Prayer Summary for Friday, June 12, 2015

Pastor Ray shared…

Is there anyone in here that never saw the video of when Pastor Mac jumped up on the podium and then fell into the plants? Someone found it on If you never saw that you’d think, “How could that possibly happen?” That’s what we thought too. One of my favorite meetings was when brother Hagin was here at Living Word for at least a week.  Pastor Mac was sitting in the front row. The Holy Spirit was moving through brother Hagin and he was moving around laying hands on people. I don’t remember all what was going on. It was wild. In his mind’s eye, Pastor Mac saw a vision of himself jumping up onto the podium, dance on it, and then jump in the flowers in the back. That’s quite a vision, isn’t it? But he wasn’t about to do it unless the Holy Ghost nudged him to do it. As he was dealing with it in his mind, brother Hagin came up, slapped him on his back of his head, and said, “GO!” Bang! Up Mac went! The podium was brother Hagin’s personal podium with a big sword on the front and it was all wood and level. If you jumped on this podium you’d flip over. But he did what seemed like the impossible. He ran up the steps, jumped on top the podium, danced a jig on it, and then jumped off and ran to the back stage and jumped into the plants and disappeared. After the service, people thought he went through a trap door in the back of the stage! But he didn’t. He just jumped into the plants and lights behind the wall. I knew about it cuz I put them there. We were concerned that he hurt himself. But when he got up, there was power in the building. If you wanted to see some men dance… wow! It was not the Tulsa Twostep. It was like David!

A year before that ever happened, Pastor Lynne declared that very thing over Mac. I can’t tell you how many times Pastor Lynne declared that over him. She prophesied it. I remember sometimes after services there would be an afterglow. So a bunch of us would still be there and then she’d start declaring that to Pastor Mac: “You’re going to jump in those flowers.” He would say, “Stop saying that!” She began to prophesy that maybe more than a year before it actually happened.

Click here if you would like to see Pastor Mac jump on the podium.

I want to read you something. In 1983 in Tulsa at one of brother Hagin’s camp meetings, there was a prophecy that came forth and there are three points to it: holiness, humility, and the power of God. It came through Brother Osteen. I wanted to read to you these three points. The prophecies that are declared by the Holy Spirit, those things will come to pass. In 1983, these things are relevant for today.

[begin quote]
Thus saith the Lord, but the blessings shall be for those who’ve decided to cleanse themselves, for have I not said in My Word, “Cleanse yourself, cleanse yourself.” Yea, you can stay in the place of mediocrity or you can arise and cleanse yourself. Be far away from fornication, adultery, uncleanness and all of that which stains, and all of that which causes you to be dirty. Rise up, saith the Lord, and cleanse yourself; be a holy people unto the Lord, and because you’re willing to do this, you’ll enter into this great marching army and you’ll not be disqualified, but you’ll be blessed in all that you do, saith the Lord.

Where are the people who care not who gets the credit? Where are the people who will not push on and try to get in the limelight? Where are the people who will just be so glad to stand in the shadows and pray for others? Where are the people who don’t care who gets the credit and the glory? Where are the people who want only Jesus to be magnified? Yea, those are the people who shall go forth in My power in this day, for if they don’t want the credit and don’t want to be in the limelight, I’ll exalt them and bring them forth into places of great glory and power, because I want to trust My power to people but I cannot trust them if they want the glory. So arise, saith the Lord, and go not forward into the limelight, but back up and push others forward and love them and pray for them and your light shall shine and arise, and you shall be blessed, saith the Lord

The Power of God
And yea, you’ll have healing lines and you’ll have those who will have hands laid upon them and there will be special ministries manifested, saith the Lord. Oh but the greatest miracles shall be thus and so, saith God. Even while you pray and praise and glorify My name, tumors shall drop off of bodies and diseases shall depart and I shall be the healer and I shall fulfill that Word that says, “I the Lord will take sickness from the midst of you and all sickness shall flee away” and no man shall be magnified, but the people shall shout, “Jesus, Jesus, He’s the healer!” And I shall be glorified. [end quote]

