Morning Prayer Summary for Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Ms. Annie shared…

The only instrument that we need to have to offer to Him is our hearts, hallelujah. We just give it to Him, everything we have. And it’s a beautiful melody in His ears when our hearts go to His heart in love.

That’s all I want. Like yesterday, I spent the day with my grandson. All I wanted was for our hearts to be together, right? And I am just a fallen human. Think about our Father. He created us to have fellowship with Him and walk with Him in the garden in the cool of the day with nothing in-between getting in the way. That’s what we long for, isn’t it? And Jesus made it possible. Glory to God! Hallelujah.

So what sayeth the Holy Ghost? (ha, ha, ha)

Ms. Annie led us in There is a Rainbow of Mercy

Pastor Ray…

I have something that goes right along with the “to be closer with Him” based on Revelation 2:4 where there was one thing that they had lost and that was their first love.

The following commentary is from the Revival Study Bible:

Rev 2:2-4 I know your works
William, J. Seymour wrote: Jesus said God knows our works. He knows our hearts. That Word is more than many churches today could receive from the Master. Jesus commended them for what they had done. He is not like men. He knows our hearts, trials, and conditions. Jesus does not make allowance for sin. He hates sin today as much as He ever did. Yet He does not come to destroy or condemn us but to seek and to save us. The Lord does not want anything to come between Him and us…. Jesus, You are my first love. Keep me burning passionately for You.

Back to Our First Love
Revelation 2:4–7
Jeanne Mayo wrote: If revival is going to happen in my life, what conditions must be met? I must come back to my first love.

In the first letter to the churches in Revelation, the risen Christ shared an invitation that all of us must respond to in our hearts to stir personal revival. The letter was to the church in Ephesus. Jesus commended them for their hard work, hate for evil, and perseverance when times were tough. But they had one lethal imperfection … they had lost their first love experience with Christ.

Nevertheless, I have this against you, that you have left your first love. Remember therefore from where you have fallen; repent and do the first works, or else I will come to you quickly and remove your lampstand from its place…. To him who overcomes I will give to eat from the tree of life, which is in the midst of the Paradise of God. (Rev 2:4–5, 7)

If true revival is going to happen in my life, then I must go back to the most basic of conditions in my walk with Christ… my first love experience. Do you remember the feelings you felt when you first began a friendship with Jesus Christ? The excitement, the love, even the dedication to keep the relationship alive no matter what personal cost.

Paul in 1 Corinthians 13: 13 states, “And now abide faith, hope, love, these three; but the greatest of these is love.” In any relationship that continues over the course of time, keeping love fresh is one of the greatest of challenges.

If I work so hard at keeping my friendships, family relationships, and work acquaintances alive, then why do I allow the most important relationship in my life to seem dead? I must go back—to what is most crucial, what is most important—the true love relationship I have with almighty God. It is there that I am most vulnerable to do whatever He asks and not allow my spirit to quench personal revival.

Remember, Repent, Redo… Revival!
Revival is what happens when a once-alive relationship is rekindled again. The Lord Jesus is not satisfied with a well-oiled, efficient, cold, doctrinally correct, lifeless ministry machine. In Revelation 3, He challenges each believer and church body who would find themselves in this predicament to do three things:

It is interesting the first thing Jesus tells us to do is simply remember! The implication is that something unforgettable took place. You cannot wonder if you have truly met Jesus. He is unforgettable. If you are wondering if you have met the Lord, you probably have not. Your first move is to receive the Lord. It will be unforgettable!

Jesus would never command you to do something you could not do. Perceive repentance as a vote of confidence from Jesus. He actually believes you can do a 180-degree turn in the right direction.

