Prayer Summary for Friday, November 18, 2016

Jerre led in worship…

Barb shared…

Isaiah 53 talks about the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. And in that chapter, it says that though He was led like a lamb to the slaughter, He opened not His mouth. I was thinking about that. It says He could have called legions of angels to come and rescue Him. Yet He didn’t open His mouth. The reason He didn’t open His mouth is so that we could open our mouths. So today when the enemy tries to come against you, you can stand up and open your mouth and say, “No! You have no right. You have no place and I will not allow you to enter or to have any authority in my life or my family.” He did that. In the New Testament when they took Paul and were ready to scourge him, he said, “Wait a minute. You can’t do this to me. I’m a Roman citizen.” When he said that, they were all scared. “We better not beat this guy up or we’re going to get in big trouble.” But here we are, citizens of heaven and we allow the enemy to strap us to the pole and beat us with the whip. We don’t stand up and use our voices. Jesus remained silent so that we could speak up. Out of the river and the anointing and the flow of the Holy Spirit, He comes if we just rise up. He comes and joins with you. He’s our helper. He takes hold together with you, as the scripture says. As that anointing flows and the words flow, you can defeat the enemy with the sword of the Word! The sword of the Spirit. So when we’re singing this morning, use your words like a weapon against the enemy. Hallelujah!

Jerre shared…

I remember during the move of God, there was a song that came out that said, “I have a weapon in my mouth.” We sang it over and over again. During that time, a girl that couldn’t get pregnant took up that song, “I have a weapon in my mouth.” She started hitting that mountain. It worked.

Jerre led group in singing “I have a weapon in my mouth…”

Jerre shared…

I read that David praised the Lord seven times a day. I thought about it for a while and wondered, “Did he plan the times, like ‘I’m going to get up at 9 o’clock and start praising and then about noon I’ll start praising again and at 3 and at night…’” He knew the power of praise enough to say “put that into my schedule.” We praise Him all day long but do we put the importance on it? And the depth of it? Seven times a day he worshiped.

Barb shared…

Monday I was working. I had a lot to do and I said, “Lord Jesus, You have to help me today. I have so much to do.” It was funny because I would get something done and lift my hands up and go, “Thank You, Jesus. You’re doing a really good job.” Then I’d get something else done and then raise my hands, “Thank You, Jesus.” It was the most amazing day. I got so much done, more than I get done usually in a normal day. It was amazing to me. Every 30 minutes, my hands went into the air… “Thank You, Jesus!”

Jerre led group in song, “strong in the battle…”

Barb shared…

Let’s do this. Today we’re going to stand with the body of Christ for those that I saw before. It’s like they’re wrapped to the pole and the enemy is beating them up. We need to lift them and you too. Let’s start by saying that we’re strong in the battle.

Jerre leads group to sing “We’re strong in the battle…”


You always make a way, Lord…
Where there doesn’t seem to be a way, You always make a way
You keep our land… you open the doors that are closed… you unlock those
Those doors, You open them wide
You cause us to step over and into those that You have prepared
As the body of Christ to walk in the fullness of Your anointing… to walk in the fullness of Your plan, Father
To rise up in the earth and take our place
No longer timid but strong and mighty
Taking hold of every promise and enforcing that dominion in the earth
Making sure that we crush the enemy, keeping him under our feet where he belongs
For he had no power and authority over us
But we have dominion over him… and we take control in the name of Jesus
We take control of our families… our environment… our churches… our nations…
We walk in that place of authority that You’ve granted unto us by the blood of Jesus Christ
We’re walking in that way today in Jesus’ name and we’re calling every member of this body to walk in their places
Locking arm and arm in the name of Jesus
One voice! Yes, we repent for disunity, Father… we repent for division
We call for unity in Jesus’ name
That Your grace and anointing will flow thru every member
Regardless of their label… we call for it now in the name of Jesus Christ
An outflow of Your Spirit from every denomination
In every nation…
We’re calling for a revelation to come to those that haven’t walked in the ways of the Spirit
That You would being a revelation and understanding to them, that they would be arrested by Your Spirit
And know this is the way to go … and the thing to do
And You fill their mouths and cause that anointing to flow so they can speak release into their congregations
And speak release into their nations in the name of Jesus
Right now in Jesus’ name
You wrap Your arms around them
Shore up the base in Jesus’ name… make it strong
Angels, angels, Go! Be released to all those that are needing assistance today!
Go and assist and under gird today!
Yes, you make deliveries today… you deliver things today in Jesus’ name
Pour it out, pour it out in Jesus’ name
Let that river flow, let that anointing flow
Angels… there are missions to be launched…
Missions that He’s setting up right now… some are secret
He’s opening it up… Angels… Yes, we cooperate
You get those people that are part of those missions… come together now
Yes, we’re going to that place, Lord… by faith… into that special place
We direct the power of God there in the Spirit… a special place… by faith there is that place… we say Open up!
Open! In Jesus’ name… that special place…
WE take authority over every demon that resides there in Jesus’ name
We command them to get out of that special place… it needs to be cleaned out

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