Dave shared…

I keep hearing this in my spirit—our spirits live for eternity. We are eternal beings. Though our bodies live here in this realm that we are in, our spirits primarily are unaffected. The power of God is in your spirit and that’s the only place that can contain because our spirits are eternal. And God is complete and perfect so when He tells us to “be ye perfect as I am perfect,” He’s talking about your spirit. You don’t have to get to a place in God to receive healing. Because your spirit is already in the fullness of that anointing and that healing. Your mind needs to be renewed. Your soul needs to be renewed. Not your spirit. Your spirit is new. It is alive unto Christ. And in His presence, there is a fullness and a completeness that’s unlike anything and in that presence is healing. And in that presence is perfection, provision of every kind. And His Spirit in your spirit is trying to renew your mind. So you just need to get your mind in agreement with your spirit and the Lord. If you can get your mind in agreement with your spirit, sickness cannot stay. It’s not possible. So when symptoms come, your mind needs to get in agreement with your spirit and push away those thoughts, those temptations for unbelief. And watch the healing flourish and change your body. It will change you physically. It will renew you. It will give you strength. It’ll give you joy. It will give you everything to sustain you within you right now. It’s not coming.. it’s inside you right now. And it’s working inside you right now. When one talks about spiritual maturity, many religious people believe that when I’m spiritually mature I will get what God has. I will understand what He has. No. That’s wrong. Your spirit does not age. It’s eternal. The Bible says that you do not have to have a teacher to teach you. The Holy Spirit is the teacher and you and Him are one. He says that you know all things. The Spirit of God resides in you and you know all things. All things. Healing is one thing. That’s included. Provision is included in that. Anything you need from God is in that and you don’t need to get to a level to get to that. All you need to do is recognize it inside of you and receive it. So going through the Bible three times in a year, not necessary. It’s a good idea to read your Bible because it helps you to renew your mind. But it’s not the prerequisite to receive right now. So look inside you, look to heaven and say to yourself, “I am the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus.” That is inside of me right now working in me.

I want to share this one thing. The world around us is in a constant state of decreasing. It’s falling apart. If you were to leave something out in the weather, it would eventually just turn into dust. Scientists call that the law of entropy. Everything tends to destruction. Everything falls apart. Whatever it is, it will eventually just fall apart. And God has made our bodies to not fall apart but to regenerate. You see the difference? That’s darkness and light. Your body, if you cut it, it wants to heal itself. You understand that? It tends to health. That is contrary to the world that we live in. That is God’s creation and He created all of us that way. So see yourself that way. That your body wants to heal itself, and not fall apart, not get worse but get better. That’s the Holy Ghost and the power of God in His creation. He created it that way and He creates perfection. Your body now is regenerating yourself. Every moment of every day, it’s regenerating itself. Let’s thank Him for that.


Thank You, Father, for sustaining us
There is healing running through our bodies
Your anointing is flowing through our bodies right now
I have it right now and it’s causing a cure inside me
It’s changing and regenerating my cells
Words spoken by the Spirit bring about great supernatural change
Things are rearranged and restored
Made new, made whole better than it was before
There are members that do not know that they’ve been called to go
By the Spirit, we declare today they shall see things they’ve never seen before
They shall be filled by the power of the Holy Ghost that will move them up and move them out to Holy Ghost new
“Will it be glamorous?” No. Not every day shall be glamorous but every day shall be blessed
For there are keys that have already been created for the body to go forth
Doors to be opened for the body has the key
Some doors need to be closed and they’ll be closed down, never to be opened again

Jerre shared…

I see a coin and there are two sides to the coin. He’s revealing to me about the essence of the spirit. One side of the coin is speaking the Word. But the other side of the coin is to be a warrior. We must operate in both sides. If we just exercise the side of the coin where we only speak the Word, we think we’re doing alright. And yet the other side of the coin has to be exercised. Father, You teach us how to be right in the essence of the Spirit, to be the warrior, to know how to stand and command the Devil to take his hands off in Jesus’ name. Teach us to know how to speak the Word and yet how to stop what the enemy has wrought. Two sides of the coin.

I heard this from a minister one time. Some people talk to God about their problem and really they should be talking to the Devil and commanding him. The power is there to set the captives free but we have to operate in the two sides. We go to the Lord and we believe and when the Devil comes in, we have that warring spirit that says “Nope. We’re not having it and that’s all there is to it, in Jesus’ name.” Thank You, Father!

There’s a strength on the inside of each of us that needs to come forth in the day and hour. The lightnings of God, I guess. John G. Lake said it the best. The lightnings of God and the authority that God has given us to whup the Devil and tell him to go home.

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