ers, of all people, if we’ve been called to a place of prayer, that we would for sure tithe and watch the devourer be rebuked and cut off so much that he could not derail or stop in any way the prayers that we would pray – just stop it before it even starts! And there would be a free move of our prayers doing what God ordained them to do. It’s worldwide! It’s a trust… trusting in what the Word says about our money. Knowing that the hindrances, they are removed out front that we might go through. And then too, about the supernatural strength and strengthening that we might continually contend – keep pressing, keep contending!

Pastor Margie shared….

There is now a Holy Ghost momentum to stand up now, to stand up in a place where you were sitting. There is a supernatural mobilizing now. You won’t be where you are for very much longer. It’s a supernatural movement. It’s an individual movement but a movement of the whole body. God sees the body of Christ as one. There is a moving now. Some have stood up. Some are thinking about standing up and some are taking tiny steps. A step here and a word there – there is a supernatural downloading. You have to stay connected to the download! You have to stay connected to the download! You have to stay connected to the download! The terrain is changing right now and will continue to change. There is no stopping us now. Listening to the things that the Holy Ghost says. Stand still and see the Salvation of the Lord. There is a speaking and there is a keeping silent.

Continued praying…

Praying and watching as we go
The Holy Spirit is hovering over something – moving right now
We watch over that as we are moving – we watch.

Song came forth…

Come and see all that I have for you
Come and walk with Me, I have so much to show you
The Higher Place
Effortless, effortless with Me – can you see it’s all in Me
Walk with Me; walk with Me
I will take you away but it has to be each and every day

Prophecy came forth…

The more we yield, the further we go. The further we go, the greater the glow. And the greater the glow there will be Holy Spirit flow… knowing, hearing, seeing the way to go. There is more you know (ha, ha, ha,) so enter into My Spirit and begin to see the way I see. Hallelujah, thank You, Father.

Pastor Ray shared…

I believe many times we forget about the fact that when we begin to enter into the Spirit, we don’t necessarily know the way to go until we enter in and see from heaven the direction to flow. Then, there are things that we didn’t know, words to say and things to be prayed out. It’s over there, it’s in there, however you want to say it, but we believe to yield more.

Continued praying…

Thank You, Father, that when we yield to You, You show us the way to go
You are all we need.
Thank You, for this day – walking in victory in Jesus’ name

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