Morning Prayer Summary for Monday, March 5, 2018

Pastor Ray…

I want to highlight the word tenacity today. Tenacity is the quality or fact of being able to grip something firmly, being very determined,  persistence. All the pioneers of faith had it! They had courage, the Holy Spirit, resolution, moral strength and they resisted opposition. It’s like Pastor Mac is known for saying “If you don’t quit, you win.”

Scripture focus…

But as for you, be strong and do not give up, for your work will be rewarded. 2 Chronicles 15:7 (NIV)

The following excerpt was taken from Signs & Wonders by Maria Woodworth-Etter:

“Behold, I give you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the Enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you.” Luke 10:19

Then He told them not to rejoice because they had power over the spirits but rather rejoice that they are children of God. Don’t be puffed up by the miracles, don’t get your eyes on them, but keep your eyes on Jesus. You are not saved by miracles. You are saved and kept by the power of God. The miracles are the work of the Holy Ghost. You will get a reward for the works of the Holy Ghost that are wrought through you; they are going to make your crown, but they will never save you.

If a hundred thousand were healed through my prayers a day, I could not pin my salvation to that. We are not saved by works, but through faith in Jesus, through living, constant faith and prayer. We are kept by the power of God. The works are thrown in, and there will be a great reward for them; our crown will be the brighter.


Maria Woodworth-Etter was a powerful evangelist and revival leader of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Wherever she went, the power of God fell: people were slain in the Spirit, saw visions, received revelation, and were converted by the thousands. Her book Signs and Wonders, her personal account of the first 40 years of her ministry, contains perhaps some of the most insightful and incredible material that has ever been written on the arena of trances and supernatural manifestations of the Holy Spirit. The account that follows took place in January of 1885, and is only one of the many amazing displays of God’s sovereign power recorded in her book.

The church was cold and formal, and many of the best citizens had drifted into skepticism. I knew that it would take a wonderful display of God’s power to convince the people, so I prayed for God to display His power, that the sinner might know that God still lives, and that there is a reality in religion, and might convict him of a terrible judgment. Five of the leading members of the church said they would unite with me in prayer for the Lord to pour out the power from on high, till the city would be shaken, and the country, for miles around. We prayed that Christians and sinners might fall as dead men; that the slain of the Lord might be many. The Lord answered our prayers in a remarkable manner.

The class leader’s little boy fell under the power of God first. He rose up, stepped on the pulpit, and began to talk with the wisdom and power of God. His father began to shout, and to praise the Lord. As the little fellow exhorted and asked the people to come to Christ they began to weep. all over the house. Some shouted; others fell prostrated. Divers operations of the Spirit was seen. The displays of the power of God continued to increase till we closed the meeting, which lasted about five weeks. The power of the Lord, like the wind, swept all over the city, up one street and down another, sweeping through the places of business, the workshops, saloons and dives, arresting sinners of all classes. The Scriptures were fulfilled. The wicked flee when no man pursueth. Men, women and children were struck down in their homes, in their places of business, on the highways, and lay as dead. They had wonderful visions and rose converted, giving glory to God. When they told what they had seen their faces shown like angels.’ The fear of God fell upon the city. The police said they never saw such a change; that they had nothing to do. They said they made no arrest; and that the power of God seemed to preserve the city. A spirit of love rested all over the city. There was no fighting, no swearing on the streets; that the people moved softly, and that there seemed to be a spirit of love and kindness among all the classes, as if they felt they were in the presence of God.

A merchant fell in a trance in his home and lay several hours. Hundreds went in to look at him. He had a vision, and a message for the church. The Lord showed him the condition of many of the members. He told part of his vision but refused to deliver the message to the church. He was struck dumb. He could not speak a word because he refused to tell what the Lord wanted him to. The Lord showed him he would never speak till he delivered the message. He rose to his feet, weeping, to tell the vision. God loosed his tongue. Those present knew he had been dumb, and when he began to talk and tell his experience it had a wonderful effect on the church and sinners.

One night there was a party seventeen miles from the city. Some of the young ladies thought they would have some fun; they began to mimic and act out the trance. The Lord struck some of them down. They lay there as if they had been shot. Their fun-making was soon turned into a prayer-meeting, and cries of mercy were heard. The people came to the meeting in sleigh loads many miles. One night while a sleigh load of men and women were going to the meeting they were jesting about the trances. They made the remark to each other that they were going in a trance that night. Before the meeting closed all who had been making fun were struck down by the power of God and lay like dead people, and had to be taken home in the sleigh in that condition. Those who came with them were very much frightened when they saw them lying there, and they told how they had been making fun of the power of God on the way to the meeting. Scoffers and mockers were stricken down in all parts of the house.

