Prayer Summary for Thursday, May 25, 2017

Erika shared…

On Monday, I read a prophecy that came forth from William Seymour. I’m going to read it again. And in the light of that, everything we pray about, it all works together. God is so intricate that all of the parts if we yield and obey Him are coming together and we’re seeing the fulfillment of them. I love the things Pastor Jim is preaching about the fulfillment of the prophecies now in this day. It’s staggering and awesome.

[begin excerpt]
The Prophecies Are Coping to Pass

The Hundred-Year Prophecy

Sometime in 1910, Seymour just stood up on the stage, took the box off his head and started prophesying. He said in about a hundred years, there would be another revival like Azusa Street. Only this time it would not be in one place. It would be all over the world. There would be a return of the Shekinah Glory and the miracles. This revival would not be with just one person or just pastors. It would be with everybody in the body. This time the revival will not end until the Lord returns.

Seymour repeated this revelation more than once. All the saints told Tommy this prophecy.

On the opposite coast in New York City, according to Charles Parham’s granddaughter, Parham just stood up one day and declared the same prophecy, using almost the exact words. This happened within a couple of days of Seymour’s prophecy. They both pronounced that this modern-day outpouring would surpass Acts 2, Topeka, and Azusa.

Celebrate! We are now in the hundred-year period, and you are alive in this time!

According to Jesus in Luke 10:24, we are the envy of prophets and kings to see such an outpouring of the Spirit: “For I tell you that many prophets and kings wanted to see what you see but did not see it, and to hear what you hear but did not hear it” (NIV).

The hundred-year prophecy is coming to pass as you will see in chapter 18 called “Modern-Day Manna: Miracles of Today.” The telling of these stories has triggered this next mighty move of God and fulfilled prophecies spoken over Tommy decades ago. [end excerpt]

Yesterday as I was driving around, I was like, “Please, Lord, I don’t want to miss it. I don’t want to miss seeing what You’re doing. If You’re doing something over there, I want to see it and know it.” Pastor Lynne raised us up that way. Whatever we needed to hear, whatever we needed to have, whatever would help and assist us in our prayer place, we believed and knew that God would get it to us.

Then I was reading out of the Revival Study Bible the commentary on Luke 1, talking about John the Baptist and what his father prophesied to him at his circumcision. It says this:

[begin excerpt]
The revivalist, John the Baptist, remained unknown and hidden in the deserts until the appropriate time of his launching into visible, recognized ministry. Revivalists capable of impacting generations, people, and nations do not generally emerge from previously established and recognized ministries, fame, reputation, or wealth. They virtually pop on the scene, almost out of nowhere, having been sovereignly instructed of the Lord in the obscure regions of the earth and society. [pause excerpt]

Think about that. Think about what’s happened in the past. Think about what we’ve been able to experience. Many experienced the revival coming out of Toronto. Obscure. Who would think that a man wearing shorts and a Hawaiian shirt would be a carrier of God Himself. That’s obscure. That’s what I’m saying. Let us not miss what God is doing. What would you say if a man clothed in camel skins and ate locusts came on the scene? What if God chose to do that again? I don’t want us to miss it. I want us to be right on the edge, right on the cutting edge with eyes that see way over into the realm of the spirit and not miss it. That’s what we’re believing for the Church of the living God, that if He is and He is doing a work in the Church, then we’re all going to go. Every joint is going to enter in.

[continue with excerpt]
Their spirituality has been molded in the fiery crucibles of loneliness, prayerful separation, and study. [pause]

Think about the Welsh revival. Think about Evans Roberts and how he basically was hidden. He’d go and work at the face of the coal mine. So think of the opportunity that God has been preparing, the people for such a time as this. He has millions to choose from, doesn’t He?

They have not been polluted by social expectations or spiritual stereotypes. Therefore, their impact exceeds the normal and more usual methods of commonly accepted ministry. Their ministry is generally dynamic and short-lived, and engraves an indelible mark upon the Church. [pause…]

That’s what we want. An indelible mark on the Church for however long. I recently read, I think it was in Tommy Welcher’s book that a man studied revivals and he found that a lot of them only were 3 ½ years long. The same as Jesus’ ministry. Interesting thought.

Hidden under the shadow of His hand (Isa. 49:2), they are sharpened as the Lord’s arrow and prepared for the timely targeting of the needs of God’s people. [end excerpt]

Finally, I want to read “The Road to Revival” commentary on Luke 24:32.

[begin excerpt]
After Jesus rose again, He met two unsuspecting disciples on the road to Emmaus. While they did not at first recognize Him, their comment after His communion with them was: “Did not our hearts burn within us while He talked with us on the road, and while He opened the Scriptures to us?” Isaiah spoke about such a holy way and road (Isa. 35:8, 57:14-15).

We, too, can meet Him on the road to revival. He can do it again. He can also set our hearts on fire. Fresh winds of the Spirit are blowing through the Church. There is a sense of expectancy in the air. Multitudes are yearning for something that will put vibrancy in their souls. Many are coming alive to the claims of Christ. There is a deeper and more pervasive work of God that awaits us, an infusion of holy love that will engulf the whole body of believers and reach into the total fabric of our life and culture. For us to experience a mighty touch of God in revival, there must be preparation. It simply does not just happen. See how John “prepared the way” in Luke 3:1-6.

1. The challenge (3:1-3) Note that this is at a specific point in time.
2. The conditions (3:4-5)
a. Valleys of defeat must be filled to reach a life of victory and power.
b. Mountains of disbelief must be leveled to a life of faith and trust.
c. Crooked ways must be straightened to a life of truth and honesty.
d. Rough ways must be smoothed to lead to a life of peace and kindness.
3. The consequence (3:6). The results are revival and salvation. Note Luke 3:16, “He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and fire.”

May the Spirit ignite our faith again to experience times of refreshing from the presence of the Lord.
[end excerpt]


Father, we’re joining our hearts to fuel our faith and for You to energize us by Your Spirit, to open our eyes to see the glorious things which You have prepared for us. That’s our heart cry. Our hearts are stirred once again to believe and to trust You for a great revival and awakening. Father, we’re looking to you to make sure we’re right in the middle of it. Giving our supply. Preparing our hearts even now. Father, You’re awakening and shaking off lethargy and apathy in the Church. You’re shaking off slumber that would try to overtake us. You’re shaking off disappointment that would hinder and limit the great move that has already begun. We want our whole body to be quickened by the resurrection power of the Lord Jesus Christ. To have hope again, the fires on the inside fanning the flames by Your wind.

Sharon led group in worship…

♪ Let Him breathe in me, let the breath of God now breath on me… let the fire of God come and burn through me… ♪

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