Prayer Summary for Thursday, February 23, 2017

Jerre led in worship…

Jerre shared…

Those of us that have come today to the “school of the Holy Ghost” are here to taste and see that the Lord is good. It can’t be experienced by a “head” thing. It must be experienced in the spirit. So we come today and we sit down in Your goodness, Lord. We rest in Your goodness. We thank You that Your Spirit comes and envelops us, that we could experience Your goodness. But we must come and yield in the school of Your Spirit, Lord.

♪ So we sing you are good, O You are so good… You are good and we thank You… You are good, so very good… we sow to the Spirit now and say that You are good… ♪

Pastor Ray shared…

I like that: “school of the Holy Spirit.” That’s a good way to describe a prayer meeting.

I was reminded last night about what He’s done for me personally over the years. Things started coming back to me about what the Holy Spirit did for me. It reminded me of the scripture in Jeremiah 6:16, “Thus says the Lord: Stand by the roads and look; and ask for the eternal paths, where the good, old way is; then…” There’s a command. “…walk in it, and you will find rest for your souls.” The last part of this verse didn’t turn out very well for the people. At that time “they said, We will not walk in it!” That’s not the correct decision, right?

The reason I bring this up is because we’re to bring to remembrance the things that He’s done for us. When I go back in my life, one thing that happened to me over 25 years ago still has an effect on my life today. We’ve been taught at this church that it’s not about us—it’s about others. The move and fullness of the Holy Spirit is not just so we can have a good time but it’s so He can use us for others. That’s prayer. It’s not just for us and our families. I’m talking about the goodness of the Lord. He got somebody to pray for us before we even had a clue about Him. Even now, there are things that we don’t have a clue about. But we’re learning. That’s why we’re in the school of the Holy Ghost.

I want to read a commentary from the Revival Study Bible about Jeremiah 5:31: “The prophets prophesy falsely, and the priests exercise rule at their own hands and by means of the prophets. And My people love to have it so! But what will you do when the end comes?”

[begin excerpt]
Do Not Forget the End of It

Disobey and you pay the consequences. Jeremiah, prophet for forty years over the southern kingdom of Judah, was living in Jerusalem. Israel had nineteen kings and not one of them was godly; Assyria came in 722 BC and wiped them out. Now Jeremiah will prophesy in Judah during the good reign of Josiah where only eight out of the twenty kings of the southern kingdom of Judah are godly. These were intimidating times. Many do not realize the world’s four major eastern religions came about at the time of Jeremiah: Hinduism, Buddhism, Confucianism, and Zoroastrianism all around between 500 and 650 BC. Jeremiah saw the rise of false cults that would hurt people for centuries to come, but those he warned did not think of the end of their sin, or that their disobedience would open up the door to centuries of deception. How did it happen?

Obeying only for a season (Jer. 34:8–16)
What a picture of a people for all times! They say they will obey, but only for a season. The very thing they are commanded to let go of, they did, but later brought back. Time can erase the urgency of conviction, but fellowship with God cannot.

When you use a knife in Bible study (Jer. 36:20–23)
The king thought that by removing God’s Word he would not be accountable; he read three or four columns then cut them out and threw them into the fire. What he did not like, he simply cut out. Yet by refusing to deal with what is in this Book does not change the fact that one day, you will have to deal with the One who wrote it in person.

They want to hear but do not want to obey (Jer. 42:1–2, 43:1–2)
Jeremiah gets a Word from God but the city does not want to obey it. People wanted to move to a place with no war, but God warned them, “The place you think will offer peace will be the very place that you will see the sword.” He tells them to stay in the holy city, not to go to Egypt or they will be destroyed. It is safer to deal with the sword in the will of God than to have peace outside the will of God. The peace of Egypt will eventually become a sword.

People would rather have things than have things right with God (Jer. 44:16–18)
When Jeremiah told them to stop offering up sacrifices to the queen of heaven, they said, “We won’t do it. We tried it and things got worse for us” (v. 18). “Since we stopped… we have lacked everything…. Righteousness does not help us.” Judging the truthfulness of God’s Word by outward circumstance is dangerous. Righteousness is costly, but worth it. (TD) [end excerpt]

We would not be where we are if He had not intervened through someone praying for us in our past. Sometimes we might not know who that person was. But thank God, He got us where He needed to get us. If you study about God’s “generals” from the past, you’ll see they all had some sort of a connection by the move of the Holy Spirit that got their attention. Then they rose up and in the face of absolute, all-out battle from the enemy, they press through and they made their mark. Many lives were changed because of their tenacity in Him. That’s how we have to be.

Erika shared…

The Holy Spirit is talking about the school of the Holy Spirit. It’s not about head knowledge. I want to read to you about what John G. Lake said about the importance of the impartation of the Holy Spirit, the tangible substance of God coming into a life.

[begin excerpt]
It seems difficult to think of Him as a being and a substance. God is Spirit, but Spirit is a materiality. And God Himself is a materiality, a heavenly, not an earthly materiality. The forms of angels are a substance, otherwise they would not be discernible. It is not an earthly substance or material, but a heavenly one.

As we think of the substance of which heavenly beings are composed, and of which God Himself must necessarily be a composition, the mind settles on light and fire and spirit as a possibility.