One man was mocking a woman of whose body God had taken control. She was preaching with gestures. When in that mocking attitude God struck him dumb. He became rigid and remained with his hands up, and his mouth drawn in that mocking way for five hours, a gazing-stock for all m the house. The fear of God fell on all. They saw that it was a fearful thing to mock God or make fun of His work. Surely, the Lord worked in a wonderful way in this meeting. The postmaster was converted. All classes from the roughs and the toughs to the tallest cedars and brightest talents of the city were brought into the fold of Christ. We took the meeting to the opera house and it would not hold the crowds, sogreat was the awakening among the people.


What about the event in May at the US Bank Stadium? What about the presence of God filling that stadium?
What about if that stadium is packed out?
What will happen when the presence of God moves into and through that building and moves on the hearts of the people?
We lift it before You this morning Father
It’s an event that has never happened in our cities like this ever before
And we know, Father, by Your Spirit, You declared some things over Minneapolis & St. Paul
And really on the border between the cities
You have spoken some things that will take place
The fire that would be seen in the northern part of the city
People would come into the airport and be drawn to the light
We are seeing a unity that we have not seen between many different tributaries or different rivers, different ministries, with one thing in common – Jesus Christ as Savior!
We pray over this event, over every position, every leader that is a part of this event
Father, today we lift each one of them up before You
And pray that they walk in the knowledge and the strength and the tenacity of these men and women of old
They will not back off, they will not turn around, they will not sit down and be quiet
But that this event will make a difference and bring about a great change in our Twin Cities
In our state and maybe even out across our country
Thank You, Father

We hold the blood of the Lamb against those that are speaking against Your will and speaking against Your plan and speaking against our country in Jesus’ name
We hold the blood of Jesus against them this morning
Lying lips they shall be uncovered, stopped in Jesus’ name
Those that judge others that are believers, they shall be judged
We take no care or have no anxiety really about what others that are against us have to say
For we will press on and we will press ahead and we will go forward and we will do what the Father has called us to do
Not shrivel, shrink, or go back based on what others say that we should do
We put a stop to those things today in the name of Jesus
We hold the blood against those words that try to take others down, take our country down, take our leaders down
We turn it around and lift our country up, lift our leaders up
We pray over our president, we call him up in Jesus’ name
Declaring that same tenacity is there in our president, in our vice president
They shall not look around, or shrivel back or sit down!
But they are strong in You and in the power of Your might

We pray over the Church across the United States
The Church would come together like never before – such a spirit of unity in Your body in Jesus’ name
Where words were spoken against other sisters or other brothers – no, no we will not have that!
We declare that this is one nation under You, indivisible
We’ll not be cut up, we will not be divided up
We are coming together in Jesus’ name
There are more of us than there are of them!

We pray over the shift that has been declared over this year
An increase in the power, or spirit or direction or leadership of the Holy Spirit
A year of the Holy Ghost
And then those fruit! All the fruits of the Spirit would begin to manifest and come forth in Jesus’ name
Entering into different days and different ways and different words and different steps
We pray over all of the leaders of the Churches, ministries
Lifting up head pastors including our own Pastor Mac and Pastor Lynne
Praying the blood covering over each and every one of them
Declaring no weapon formed against them here, there, or anywhere can prosper!
But what they set their hands unto, there is prosperity there! Hallelujah!
Strength by the power of Your Spirit – strengthen them in Jesus’ name
Thank You, Father, Hallelujah

Visitation from heaven, revival, restoration, Holy Spirit outpourings all over our country
Those pockets, those places of light that would explode
Holiness, cleansing, restoration – we hold up these things, we lift them before heaven this morning
We declare it shall not be choked off or cut off in any way!
But the move of Your Spirit, revival, an awakening all over our country
It shall come to pass in Jesus’ name
Thank You, Father

