Prayer Summary for November 30


Thank You, Father, that You trusted us to live now and all that You would have us to do
For every resource in heaven and earth
That we are going over—we are overcomers
Expecting to see the unfolding of Your plan in this hour
That the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit are making us one
For perfecting that which concerns us!
For the blood that keeps us and works effectually in us
Thank You, Father, for angelic assistance

Erika shared…

I have been thinking still much about Dr. Caroline Leaf and what she ministered and is ministering to the body of Christ and I thought about it in regard to prayer. Praying corporately and individually and how she told us about what transitions as the smallest particle, what things are made of, are waves. What you put in is what is going to go out. You can have good waves, bad waves… do you understand what I am saying? But I thought about it in regard to prayer. Philippians 1:19 came to me, “For I am well assured and indeed know that through your prayers and a bountiful supply of the Spirit of Jesus Christ the Messiah, this will turn out for my preservation, for the spiritual health and welfare of my own soul and avail toward the saving work of the gospel.”

Think about it, of course Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit is supplying the Spirit to us but individually and corporately as the body of Christ, what goes out as a supply of the Spirit for those we pray for, that there soul might be saved. Think of it! It’s amazing. And then I Timothy 2, “Therefore I exhort first of all that supplications, prayer, intercessions and giving of thanks be made for all men, for kings and all who are in authority that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and reverence.” Think about the influence of the Church in the world and the staying power and the peace power that can be emitted from them, not only in words but in actions in prayers and in actual tangible substance. It’s amazing.

And so we are still praying for the Church. Are you still praying for the Church? And we are praying, as Paul in his letters tells us to pray, for the Spirit of wisdom and revelation. We are praying for governmental, natural, they could be spiritual leaders but spiritual leaders and government leaders… for the Spirit of Wisdom… practical wisdom, prudence, skill, comprehensive insight, Christian enlightenment, a right application of knowledge, insight into the true nature of things. Wisdom in the Bible is often coupled with knowledge in anticipation of our needing guidance, direction and knowing.

God tells us to ask for wisdom, assuring of a liberal reception. And so we are praying that. We are praying for all those in authority that the Father would grant unto them the Spirit of Wisdom and Revelation in the knowledge of God. We start right at the top with our president with those surrounding him, those that give him council, those that speak in his ear, even in dark corners per say, those that speak things that they are not really wanting to speak in a public forum but, Father, we pray for the Spirit of wisdom and revelation for those who would give council to our president. We pray that You would turn their hearts even as the water course. Father, You gave us this nation by Your very own hand. It wasn’t a man that said “someday I am going to find a nation and make it.” But Father, You formed it. You brought it into being. Your hand was upon it from the very inception and so, Father, we are still holding fast to that; that You, the author and the finisher of this nation will finish it. You will finish it.

Continued praying…

This nation’s foundations are being touched by the Word, the Spirit, and the blood
Thank You, Father, that You are working in this nation
Aligning this nation to the righteousness of God
Applying the blood over every step—making progress
Looking for greater change—aligning with Your timeline
Releasing our faith in this great change
Not backing away in any way!
Greater revelation to the Church and through the Church
Boldness and wisdom coming through the Church
Infiltrating through wisdom—the secrets of God
The inside track—not missing one step
Arising to the true height of the Word
Laying hold of the promise and all the provisions
Laying some things aside this day—supernatural awareness
You must see by the Spirit now!
Thank You, Father, for the five-fold ministry for the perfecting of the saints
Greater utterance and wisdom to feed and lead the flocks
Preparing the highway for our God!
Some must turn and go another way—a drastic move
Changing course, bringing about a supernatural change
They must go, they must go—there is an urgency now
We have to get to it—supernatural aid and assistance
Cooperation and collaboration—bound in the Spirit we go!
No more divisions—the blood has covered it all
Healing the rifts that it may be smoothed over by Your glory by Your love
The Love of God prevailing for the greater good—much more to be done
Forgetting that which is behind and pressing to the higher vision
Accuracy—there must be accuracy
Must be moved from one position to another
Smooth transitions—it will seem to be an easy thing
Supernormal flow of the Holy Spirit
Greater joining together—esteeming all the parts
An anointed living body of the Lord Jesus Christ—all the parts!
Discerning all the will of God
Putting on the clothes of righteousness and holiness
Casting all the filth far away!
Lifting up—we must arise!
We move with the cloud—moving with You, Father!
That’s a change in see and knowing
Not departing from Your way—Your life giving Word
A sound going up—a tuning up of the Church
There is a call, Father! Calling them up! Calling them up!
Our eyes are upon You, Father, looking to You
Pleading the blood over believers
Watcher over the wall—assistance and help!
A call to the GREATER GLORY!
Do not forsake the assembly!
Boldness and courage—applying the blood of Jesus there
Exposed in the name of Jesus!
We say NO! You will not have your way, Satan!
Loosing ministering spirits to bring a divine interruption in that situation
Road blocks, supernatural help from heaven
We speak confusion to that situation and call it NOTHING
Vanity and emptiness!
Undo that in the name of Jesus!
Everyone sees it now, everyone sees it now
Rally the troops!
Looking for those things that are necessary—wisdom and revelation
Your body walking upright before You
Your arm is not shortened, Father
Not being drawn off to the left or right
Our eyes are open to You and our ears are open to Your voice, Father
Increase from one degree of glory to another
A staying power now—it’s in the finishing, Father
Stable and fixed under the shadow of the Almighty
Stable and fixed upon Your Word!
Moving from the have to, to the desiring to—because of love

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