Prayer Summary for Thursday, December 15, 2016

Jerre led in worship…

Pastor Ray prayed and shared…

Lord, we worship You and humble ourselves before You. We put all of our trust in You. In the days we’re living in, we trust You because You are the only wise God. You are the great I Am. Way maker. Thank You, Lord.

Merry Christmas! Yesterday, I kept hearing something in my heart while we worshipped the Lord. I kept hearing it for quite a while. I heard, “If you need change, if you need greater change, the increase of that change will come. Most of it will come from within you.”

That was the gist of it. I’ll read the rest of it. The gist of it was that the most change that we’ll walk into will come through us as we believe and speak. Here’s the rest of it.

“Time after time spent in My presence yielding to Me will bring even a greater increase from within you to bring forth that greater change to others that you come in contact with. And as they step into the influence of My change through you, the change you needed and have yearned for will come back upon you because of the seeds of change sown through you.

“And the winds of change will blow more than you know. Many changes you will not be aware of until you reach your final destination and step over. But know this, saith the Lord, the greater change, or the greatest changes, will come from within you.

“So be the window, be the door, be the voice that declares greater change in the lives of those you come in contact with, that I put in your path. Just yield to the greater and it will make a change in those you speak to. Sometimes it will come right through your eyes into their eyes. They will know that it is Me and not you… The touch of My presence… as you spend more and more time in My presence… the touch of My presence—that’s the change! That’s the power from heaven. This final month of the year, there is a call to bring greater change in the lives around you, for opportunities to speak to them. There is a call for each of My children to do their parts, to get in their hearts, yield to the change, and let it come through. It’s the river that is in each one of you. Much of it depends on your yielding to the greater change.”


Lord, we desire and purpose to yield to You. And to spend more time in Your presence.


Jerre, you have a precious supply, a gift that only God could give and you could yield to and allow it to come out and bring change to others. We appreciate it so much. We come into the chapel and get into God’s presence through your gifting.

Just think about the opportunities that we have to bring a touch to those around us, to touch someone with our words. And to pray for them, to bring change. One touch from heaven above changes everything. The anointing that’s within us brings forth that change. Not one believer is without the anointing. Right? We’re anointed!

What I read to you, it came by the Spirit yesterday. It’s about who we have in us and how we reveal Him to others through us. We can make so much change happen in this Christmas season, just by walking in love toward one another and not judging others. And staying in that peace that passes all understanding.

Jerre shared…

There are moments in our lives that are extreme love. They are memorable. You are in a place where you say something or do something for someone and this extreme love happens. It’s like you’re enveloped in it. We need to look for those experiences. It requires us to have eyes that are always looking outward. What can I do that would make a difference, that would change someone? Sometimes they’re dropped on us by circumstance. At that moment, we have the ability to do something that really makes a difference.

I’ll share one experience. One Christmas, a friend of ours, Clem, was in the lobby and it was Christmas. He was divorced. He shared with me that he had his boys for Christmas for the first time. He was so excited. We were both beaming! He said, “And we’re going to Cub and I’m going to get whatever they want to eat. I’m going to bless them really big.” I was like, “Wow…” Then I realized Cub was closed. Both our faces fell. I realized it was one of those moments where I could make a difference in someone’s life. I said, “You and the boys come over to our house. We’ll have great food, like you wouldn’t believe.” He said, “Okay.” We were both beaming again. On the way home, I had to stop for gas at the gas station. On the shelves at the gas station, I saw two big heavy-duty nice Tonka trucks. I scooped them up and paid for them and went home. I quickly wrapped them up and put the names of Clem’s boys on them and quietly tucked them under the tree. I found another gift, a huge meat tray. It was going to somebody else that I could replace cuz I wasn’t going to see them for a while. So I ripped that label off and slapped Clem’s name on it and tucked that under the tree too. After the meal, we handed out the gifts. I got to watch Clem’s face when his boys’ names were called. I’ll never forget the look on his face as long as I live. At those times, it truly is more blessed to give than receive. He was so blessed. And the boys were so happy. I believe that he was forever changed, and I was forever changed by the goodness of God.

That’s the beauty and joy of walking in love and giving. It’s the beauty of changing a darkness into a light. There’s just no greater life to live than this life that Jesus gave us. He said we’d have life and life more abundant. And it is.

Jerre continued to lead group in worship…

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