Morning Prayer Summary for Monday, September 16, 2019


Hallelujah, thank You for the goodness of God
You are so faithful and so gracious, Lord
Yes, You are making a way where there seems to be no other way
Things are being cleared up and cleaned out
We magnify, glorify, and worship You
You are so good, so faithful, and a never changing Father
Thank You that You have given us ears to hear from heaven
We ask You to transmit the things of the Father to us, Lord
You have given us a spirit of seeing and a spirit of knowing and we will operate in that
Atmospheres are being changed today by Your presence
Thank You for the signs and wonders that are taking place in these last days
Yes, we will operate in the realm of the supernatural
We thank You, Father, that You are the God who heals and who restores
You are meeting every need, spirit, soul, and body!
Calling for those circumstances to be lined up in the name of Jesus
Today is a good day, for salvation is here!
Declaring for the light to shine and for darkness to flee!
Reveal those secret things unto us, Lord
Casting down all evil plots of the enemy in the name of Jesus
Flood those dry places, Father
Release the captives and set them free!
Calling for doors to be opened, doors that no man can shut!
Surround them with the love of God!
Cover them with the precious blood of Jesus
Casting down every form of darkness that would try to come against them
Give them eyes to see and ears to hear
You are so good and so faithful, Father
Thank You for how good You are in our family and in our country
We love You, Lord, we will step out and take our place of authority in You
Declaring that we will walk in Your favor
Yes things are working out for our good and we thank You for it, Lord
Giving You all the glory, honor, and praise today!

A Word of the Lord came forth…

Do not take those cares. Do not take them, those cares belong to Me, saith the Lord. Give them to me, let them go, stretch out your heart, yearn and see, and apply and declare you are carefree. Those cares no longer can enter your brain when you declare these cares are not mine. These cares belong to You, Lord, take them, take them. So we speak to every single care… It could be someone here in this room, someone out over the Internet, someone out in GPAN. In Jesus’ name, free from every single care! No, don’t take that… Cares have a way of entering your thought life and then moving from your thoughts down into your heart. But those cares must be cut off, removed, and given unto Me, saith the Lord.

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