Prayer Summary for Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Ms. Annie led us in singing…

♪ Come to me My little one
And you will be refreshed
And I will give you rest

You’ll hear Me walking on the wings of the wind
Walking on the wings of the wind
And I will give you rest

Come to me My Little one
And You will be refreshed
And I will give you rest

Oh that I hover at the midst of your heart
Just like the water awaiting the sun
Should a mother forget the child of her womb
Or the joy when a loved one enters a room
I’ll not forget My chosen one

Come to me My Little one
And You will be refreshed
And I will give you rest ♪

Ms. Annie shared…

When I was 13 years old as a Catholic girl, the nun would play this record. It was these nuns from a leper colony in Africa that made the record. One of them played the guitar and wrote songs. That was the first worship song that I ever learned.

Pastor Ray shared…

I grew up with nuns. My sister was a nun. I remember two nuns growing up that taught in my school in Iowa. One was Sister Ruth and her weapon in the classroom was books. So, if you were messing around “Pow!” She would just rip right down the aisle and smack you on top of the head with a book. But there was another one, Sister Irene. I wouldn’t even be doing probably what I am doing today if it weren’t for her. She pressed you to do what God had put within you, whatever the gift might be. For me, I loved to draw and do all that kind of stuff. She would give me all the free paper I ever needed. She just kept supplying the paper. She was a serious encourager of every single one of us to do something beyond whatever you know our parents were doing. At that time they were farming. Not that, that was bad but to do what God put in us. So she would see that and she would pull it out. I loved that.

Ms. Annie shared…

There are people that are on every end of the spectrum. You know there is the nun that throws the book at you because she is so frustrated. And then there is the one that is so full of Jesus. It’s just like in any other group of believers.

But thinking about those who laid down their lives to go there and just take care of these people who were complete outcasts and wash their wounds and show them love. And that Jesus would sing that back to her and just make her life a joy by His presence. Hallelujah.

Pastor Ray shared

I read this morning that the top fire stealer in churches is offence. It takes God’s fire out of you. We don’t want to take it. When you say you took offence that means you took it. A lot of things are offensive and we could take the offense. But we don’t take it. We just keep moving in Jesus’ name, with His help.

The following excerpt was taken from “The Power of the Holy Spirit’ by Ray Prichard:

God doesn’t demand that we be able to explain the intricacies of pneumatology (doctrine of the Holy Spirit) in order to enjoy His blessing. However some basic knowledge is essential for releasing His power in our lives. Such is the power of the Holy Spirit that even the Son of God relied on Him to do His work. Not because Jesus could not do it Himself but because He meant to leave us a pattern for our lives.

If Christ depended on the Holy Spirit, how much more should we? It said that the great evangelist Billy Sunday began every sermon by opening his Bible to teach Isaiah 61 and placing his notes on this text. Thus did he remind himself that the power for life-changing ministry comes only from the Holy Spirit.

The power of Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit are one in the same. God is the source of power over sickness, demonic spirits and death. The Father gave the Son the power of the Spirit that He might work His mighty miracles. While we wait for the return of Christ the only daily experience we have with God is our experience with His Spirit. But since the Spirit is sent by the Father and the Son, to know the Holy Spirit is to know the Father and the Son as much as anyone can know God given the limitations of human flesh. Though sent by the Father and the Son, the Holy Spirit is not less than God but is Himself fully God.

There is one Spirit, one Holy Spirit. He is the One who baptizes us into the body of Christ. Everyone comes to Him, to Christ, in the same way, by faith. Everyone is forgiven the same way, by the blood of the Cross. Everyone comes into the body of Christ the same way, by the Holy Spirit.

The world, it doesn’t understand theology but everyone understands the testimony of a truly changed life. That happens not through religion but through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Pastor Ray commented…

We go over that all the time and we welcome Holy Spirit, we want more of Him. But we can never stop, let our desire or our fire go down. But we must always just be aware and stirring ourselves in Him that our fire is burning bright, that we are light, that we are bright and we can make a difference not in our strength but by His power through us.


