Prayer Summary for Tuesday, November 8, 2016

The following commentary was taken from the Revival Study Bible:

The Spirit-filled life is not just a life endowed with the gifts of the Spirit in the Church.

We must read this verse in context, where God puts the text on Spirit-filled life next to marriage, then raising of children, and finally, how to be a good employee. The Spirit-filled life is not just someone who believes in tongues; many … need to learn how to speak with the Spirit’s guidance in English first.

The word, “filled” or pleroma, carries some very powerful definitions from the original language. The word means to man a ship with someone who is capable of steering it. The word means to put a qualified person in the driver’s seat. You can have a plane that is full of people, but it is when the pilot gets on board that it is now “filled.” It has the right man to steer the vessel. The Spirit-filled life has God in charge. Many look to a certain pastor or prophet for their life.

The word also means to furnish a house with possessions. The day you were saved, you were bought with a price, but it is the Holy Spirit who must furnish you. It is to take that which is empty and fill it up. He will furnish you with His gifts, His fruits, His endowment of power.

The word also means to cover the ground with fertile soil. It is to take normal ground and cover it with soil which can produce. It gives something potential that it would not have had before. The day the Holy Spirit comes into your life, He can do what you could never do for your life.

To be Spirit-filled means I am able to grow and move forward in my walk with Christ because the right Man is steering the vessel. It means the believer has a potential that he has never had before. It also means having gifts and furnishings available that you could never have afforded or have had. (TD)

Pastor Ray shared…

Being led by the Spirit is not just for here in the chapel but it is in every area and arena of our life. Don’t you just love when you start looking up and praying in the Spirit and you hear internally directions sent to you by the Holy Spirit? What a privilege and honor to live the Spirit filled life.

I believe when those who are voting today get into the booth, even on the way… If you had to wait in line, you could be waiting on direction and not knowing who to vote for until you get in the booth. We believe people will be moved to vote God’s way. Jesus Christ directed, Holy Spirit led.


Lifting and magnifying Your name, Jesus
Today things are still moving and changing
The shift towards God’s way is still going on
Believing it will shift all throughout the day
It’s change, a changed nation! Hallelujah
By the Holy Spirit
God’s power, His presence by the Spirit is that changes everything
Not one party over another or one man or woman over another
But it’s God almighty that brings the change
In all of this, we are lifting our voices, lifting the name that is above every other name
Magnifying the Holy Spirit of the Living God
The Director, the One who has the wheel!
We give free reign to You, Holy Spirit
First of all, we reverence, we magnify, we glorify Your precious Holy name
The Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit
Who has come to live within us
And how the Word has said “Be being continually filled”
The more we open our hearts, the more we receive and the greater seeing and knowing we will operate in
When we pray, we are praying out His way
And so the steps, the turns, changes that need to be made, we believe they shall be made
Lifting the whole nation before You, before heaven
The United States of America – every state

Ms. Annie shared…

This scripture kept coming up in my heart. I have prayed this scripture a lot as I have prayed about the election, the words of Jonathan when he and his man servant were completely outnumbered by the Philistines. Actually Jonathan was the only one that even had a sword because the Philistines had outlawed it kind of like they were trying take our Bibles from us today. They were down in the ravine and they looked up and the Philistines were up on the top. They started making fun of them saying, “Oh look, there are the people of God. They are crawling out of their holes. Ha, ha, ha.” Most of the people of God were cowering in fear. So there was some reason for them to say that I suppose. But Jonathan said, “Let’s climb up there. What is to prevent the Lord from saving by many or by few?” And that’s the scripture that has come up so much as I prayed about the election. What is to prevent You, Lord, from saving by many or by few? Maybe we are outnumbered but God can still bring the victory just like He did that day. Hallelujah!

And the talking heads are going to be turned on their heads because the way of the wicked, He turns upside down. The way of the wicked He turns upside down. They shall nash with their teeth and melt away who oppose His righteous One.

