Prayer Summary for Friday, February 26, 2016

Dave shared…

Pastor Ray is on his way to France for a prayer conference.

Something has been rolling around in my spirit for the last few days about the Holy Ghost. I want to share something from Ephesians 1. On Wednesday night, the Lord talked to me about the Holy Spirit being our guide and helping us and opening our eyes. I know that without Him, there is no way life would be the same. Life would be like being blind. We wouldn’t be able to experience God at any level without the Holy Spirit. I can’t imagine how those in Old Testament times related to God. They had to go to a priest and nobody could ever get in. It was only a select few that could ever enter into the tabernacle. There was a ritual where only a certain number of people could get in. There were different sections of the temple and only certain people could get into parts of it. Then in the holy of holies, there was only one person that could go in and only at a certain time of the year. And even that person on occasion would end up dying, dropping dead. For a God who really wants to commune with His people, that seems kind of weird, doesn’t it? That seems like someone that doesn’t want to be near His people.

But God gave His people a method of getting to Him, and it wasn’t His desire that it was set that way. It was their desire that it be set up that way. When God delivered His people out of Egypt, the Bible says it was 450 years that they were in bondage in Egypt. While there, they were serving other gods. They didn’t even know God. If God showed up, they wouldn’t know who He was. But what happened in Egypt is what a lot of times happens the way we are now. We’re in what they call the “dispensation of grace.” We believe it’s by faith through grace we receive the promise, right? That’s how we receive God’s promises. We read the scriptures that say “by His stripes we are healed,” “that he himself bore our sicknesses…” We know the scriptures, right? He carried all our diseases. And it’s by our faith in those scriptures that we believe. And it’s by the revelation of it… It’s not just by faith but it’s by the revelation of those scriptures. So it’s not just the Word. You can read the Word all day long and it will not do anything for you. Ask me how I know that!

It is the absolute opening of your spiritual eyes to see things that you’ve never seen before. When I was a kid, we’d jump into the swimming pool and open our eyes but everything was kind of blurry. You can see but not very well. Then they came out with those goggles and when you put those on, you could see completely clear all the way to the far end of the pool. That’s kind of the way it is for us. If we see God through the scripture, just naturally, we kind of see ideas and concepts in our minds, but only until we put our Holy Ghost glasses on are we actually going to be able to see clearly.

Anyways, this scripture came to me in Ephesians 1:13-14 from the Message Bible. It says, “It’s in Christ that once you heard the truth and believed it, this message of salvation, found yourselves home free, signed, sealed and delivered by the Holy Spirit. This signet from God is the first installment of what’s coming, a reminder that we’ll get everything God has planned for us, a praising and glorious life.”

What I want to bring your attention to is where it says, “this signet.” About a month ago, I was in prayer and this word came to me: talisman. I didn’t know what a talisman was. I looked it up and it didn’t really make any sense to me. It’s like a charm, something that somebody wears but it signifies something else. It’s supposed to have magical powers. That’s the idea behind it. Have you ever seen people wearing a crystal, like new-agers will wear crystals and say they have power? Somebody will have a vial with something in it and say it’s got power. That’s what a talisman is.

Then Wednesday I was looking through the scripture and I read this verse where it says “this signet from God is the first installment on what’s coming, a reminder that we’ll get everything that God has planned for us.” I looked up the word signet and I did a synonym search on it and guess what word was on the list? Talisman! When I saw that, the hair on my arms stood up. The Holy Ghost wanted me to see something about Him in us, that that signet is like a talisman. The Holy Spirit signifies, it’s a representation of a power that you don’t possess but that has been given to you and that as long as you have that, that power, everything that… It’s like a lucky charm, if you will. It’s like having a talisman inside you. It’s something that God gave us that He put within us that possesses the power within us. And the power is almighty God’s power. All the creation that we know of, everything we know of in the realm we live in was created by Him. And the Creator, if you can imagine, everything that was within God is within that talisman inside of us. Or that signet.

