Prayer Summary for Tuesday, November 15, 2017

Pastor Ray shared…

Yesterday if you weren’t here, we watched a couple different videos. One was Pastor Mac from 1996 I believe. Pastor Mac jumped in the flower bed in the front of the sanctuary in our old building. If you weren’t there or you have never seen the video, it’s on Youtube . The video clip that follows was another Kenneth Hagin meeting where he kept giving the microphone to different people to close out the meeting but no one could speak. Interesting.

After yesterday morning, I went to the bookstore and picked up a little mini book by Pastor Mac called “Yielded and Bold.” After the flower bed incident, he wrote that book describing his experience. He had gone to another meeting in Tulsa soon after where brother Hagin had him get up and share about what had happened. Buddy Harrison who started Harrison Publishing spoke to Pastor Mac afterwards and asked if he had ever thought of putting that into a book. So, that’s how that took place.

It’s interesting when you see Pastor Mac jumping onto the podium and then into the flower bed, you may think he must have just been pushed by the Holy Ghost out of that chair and away he went without knowing what was going on. But that wasn’t exactly the way it was. He shared that there were two weeks of meetings going on, and in one of the previous meetings, it was the same scenario with no one being able to speak to close the meeting as the microphone was being passed around. And Pastor Mac is sitting there thinking “Please, Lord, do not let that microphone come to me because I might be the first one that can speak. Then everyone would think I am not very spiritual.” But then he had a split second vision and he saw himself jump up with the microphone and do a salvation message without saying anything. And the microphone came to him and he jumped up and then he did a three-minute salvation message with no sound. He was speaking but there was nothing coming out.

Afterwards he said the devil started telling him that it probably wasn’t the Holy Ghost and it was just something that he did because he didn’t want to speak or whatever. But after the service, the ministers would all go to a room and have something to eat and fellowship for a while. So, he had an opportunity to speak to brother Hagin and asked him about it. Brother Hagin responded, “Did you see yourself do that before you did it?” Pastor Mac replied, “Yes. I saw it.” He said many times that’s the way the Holy Spirit leads us, by giving us just a little glimpse. You may see yourself doing something, you hear it, you know like that. And he went on to share some other things about being led by the Spirit.

Just to back up a little. I would say it was at least a couple years before the flower bed incident that Pastor Lynne would always say to Pastor Mac when the service was over, “I’m praying that someday the Holy Ghost is going to hit you so hard you’re going to jump in those plants back there.”

So, when this happened he is sitting in the front row and he sees himself jump up, jump on the podium, and dance. He didn’t really say that he saw himself jump in the flowers. But that had already been set in motion by Pastor Lynne (ha, ha, ha) continually speaking it to him. He was thinking “No, no, no, that’s not the Holy Spirit.” But kept seeing it and finally agreed with the Holy Spirit. He said to the Holy Spirit, “Okay, I will do it but You’ll have to tell me when.” As soon as he said that, Brother Hagin hit him on the head and said “Go!” And there was no time between. He just jumped up and took off. He jumped on the stage, jumped up on the podium, danced on the podium for a while which is very unique because it was four feet high. He then jumped off and jumped into the plants and disappeared. And when you watch it, it’s just the most unusual thing. The more you watch it, the more stirred up you get. There is an anointing on it because the Holy Spirit was so moving in that building. It was beyond your thinking and people were just going wild because it was like a whirlwind. Everybody in the church was going wild especially when he came out of the plants. It was dance like David danced. It was the Holy Ghost moving and He just moved all around the building.

Yesterday at 3:30, we have some staff come in for prayer and one of the men said that he and his wife lived in California at the time. Anyway this younger couple came to Minneapolis for those two weeks. He said he had never, ever been able to flow in the Holy Spirit. He just didn’t know how to yield and he definitely had never danced before the Lord. He said when Pastor Mac came up and came out of the flower bed and that wave went around the whole sanctuary, the next thing he realized he was out in the aisle and his legs were going so fast he couldn’t believe it. He had never been able to yield like that but the power of the Holy Spirit was so strong. That’s the thing.

