Prayer Summary for Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Ms. Annie led us singing “What a Healing Jesus”

Scripture focus…

(12) Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father. (13) And whatsoever ye shall ask in my name, that will I do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son.
(14) If ye shall ask any thing in my name, I will do it. John 14:12–14 (KJV)

Can we read that any other way? No. That’s what the Word says. So, by faith in the Word, faith in the name that is above every other name… I like to think about the disciples and those that were around Jesus at that time, they knew what He had said. They knew what He was saying. His word, in other words, and they took Him at His word and had faith in that word. They realized and recognized that the name took the place of the ascended Lord. They had that name. It took the place of His actual presence on this earth and that name brought all authority and all power. The name of Jesus, it belongs to us. He gave it to us. Amen.

This morning, we are going to start by praying for a specific need. Ms. Kay will explain and then we will lay hands and pray over this blanket for healing.

Ms. Kay shared…

I have a friend who has a baby due in 3 or 4 months and she went in to find the gender of the baby. The doctors gave her a devastating report. But we know the Healer and that everything is subject to change. And so I asked Pastor Ray if anyone who wanted to could come up and we would lay hands on this cloth. In the New Testament, they laid hands on the cloths and people were healed. We believe that. And I wanted to ask today. Do you think the people, the disciples’ emotions had to always be perfect before the healing worked? So, you know, even if we don’t feel super spiritual, it has nothing to do with us but the power of God.

We are a triune being. We are a spirit, soul, and body. And if your emotions are all tired today or you know whatever you are or whatever I am it doesn’t matter. Our spirit is full of the life of God and I believe when we lay hands on this cloth and I take it to my friend, she can drape this baby blanket over her tummy and that baby will be completely made whole.

Heavenly Father, I am so thankful that we have the good news that You are the Healer. Father, we pray over this baby. We pray over him in Jesus’ name and we declare that this blanket will be anointed, that the blood of Jesus has paved the way. That there is no devil in hell that can stop healing, that you are the utmost authority and You have declared Your will on this earth. And Your will is that we walk in healing. So Father, I lay hands on this and I pray that the anointing of You will go through every fiber in this blanket. And no matter how many times it is washed, that You are inside of every fiber in this blanket. Father, I thank You for my brothers and sisters as they extend their faith toward this baby and in this blanket and we declare that Your Word is true and utmost over every disease. Every diagnosis must bow it’s knee to the name of Jesus.

Ms. Melanie shared…

Years ago, I attended Rhema Bible Training College and a classmate of mine was believing God for certain things in her life and one of them was for a child. By the time we graduated, she was 43 or 44 years old which is older for having children. After she returned home, she married and got pregnant on the night of her honeymoon. She was so very excited. On her first doctor’s appointment, they were watching her because she was older. They did all those tests and she went back for her second appointment and the baby was dead. There was no heartbeat. There was no growth. There was nothing. She was just devastated. But they prayed. The doctor said he would wait because the baby was small. He was mostly I think just coddling her and he wasn’t aware of it but God was leading him. So, she is going through this process for weeks and she gets checked into the hospital. They are going to do a D&C type thing and she is just absolutely devastated. This is not her promise. Her promise from God was that she would get married and that she would have a son and these were the things that God had promised her. And she refused to let it go. And as they were getting her prepped for surgery, she asked them please would they do a sonogram one more time. She had not measured anymore with her pregnancy. But his growth had taken off and that heart beat was there. The baby grew and he is 12 years old now. And so God is a God of miracles and He does baby miracles.

That baby is in there cooking and if it needs a little more seasoning or little more heat here or there, He’ll make that happen. That baby is going to be fine.

Pastor Paul shared…

There is a promise in the book of Acts and this is God making Himself tangible through the laying on of hands and cloth. It says in Acts 19 God wrought special miracles by the hands of Paul. So that out of his body was brought to the sick handkerchiefs or aprons. It says that diseases departed from them and the evil spirits departed from them. And if you think about that verse or two you find that God was the one doing it. And He was using Paul as a conduit and everything that touched Paul as a conduit of His power. And it pleased Him to extend Himself through tangible and intimate things. If you think about it, those things were not living in themselves. They only came in contact with the living. And as a result that which was in the living continued in the thing that is inanimate and went to touch the living and brought life to the living. God was showing us through His Word what it is to believe the Word. Praise God. So it has nothing to do with you or me. It’s just like you said. It has everything to do with who He is.