I’m from a Catholic background. The Catholics have little images of saints, icons. If you wore that icon around your neck, that was supposed to be your protection. Like Saint so and so is the protector of firemen. Ever heard of that? They had different icons for different groups. People would wear them. My Catholic friends would pull out their chains and it was like trading cards or something. It’s incredible how much faith these people put in these images. They have faith that, that saint is going to protect them from being harmed at some level. When they leave the house and don’t have it, it’s like, “I have to go back.” I’ve seen people like that. It’s like superstition or whatever, but they have so much faith that those things actually do what they think they do. That’s kind of like what this is. The only difference between that and this is this is real! This is the real article. You don’t need any special whatever that you buy, but within you it is the thing that you can have faith. Just like those people had faith in their little talisman… They have faith in those things. You see people grab them and kiss them.

If we put half as much faith in the Holy Ghost inside of us as they do in their little icons, can you imagine how life-changing that would be for us! What that would do for us is this: it would make us so aware that that within us is what drives everything around us. We wouldn’t fear about the things of the day. Cares would not come. We would grasp the thing inside of us and you have faith. I was in a situation once and I had a fear come to me and grip my heart and the first thing I said was, “God has not given me a spirit of fear, but of peace, love, joy and a sound mind.” I said it two or three times and all of a sudden, the fear just left me. That’s a perfect example of grabbing my signet or whatever and holding fast to my signet.

When I looked at this list of synonyms for signet, I was completely floored because it brought this image of my childhood back and I thought, He’s trying to teach me this: “The way you think about these things is not the right way to think about it. The way you need to think about it is like the way they thought about it.” We think, okay we’re going to go off and do our day and somehow we are separated from, or left our “thing” at home. Then we run into a situation and are trying to figure out, “What do I do? I’ll call my friends and call the prayer chain and all these different things trying to get…” And that’s not it at all. It never leaves us. It’s indelibly etched in us. When we receive Christ, we receive the Holy Spirit and it will be there for as long as you live on this planet and as long as your faith in God exists. You’re inseparable. He created us to have that within us. Absent from that, we are lost and destitute and have no hope. But we are not absent of that.

So the Holy Ghost reminded me of some things about why He was trying to get this change of reference in my mind. It’s not that I don’t believe the Holy Ghost is in me. It’s just that I don’t look at it the way I look at other things and how silly I think those people were by grabbing their icons and kissing them and all these other things because they had faith in it. Hey, the one thing I know about Catholics is that they have a lot of reverence for God. And if they think that that is going to save them, they latch onto it. Good for them. Hey, I got saved at a Catholic church so I’m not picking on them. A nun preached the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a Catholic church and I got saved. It was a remarkable experience, and I was filled with the Holy Ghost!

That seems to be the thing the Lord has been putting on my heart about putting the Holy Spirit at the forefront of my attention and recognizing that whatever I go through and whatever I do, always know that He is there. And whatever you face, go to Him.

I talked to my son about your “knower.” Your knower is the thing that tells you what to do and what not to do. I gave him an example. I said, “If I gave you a gun and told you to kill your sister, would you do that?” He said, “no.” I said, “Why?” He says, “Cuz that’s wrong.” I said, “Why do you think it’s wrong?” He said, “I just know it’s wrong.” I said, “Oh, you know it’s wrong.” “Yeah.”

When I was at Rhema, brother Hagin taught on the Holy Ghost and how to be led by the Holy Ghost. When I was in that class, I was trying to relate, okay, how are you led by the Holy Ghost. He made the distinction of how to determine what the Holy Spirit is. How do you know that it’s the Holy Spirit? He was talking about ministry and he said, “How do you know that you’re called to the ministry? You know it’s the Holy Ghost when you can’t do that which is inside of you.” You know it’s the Holy Ghost that when you do it or don’t do it, something happens inside of you. Like if the Lord tells you to give somebody some money or do something for somebody, like go to your next door neighbor and bring them something or invite them to a party or whatever. And then you don’t do it, how do you feel about that? What does it do inside of you? Does it keep coming back? That’s the Holy Ghost. What happens with us is if it’s us it’ll come and it’ll go. But the Holy Spirit is the one that knows what’s right for you and He loves you. He’ll just keep with you, keep working on you. Keep reminding you about it to get you on track. Especially if it’s something you don’t want to do.