I like the results. Pastor Mac said he never expected to end up in the flower bed. As a pastor that is very in control… Pastor Lynne would always say, “You’re just too tight. You are not loose.” He said actually it would be good for everyone to hit the flower bed. But the biggest thing is what happens after you get out of the flower bed—after the Holy Spirit has hit you.

The following excerpt was taken from “Yielded and Bold” by Mac Hammond:

A Healing Touch

I experienced something similar myself not too long ago. I had been invited to preach on a Sunday night at a Word of Faith church with a wonderful, Spirit-filled congregation that was pastored by a friend of mine. What I didn’t know was that there was a woman in the service that night who had come from a nearby state because she had heard I was going to be ministering in that church.

Several years earlier, this woman had suffered a stroke that had left her paralyzed on one entire side of her body. She had been confined to a wheelchair ever since. Apparently this woman had been watching our weekly television broadcast for some time and had been blessed by it. When she heard that I was going to be near her state, she made a confident pronouncement to her family: “If you’ll take me down to that meeting, Mac Hammond will pray for me, and I’ll be healed.”

Her family, not wanting to take a chance on traveling all that way and then suffering disappointment if I didn’t pray for her, called ahead to the church to let someone know she was coming. They left a detailed message describing the situation along with instructions to pass the message on to me. Well, for some reason, I never got the message.

As I preached that night, I experienced one of the most powerful anointings I’ve ever felt. As I ministered the Word, I kept feeling myself drawn to a certain section of the sanctuary. As it turned out, it was the section in which this woman was seated. Suddenly, about halfway through the sermon, I had one of those seeing-and-knowing images pop into my mind. It was an image of me doing something I’d never done in a sermon before in my life, nor had I ever seen anyone else do. But I recognized this as a prompting of the Spirit, so I obeyed.

As I continued to preach, I walked over to that lady in the wheelchair, leaned down, touched my cheek lightly to one side of her face and gently cradled her other cheek in my hand. I kept preaching my sermon in that position until I felt a release (probably 10 seconds) and then stood up and continued on my way.

I didn’t know that this lady had come from out of state so that I could lay hands on her, nor did I know that the side of her face that I touched with my cheek was the side that was paralyzed. I was just doing what I saw and knew to do. The result was supernatural as the power of God came to destroy the yokes and remove the burdens, and that sweet child of God came out of that wheelchair healed that night!

Pastor Ray…

Is that blessed? It’s the compassion and love of the Holy Spirit to do such a thing and keep preaching while he has his cheek on her cheek holding the other one. He just kept the message going and the Holy Spirit is doing the work.

At Azusa Street, there was a man that was in the service but didn’t want to be there. There was no way he wanted to be there. He was not saved. He didn’t want to get into that whole deal and if you remember the pastor would preach with a crate over his head. So, you know you would be like “I am not going to that church I’ll tell you that” (ha, ha, ha). Somehow he said yes to this person to come. But he made this one statement to the Lord. I’ll tell you later but the service is going and the pastor is preaching. There is a lady in the congregation and the Holy Spirit kept telling her to get up, walk up the aisle and do 10 push-ups in the front. Okay, this is while the service is going on. The pastor is giving a message and the Holy Spirit is speaking to her. She is like no I am not doing that. There is no way that can be the Holy Spirit. But it kept coming up and coming up until finally she got up. She came all the way up the aisle to the front and did 10 push-ups. When she did 10 push-ups this man in the back jumped up and ran up to the front to get saved which caused a whole other group of people to run up and get saved that morning. The thing is before he went, he said “Okay, if there is a God, when I get to that service, I want to have somebody get up and run up and do 10 push-ups. I guess he said the most weird thing he could think of you know.

I love that the Holy Spirit would… You can see how he would be so moved because he asked such an unusual thing and it took place so he came in. Hallelujah.

