Prayer Summary for September 11


We believe in the power of the blood
We believe in the Word and in the Holy Ghost, in Your faithfulness in all Your ways
We’re thankful that there is life and light in the blood today
We’re thankful that the blood was poured out so the Spirit could come
Thank You for the Holy Spirit who reveals and discloses the things of the Father to us
We know what is ahead, Father; we have inside information, the story of the glorious Church
You’re bringing us all the way through
The operations and manifestations of Your Spirit; we’re looking for a greater unveiling, greater diversities of operation
You make the eye to see and the ear to hear; you cause us to know the Spirit of seeing and knowing…
There is a cleansing through the blood of the Lamb… getting rid of all the things that doesn’t matter
Holy Spirit, may Your voice be amplified to every believer
We’ll arise to the true height of Your Word, arise to the glorious light and to the Lamb of God
We thank You that the future of the Church is bright
We lift up those that are in a fight, a struggle
The weapons of our warfare are not carnal but they are mighty to the pulling down of strongholds
We release our faith for the supply of the Spirit to strengthen our brothers and sisters
Be healed, be whole, be restored in every measure and in every way
Thank You, Father, that you’ve lavished us with Your great love and mercy
Thank You for the blood of Jesus over this nation
We declare that blood over our capital, over our borders, all those in authority, over our military and police
We pray You give them wisdom to bring this nation to the place and original call of God, for Your glory, Father
We will finish the call and the Church will take her place and will arise to the true height
We will no longer delay our service to you saying, “Another day…”
Father, we know there is no answer to this world’s dilemmas save the blood
We look only to You; our eyes are upon You
We are humbled, Father, by the honor and privilege that You saw fit that we would live now for such a time as this
We apply the blood of Jesus to the ears, to the thumbs and toes of believers to hear and do what the Spirit says
We’re clothed in Your glory, and it’s all because of the blood of Jesus

The following excerpt is taken from The Blood and the Glory by Billye Brim:
Chapter: “The Blood and the Outpourings”

(pp. 129–130)
The outpouring of the Holy Spirit in the book of Acts is the former rain outpouring of the Holy Spirit. It came to prepare the ground for the sowing of the seed. The latter rain outpouring came at the beginning of this last prophetic century of the sixth day. The Azusa Street outpouring was a part of it. The old-timers we’ve been referring to were a part of it. It came before the early harvest. But the Bible prophesies an outpouring when the early rains and the latter rains will come together. Joel prophesied a coming of the former rain and the latter rain in the first month. (Joel 2:23) The Holy Spirit through James revealed that the great third and final outpouring of the age will come just before the coming of the Lord. James 5:7,8, says “Be patient therefore, brethren, unto the coming of the Lord. Behold, the husbandman waiteth for the precious fruit of the earth, and hath long patience for it, until he receive the early and latter rain. 8 Be ye also patient; stablish your hearts: for the coming of the Lord draweth nigh.”

The Husbandman is God the Father (John 15:1) A husbandman is a farmer. God the Father is the best Farmer ever there was or ever will be. He has a field. Earth. God’s field will receive an outpouring of the Spirit likened unto the former and latter rains coming together. The glories of this outpouring will produce the grandest crop ever there was or ever will be. A great harvest of the “precious fruit of the earth” will come in to the glory of God the Father. The third and last outpouring of the Spirit before Jesus comes will include everything in the book of Acts plus everything in the outpouring at the beginning of this century put together.

(pp. 137–138)

The Old Testament prophesied that three outpourings of the Spirit would come in the last days. Two have been fulfilled. At the beginning of the last days, the Spirit of the Lord was pouring out as the book of Acts records: The Former Rain Outpouring.

At the beginning of the Twentieth Century—the last century before the millennial change—the second outpouring blessed the earth: The Latter Rain Outpouring.

At the end of this prophetic century, we are now experiencing showers from the clouds gathered and almost ready to burst forth in the final outpouring of the last days just before the coming of the Lord: The Former and Latter Rains Together Outpouring.

