Prayer Summary for Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Ms. Sharon led us singing “We Exalt Thee”

Pastor Ray shared…

I am reminded of something that Lester Sumrall said years ago. Of course, his ministry was based on the Word. He said most of the time denominations will never change from what they began with because then the leadership or the heads of the denomination would have to admit maybe they were wrong in some areas. So they tend to never change. But he said every move of the Spirit, every wave that comes in he wants to get in on it and get with the new. However, the Word will never change. So no matter how it’s dressed to change or the way it’s looked at, the Word, the worship of the Lord, lifting up our hearts and worshiping, praise, never changes. Granted there are different styles, there are different moves, but when the blood is not glorified, not magnified, lifted, there are some clouds.

And so we purpose in our hearts this morning, in our thoughts too, no matter what we are comfortable with in these days, what we want to wear, what we want to look like, that we will never ever move away from what the Word has said, the truth of the Word, the ministry of the Holy Spirit. And that every wave of the Holy Spirit that moves in, we will move with it. We will keep on moving, keep on growing, keep on increasing in Him through the Word. Thank You for the ministry of the Holy Spirit today, right now in Jesus’ name.

Ms. Sharon led us singing “Holy Spirit You Are Welcome in This Place”


We yield to You, Holy Spirit, for more
For Your direction, for Your right ways, Your plans
For what You want to say, what You want us to pray
We yield to You, humble ourselves before You
We trust in You – hallelujah, hallelujah
We want Your fire to fall, fire, fire fall
Let Your power flow

I heard this morning as I was walking through the Atrium, “Hidden things must be revealed now.” Just like that! “Hidden things must be revealed now.”

Things that have been hidden must begin to be revealed in this hour, now
Hidden things uncovered, revealed
Things opened up that have been closed up
Things started up that have been shut down
Could be mysteries – we pray over them
The things that have been hidden that must be opened and revealed
We pray for revelation, we pray for understanding
We pray for wisdom and knowledge and knowing what it is that should be uncovered in these days
Aid and help and assistance from heaven
A breaking in the way to uncover these things in these days
May they be revealed in Jesus’ name – uncovered and opened up
Started up, made new, restored
Hidden things opened up now
Every piece, every detail, every part
Steps that have to be revealed for the days we are living in
That the church might walk out into the new
Might not be trapped into the old ways or the old ways or the old plans
But in Jesus’ name let the Church rise up and built up and moving into the new day
Catching a hold of it, vision, vision, the vision
That’s that part of seeing that must be seen in Jesus’ name
We lean into it and we stretch ourselves toward it
And call for the fullness of it
Be uncovered and be revealed; be opened in Jesus’ name
Supplies, supplies of every kind, resources
That they would be revealed in this hour
Money, money, money cometh in Jesus’ name
Transfers, unusual transfers in Jesus’ name
We open ourselves up in expectation to receive the new
The blood is a key, our words are keys – we call it forth
We plead the blood over these transfers in Jesus’ name
From one account to our accounts – let’s just put it like that
From the world’s ways and the Word’s plans to our ways and God’s plans
No limits, nothing held back in Jesus’ name
Things that needed to be restored – be restored now
Things that were stolen, be restored seven times greater in Jesus’ name!
Not just finances but every way
Things that were stolen, be turned around and restored in Jesus’ name
Maybe it’s health! Be restored in Jesus’ name
We agree with Your Word, Father, we agree with Your plans, Lord
These things that need to be revealed these days in the Church might walk up higher than ever before
We would be gaining ground, gaining in authority which is Yours
Entering in, mining some things up and out that have been lost in days past in Jesus’ name
Ok, yes, digging up those wells that were once flourishing in Jesus’ name

Thank You for today! Father, Thank You for today!
For today is the day You have made
Today we rejoice in the blessing!
Today we yield to the anointing!
Today we yield to fullness of healing, to the greatness of our salvation – today!
You have made today!
You are I AM, You are the first and last – You are all of it!
And today we yield to all that You are in us!
You dwell in us, everywhere You go “I AM! I AM! I AM!”
We are rejoicing today! We rejoice that the angels are here to carry out Your Word!
Thank YOU for today! We say Thank YOU for Who You are!
You are I AM, that You first loved us!
Lord, we thank You for the supernatural grace to never consider an impossibility again!
And we thank You for it today
Today is the best day!
It’s the best because the best One is in us today!
Today is our day of salvation!
Today is our receiving day!
Today is the day that we yield like never before

