Prayer Summary for February 25


We bow our hearts and lives before You, Lord
You are worthy of our honor, praise, and thanksgiving
Lifting up Your name, that is above every other name
Thank You that this is a new day
We thank You for new beginnings and for a fresh start, today
Revelation in and by Your Holy Spirit
You, Lord, are getting us all the way through-to our completed destinies
We are being lifted, turned, revived, and transformed in You


The following excerpt was taken from The Revival Study Bible

Branded by Love

Paul was branded by love. When Paul experienced becoming a “man in Christ,” he developed the capacity for love. Only maturity knows love. How Paul loved! First and supremely, Paul loved his Lord. Then he loved men, his enemies, hardship, and soul pain. And he must have loved this latter particularly; else he would have shirked prayer. Paul’s love carried him to the lost, the last, and the least. What scope of love! Mars Hill with its intellectuals, the synagogues with their religious traditionalists, the market places with their prodigals-all these he yearned over and sought for his Lord. Like a mighty dynamo, love pushed him on to attempt great things for God.

Not many have prayed as this man prayed. Maybe McCheyne, John Fletcher, mighty Brainerd, and a few others have known something of the soul-and-body mastering work of intercession motivated by love. I remember standing by the Marechale once as we sang her great hymn:

There is a love constraining me
To go and seek the lost;
I yield, O Lord, my all to Thee
To save at any cost!

That was not just a lovely sentiment. It cost her prison, privation, pain, and poverty.

Charles Wesley seemed to reach on tiptoe when he said, “Nothing on earth do I desire but Thy pure love within my breast!” More recently, Amy Carmichael uttered the heartfelt prayer, “Give me a love that leads the way, a faith which nothing can dismay!” These men and women were certainly on the trail of the apostolic secret of soul winning. Great soul winners have always been great lovers of men’s souls. All lesser loves were conquered only by the greater Love. Great love for the Lover of their souls drove them to tears, to travail, and to triumph. In this evil hour, dare we love less?

Let me love Thee, love is mighty,
Swaying realms of deed and thought;
By it I shall walk uprightly,
I shall serve Thee as I ought;
Love will soften every sorrow,
Love will lighten every care,
Love unquestioning will follow,
Love will triumph, love will dare.

Without any of their choosing, millions will be branded for the Antichrist one day. Shall we shrink to bear in our spirits, our souls, and our bodies our Owner’s marks-the marks of Jesus? Branded means pain. Do we want that? Branded means carrying the slur of the servant. Will we choose to be branded-for Christ?

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Continued Praying…

Father, let us not be empty hearted or jaded by the ways of the world
Saturate and soften our hearts, that we would speak Your love
Be revealed in and through us
That we would be branded and marked with a mark of Your love, wisdom, and compassion
We turn, yield and look unto You, for more of You and less of us
Humbling ourselves and turning aside from those things that have held us back from You
Walking securely, healthy, equipped, and prosperous in every way-Spirit, soul, and body
Reminding ourselves of what has been given to us, by the precious blood of Jesus
Declaring that we would know and walk out the plan and purpose You have put within us
Receiving utterance, wisdom, and understanding about the days that are to come
We will not be sleeping when we should be awake, we will not be down when we should be up, Lord
It is Your plan and will that the lost would come to know You
Believing for the accurate steps to walk out Your plan
We have the revelation, understanding, and equipment to walk it out
There will be days of increase in You, Lord
You will reveal to us the direction and steps we need to take
An awakening and alertness, Father!
We would come up and press even further out with Your help, Lord
Operations in and by Your Holy Spirit
Uncovering these ways and plans that there would be a furtherance and a cooperation
An alignment, a spirit of seeing-we call it forth!
Step by step, we press ahead and go beyond following that right way and plan
We are holding fast and strong, not by our strength but by Your Spirit
Declaring and expecting more of Your presence, every day and hour
Pressing ahead, going beyond and setting it in its way, Father
Give and it shall be given unto you, pressed down, shaken together, and running over
When we give, there will be an increase for us to give more and to go further
There will be greater accuracy in the days, weeks, and months to come
The Spirit of seeing has been loosed on the body of Christ today
We will no longer circle around and circle around the things of God
There will be a stepping out into the greater, walking it out all the way through
Holy Ghost trips, plans, and equipment coming forth
There will be Holy Ghost given recipes-given for success
We will not settle for anything but the highest plan You have for us, Lord
Praying over the things that have not been finished yet
Calling those things in and those plans to be finished
Each and every day, we take authority over doubt about the future
Doubt-get out, leave the body now!
We do not lean on our own understanding, but we lean on You
Declaring complete and total restoration in Jesus’ name!
We take a stand today and call those things not as though they were
Those things that need to be finished, we call them finished, things that need to be down, we call them down by Your precious Holy Spirit
We continually call for openings and favor in Your plan and purpose
Stepping in and taking our place of authority, that has already been given
We will stand strong, not in our own strength but in Him
Receiving rest and encouragement from You, Father
Moving into Your presence
Continually pursuing Your perfect will and plan
Thank You for the blood of Jesus today!
We love You, Lord!

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