Father, we pray over the event this Friday
Many churches are coming here to this church to pray about the event in May
We pray over that meeting on Friday evening March 9 – we lift it before You, Father, today – come by the blood
Come right in to Your throne, Father, thank You that You made a way for us
We ask You, Father God, for Your plan and for Your will
And for Your purpose for that meeting – that it will not be just a meeting
But it will be a meeting with You, with the power of Your precious Holy Spirit
Each and every one that will have a part to play on Friday
We pray over each one of them for utterance by Your Spirit
Thank You for Living Word – we pray the blood covering over this church
Our pastors and all the call that has been placed on this ministry – Living Word Christian Center
Not just for these cities or this state or this nation but all over the earth
What You have called us to do we declare “We shall do it!”
What You preplanned for us, we believe we are entering on into these days that we have been called to enter on into
Thank You for the strength, strength in our pastors, for more strength to absolutely declare Your will and Your Word
Thank You, Father

Boundaries, we pray out those boundaries – take down every hindrance that would try and hold us back
Press on ahead and believe to enter out into the places You have called us to be
Increase – we declare increase!
With great expectation, we believe 2018 will be the year that You called it to be – the year of the Holy Ghost and Fire!
Supernatural increase of Your fire upon this place – we ask You for it
We ask for more of Your fire! We ask for men, women, children too
To be so on fire for You! Continually contending!
Stirring ourselves up and believing for more! Believing for the fire to fall
Believing for the fire to move, believing for that rain, for more of the rain of Your Spirit in Jesus’ name
Believing for the oil that represents Your precious Holy Spirit – Hallelujah!
Believing for souls – we ask and pray for those that go on out
The evangelists that go out here in these cities in Jesus’ name
Increase, that they know the right place to go, the right words to speak and declare the anointing is upon each and every one of them
Souls, more souls are coming in than ever before
In that event in May there will be many, many, hundreds and hundreds of people that will come to You
They won’t even know why they came but they will find out why
When You are presented unto them – hallelujah!
We call them in today! We prepare that way!
Calling them in from the north, the east, and the south, and the west
Today – we prepare the way in Jesus’ name
Those that have never hear a word about it, we pray they will hear!
They will know, they will be drawn to the event!
There is so much at stake, Father, we get it, we see it, we expect that increase to take place
We pray that every amount of finances needed to carry it out will come forth in Jesus’ name
Over every musician, over every singer, over every minister
How it will all be organized, the atmospheric conditions in Jesus’ name

Father, then too, we go on over to St. Paul for the first service that will take place in there at the Depot
Praying over that event and over Pastor Jamey and Taylor and every single person that has stepped up
And said “Yes, I will help. Yes, I will serve. Yes, I will do what needs to be done.”
We pray that it will branch out – Your anointing will be there for that first service in Jesus’ name
And it will increase thereafter
There will be those that will enter in to the service who didn’t even know it was a service
And Your Word will begin to go forth and Your Word will make a difference in St. Paul
And we go on out for the vision that’s been declared over this ministry to plant many other churches under the umbrella of Living Word Christian Center
Oh, Father, we prepare that way! We prepare the buildings, the pastors, the people, the increase
Increase to make a difference in our state

We declare that Minnesota is moving ever more to the right, to Your right way, to Your right plan
To God’s purpose for Minnesota
Father, Thank You now for our President, for the vice president
Thank You for their leadership, for their boldness and courage to stand up for You
Thank You that prayer has been received back into the White House in Jesus’ name
We pray over each one that would be called to lead those prayers in Jesus’ name
For those that have influence to the president – they would, they will, they are, they shall influence him in Your will and in Your way
Father, thank You that he is protected
Thank You for the protection of the blood over him, over his family
We call down every lie that is spoken about him in the name of Jesus – call it down and call it out
And say “Be still! Be shut down! Shrink and be gone in Jesus’ name!”
Thank You that Your voice will be heard from every city in this nation
That that revival, that awakening that we know is coming, it shall come from small fires beginning to burn, burn hotter and burn brighter to larger revivals into the last great awakening
And the souls will come in and you shall come back – hallelujah
Thank You for it, Father, thank You, Lord

Ms. Annie led us singing a blood covering over our country

Continued praying…

We apply that blood over this church, Living Word, over every person that calls this their home
That covering of the blood for safety – holding that blood against accidents of every kind
And declare safety over each and every member and calls this their home
For the protection that came and comes through that blood
For we have overcome through the blood and the word of our testimony
Really in saying “We’ve overcome because You overcame”
We thank You for it, give You all of the praise and the glory and the honor and worship
And thanks giving today for what You’ve done for us in Jesus’ name and everyone said Amen
Thank you for coming today – God bless you

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