Ms. Sharon led us singing by the Spirit…

♪ This is the day of salvation – more and more and more
This is the day we are set at liberty
Today is the day of our deliverance
Today is jubilee, today is jubilee, Lord
Today is the day of deliverance, You are more than enough for this day
You’re more than enough today – El Shaddai
This is the day we receive our provision
Everything we need, You’ll provide
We step into it, Lord
Today it’s moving, Lord, today is a suddenly
We rejoice, we rejoice
Signs and wonders, Lord, today
Supernatural signs and wonderful happenings
Words that have been spoken so long ago come to pass
We open the way for them today ♪

Sing some more, Ms. Sharon, about those new things, different details, situations concerning these signs and wonders and beautiful events, happenings…

♪ As in long ago, words were spoken
We did not see them come to pass then
But the day is approaching; it’s in the fullness of time
There will be, See the church rising in boldness
See the refreshing so long promised come
See the doors of the church swinging open
See people coming like a flood
See provision coming, see abundance coming
From the north, south, east, and the west
From unexpected sources
See it come, see it come
See the revival come and our children coming
See the youth changed into fire
See the visions, see the dreams, the prophetic words
See them come to fulfillment, see them come to fulfillment
Not one word lost, not one vision lost
All fulfilled, all fulfilled
Let the voice of the prophet rise in the land
Let the prophet speak, let the word of the Lord come
From the powerful places in the land
See the politicians begin to fall on their knees and pray
See the fire of God sweep through the land
It’s been promised; we’ve not forgotten
It’s been promised; we’ve not forgotten
So let it come, let it come
See the churches begin to call for revival
See churches begin to call for renewal
Let the revival come to the pulpit, Lord
Let revival come to the schools
Let a wave of refreshing come that will not be denied to the college, to the school room, to the teachers
Let it come! Let it come!
We have not forgotten these things
We have heard these things spoken
So bring them now into the now
Bring them into the now, bring them into the now, Lord
Let it come, let it come

We pray for our president, Lord
We ask divine protection, Lord
Let Your angels watch over him; Let Your angels watch over the land
We release them, Lord, we release them, Lord
Let Your Word, let Your Word, let Your Word be manifested
Let Your blood, let Your blood, let Your blood do its work
Let the Church rise, let the Church rise, rise up in strength, rise up in joy, in power
Let Your Church rise, let Your Church rise ♪

Pastor Ray shared…

I want to give a testimony that one of the staff members here, a teacher at Maranatha Christian Academy, gave the other day. I was reminded when Ms. Sharon started singing over the schools. She said there are about 20 or 25 students from different nations and some are not born again, they are not saved. She prays for the students, of course, and they are in an environment where the Word is taught. She said that there is one student that never really entered in, didn’t seem interested. But one day he came bounding into her office and sat down and began to talk and wanted to be born again. And she said it was just out of the blue, a suddenly where he changed from not being so interested into wanting to be born again. And so he was born again. She said in the next couple of days another student came in and he sat down and said he wanted to be baptized in the Holy Ghost. So, she said okay. She is wondering what’s going on. Well we know God is moving. She got together some scriptures to give him concerning the baptism and then he was baptized in the Holy Spirit. She said it was such a blessing.

Number one, the first student was born again. Number two, the next one was baptized in the Holy Spirit. Then the next day, his younger sister came in and she said “I want what he has.” I love it! She said that she already went over all the scriptures at home with her brother. So all she had to do was pray with her and she was baptized in the Holy Spirit too!

Another testimony she gave was she had been praying, expecting for 14 years for a grand piano for Maranatha. And through some different things that happened, she was connected with a lady that was interested in donating a very expensive grand piano. And so she contacted the lady and the lady invited her and her daughter over to see the piano. One thing she said that was interesting. She said the lady wasn’t sure she wanted to donate to Maranatha because we believe so much in prosperity. But once she got to meet the teacher and meet her daughter and they both played on the piano, she saw their hearts. She said, “I have made my decision. I am giving that piano to Maranatha Christian Academy!” It was originally valued at $30,000 new and it’s still worth like $17,000. So for 14 years she was believing and now within two days of that meeting a beautiful grand piano is now over in the school.

You know, Ms. Sharon, when you started praying for the schools, praying for the those in leadership, for the teachers, we cannot just cruise through and not do these things that come up in our hearts and lift these people and plead the blood over them. There is such pressure in the days that we are in to not hold fast to what the Word really truly says. And that pressure is from the enemy. It’s in the world. Pressure against even speaking about the blood of Jesus and what it did, pressure against speaking about being born again or being filled with the Holy Ghost, speaking in other tongues.

So, today we humble ourselves. We believe maybe some of these things that have been hidden; maybe they have been hidden away, they were spoken about, they were believed in but they have been set aside for what maybe we would call the new way or the new plan to reach people. But we believe every truth of the Word will continually be preached, declared in these days.

