Prayer Summary for Monday, May 16, 2016

Annie led group in worship…

Pastor Ray shared…

When Annie started singing, I saw myself sitting up above the cross. I know that sounds different. If you came into the chapel and saw me sitting up there, would you do a double take? Turn around and leave? That’s just where I saw myself seated. Where is that? Up above the fray! Where everything looks small. That’s where He’s seated each one of us… He’s given us a seat high above. We are sitting up there if we take our place. I’m talking about up above every situation. It’s called “victory.”

Mark Hankins said, “We pray from victory, not for victory.” We pray from a place of victory and we receive the victory! I like that perspective. We’re praying from a place of victory up above every situation. We’re not moved by what we see. We’re moved by what we say based on what the Word says. He has given us a seat high above every piece of junk… I’ll put it like that. So time is moving. It’s moving so quickly, but as members of the body of Christ, by faith, we take our places, our seat in heavenly places and we can rest in Him knowing it’s His time! This is His time!

Erika shared…

It is His time and if we make His time our time, there’s victory, there’s overcoming, there’s degree after degree of glory upon the Church of the living God. So we’re looking for an increase in that.


Father, You’ve said in Your Word, men can know and discern the natural times, but, Father, we want to know the timeline and the times and the seasons in Your Spirit in Your timeline. We want to cooperate with You from that position being seated far above with the vision from above, not in the middle of the fray. We’ve been given the victory.

We lift up the body of Christ
All members have a revelation of their seating in heavenly places
That we would not walk under but above
There’s a clarity there, and peace there, joy there, and a comfort there
Seeing the end from the beginning
That we would not stumble along the way
Endurance and strength for the days
Destinies and every call and every position
Restoration, some have lost their place
May they regain it in the name of Jesus
Run with fire again… It’s in the finishing… Make it profound, Father
Not living as though it didn’t matter but, Father, living with the whole revelation of Your plans and purposes
Take up the baton… take it in the transfer…

Pastor Ray…

Sometimes it’s time to step aside just a little so that, whatever is been trying to rule you is further from you. And then take your authority back over there in that place and prepare the things that you’ve been called to, to walk out your race. It is your race and this is the time to take your place. Mr. and Mrs. and families too. Trusting in God and walking in the authority…

Prayer continued…

The answers will come
But time spent in the rest of God in the place of peace bring about greater revelation about the authority enabling each member of the body of Christ to do what it’s been called to do
Every plan, so we hold up Your plans, Father
The Great Commission—Your plan and will
Keep your helmet on! Keep yourself covered by the blood
Declare it!
Listen with the ears of your spirit to the Voice that is speaking and saying, “come up”
Details that have to be ironed out, so to speak
We apply the blood over those
Details concerning the plans about the times we’re living in
Steady, My Church, stay strong in Me, covered with the blood, for there will be lots of other activity
Stretch into Me

Mary sang in the spirit and then sang it in English…

Set apart for this time… Set apart to walk in victory… Set apart to speak words of liberty… Set apart to shine in His name… Holy days, holy ways, all for this time… It is so clear… Hearing words from heaven, speaking words of life and truth… Holy days… Victorious ways…

Pastor Ray…

Victory after victory after victory—every victory designed and pre-planned from heaven above making an absolute difference in these days in this land of America. Victory after victory in the Church, spiritual and in the natural. Victories that are making a difference and changing the land and changing the direction and changing the plans. Hold fast to the blood. Hold fast to the name that’s above very other name. Then in Jesus’ name, declaring that name over every state in the United States. Declaring Jesus is Lord over that state. Jesus is Lord over my state!

Prayer continued…

We lift up ministries and positions of authority in the Church
New days of authority, new ways to walk and to speak
Entering into these new days
A reset, bringing it back on track
Some must get out of the way
It’s a positioning now—there are positions to be positioned by the Spirit
Place them, plant them, set them in their places, set them on their races
We take authority over that and apply the blood of Jesus over that
We say “You be normalized, you be straightened, you be smooth, you be oiled by the Holy Spirit”
You mesh together. You work together. You flow together. You function together. You are unified in the Holy Ghost
Divine intervention, divine revelation, understanding and light there
To the heart now, Father, forgetting those things which are behind
Father, pressing forward—let that go, leave it behind, fling it away
For you know this is the day
Together, now, joined together, one heart, one mind, one plan, one purpose
Oh, it’s the body—make us one
Take the steps today, the steps that will eliminate the fray
Humbling yourselves and move in the way that I’ve ordained
It is the higher way, to esteem one another and the gifts and the anointings and the abilities

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