Prayer Summary for Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Pastor Ray shared…

I am closer to my spiritual family than I am to my own family. My natural family, they live in a different zone. You can have connections spiritually. They will just never go away. I think it was Mark Hankins that said “The connections that you make in revival or in prayer or by the spirit, they will never be broken.” I love it. But none of those things are our connections on this earth, of course, measure up to Jesus, a friend forever. Wow.

Ms. Annie shared…

No longer do I call you servant. I call you friend.

Pastor Ray shared…

True. It’s awesome. He is closer than a brother, closer than a sister, Jesus, the King of kings and Lord of lords, the Way Maker. Where there is no way, He has already created a way so we can say there is a way. There is always a way. We should get that out of our vocabulary maybe where we would say “Well, there is no way.” But we could say it in the natural maybe. In Him by the power of the Spirit, there is always a way.


He is the way maker, glory, glory, glory
Thank You, Father, for the ministry in and through us
For the increase that always manifests through us when we yield to You
We know You are calling, We know You have our number
Thank You that You have called and equipped us, anointed us, given us Your plan, Your purpose, truth
All the way through when we tune in, tune up to You, Hallelujah
Thank You, Lord Jesus

Pastor Ray shared…

Yesterday while we were talking after prayer here in the chapel about the ministry of prayer and how as you give your supply it goes out from where you are and there are no limits… If you picture the earth, the globe, the anointing, the power of prayer goes all over the earth. It does what He wants it to do. So we were talking about that for a while this morning how it is like pipes going out from where we pray through our prayers. It reminded me of Pastor Mac years ago. He did a message on keeping your pipes clean toward heaven. Many of you have never heard that message but he got so excited that he jumped off the platform in the middle of the Sunday morning service, which never had happened before. He jumped off the platform and ran right out the back door. Well for people even that have been in the church for years, they were just a tad shocked. For people that were visiting… Well anyway (ha, ha, ha). But he came back and he preached the rest of the message.

So when I came into my office and I looked at my wall of books, this Bible just kind of stood out to me. It’s called the Breakthrough Covenant Partner Devotional Bible and it’s from Rod Parsley. It’s older. My mother-in law gave it to me. She signed it in 2001 I think. So it just flipped open to “Anointed for God’s Purpose.” I couldn’t say this any better than he said it so I am just going to read it.

Anointed for God’s Purpose
Tarry ye in the city of Jerusalem, until ye be endued with the power from on high. Luke 24:49

Just as being saved prepares you for heaven-being filled with the Holy Spirit prepares you for your earthly walk with the Lord. The disciples were of no earthly good until they were filled with the Holy Ghost. That is the reason Jesus said; “Tarry ye in the city of Jerusalem, until ye be endued with the power from on high” (Luke 24:49).

In other words, don’t leave the upper room until you receive the anointing of the Holy Spirit. You may be ready to go to heaven, but you will be of no earthly good until you receive the anointing.

The anointing of the Holy Ghost is tangible. It is energy and it has substance. It is the perpetual propulsion of the power of God that can drive you through every line of Satan’s defense. Since the anointing is tangible, your supply can be depleted. The same disciples who were filled were also refilled again and again. (Acts 4:31;13:52.)

How do you receive the anointing? It is not your responsibility to produce anything—the anointing is not something you “make.” It is not your responsibility to perform a miracle. It is your responsibility to become filled with the anointing that can work the miracle. You are a vessel.

You are like a blood vessel in your body. Blood vessels do not produce the blood—the blood is manufactured by the marrow. The Bible tells us in Hebrews 4:12: “For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any two edged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.”

The marrow represents your spirit. Blood vessels do not produce blood; blood vessels carry blood. You do not produce the anointing; the anointing is manufactured in your spirit.

Continued praying…

Isn’t that a good picture? Thank You, Father, for the increase of the power of Your presence on us, in us, and through us, things that we cannot do as we stir ourselves up. That’s the key. Praying in other tongues. Let’s do that for just a couple minuets. (tongues)

That’s not the only way to stir ourselves up
That’s one way to stir up the inner workings, stir up the furnace, put some coals on the fire and watch them burn with great desire for the plan and for the purpose that He has called each one of us to
Keeping ourselves in unity with our brothers and sisters
Keeping our face in the Word – keep eating the right thing
Let it continually work, let it lift us and operate from us
Thank You, Father

I think every time we join ourselves up together just like this in one accord, praying in other tongues, we should leave the room on another level (ha, ha, ha). For we have never been called to stay the same way. We are always to walk up on a higher way and the steps and the increase or the ramp that gets us up there is the power of the Holy Spirit. Individually, that’s one thing. Corporately, that’s an absolute other thing. It matters that we join ourselves up together. It matters that we pray in one accord. It matters that we receive and welcome the power of the Holy Spirit and realize that it’s a new day. It’s not yesterday. We are not back in yesterday praying about… this is a new day! So we lean over and lean into it.

