Prayer Summary for Friday, August 07, 2015

Jerre led in worship…

♪ In Your presence, that’s where I’m strong… In Your presence, O Lord my God… In Your presence, that’s where I belong, seeking Your face, touching Your grace in the cleft of the rock… ♪

Pastor Ray shared…

Jerre, when you sang “in the cleft of the rock,” I always wonder every time we sing that, what must that look like?

Jerre said…

It must be major protected. Strong and covered. One time I was ministering to someone and I started singing about the blood of Jesus and the blood in this vision became like liquid steel cement, so strong that it was encompassing her and the demons tried to come up against this blood that was like liquid cement and they kind of bounced off of it.

Then I think about what David said… Sometimes we get in the presence of the Lord and then we leave, like we’ll have this big service and we’ll walk out the doors and we’ll “unhook.” We say, “Wasn’t that great!” And then we’re out the door. But David said “You have set me forever in Your presence, O Lord.” He said he was set forever in the presence of the Lord. That more aligns with the Word because we are to walk in the spirit. He never leaves us nor forsakes us so I guess that means we’re in the cleft of the rock all the time. The shield of faith is well able to quench every fiery dart of the enemy.

Pastor Ray shared…

Two Wednesdays ago, I did the service and at the end Danny was still playing and I went over there to say “Thank you for staying.” I was only two feet from his face, but I couldn’t get his attention. Two days later I got a text from him saying, “I’m sorry for not acknowledging you but…” He didn’t say he was in the cleft of the rock but that is where he was. He was in that place and he chose not to get out of that place. My response to him was, “Thank you for being in that place!”

Jerre said…

There are places in God, like Pastor Steve calls them “complete gates of attention.” In other words, I would say it is a trance. I was just reading about one in the Revival Bible. This woman was “gone.” They waved their hands by her and she didn’t notice them. She was with God. She was in the cleft of the rock and nothing could get through. At times,  she would weep and then speak silent prayers. When she came back, the glory of God was on her face. When she came to herself, she said, “I was praying for pastors that were in pride.” And that’s why she wept.

Dave shared…

There are times when you enter into His presence and His presence is so strong that you lose yourself in that place. And there nothing bothers you. It’s like you’re immune to everything around you, even the people in front of you. It’s like you’re in another place. And you are in another place. And you don’t think about the things that have troubled you. You don’t think about the things that you have to do. You don’t think about your schedule. You don’t think about anything. You’re just there. You don’t care about anything. You don’t worry about anything, because you’re in Him and His strength surrounds you. It surrounds your mind, it surrounds your body, it surrounds everything in you. And it makes you impervious to anything that may bring you down to a lowly place and it allows you to set your mind on Him. A peace that passes all understanding guarding your heart and mind comes. And in that place is fullness of life. In that place, every need is met. In that place, every broken thing is made perfect and whole. In that place, everything you have need of is provided. So you don’t have your mind on those things because you’re fully persuaded in that place of His protection, His love for you, everything you have need of. And in that place, you lay down every care of life. And in this place, we’re made perfect, complete, wanting nothing. And it’s in this place that the Lord trains us, acclimates us to the reality of His truth. That it becomes the norm. And as it becomes the norm, then we walk from this place with Him and we take it into our day and that is the reality that we live in. And that reality changes the reality around us. Because it is the confidence in Him and it is in that place of faith that everything that is broken, and everything that is missing is provided for. And as you walk down the path of righteousness that He’s provided, the doors open up before you get there, opportunities come to you and the way is prepared.

Jerre continued to lead in worship…

♪ In the cleft of the rock… We lift the assignments, O Lord. Your ordained assignments. Lord, You bring them to pass ♪


Assignments for the future
Direction for the days and weeks ahead
We watch over them and lift them up
Each one ordained by Your Spirit
Assignments coming forth
Clear words for these times
Entering into, the word spoken to each one of us
Words, we receive them
We’ll not miss one step
We pray over the steps—the times
Brother and sister and the whole body of Christ
Motion of the body, upward momentum—it must come

Father, You said the time would come when the whole earth would be filled with Your glory. Not one would not know, but the whole earth would know Your presence, the glory. You promised it. We bring it to You this morning, for these are days, weeks, months leading into the time of Your glory to be poured out on the earth. Everyone will know. What a sight! What a time!

Jerre sings…

♪ You equip Your people… in the cleft of the rock… We declare yielded hearts come to the place ♪

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