I saw a large key while you were singing, Ms. Sharon. It seemed like our prayers were… it looked like us, all of us here in the chapel grabbing hold of the key, like a skeleton key that opens every door. But we were all holding to it and we were beginning to turn that key to open the door for more than the Church has ever had before. That the Church might step over and step into; today we call it new but really if we go back in the Word, basically it’s the book of Acts being continued and continued. And we were holding fast to it. Our prayers were attached, but I could see us as our hands would grab hold of that key and begin to turn and turn and turn it. So, some things are right on the horizon, right on the doorstep, that we might enter in. Be glad, rejoice, and receive what we have we been called out into this hour, 2017.

What about this month? What about this week? What about today? (ha, ha, ha) Hallelujah! Back to NOW. We are not commanding or demanding of the Lord. We command and demand of the enemy to take his hands off, get out of the way. For we as the Church now, we are coming through. We are breaking into uncharted territory where we have never been before. Even this day, it’s a new day. We receive every word, those prophecies, those words that have already been declared. Some years and years ago, they shall come to pass. When? Now in these days that we are living in.

Ms. Sharon led us singing “We Magnify You”

The following is a prayer Ms. Annie gave for the United States….

We make no friendships with angry men, and we do not learn their ways. We do not envy the violent, and we choose none of their ways. For the way of the wicked is as deep darkness, and they do not know at what they stumble. But the path of the just is as the shining light, that grows brighter and brighter; and by Your Word our path is well-lit, plain and straight before us. We will set nothing wicked before our eyes. We hate the work of those who fall away from Your ways and Your Word, and it shall not cling to us. A perverse heart will depart from us, and we refuse to know or be acquainted with wickedness. We choose to behave wisely in a perfect way, in Your perfect way, O God. When will You come to us?

Now, Lord, look on the threats of those who oppose Your ways, and grant unto us, Your servants, boldness; that with all boldness we may speak Your Word; that we may declare Your Word boldly, as we ought to do. For Your Word runs swiftly through the earth, and Your Word is not chained. It will not return to You void, but it will prosper in the thing to which it is sent. Shall not the righteous God avenge His own elect who cry out to Him day and night? Yes, He shall avenge them speedily! And when the Son of Man returns, we desire that He would find faith in us, His people! Yes, Lord, may You find faith in us!

With the merciful You will show Yourself merciful and with the pure, You will show Yourself pure, but with the devious You will show Yourself shrewd, O God the Lord. You will save the humble people, but You will bring down the haughty looks. They intended evil against You, Lord, but they have devised a plot which they are not able to perform. Therefore, You will make them tum their backs. They will gnash with their teeth and be grieved, and they will melt away. Because they do not regard Your work, O Lord, nor the operation of Your hands, You will destroy their plans and not build them up. You, Lord, bring the counsel of the ungodly to nothing, and You make the plans of the peoples of no effect. But Your counsel, O Lord, stands forever, and the plans of Your heart stand for all generations. We, Your people, are blessed; for our God is the Lord, and we are the people You have chosen for Your inheritance, by the holy, precious blood of Your Son, Jesus, the Anointed One.

Lord, plead our cause with those who strive against You. Fight against those who fight against You, Lord God. Let them be brought to shame and dishonor, let them be turned back and brought to confusion who plot hurt against Your ways and Your Truth. For without cause, they have hidden a net in a pit against Your plans. Let destruction come suddenly upon their plans, and let them be caught in the very net they have hidden against You, Lord. Into that very destruction they had planned, into that let them fall.

We do not fret because of evildoers, Lord, and we are not envious of the workers of iniquity. But we trust in You, Lord, and do good. We dwell in the land, and we feed on Your faithfulness. The wicked may have drawn their bows to slay those of upright conduct, but their swords shall enter their own hearts, and their bows shall be broken. For the arms of the wicked shall be broken, but You, Lord, uphold the righteous. The transgressors against God shall be destroyed forever, and the future of the wicked shall be cut off. But our salvation comes from You, Lord, and You are our strength in the time of trouble.

You will help Your people and deliver them from the wicked. You will save Your people because Your people trust in You. For it was not by our own abilities or righteousness that we inherited Your promised blessings, nor did our own arm save us. But it was Your right hand, Your arm, and the light of Your countenance, because You favored us, loved us, redeemed us, and desired to take a people to Yourself. You are our King, O God! Command victories for Your people! It is through You and Your name that we will push down Your enemies. In You, our God, we boast all the day long, and we praise Your name forever! You make the wars to cease and You break the bow. You cut the spear and bum the chariots with fire. You will be exalted in all the earth!

Continued praying…

We thank You, Lord
Knowing You will do what You said You would do
In the wonderful precious name of Jesus
Thank you for coming

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