First the Blood

There were no outpourings of the Spirit in Old Testament times. The Spirit was not poured out then because the Blood had not yet been poured out in the earth. The Spirit goes where the Blood has cleansed. The Old Testament typifies this when the priest applied the Blood first and then the oil. Oil is a type of the Holy Spirit. (Lev. 14:14–17). A simply profound line in one of Charles Wesley’s songs declares, “His Spirit answers to the blood.” Every outpouring of the Holy Spirit was and will be in answer to the Blood of Jesus the Messiah. His Blood was poured out at Calvary so the Spirit could be poured out at Pentecost. His blood was magnified in the Holiness movement which went before and prepared the Church for the latter rain outpouring at the beginning of this century. And the newly filled saints of the outpouring were taught by the Holy Spirit to honor and give place to the blood for manifestation of the power of the Spirit. A great emphasis upon the Blood of Jesus must precede and accompany the fullness of the outpouring of the Spirit which is almost upon us.

(p. 160)
The former and latter rain outpouring is upon us. These are the last of the last days. We must make much of the Blood for two purposes. To overcome Satan in his end time wrath. But much more importantly, to prepare us for God’s Glory in His end time revelation through His Glorious Church. I have included so much from witnesses of the outpouring at the beginning of the century. This is because these old-timers understood truth about the blood and the power which somehow slipped away. It must return for the greater outpouring we are about to know at the end of the century. I believe we need to return singing about the Blood. Real singing to give the Blood its place in our approach to God. Not merely to singing just a token song in a service, but to singing a while in honor of the Blood. The old-timers said that when they sang about the Blood for a while “a cleansing wave” seemed to sweep over them preceding a wave of the Spirit in power. The Spirit answers to the Blood. The Spirit of Glory must complete our preparation now for the Lord of Glory.

Full Circle

It won’t be long now until we complete the circle… We are about to return to the fullness of the Glory of the Father’s Presence.
Oh! What a Planner! Oh! What a Plan! Thank God for the Blood and the Glory!

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We stand in the power and authority of the blood
It’s the answer for the outpouring that our hearts long for
It’s the blood that makes the Church to arise and compels her to go forward
The blood can turn a nation, and we call for the blood to be upon this nation and the nations of the earth
There is a harvest that must be wrought
We’re breaking out of deception and fog of the enemy
We lift up the places for the members of the body of Christ, You place them where they must be
A greater revelation in the Church of the living God, wisdom to discern
We’ll take up the call and responsibility and not leave it to somebody else
By your mercy and grace, You’ve left us for the last leg of the race
There is a greater unwrapping to be had, by the Spirit, unwrap those gifts and bring to the fullness
There are five-fold ministry gifts, operations of the gifts of the Spirit, the greater
They must cooperate with the Spirit
We lift up the synchronization of the Church
We lift up the supernatural aid and assistance and preparation and progression, one after the other after the other
We lift up the master plan and strategy for this hour and this day
May Your voice be amplified in the Spirit
Remove stumbling blocks
Thank You for divine equipment

The following prophecy was given by Kenneth E. Hagin at Winter Bible Seminar in 1989:

Don’t draw back, don’t draw back, don’t draw back… The time is near, the time is at hand. No longer can you wait; no longer can you procrastinate. No longer can you say, “Yea, in another day I’ll consecrate. In a later day, I will wait on the Lord more. In another day, I will spend more time with Him. In another day, I will put my flesh under.”

No longer, no longer. Don’t draw back and don’t pull back.

The Spirit of the Lord pleads with you. Come forward, more forward. Answer the call you hear in your heart. Respond unto the Spirit of God. It is not bad, it is good. It is not bad, it is good.

The price that would be paid in the flesh is nothing compared to the glory which shall be revealed. It is not bad. Do not dread it. Do not draw back from it.

It is a lie. It’s a deception that has held you back. It’s a lie. It’s a deception that has caused you to draw back. Go on in. Taste and see that the Lord is good.

Oh the treasures of the things He has laid up for you. The things that your heart is hungry for. Nothing else will satisfy your soul. Nothing else will give you the answer in your heart. Nothing else will make you feel complete. Nothing else will satisfy what you seek. Nothing else! Nothing!

