Morning Prayer Summary for Monday, January 22, 2018

Scripture focus…

This charge I commit unto thee, son Timothy, according to the prophecies which went before on thee, that thou by them mightiest war a good warfare; I Timothy 1:8 (KJV)

Ms. Erika shared…

Something on the inside of me just stood up when I read that scripture this morning. It’s not that we haven’t been serious but to just be little more committed to take hold of some things that have been prophesied and war a good warfare.

We are going to name some prophecies today and take hold. When the Bible says receive, really it means to take hold. And take hold so you got it and nobody else can get it. I had this thought that it would be good if everyone in here participated throughout the week or longer in compiling a prayer confession of prophecies. If you have your hands on some prophecies about what the Lord has said concerning this region or Minnesota or the United States, we would like for you to bring them in so we could get a copy of them and put a whole stack together. I have a whole stack of them myself and I said “Okay, Father, I will go through them today.” And then we will get them into the hands of whoever wants them and we can wage a good warfare.

Sometimes the Lord is leaning on us to commit even more and we finally say “No, we are done with that!” In the same way we do when we decided to continually pray for our President. Amen. And just regroup and get fired up one more time. We just turn up the heat and do a little more. Do you think that would be good? I think that would be good. I thought of a couple we just recently went over. One is Pasty Camenti’s prophecy concerning Minneapolis being “A Strong City for God.” Well don’t drive around and look with your natural eyes. You can drive around and look with your spiritual eyes and you can use that to wage a good warfare “A Strong City for God!” We have a strong spiritual heritage in this city. There are multiple, many churches, ministries that are established by God in these cities. And we have an opportunity coming up in May to evidence the unity in the body of Christ that is in this region. So we will continue to “wage a good warfare” keeping these words before us that we would make greater advances as the body of Christ together. Amen.

Then there is the prophecy concerning I35 and the river. How many have heard about that? Okay, some people haven’t. So it would be good that everybody heard about it. And through the years there have been many, many, many prophecies from Kenneth Copeland but I like this one “The Year of the Holy Ghost and Fire, 2018: the 9 Gifts and the 8 fruit.” The Church needs it but we also need it for the advancement of the Gospel. So we are holding to what the Father has spoken through the mouth of His prophets. And then I like Jeani Wilkerson’s prophecy that the White House would call for the men of the cloth. We know there are established people like Paula White Cain, she is the head of a council of evangelicals for the President. And Dr. Ben Carson praying with the cabinet members. Amen. So we need more of that. It’s prophesied. And then I thought of Brother Hagin and the St. Louis prophecy where the light comes from the center of the nation. You know in here we talk about prophecy all the time. Do you understand that that is not just a little deal? God Himself has spoken through the mouth of a vessel saying these things. Amen. So let’s get stirred up a little more about it. I am talking to myself so if you want to get in on it, get in on it. And then Smith Wigglesworth, his prophecies concerning the move of the Holy Spirit and different men and what they would bring.

I would like to pray one more time about the Super Bowl. The Vikings are not in it but that’s okay. Actually I believe it’s a good opportunity for the Lord. You know the world is crazed with sports. Hello, how about in idolatry. Huh? You could get totally down on it and they have messed up but they are just part of the world’s system. They need God. Amen. And so to have men that are not ashamed to stand up boldly and give their testimony is awesome. The Father is wanting to use every kind of vessel wherever people are and so we are wanting that. Amen. Surrounding the Super Bowl we will pray about the outreaches, safety, protection for the police, for churches and specifically about the dismantling of underground sex trafficking. We do pray in here occasionally about it and I know there are many others that are praying about it. But I think that we should turn up the heat on that. Don’t you? I do.

Pastor Ray…

I have this prophecy I am going to read given by Brother Kenneth Hagin. Actually when I first started coming to Living Word I thought “Why do they call him brother?” People would always say “Brother Hagin said this…” and “Brother Hagin said that…”

Ms. Erika…

Actually you know what, that is important because we are the family of God. Isn’t that right? You are my brother and I am your sister. We are family and I know some family members are like distant cousins and you don’t see all the time but we are all family. Pastor Nick would always say “Why can’t we all call each other brother and sister?” And some would say “That is so old fashioned.” Well are you brothers and sisters or not? We are not just a group of individuals. We are family.

How many interact differently in your family than you do at work? Is it different? Do you have to do things differently in the family than you do at work? It should be different because you are a believer. There should be godly principles that are worked out and acted out in your life wherever you are but especially in your family because they are your family. I think we get this mentality “Well, they are just a Christian and I don’t really have to deal with them.” And we can have a bad attitude about it. But it’s your brother and your sister and that’s important to God. I think it should be important to us, just a side note.

Pastor Ray…

Thank you sister (ha, ha, ha).

The following prophecy was given by Brother Kenneth E. Hagin in 1980 at Prayer Seminar:

You see, I have said—it has been prophesied by the Spirit of God, spoken by the Spirit, given by prophecy, given by tongues and interpretation; men speaking out of their hearts that burden, that word, that conviction that was put into their spirits by the Spirit of God concerning these days…concerning a great move of God and a great move of the Spirit.

But those things cannot come, even though that is the will of God (unless) …You see, God is speaking forth His will; God is speaking forth His plan; God is speaking forth His purpose. But, you see, you are the Body of Christ. That great move of God that is just waiting there, it cannot come unless the Church gives birth to it. Remember that Paul writing to the Church at Galatia said, “My little children of whom I travail in birth again, until Christ be formed in you.”

The way that you will give birth unto the move of God and unto that which He has planned, that which is His highest purpose, and will for your land and for this day—the way you give birth to it is to bring it about through travail and intercessory prayer.