Ms. Annie led us singing…

He is all we need
He is all we need
Jesus is all we need
We might look like a few
But there is nothing our God cannot do
When Jesus is all we need

He is all we need
He is all we need
Jesus is all we need
We might look like just a few
There is nothing our God can’t do
When Jesus is all we need

So His blood we plead
His blood we plead, His blood we plead
This day
There is power in His Word
We use that sword
And Jesus brings us victory
And Jesus brings us victory

Ms. Annie shared…

The scepter of wickedness will not rest upon the land allotted to the righteous thus saith the Lord. It’s not going to rest. It’s going to be very unrestful. It’s going to be trouble because it is a righteous thing with God to repay with trouble those who trouble us. The trouble they are trying to cause us is being troubled because the scepter of wickedness will not rest upon our land that is allotted to us who are righteous by the blood of Jesus.

Continued singing…

Because His blood we plead, His blood we plead
His blood is our only plea
It’s not in our sins
It’s in Jesus and what He did
And the blood that He shed to set us free

He’s all we need
He’s all we need
His blood is our fervent plea
Have Your way in our land
Move now by Your hand
Oh Lord, You’re all we need

Pastor Ray shared…

You know there is victory in that song. There is a spirit of victory and it’s just stirring up our faith in who we are really depended on and that’s God almighty. When you said it could be a few or it could be many…

Ms. Annie shared…

Jonathan’s words “What is to prevent the Lord from saving by many or by few?” He phrased it as a question. Well it came up in me. There is another question where Jesus was talking about the unrighteous judge. Jesus sometimes phrased things as a question too. He doesn’t actually say it straight out. The widow kept coming to the unrighteous judge and saying, “Avenge me of my adversary. Give me justice.” Well, you know she is a lot like the children of Israel in 1 Samuel where she was alone, she had no friends, she had no clout, she had no money probably. A widow in those days would be considered to be extremely weak but she had a voice. She wouldn’t stop. Finally the unjust judge said he didn’t care what God thinks, I don’t care what people think, I am this corrupt person but I am just going to give her what she wants because she is just going to wear me out! And then what did Jesus say? Jesus said “Listen to the unjust judge. Shall not the God of all the earth avenge His elect who cry out to Him day and night?” Okay now here is His question to us “But, when the Son of Man returns, will He find any faith in the earth?” Yes! Yes, He will!

So what is to prevent the Lord from saving by many or by few? When the Son of Man returns, will He find faith in the earth? Nothing will prevent Him from saving by many or by few because when He comes to us, He finds faith in us. That’s what our confession is.

Continued praying…

Holy Spirit, occupy those precincts
We ask for the power of the Holy Spirit to be there
Maybe there is just a few but You are not a few
Thank You for it, the ministry of the Holy Spirit
Can be like a wind, just a small breeze or more
Blowing things in the right way
Turning things in the right way
Bring a paradigm shift!
A turnaround, a change, a rearranging
Doors of opportunity
Greater ways, greater days
A church that is so big, so strong, so powerful
Boldness, standing on what we should stand for
On the side of God, thank You, Father

Ms. Annie led us singing “I Need You More Than Yesterday”

Our mouths full of singing,
Our mouths full of laughter
All those that see it from the heathen nations shall be dumbfounded

Great peace have we who love You, Lord
Nothing will offend us or make us stumble
Or be afraid
We’ve got it made
We’ve got it made
Because we are standing in Your shade
In Your shadow, we are safe
No need to fear, no need to fear

Ms. Heather shared…

I saw a beautiful pool in the middle of a busy and loud city and I saw the Lord saying there is a place that we can go to get away from that noise and business of the world. It’s like when you jump into a pool, all of a sudden everything slows, everything becomes quiet and you only hear the sounds inside of you. When we plunge into His presence, He stills the time, He stills our hearts, we become buoyant in His presence and we hear Him on the inside. But we have to fully plunge in. We can’t sit on the edge and put our feet in. We can’t stay on the shore. It’s a full plunging into His presence. And the cares of the world just float away into His presence and He holds us and keeps us buoyant and He fills us with His thoughts, with His peace, with His voice and it’s in that place when we plunge into His presence.

Annie led us in singing “God Bless America”

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