I told my son, “How do you know?” He said, “I just know.” Well something is telling you. What is that? The Bible says that the spirit of man is the candle of the Lord. It is the light of God. That’s where the Holy Spirit resides within the heart of man. It is where illumination comes from. It is where revelation comes from. And that is your heart. That’s your “knower.”

How many have had an experience with faith where you know that you know that you know that you knew? You just knew in your heart. It wasn’t anything natural. You just knew in your heart it was that way. Then there is also the spirit of faith, which is a gift that the Holy Ghost imparts in you which is so much of a “I know that I know” that you can’t not believe. That’s a wonderful experience too.

What does all this have to do with prayer? I’ll explain. In prayer, you know things. As you learn to pray and as you continue to pray, you start knowing things. And it’s not uncommon for somebody here praying about something, let’s say “dishes.” I’m up here praying about dishes. And all of a sudden, you get dishes too, but you don’t know what dishes are. In your mind, you think you’re completely off praying about dishes. Then you start praying about satellites. See how that changes? All of a sudden, your mind starts hooking up, “yeah, dishes and satellites.” Communication, right? As you move along with the Holy Ghost, He’ll drop words that you’re not familiar with or you can’t put in place. Don’t throw those things aside. Hold onto them until the rest of it comes. For me, it took a month to come up with this talisman/signet connection. But as soon as I got that, I was like, “That’s it!” In prayer, that’s what happens. You’ll pray out something and you don’t really know what it means but then so and so next to you starts praying about something and it hooks up to what you’re praying. So you’re praying about dishes. Then all of a sudden, I start praying about satellites. Your piece hooks up with my piece and we realize we’re praying about satellite dishes!

The advantage with that is you’re starting to recognize the voice of the Holy Spirit. You’re starting to recognize the candle of the Lord is within you! Then all of a sudden, you start recognizing that you come into church and the pastor is teaching on something and you’ve been praying on that all day. Then he gets up and preaches a message that’s in your heart. How does that work? He didn’t call you and give you his message, right? That’s how you know that God is with you. As you recognize that talisman or that thing within you and become more cognizant of it, then you start being connected to the body and you start being connected and everything starts making sense now. Then when you start seeing that, all of a sudden it’s like having a treasure map and then you realize, “I’m in the right place and doing the right thing.” Then the Holy Spirit starts bringing you closer to the revelation of the truth and what He’s speaking. And as long as you keep going along that route, you’re going to start developing more and more. Pretty soon, you’re so in tune, you hear something going on and know exactly that it’s right.

The people getting revelation in China is no different than the people getting revelation here. It’s the most amazing thing. When I travel abroad and go into missions, it’s like I never left. Because it’s the same Holy Spirit.

Barb shared…

I think the most wonderful thing about prayer is like what he’s talking about. We get to come into this place and actually train ourselves to connect with the Holy Ghost. I was up in the middle of the night last night talking with the Lord and said, “This thing over here, I don’t see what I want to see in this area.” He said, “Well, how are you in prayer?” I knew exactly what He meant. I just saw a picture and I said, “I know.” He said, “When you go to prayer, you are determined to connect with Me.” I come into the chapel and it is my purpose to connect with the Holy Ghost and to flow with Him. It’s the same with each of you. You don’t come to sit here and pray in tongues. You actually connect and push to connect. We do that. We push until we connect and are flowing with the Holy Ghost. We know we’re in that place and we’re moving and flowing. He said, “If you did that in this area too, then you’d see it the way you want to see it.” I thought, “Oh my goodness, we have such an advantage being pray-ers that we’ve developed ourselves that really we can tap into Him in every area of life, in every situation. We tap in the same way we come in and we yield in prayer is the same way we come in and yield to the Holy Ghost in healing because He’s the one that’s in us that quickens our mortal bodies. And we can yield to Him that same way that we’ve trained ourselves to yield, to push until we get to that place where we know that we know what we know that we’re flowing with Him. That knower, we know that we’re in and flowing with Him.

