Prayer Summary for Tuesday, February 28, 2017


You are worthy of all praise and honor
Thank You for the blood, precious blood
Thank You for what that blood is doing
We keep ourselves covered in that precious holy blood

Pastor Ray shared…

Several years ago, we were in a service and there was a march. All of the people began to march around the sanctuary. And I had a vision while that was happening and the music was playing and I saw all the people in the line moving and moving. And their clothes were shabby, worn out, and dirty. But when they got to a position where the blood covered them, everything changed, everything became brand new. The clothes were new, washed in that precious blood. It was almost as if it was in the natural a car wash. But it was the people of God being cleansed by the precious holy blood of the Lamb. Hallelujah.

Ms. Jeani shared…

We go in and recover all by the blood. What did God say to David after much destruction and everyone was against him? He said go in and recover all. We go in and we recover all. He sets a table for us in the presence of our enemies. He sets a table for us in the presence of contradiction. And that provision is mighty to save. It is the glory of God that is mighty to save, today. Today we taste and we see that He is good. Today we partake in the presence of contradiction and we go in and we recover all by the blood, today, today. The Lord said go in and recover all. Go in. Go in by the blood. I am in you. I go before you. I finished it. Go in and recover all.

I am sure David was very exhausted
But He is our strength!
Vitality in every cell, dunamis power in every cell
Vitality in every organ, vitality in every system
Healing is for this day today
Today, today, today
Today we go in by the finished work and we recover all

Scripture focus…

(13-15) One day children were brought to Jesus in the hope that he would lay hands on them and pray over them. The disciples shooed them off. But Jesus intervened: “Let the children alone, don’t prevent them from coming to me. God’s kingdom is made up of people like these.” After laying hands on them, he left.  Matt. 19:13–15 (MSG)

Pastor Ray shared…

On the way here today, I had in my heart to pray for children. If you don’t have children, you know of somebody who does. If you don’t know anyone who has children, pray for someone else’s children. It’s not that I was in the middle of praying for my children. I certainly do that. But it just came up in my heart. I don’t think we’ve really gone this way in prayer joined together. Just to focus in on children. They have a of joy, you know how they just have divine energy. It’s God’s plan and it’s His will that every child come into the kingdom. Isn’t that right? Every one of them, when they reach that age, that they’d give over their lives to Him. Hallelujah. Thank You, Father.

Continued praying…

Thank You, Father, for children
That they resemble the way You see us to be
Not so maybe moved by what we know in the world and changed by that
But just open hearted, softened to the King of Kings and Lord of lords
Oh, Father, thank You for the blood covering over the children
Our children, our grandchildren, our friend’s children, the children in the church
The children in the body of Christ all over the earth
We pray the covering of the blood over and around these children
You know all the names, You know every hair on their heads
And You put within them a call, a desire to do something, an anointing within them
A plan and purpose that they might walk it out in Your destiny for them
Thank You!
The Master’s plan for the children!
In some ways today, we go in by the blood and we take back children that need to be brought out and set completely free!
Now, we reach toward them, we call to them, we pray for them
The children! Today we pray for the children!
We protect them with the blood—thank You for the power of the blood
Declaring they shall not be stolen, they shall not be taken out
But they shall walk out Your will and plan on the earth
Maybe it doesn’t look like it now but suddenly! Now, in Jesus’ name!
Heaven’s help, heaven’s rescues
You know the older ones too
Not just the real little ones but children!
Get them where they need to be gotten
We pray over the steps, over those ways, those doors of favor, doors of blessing, doors of opportunities
Oh we lift them, we lift them
Bringing them up and bringing them out!
Oooohhh! Supernatural victories in Jesus’ name
Freedom, cutting them loose, breaking off those chains
Chains that would try and hold them out or hold them back
The great plans from heaven
Children of the King!
Children of Your plan, Your purpose
We command lack away from them
The devils ways defeated in Jesus’ name
No, no, no weapon formed against them will prosper
No, this far and no more
Every assignment removed, taken away in Jesus’ name
Stop in your maneuvers and desist in your plans
Free, free, freedom
Free all the way through there
Able to breath, able to move, able to go, able to grow
Entering in and stepping out into that way—clear steps
Eminent change, being changed, being rearranged
Like a clean sweep, sweeping them in there
This is the time now! These are the days now!
Rescued! Rescued! Rescued!
Their story would be written out and they would walk it out
With heaven’s help; heaven’s strength in the name of Jesus
They are written on the tablet of every heart
Live off the pages of that heart, written by the hand of the Lord
Thank You, Lord, yes I can see that
It’s not out of their mind but it’s in their heart of hearts
A drawing, a leading, a direction
Breakthroughs, breakthroughs
Your presence, Lord, the power of Your Holy Spirit
The touch of Your Spirit, the fullness of Your Spirit
A fresh touch, one touch from heaven changes it all, rearranges it too
Over into the new, we call them into their places
We call them into their races
We call them into the position of power in Your grace! Oooohhhh!
Oh, Lord, it has to be so, it is so
Coming through, coming right on through there
Into a victory way, into a victory place
Moving, moving, moving
No place where it’s not moving!
Everybody moves, every place
Every church moves, every pastor moves
Can’t get there by ourselves but He is taking us
And the fire of God and the fire of the Spirit it burns things
There must be a fire, there has to be more fire
There is more fire! And it brings about a holy desire
And it’s not by our own knowing or strength but it’s by heaven
Oooohhh! For heaven’s fire
For supernatural desires
The urgency of the Spirit!
Choose today, choose today
Do it now!
We turn our eyes upon Jesus

Ms. Annie led us singing “Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus”

Continued praying..

We watch and take our place
Our position of authority, power, grace
To seek your will and seek Your pace in our race
But to stay seated in that heavenly holy place
How beautiful You are, how wonderful too
We put our trust for the race, we trust in You
All of our trust, direction, steps, boldly we proclaim that we are not lame
But we are overcoming because You overcame!
On the cross at Calvary through the blood

Ms. Annie led us sinning “Thank You for Your Blood”

Pastor Ray shared…

Maybe today, sometime throughout today, a youth or young adult will come up in your heart. It doesn’t have to be a long covering of prayer but to cover them. Maybe no one has. Maybe there is no one that is covering them. Maybe there is no one that is taking this blood that we are singing about and putting it over them, putting it around them for their race, for their plan which is God’s plan, God’s will.

Continued praying…

Praying over the 911 situations today
Those that are in such need for a direct touch from heaven
They need it, they are hungry
That You put it in them to call, to desire
Something inside them yearning for You
Yearning for answers and knowing what to do
Thank You, Lord, for meeting their needs
For by that precious blood and power of Your Spirit, we pray their needs be met
Helped in time and on time – now
Answers, direction, finances, help, resources, connections, relationships
Change, change, changes

Ms. Annie led singing “Lord We Magnify You”

Continued praying…

Father, thank You for this day, Tuesday
In advance for where we must go or what we must do or what we must say
For other prayers that we would pray
And as we have lifted beginning with children, and younger ones and young adults
And, Father, for the families too—families that are cut up, displaced
We pray for wholeness and health
That they might fulfill Your plan for their race in Jesus’ name
Covering them with the blood
All of the families in our churches—coming beside and behind
Declaring over them You can do it! You can walk it out!
You are above and not beneath!
You are the head and you are not the tail!
You overcome by the precious blood of the Lamb
Father, we thank You for it in Jesus’ name, Amen
Thank You for everyone’s supplies today

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