Ms. Annie responded…

There is just one little thought I want to share. What if she hadn’t obeyed the Holy Spirit? The other thing that came to me then was the scripture that states the meek shall inherit the earth. It takes a lot of meekness and humility when the Holy Spirit prompts you to do something that makes no sense to you, to just obey, to just do it. Pride definitely would not want to have anything to do with that. But because she was willing to do what the Holy Spirit showed her, she became His partner to touch that person. So it is humbling to me to go “wow, I could miss it like that.” The Holy Spirit could be trying to reach some person and because my mind goes tilt… Any way I am stirred up about that.

Yesterday I was talking to Pastor Folu and this is a perfect example. He said that there were about 7 or 8 men and they were on their way up north Friday for the Men’s Advance. So, they stopped at a smaller restaurant and they were in there eating. What caught his attention these two or three young guys came in and they were wearing shorts and the thought what are they wearing shorts for on this chilly day. They went over and sat down at another table. Then more younger men kept coming in and sitting down at the table. So, there were about ten men there. Pastor Folu is over eating and he just thought in his heart he had to get up and go over there. He thought “I have to do it” and then “I don’t want to do it” and that kind of thing. What if it doesn’t work out? What if it’s a joke? He decided to just humble himself, get up and go over there. He addresses all of them “Excuse me, men, do you know that Jesus loves you?” I mean he just goes for it and they had just gotten their food, the plates just hit the table. And all of the guys looked toward him and started smiling. They said they belonged to a Christian youth group. He said it came up out of him, he didn’t have to think. He said, “Is there one young man here that is not saved?” They all look at one guy. They all turn and point to this one guy. He’s not saved.

It’s the same scenario. Pastor Folu has all of their attention, of course, especially the one young man that is not saved and is with all of these believers. So, he goes over to him “So, you ready to get saved today?” And Pastor Folu is nodding his head yes as he asked. He responded “yes.” They all joined in and prayed together. And it’s a smaller restaurant. Everyone in the restaurant heard the prayer and at the end “In Jesus’ name. Amen.” Okay, this young man got saved. He wouldn’t have gotten saved nor would anyone else that were just there in the restaurant having breakfast. And you got a salvation prayer being broadcasted through the restaurant. I love it!

But he had to humble himself to get up and go over to that table, obey the Lord, and that young man was saved. Hallelujah.

Ms. Annie….

While you were sharing that, a scripture came to me. “The eyes of the Lord roam to and fro throughout the whole earth searching for one whose heart is perfect toward Him that He may show Himself strong on their behalf.” Then I saw that guy on the way to Azusa Street say “if there is a God…” He’s basically daring the Lord. Well then the Lord said, “I’ll take the challenge but I have to find somebody.” Who am I going to find who will do that?

Ms. Jeani…

And in both of those He went after the one. So, is there one person that hasn’t been saved? One person matters to Him.

Ms. Annie…

It’s such an illustration of how He needs our cooperation. And it just makes me think how many more people are lost. He is trying to find one whose heart is perfect, who is willing. He just needs us to do what He is telling us to do.

Ms. Jeani…

So, today we will all have the opportunity to cooperate. Let’s be ready.

Ms. Annie…

And when we do, He will show Himself strong on our behalf! Glory to God. That’s very moving and challenging to me.

Ms. Annie led us singing We Yield to You…

Continued praying…

We yield to You, You are directing us
Even just the one man, one woman, one child to come on in
Father, we are so thankful for the ministry of Your Holy Spirit
The way You do show us and reveal unto us all the time
It’s so true in our prayers to You that come from You
Prayers, directions, ways, plans from heaven
When we yield to You, we see and know, we hear
Believe to keep on the go, and move more and more into these places
Of seeing what You’re saying, knowing what You’re saying
When we lift our leaders as You’ve said in Your Word
First of all, pray over them
I saw this morning, all of sudden my eyes went to the flag from Israel on the stage
That our nation would never, never separate from the nation of Israel
We pray for wisdom for our president, for those under him
For divine wisdom and understanding how to continually stay strong with Israel
We pray the blood covering over that connection with the people of Israel
And declare this morning “Jerusalem shall never, never be cut up. Never be cut in half.”
But the land that You have given unto Your people, it shall not be taken away in Jesus’ name
We pray for Israel! Hallelujah
For the positions of authority in Israel
Prime Minister Netanyahu and all that are under him and speaking into him
That he will remain strong in You
Praying around the borders and take the blood of the Lamb
Pleading the blood of the Lamb around the borders of Israel
Declaring no weapon formed against Israel will prosper in Jesus’ name
If anything, our connection with them will become stronger and stronger and stronger
We support and stand with the nation of Israel
Not just with our prayers but with our support, help of every kind
Thank You, Father
According to Your Word, You have told us what to do
We lift up here in our own nation our president, vice president
Congress, senate, all those in positions of authority in the United States
Thank You for revival all across this nation in Jesus’ name
The move of Your precious Holy Spirit moving from revival into the great awakening
Fresh baptisms of the Holy Ghost with fire in and across the United States of America
And we declare that this nation is united
We call things that maybe don’t look like they are – we could say that they are not
We call forth these things as though they are