Just start to do what you did when you were on fire for God. Remember when you read the Bible as a love letter? Remember when praying was a relational dialogue, not simply religious monologue? Remember when sharing Jesus with others was on your mind? Remember, repent, redo! Step out in faith and do and the feelings will follow. Motion precedes emotion! (GJ)


Moving, stepping into the direction of Him, our Father
The power of the Holy Spirit
Jesus, the blood that was shed for us, on our behalf
Father, wherever all of us, we never, ever want to forget that first love
And wherever we have allowed things, demands, whatever it might be to get in the way, we repent
We love You, we love You, we love You Lord… we are committed to You
If we have lost any ground, we do take that turn to You and remember what You did for us
We remember the times when we first were so on fire for You because it was new
But we know that You are new every day and You are new today
So, we take the steps, whatever we have to do, anything, things, things, things that would get in the way
Out – we just want You, we yearn for You, more of You, we want more of You
We are hungry for more of You, we are thirsty for more
Thank You for what You have done for us, the plan that You put within each one of us
The call, the steps, the ideas, the wisdom from heaven – thank You for it
This morning we just humble ourselves, just bow it all, put it all at the altar
We yield ourselves to You
Holy Spirit, You are welcome in this place to a greater degree than maybe we’ve every opened ourselves up to You
Thank You, thank You, thank You
We welcome You for everything that You bring but for every change that we need
Holy Spirit we welcome You – it’s Your great presence, Lord
Manifested presence in this place

Ms. Annie led us singing We Welcome You Holy Spirit Come

A Word of the Lord came forth:

I hear this in my spirit kind of over and over and over again.

A lot of times you want to go back and talk about old time Pentecostals. You want to go back and kind of rehearse what they did and watch what they did if you can. But I am calling in these hours new time Pentecostals. I am calling for it, saith the Lord.

I am expecting it. That in these days and in these hours right now, you will stand up higher, you will go out further, you will speak with greater clarity. And your hearts will demand more of Me, My presence, My glory, My voice, what I have been showing you. New time, for these are new times. These are not the days of old. Yes, old time Pentecostals stood on the Word, stood on the blood, stood on the name that is above every other name, and did mighty works here on this earth.

But I am calling you to a new level of declaration, a new level of revelation about Who I am in you so that they will see that you are a new time Pentecostal filled to overflowing with eyes that can see things that the world cannot see, ears that absolutely hear words from Me that the world has no idea even that I am speaking.

Nations, too, so as you enter into these new times and new days and new operations of Me, you by what you say, will bring about change and changes in nations too. It’s impossible in the natural but it’s entirely not just probable, it will come to pass when you speak up and out of your heart what I have put within you to speak out.

Through, all the way through into the new to see yourself stepping through a new door of utterance. See yourselves rising higher than you have ever been before with eyes that penetrate into the future, with hearts that just, you will not be satisfied without more. You will not give in or give up without more. You must have it. You demand it as a necessity for these days that we are in but the days that are to come, Hallelujah.

I notify you today that there is more. There is a notification from heaven declaring “there is a whole lot more in store that you’ve never even thought about.” Oh, so roll over every care, get rid of the cares and the anxieties about the future and what you are to do and when and how and just look to Me for the answers (ha, ha, ha). Relax, rest in Me. Yield to Me and I’ll take you all the way through.

Ms. Annie led us in singing We Worship You

Continued praying…

Let’s pray out a little in tongues without putting our interpretation on it so to speak and pray out unknown things that need to be prayed out.


Pastor Ray…

We should be able to develop our tongues by praying in other tongues. We should be able to develop it in such a way that we have to actually fight ourselves to not interpret our tongues but just to stay in tongues. For me, I am saying there is more for sure. I have to actually not interpret what I am speaking in other tongues so I will go further in other tongues and not, so to speak, hijack it and begin to declare something in English. When you are going on out… I believe we are all set up to interpret but there is a time of interpretation and there is a time of pray to the destination, getting to the place or the places or the realms or the things or the plans that we are to pray out at that particular time. We don’t know. He knows, He knows.

So, let’s stay steady when we are supposed to be steady, let’s stay determined to use the gift that has been given unto each one of us, the gift of speaking in another language.

I am not saying that we shouldn’t understand what we are speaking. I am only saying that there are times when we are not to put our own little interpretation… it may not be little. I am not belittling it.

It’s a good teaching for us, not to get so quick to speak out in English but be quick to speak out in other tongues. You know we go beyond that wall up there. We go beyond the ceiling above. We go beyond the four walls in this room. We go to the earth. I just believe that. I do.

I know I went to Israel for a while. But that was just a stop on the way to wherever and whenever. Don’t you like to go on a worldwide tour and just stay seated in your pew?

Ms. Annie led us singing Praying in the Spirit in a Brand New Tongue

Thank you for coming
And we will be here tomorrow
Not doing the same thing – it will be a new thing, Amen

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