Oh, push in. Respond unto the Spirit of God. Just lay those other things aside. Lay those things aside. Humble the pride and fall before Him and wait upon Him. And as you do, your soul will blossom. Your spirit will spring forth. Yea, you will be a greater blessing unto your spouse. You’ll be a greater blessing unto your family because you will bloom forth. And you won’t be restricted like before. And you won’t be vexed like before. And you won’t be hindered like before.

Yea, you’ve done some things for them. You’ve drawn back and you said it was for them. But you have not been a blessing to them in that the full blessing of the Lord was not upon thee.

But if you shall press in though, it might seem to cost that price in the beginning, it might seem like it costs you. It might seem like it costs them. Yea, but that’s the only way to get to the things that they desire and the things that you desire and the things that are needed. Yea, the things that must be in this hour, it cannot be delayed. It cannot be delayed. It cannot be delayed. It must be now. Now is the time. Now is the time!

So heed the call of the Spirit’s cry in your heart. Don’t say, “I’ll do it by and by.” But the time is now. Do not dread or fear. Taste and see that the Lord is good.

Don’t think it’s too high a price. It’s nothing in comparison to the light and the glory that shall be revealed. Draw nigh unto Him. He shall draw nigh unto thee. Seek His face. He shall reveal Himself unto thee even in a greater way. And you shall rise up and you shall be enabled to be a far greater blessing. And your later end shall exceed and it shall overflow and it shall be abundant in blessing and glory and grace.

And the evil one that thought you to deter and thought to lie to you and keep you from it, you shall look at him and you shall say, “Ha, ha, ha, ha… Your plan did not work, ha, ha, ha… It did not succeed, ha, ha, ha… I did not believe it… ha, ha, ha… I obeyed ha, ha, ha… I ran my course, ha, ha, ha… I finished my job, ha, ha, ha ….”

And those things that once held you, those things that for years, years deceived you and held you out; you shall look at them in triumph. You shall look at them from that higher place. And they shall seem nothing to thee. They shall seem small and despised in your eyes. You shall look upon them in dismay and you shall say, “Ha, ha, ha…” You shall see far… ha, ha, ha… And you shall know well, and you shall move sure, and shaken shall be hell. And their power shall be confused for His authority you’ve used. And that which they greatly feared shall have happened.

For they feared, they feared that the revelation of truth would come into the earth. They feared that it would come through the heavenly host that would withstand it. They feared that someone would stand. They feared that someone would seek. They feared that someone would penetrate. Because when the revelation comes, the truth doth set the captives free. And that which they have greatly feared, it shall even come to pass. It’ll come to pass. It’ll come to pass.

God shall reveal His truth unto His people. Yea, we’ve rejoiced in the light. And we’ve seen a little bit. And we moved, but oh, there’s so much more. There’s so much more.

And the enemy would have us just revel in what we see and what we know and not push and penetrate to hold fast to receive more. But it shall not be for a glimpse we do see. And we shall not be satisfied until the truth in our hearts abides.

We shall not draw back and we shall not fear until we have it all that God would give year by year. Increasing glory to glory, light to light. Not doing it in the flesh but by the good faith fight.

And His plan shall be accomplished and His ways shall be straight. And then it shall be ready. He shall come. He’ll not be late. And His people shall have done His bidding and His people shall have heard His voice. And His Spirit shall have reaped the harvest through the Church and His people shall rejoice.

He calleth thee higher. He calleth thee higher. Continue to look down on lowly things on the ground but look up and see what He has reserved for thee. And by faith, let your heart reach out and grasp and let His Spirit lift you up. Then at last, you shall see what your eyes have longed to see. You shall sense what your heart has craved, hungered to sense. You shall know what your mind has hungered to know. You shall do what you were created to do.

Continued praying…

Your blood is still working today
You are the all-sufficient one
You supply all we need to do all Your will and plan
Thank You for the honor and privilege to be co-laborers with You

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