Every plan of the enemy trying to work against this nation will come to nothing in Jesus’ name
We do not allow it
We’ve been given the authority; we take our position of authority
Plead the blood of Jesus from one shore to another
From the north to south; from the east to west over America
In every state, we declare Jesus is Lord
Doesn’t matter what color the state might be called – Jesus is Lord there!
One thing will save America – it’s a great awakening
Cold hearts, hardened hearts will be set on fire
Softened by the power of Your precious Holy Spirit
Bells will begin to ring in churches that haven’t been ringing for a long, long time
Ministers that have been ministering one way will experience a paradigm, a turn, a shift and minister on fire and bring that fire to those that they minister unto
Churches filled up, packed out, the fire of the Holy Spirit burning bright
Thank You for the souls, Lord
All across America, souls coming in – the great end-time harvest!
We know the fields are white
We call forth and pray over the laborers today
They will go about doing good just like Jesus went about doing good
Healing the sick and bring them in
Thank You, Father, for Your joy is our strength
That our faces would be filled with Your love
Our eyes changed and people could see You in us and be drawn unto You
Division, you must leave and get out of our country in Jesus’ name
Respect for one another must be true again in Jesus’ name
From city to city to city to city
A change in towns and villages all across this land
We thank You so much for a great outpouring of Your Spirit
Fire from heaven, rain from heaven, wind that would blow all throughout this nation
Bringing unity, coming together of different streams of ministries
The body being one body in Jesus’ name
We dig up some old wells, bringing it back up again
Denominations that at one time where out on the forefront moving by Your Spirit, bringing the lost in
That they would be stirred up again!
Those wells would be dug out and the move of Your Spirit would bring it about
Change in Jesus’ name
We plead the blood

Ms. Annie led us singing about the blood of Jesus

Continued praying…

There is power in You blood – thank You, Lord
Our nation, our churches are washed in Your blood
Thank You for that protection that comes through that precious holy blood
Over our churches, pastors and their families
For that power in that blood that breaks away things that need to be broken off
Making a way where there was no way
Applying out front so these things can be changed rearranged and made right
Ministering spirits, go forth and minister on our behalf
Get the resources that need to come in and bring them in
We are not demanding but we know we are to declare the things that You are to do
Today we ask you to go get the money and bring it is
That this church might do what it has been called unto to do
Even above and beyond what has been set forth as a vision for 2018
Even if in the past maybe, we have been down about something
We take ahold of our collars by the blood
We know that we have overcome because You overcame
And it’s not up to us to try and work it out, You did it!
So we receive, partake of everything You have done for us
Of Your goodness, of Your mercy, of Your strength, of Your power, the anointing
We receive increase and momentum today to do Your plan and to do Your will
Through You, our prayers are making a difference and changing things that needed to be changed
We believe we will be right where we need to be
Thank You for Your favor that goes right before us making a way, creating these ways
Coming forth we believe to be in the center of Your perfect will and Your plan for us
Not Your plan for someone else but individually for each one of us
Thank You, Father, that it all connects together, we are connected with one another as members of Your body
Father, You get all of the honor and thanksgiving and all of the glory for all of the things that will come and take place this day
We give it all to You
Humble ourselves before You and trusting You that it will all come through in Jesus’ name

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