Dave continued…

I was telling my son, David, “It’s your knower that knows.” Cuz sometimes it’s kind of hard to tell kids all the scriptures and get them to understand it. If you just break it down to the basics, that it’s your knower inside you… How did you know that you shouldn’t go that? “I just knew.” You just knew the Holy Ghost then. You know how to be led. Yet, people think “Am I led?” Yes. The reason why you don’t think you’re led is because you disconnect in your mind. But if the Bible is true and it is, right? If the candle of the Lord is inside you, then you are led by the Holy Spirit. How do you know you’re saved? How do you know that? It’s by faith, right? Cuz if you really think about it, the bottom line is that there is no tangible evidence other than your faith that you are born again and you’re saved. It’s your faith. So it’s not that you don’t have any connection. You do. You’re just not looking at it the right way. If you start looking at it the right way, like what He’s telling me about this talisman thing, He’s trying to get me to see it that way so that I’d know that I’m constantly going back to my spirit. And knowing that the Holy Spirit and the God of love who loves me and He does, if I recognize that then it’s just a matter of pushing until I get to be where I need to be. Fellowshipping with the Holy Spirit. Then all of a sudden, you’re starting to recognize…

How many have been in a restaurant with a friend and you’re talking about a subject that maybe they’re having a problem with and then all of a sudden you know inside of you, “You know what? We just need to pray about this.” Or “you need to do this” or “I just really believe that this is the right answer for you.” Ever had that experience? That’s the Holy Ghost. And yet God didn’t appear to you with angels. Jesus didn’t come to you and get you to that place. No. Just inside of you, you know. Then it even gets better. It gets to the point where you know it’s the Holy Ghost. Cuz you’ve done it enough and you start seeing it. Then what happens is you’ll say to somebody, “The Holy Ghost is telling me this. And He wants me to let you know that everything is going to be okay. And that He’s got it under control. And the thing you’ve been concerned about, He said to stop worrying about it and rest in His love for you.” All of a sudden, their eyes get big and start crying and recognizing that they just received a word from the Holy Ghost. Then you’re like, “Where did that come from?” It was God that used you. And He really did change their life with that word.


We thank You, Father, for Your grace that is more than enough
Thank You for the Holy Spirit
You desire us to be healed, provided for, transformed

We lean into You and we trust in You
We rely with everything on the inside
We draw from the well of life, we draw out the power
And we make a demand on Your goodness, on Your greatness, on Your grace, on Your mercy
For You are merciful and glorious and faithful
We make a demand on Your power
All that You have and all that You are, we make a demand on You
For the body of Christ, we draw all that is good, all that is necessary, Father
We draw all that You have made and provided, we draw it out in Jesus’ name
We look to you, the author and finisher of our faith who for the joy that was set before us
We set our eyes on You and we say that we will have it the way You have it
We will see it the way You said we will see it
We will walk in the anointing and the power
The way You designed us to walk in it
We draw it out, we let that river flow and go to the nations, to our nation, to the body and our neighborhoods, our families and schools, to the politicians, to every kindred, every tongue, every tribe in Jesus’ name
We release Your power, the power that we receive, we release it
And Your deliverance and anointing goes out with every wave
Father, let revelation come to Your people, let them see the power that is on the inside
The power to change, the power to transform every situation, every nation
There is no need to settle down but it’s time to stand up and get into gear and move forward
It’s time to get in pace and in step with the Holy Ghost because He is moving
If you connect with Him, He will take you all the way
We yield to You and allow Your anointing to flow
We are vessels that flow with You

Pastors, you come into line
Pastors, rise up, come up, come up, come up
Take your place, it’s time to step up and it’s time to move and flow in the Holy Ghost
You begin to prophesy and speak and declare
You’ve been set in the body for this purpose
You declare those things to be in Jesus’ name

Barb shared…

I hear this every once in a while. This comes up on Friday prayer. I heard it again. I heard “the storm.” So can we pray about the storm for a minute?

Continued praying…

We lift up the storm, that storm is coming
Yes, yes, yes, and we’ll be ready for the storm
We will be ready, ha ha!
I declare it to be so
It’s already on the radar
We cover it with the blood of Jesus Christ
What is meant to come, will come
What is not meant to be, will not be
We only allow that which God intended
And nothing more!
It’s a good thing, it’s a good thing, it’s a good thing

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