Thank You for the power of the Holy Spirit that is working through us
Every day, every minute, every second
Thank You Lord

Pastor Ray shared…

Sandy was listening to Terry Savelle Foy. It was a message about keeping the vision before you. She had a list of how many hours we sleep in our lives. It’s massive. Or how many hours in general people spend just watching TV. You know we all do that. But she said the most important time in your life is the next 24 hours and what you do with it. Do we just want to waste it? Or do we want to use that time to bring increase into us? It is amazing if we just take our attention off of the news or whatever and put it on some spiritual things, how quickly we receive. It could be just one little thing that will give us assistance as far as what we are called to do. God is so good. He will see to it that if we are after Him and we want more of Him, He will see to it that we get what we need: direction, revelation, strength, to be empowered, encouraged. Hallelujah. Thank You, Father.

Continued praying…

All depression has to be swept up… It has to be put out of our lives
Wherever it tries to come on in, stir us up in a different way
Get us going over in a way we were never ever called to go
So, today we take authority over any kind of spirit of depression
We are not open to it, not receiving it
The joy of the Lord is our strength – not depression!
For the best that is yet to come, depression will try to turn us and get us going in another way
Not in the best way but in the wrong way
Depression! Depression has to go in Jesus’ name!
By the blood of the Lamb, we command you to leave
Get out of the Church
Get out of us
Get out of the body of Christ in Jesus’ name
We don’t take the depression – we take the authority
In and through the holy blood of Jesus and the name that is above every other name
It’s a key that will keep us on the go and in the right flow
As we are stirred up we become lifted up
And we will not be down there but we will be up there
Seated in heavenly places with Him
Hallelujah – up above!
Can’t come in our houses, this house, or the house we live in
If it was in, it has to get out
Go, go, go, get out!
In You by Your precious Holy Spirit
More and more, we yield ourselves

Ms. Annie led us singing “We welcome You”

Pastor Ray shared…

I kind of see it like we open up the door of our hearts for more of Him. And when I think of that maybe it would be a good time to open up our natural homes to more of Him, to just welcome Him again into the places where we live, from one door to another door. The door of our hearts… and I know He is a Spirit but He comes when we invite Him. He comes where we invite Him. He comes always with us. Yes, He is in us and with us but there is a greater manifestation of Him at different times in our lives.

I declare a new chapter now in us, for us, for an increase of the Holy Spirit to move through us to turn the pages that need to be turned and turn the pages that need to be turned for others too, to move under the authority and the power of the Holy Spirit and step into some new territory, territories where we have not been before, for these are new times and new hours and new days. There are many, many, many, many opportunities for the power of the Holy Spirit to work through us if we allow it, If we believe it, if we give it. Oooohh! Hallelujah!

Continued praying…

We yield ourselves
A new showing, a new revelation or discernment
Wisdom from heaven
It is changing, it is already changing
So we keep our words lined up with it and great illumination will be given
More understanding will come. And steps, what about the steps
Covered in the blood
Moving it a little bit more
Liberal change!
Sooner than later
Up on top and not down under
Out in front and not behind
Open, open, open
Accuracy of our words
Words ordained from heaven called by the Spirit, directed, and given forth now
Bringing about great change
So much for status quo! It’s out! It’s got to go!
A new scene, a new picture
No we are not going that way
But we are stepping over today, stepping into things that we say
Power, dynamite power in the name of Jesus
Each step, every plan
Eyes that see from a different perspective
It’s the base of operation where we take our place and operate

Ms. Annie led us singing “Yield Yourself to the Holy Spirit”

Pastor Ray shared…

I saw us move from one corner to another, like a location. In the middle of our prayers lifting Him up and yielding, I saw a move. And it’s not that we were cornered. We just were only focusing on one area or situation, a little smaller than we should. And He moved us over and while we were moving over, He lifted us up into a new perspective. Remember about the lens? Change the way we see things.

I love singing that part of the song “Just let Him be the guide.” In Him we get right in there, in the presence. I don’t think any of us know the importance and the bigness of experience in Him or experiencing Him and being in His presence, just receiving that over and over and over; hundreds and thousands of times. We are rearranged every time, changed internally. Amen.

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