People came forward to lay hands on the cloth and pray…

Pastor Paul shared…

I want to share a testimony. It’s been maybe ten years. There was a lady that was part of the evangelism group and she came to an evening service and she brought what looked like to me a winter scarf. She said could you pray over this scarf? So, I took it and quoted that verse from Acts 19:11 and I just rubbed it on my body. I said “Well, God You wrought special miracles by the hands of Paul. So that out of his body was brought to the sick handkerchiefs or aprons and the diseases departed from them and the evil spirits.” I just quoted that verse and just said “Here is it.” I didn’t know what she was going to do with the scarf. But she had a sister that was in the mental ward and she took the scarf there. But I didn’t know. And the next week I was in the book store after the service and she called out to me. She said “Remember you prayed for my sister? You laid hands on the scarf. That was for my sister and they discharged her from the mental ward.” So it is God that works in us to both will and to do of His good pleasure. And we believe the Lord. There is absolutely nothing that humans can do. It’s just Him. And He is doing the work because we believe Him. Amen.

So we send the word and heal them. We say “Lord, You are the Word of life. You are going to have to do exactly what Your Word declares.”

Ms. Mandie Shared…

I love this scripture in Exodus 23:26 “None shall lose her young by miscarriage or be barren in your land and I will fulfill the number of your days.” I just speak that over this child that God will fulfill the number of this child’s days in Jesus’ name.

Ms. Kay responded…

It is done and I will come back in a few weeks with a report.

Pastor Ray…

I saw myself put the cloth around my neck. While Ms. Annie lifts up the name that is above every other name, and we are setting ourselves in agreement, not doing anything that is outside of the Word like we just heard. So, does the Word work? Are we anointed? Okay, the anointing is within us and it’s in this cloth. Ms. Kay, when you said you would take this and lay it over the lady’s stomach, I don’t know… there is just something about that. When that happens, the transfer will take place and the change will come and the rearranging, the restoration, the healing power of God into that child. Amen.

Ms. Annie led us in singing “What a Healing Jesus”

♪ What a healing Jesus, so faithful and so true
What a healing Jesus, restore, refresh, and renew
What a healing Jesus, for such a time as this
Rise up on healing wings Sun of righteousness
Rise up on healing wings Sun of Righteousness

He was wounded for our transgressions
He was bruised for our iniquities
The chastisement for our peace fell on Him
And by His stripes we are healed
Our iniquities on Him was laid
Surely He has borne our griefs and our sorrows ♪

Continued praying…

All the way out to healing of our nation, healing manifestations when believers lay hands on the sick they will recover based on the Word and what You said, Father. We know that is one of the things that the disciples knew to stand on which was Your Word. The Word of Your Son and He did what You said for Him to do or said what You told Him to say.

Thank You for the healing power actively working not just on this blanket and on that baby
But that power is working in the United States of America now
And it’s going about rearranging and changing things that no man or woman ever thought would come
But it has been expected, the changes, the rearranging, the wholeness or the unity in the people’s prayers that have been lifted up over time
Day after day and week after week and month after month
Men and women lifting up and standing upon Your Word
We believe that these are the days of absolute change, wholeness, healing, and unity in our nation
That the Church would be the Church
Not just a divided up different river here and a different stream there
Yes there are differences but in one accord under the name that is above every other name
Jesus is Lord over the Church!
We see it with the eyes of our faith this morning
All kinds of changes!
We know that this is a year of change
It’s already been a year of change but the changes are not finished
There are more changes yet to come – hallelujah!
Wholeness, wellness
Divine visitation, divine restorations
Overcoming – strong in the Lord and in the power of Your might!
New territories, new realms, new regions, new responsibilities, new steps
Yeah! Stepping into some new plans, and new days, and new ways!
All of the leaders moving and changing in the right way
Leaders of our nation, leaders of the church
Oh the move is on! The changes have come!
The rearranging is happening today, now in Jesus’ name
Glory, glory, glory, glory hallelujah!