Then the Word tells us that God breathed into Adam the breath of life, and man became a living soul. There came a time when God made man. The Word tells us: He made man’s body of the substance of the earth [see Gen. 2:7]. He made man, the Word says, “In his own image, in the image of God created he him” [Gen. 1:27]; not just in the form that God was, but God breathed into him His own self, His own being… that heavenly materiality of which God consists. He injected or breathed Himself into the man, and the man then became a composition of that heavenly substance or materiality, and earth or the substance of earth. [end excerpt]

Think of that. The creator of the ends of the earth which is heavenly materiality, God himself, came and breathed into man, created man and Jesus came and died for man and the life and the materiality of God came in to human flesh. God is to be known and experienced. Not just with words but a tangible substance that brings about change. And if we hearken back to those days and remember… We don’t live in the past but the Holy Spirit can bring us back to those places where He touched us in a special supernatural way. And we can know Him, once again, in that way. I believe as the Church, we need those times again. There’s much we still don’t know. But we must be thankful and grateful for the things we do know and have experienced. It opens you up to God Himself moving in your spirit and soul and body.

Jerre interjected…

When you said John G. Lakes words “breathes Himself into” it dawned on me that every time we come and experience Him in the Spirit, not with our heads, He breathes Himself into us. Every experience we’ve ever had and that breath of the life and substance of God bring breathed into us in the school of the Holy Ghost, then that is written on the tablets of our hearts. It’s engraved there forever. It’s not just a memory. Those things from Him are engraved on our hearts because He breathed Himself into us. You can’t learn that up here in our minds. You need to yield in the Spirit and then when He comes, you’re never the same.

Erika continued…

He said you shall be My witnesses. It didn’t say that you’ll witness for me. He said you shall be… be being my witness. Part of that witness is part of the experience of God Himself that He so touches you and changes you that there is nothing that can take that out of you. Can’t convince you of it otherwise. Can’t beat it out of you. Because you know Him. I know Him and the power of His resurrection. He breathed His very life on the inside of me. That is the Christianity that the world is looking for. Why am I saying all this?

I had this dream and it was about going to a school. On a path and up off to the right was a brick building. A typical school. You would see it in the story books. I went up the path and there were people coming and going to class. I went inside and there were hallways with people coming and going. There were lockers and people would stand by them. I would try and communicate with the people that were coming and going. No communication. They were just about their business. Got their books and they’re walking to the next class. I knew it was time to go to one of the classes that I had to go to. So I took my books and I didn’t really know where the classroom was. The classroom I had to go to somehow I was just following a leading. It wasn’t in the typical, you know, go up to the third floor and look up on the right hand side and there’s the classroom. You had to go through halls, up one way and down and down and through and around. Finally I came to this classroom. When you opened the door, you went down into an amphitheater. It was pretty empty. Except for a few people. I’m up and they were down so I could see the backs of them sporadically seated throughout. I took my seat up toward the top and waited for class to begin. I looked down to the right and the instructor came in and began to teach. When the class was over, I went down and spoke with the instructor. I looked up and was astounded and amazed that what I thought were people sitting in the classroom were actually cardboard cutouts. Not real. What I realized was that very few people want to go through what it takes to get to the school of the Holy Spirit.

Those generals like brother John G. Lake that have a wealth of wisdom, that wisdom needs to be poured out in the earth now. Brother Hagin said if this wisdom doesn’t get transferred to the next generation there will be things we will lose. So we’re calling for God Himself and the ministry of the Holy Spirit to stir up again ministry of the Spirit in the school of the Holy Spirit. I don’t know all the things that need to transpire, but He does. I believe we need to pray about this.


Father, we endeavor to follow Your leading
We want to know and follow You… hear from heaven
We want to walk in Your ways
We want to be in the school of the Holy Spirit
No more limitations and boundaries that limit the Church
To be the hands and feet of Jesus
In the marketplace where we go
Yes it is new and it will be newer
He did it then and He’ll do it now
In the blink of an eye… a sudden change… a great cooperation
Brush aside every doubt and every fear or question about what He will do
For did He not say He would lead us and direct us into truth?
It will be beyond what we’ve known
He moved in us and He’ll continue to move through us to reach the lost
Alignments… lining things up
We must be distributors of what You’ve given us
You turn the hearts… cause them to open their eyes
The Word and the Spirit… both sides of Your truth
Cause a great crying out for the deep, O God
A great honoring of Your ministry, Holy Spirit
In the name, we repair the breach in Jesus’ name
We send a supply of the Spirit to those … we plead the blood of Jesus over those places that have been breached in their lives… we rebuild and strengthen in the name of Jesus… we send to you today help… we send angels to you today in Jesus’ name… we dispatch them by the Spirit of God to assist you in your assignments… there is nothing that the enemy can hold against you… there is no separation that he can’t overcome… this is the time the hour to come together in a great unity, a place of peach in Him… cooperation in the Spirit… cooperate with Him, yield to Him… He’s opening doors for you to walk in… He’s opening places for you to take in Jesus’ name… Yes, He’s starting today… He’s repairing and restoring today in Jesus’ name so that you can walk in the fullness of your call… in greater measure… casting aside all those things, every weight, every hindrance… those things that would seem to delay… every imagination that is exalting itself against the truth… that the Lord has spoken to you… cast it down, cast it down in Jesus’ name… and take up His anointing, His peace, joy… And in that comes the rest that you can walk in… glory to God… He is great and mighty… His is not limited, but His goodness and grace abound today. His anointing is working today in the earth…

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