The end of some things and the beginning of other – Amen!
By faith, we take those steps outward and upward – seeing ourselves individually walk up in another… it’s a standard from heaven!
When the Devil comes in, like a flood the Spirit of God comes in with a standard from heaven!
And we are lifted up and propelled ahead!
The Master, The Savior, The healer, The Provider, The Great I Am, The King of Kings, The Lord of Lord, The beginning and the End, The Alpha and Omega!
Distribution centers! Individually and corporately we are a DISTRIBUTION CENTER!
Sending out supplies every day
It’s like a whirlwind, it’s the wind of the Holy Ghost, it’s the oil of the Spirit, it smells good, it moves good, it goes where no man can go, nothing can stop it, no devil can stop it, no man can stop it
Daily, daily, every day – into the new we go, into the new we flow
Rousting the enemy as we go
Calling the low places right on up and smoothing them out in Jesus’ name
Supplies, the supplies, the resources from heaven, the standard of heaven lifting them up and into positions they have been called to be
It restores – we declare restoration now in Jesus’ name
Sending out a supply of restoration all over the earth for the body of Christ to rise up and be in one accord!
Whole, healthy, nothing broken
We are custodians of Holy Ghost power – it must come out, it must move out, it has to do what it’s been called to do
No limits, no boundaries
There is a mandate for it – it’s a call for new doors, steps, plans, ways, creative ideas
As the watchers up on the wall, we watch over situations today
We by faith declare some things to change today in God’s way
It’s critical that we see
See ourselves up on that wall watching – declaring a calming down!
It’s a high walk way, a higher place of watching where greater understanding, revealing is operating
So enter on into the place of watching, enter on into the place of observation
For the new places I’ve called you to. I’ve called you first to watch over them and prepare for this way must be prepared today – this season we are in.

We watch, we watch, we watch
Time and time and time again, we watch over these ways
We watch in these days
Operating in the new, operating in the new

Seems like somebody put something on the shelf. It’s time to take it off. Take it down. Dust it off and begin to do it. These are the times for the new. Sometimes, yesterday those things were seen and known but it was not the time. So by the Spirit of God today I say it’s time now.

It’s time now – just take it down
Watch over it, plead the blood covering over it
That’s a promise, some of those things were promises from heaven
Through His plan and purpose, His destiny in and through us
By the blood of Jesus!
Watch and speak over it
Thank You for the money to do it, resources to carry it out
Others to come along side
It’s bigger; it’s greater than you are
Thank You for all of the new – new steps,
Better and better
Heaven-sent operations to take us to those steps, heaven’s answers today
We are not in the way, we are on the way
It’s a place of rest, a place of victory
In Your blood
Ha, ha, ha, ha…
We just rest in You, Lord
It’s the victory at rest, resting in You
In Me, abide in Me and let My words abide in you
You shall ask and it shall be done
We are abiding in the Son, the only righteous One
The victory in Him is won
Hallelujah! Enjoy, the joy of the Lord is our strength
Empowering us to overcome
Ha, ha, ha, ha….
Joy, joy, joy, joy
I am going to turn your sorrow into joy
Carrying in your sheaves rejoicing
The harvest of your tears, your seed
We pray over the laborers for strength today
Beauty, beauty for ashes, joy in the place of morning
I will set your feet to dancing Hallelujah, the victory has been won
Hosanna, Hosanna in the highest

Pastor Ray shared…

I saw myself in a cornfield, where the corn is so tall you can’t see over and all you can see is green. It was like a word as far as coming through, walking in victory, breaking out and I was reminded of the rows. The way they are planted the farmer plants them in rows. So if you just stay the course, if you stay in the row that you are in, you will come out the other side. You don’t have to jump from one row to another. In other words you can’t jump over into another person’s row or plan or purpose but stay steadfast in the call that He has given each one of you and you shall come out. Come out the other side in victory. Amen.

Did you sense a change when we started praying in other tongues? Wow! And what happens? We move by the Spirit and begin to declare things that we don’t know about. I believe as we pray in other tongues, the Spirit… Who are we praying to? The Father, He uses our tongues when we come by the Spirit and things can be changed, finished, opened, closed, somewhere else completely out of this United States, out of this country that we live in to another nation, to another people group, can go to a missionary on the field. There is no limit. That covers money, it covers everything. Hallelujah.

Continued reading from the Breakthrough Covenant Partner Devotional Bible by Rod Parsley:

That is why you need to have a spiritual life. It is not enough to go to church on Sunday and be filled with biblical knowledge. It is not enough just to have the Word of God without the Spirit. You need a Spirit-led life.

You need the energy of the Holy Spirit to do the things of God. The energy comes from the manufacturing plant of your spirit. John 7:38 says: “He that believeth on me … out of his belly (the marrow, the inward parts) shall flow rivers of living water.”

In yourself, you cannot produce the energy needed to do the things of God. The energy comes from God, and when you are given this energy, it is your responsibility to get rid of every bit you have by letting it flow out of you to a hurting, depraved, diseased and destitute humanity.

When a blood vessel is clogged, it is not a healthy vessel. It has to pour out the life source it has received in order to stay healthy. The same is true of you—you need to release the anointing inside you! That is why the Bible says, “These signs shall follow them that believe… ” (Mark 16: 17) and “Go ye therefore … ” (Matthew 28:19). God wants you to keep your vessel open.

You are somebody. You passed from death to life. You don’t receive the anointing of God through your own works, but rather, through the death of your own works. Deuteronomy 26:6 says: “The Egyptians evil entreated us, and afflicted us, and laid upon us hard bondage”—the bondage of your works.

If you do not rid yourself of old philosophies, you will carry them into the Promised Land. That baggage will thwart your faith toward God, because you will not trust God with your life as much as you trust in yourself.

Why release your anointing? God has a “land” He wants you to possess a destiny for you to fulfill. It is the anointing of His Holy Spirit that gives you the power to go in and possess it. Deuteronomy 26:1 reads: “And it shall be, when thou art come into the land which the Lord thy God giveth thee for an inheritance, and possessest it, and dwellest therein.”

To possess the land, you must drive out and spoil the previous tenants. You need to get rid of the old tenants of your heart—your traditions, philosophies, and ideologies—and replace them with the things of God. Then after you possess the land, God wants you to dwell and abide in the land of His blessing. He wants you living a victorious life, a Spirit-led life.

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