Ms. Annie led us singing “Glory, Glory to the Lamb”

Pastor Paul shared…

The Word of God says He sent His Word and healed them. It also tells us how to apply the Word of God. I am just going to demonstrate it by doing something here. I am going to speak the Word but I know I have to speak it and I have to apply it. So, I have Pastor Ray’s telephone number in my cell phone. I am going to first apply it by looking for his name: the Word Pastor, the word Ray, and then the word Kelly. Now, I don’t have to know how this works. I don’t care. All I know is it works. So, I am just going to apply the principles of using the phone and I am calling what I believe to be his name and his phone is responding right now. Now, I am going to do something else. Some devices are fitted with the ability to speak to the device without actually pressing the dials or the numbers (Pastor Paul spoke out “Call Pastor Ray Kelly” and the phone responded “Calling Pastor Ray Kelly.” Pastor Ray’s phone began to ring.)

It’s a principle of the phone and I don’t care how they made it. All I do know is I have access to it. And because I have access to it, I can now use the laws and the principles that govern the phone and apply those laws and principles and get the objective or the result I want. I don’t have to go to the engineers and say teach me how you made this. All I care about is it has been made accessible to me and available to me and I can have everything that they have placed in it.

Well the Word of God tells us that God sent His Word and healed them. So, He sent His Word and He says because I sent My Word and healed them, you too can send your Word and you will heal them. Because whatsoever you decree if you decree a thing, it shall be established unto you. And then He also said this in His Word. He said not only is My Word a lamp to your feet but it is also a light to your path. You already have the Word. It’s in you. What sayeth it, the Word is in you, it’s near you, even in your mouth and in your heart which is the Word of faith which we preach. So, you say to God “I want something.” And the Lord says “Son, what do you say? The Word is near you. It’s in your mouth. It’s in your heart. Decree it.”

You don’t have to worry how it works. You don’t have to know how the Word jumps from here and goes to the intended… you don’t have to worry. In fact I have told you before you call, I answer. While you are yet speaking, I hear. So, before you call, Son, I am already there. I am just waiting for the Word. My angels that I have given you, there is only one thing that they hear. They harken to the voice of My Word. So, once you have the Word in your mouth, the angels say I recognize those Words. I recognized those Words! Let me go for those Words! Praise God!

So, the Lord is trying to tell us don’t sweat it. You are wondering how is the anointing going to be in the cloth? God says no, you don’t have to be the engineer that understands the principles of how the phone was made. All you have to do is just apply.

Continued praying…

We receive wholeness of every kind
Because it is in that Word and it is for us
And we don’t have to know how; we just know it’s true
Prosperous – spirit, soul, and body
Minds, if you’ve not been lining up with what our spirit knows, line up now in Jesus’ name
Be still and know the Lord is good and faithful
And His Word is working, hallelujah

Ms. Annie led us singing…

♪ By His Word I have no fear in me
By His Word death cannot swallow me
By His word I have prosperity
By His word sickness can’t dwell in me
By His word I walk in victory
By His word I’ve been set free

By His name I have no fear in me
By His name death cannot swallow me
By His name I have prosperity
By His name sickness can’t dwell in me
By His name I walk in victory
By His name I’ve been set free

By His blood I have no fear in me
By His blood death cannot swallow me
By His blood I have prosperity
By His blood sickness can’t dwell in me
By His blood I walk in victory
By His blood I’ve been set free ♪

Pastor Paul shared…

One of the changes the Lord is going to do this year or is doing this year is changing understanding.

Ms. Melanie shared…

As Pastor Paul was describing the cell phone I was thinking about the network. Because you put that together with the phone but you have to be hooked into the network. Because if you are not hooked into the network, the phone will try to call but it won’t go nowhere. And so as we were singing, the Spirit of the Lord said “The bars are faith.” Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. And the bars of the reception that you get through your network are the Holy Spirit. And the Word of God says that the same Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead dwells within you. Jesus was dead for three days. His liver quit working. His kidneys quit working. His respiratory system shut down. His brain shut down. Every function in His body shut down. And the Word of God says the same Spirit that imparted life back into His dead body is the same Spirit that dwells within us quickening our mortal bodies, causing our bodies to rise up and be healed. It’s that same Spirit. So, when we are hooked into the network which is the Spirit of God and we got all those bars on our phone and we make that call, gory to God! Regeneration!

Isn’t it good to be healed!
Thank you for coming today

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