So the Spirit of God is enlisting men and women today to volunteer to be one of those who will sacrifice even the legitimate pleasures of life, and come aside from fellowship with others that they enjoy so much, and spend time on their face in intercession. He is seeking out those today who will respond to Him. Thank God, my heart answers back, “Lord, I am one of them. I am one of them.” And others will enlist and will enter into the greatest ministry there is—the ministry of intercession.

And so it shall come. It shall come. The darkness that hovers on the horizon of time, the darkness that hovers on the horizon of our nation, will be dispelled and driven back for the light of God will shine through; and the rivers of the Spirit will flow; and the blessings of God will come; and it shall break—break upon us like a mighty dam has broken. And the flood waters will rush forth, sweeping before them all that is in their path. So the flood waters of His blessing and His goodness and His Spirit shall sweep forth like a mighty flood. Not to bring devastating results—but to bring glorious results. Not to bring death and destruction, but to bring Life, and Peace, and Health and Healing. And glorious shall be the day thereof. Giving yourself unto intercession, then you shall be one who will see the fruits of your labors. So labor on—pray on in persistence and in faith. And the flood gates of His blessings shall be loosed upon the world and upon this nation. And it will be so, and it can be so, and it shall be so that the Church shall yet see her finest hour in this time and in this day!


We receive it, we believe it
That what we have been called unto to do
The command to labor on, work – we just read that the other day
Work! Come on work!
Alright so in these last days – the last of the last days
Things are moving faster, getting closer to the last of the last
Father, thank You for the ministry of Your precious Holy Spirit
Spoken to us through brothers and sisters all throughout the centuries
Then too in Your written Word and spoken Word unto us here in 2018
And then those in the end of last year speaking about this year!
That we are entering into a year of the Holy Ghost and Fire
Fire, fire, the fire from heaven!
Not a fire that is given by the world, not fired up about things in the world
But on fire from heaven to do what God has called us to do
As Brother Hagin declared it by the power of the Holy Spirit
Prayer, the ministry of prayer is the highest of all
Thank You, Father!
Moving some things over in the right way
Plans of the enemy – we declare the blood of the Lamb today!
Applying it in and over the Whitehouse in Jesus’ name
Over every office, the Oval Office in Jesus’ name
Lining things up in God’s perfect will and way
Power from heaven, the anointing from heaven making a difference in our cities
The atmosphere, in Jesus’ name
Praying over the timing of it all
We believe it to be right – sent from heaven
Covering the Mall of America with the blood of Jesus
Every floor, every store, every parking area in Jesus’ name
The tram that goes from downtown to the airport around and back in Jesus’ name
Covering all of these things in the blood of Jesus
Protection and direction!
Hidden things be revealed in Jesus’ name
Wrong motives will be stopped – shut down and turned around and they will leave in Jesus’ name
Hidden agendas, wrong motives – no!
Thank You, Father
In the name that is above every name
Looking for divine protection and assistance, divine interruptions in the plans of the enemy
Every strategy, every plot, every conspiracy of the enemy!
We break up their network, the network of sex traffickers in this metroplex
In Jesus’ name, the name above every name
Interrupted by the power of God
Interrupted by the blood of the Lamb
Interrupted by angelic assistance – however that needs to happen!
Interrupt the communications
Interrupt the supply line
Interruptions all along the way so that there can be no advantage there
In the name of Jesus!
Lord of the Harvest thrust forth laborers to minister the words of life
Go into those highways, those byways, those places in the name of Jesus
Thrust them forth!
Alertness on the behalf of hotel workers all across this metroplex in Jesus’ name
Be alert and alert those that need to be alerted all along the way
Ministering life and health and hope to the hopeless
Healing with signs and wonders following You Word, Father
We are looking for that!
A great outpouring of Your Spirit during these next weeks
So we will take our place in the ministry of prayer and walk in God’s pace
In other words, take the steps that He calls us to take
No more! Not any longer!
For pronouncements will be made! And changes will come forth!
For the ground, the way has been laid and prepared!
Oh, sounds of victorious ways! Sounds of great change!

For some have left their place in the place of prayer and gone in another way but they too shall come back, turn around, set themselves in where they should have been and do what God has called them to do

Your presence Lord, Your presence Lord (singing in the Spirit)
We sing over our cities, we sing worship, praise, adoration over our cities
It’s another way of preparation!
♪ Oh the ears will be opened up
And the eyes will see – oh it’s Your glory, Your glory Lord ♪

Thank You, Father, for the changes in the very atmosphere
It’s heaven sent, part of the revival and awakening that changes hearts
Coming into Your manifested ways and presence Lord
Steady, steady, staying steady and fixed under the shadow the Almighty
Protected by the precious holy blood of the Lamb
We see the blood, the power of the precious holy blood all over our cities
In preparation for the hearts that will be changed
One way they shall come and another way they shall leave
Changed by the power of the blood
Will you take your place? Will you enter into that that is part of your race?
Will you set like a flint your face and lift up and declare forth the manifested power from heaven?
Not just in this place but yes in this place!
And stand and stand and stand strong knowing it’s the power from heaven that will cause you to go through in victory
Thank You, Father, for what You have already spoken – prophecies
That You have declared here over these cities
What would take place, we believe it
What would come to pass, we believe it
Thank You, Father
We will recall those and go over those this week
We will take our place, we do take our place
We do take it and we take it by faith
And boundaries they shall be pushed out
Expansion shall come and the flow of the Holy Spirit
Many souls shall be won!
And we give You glory and honor and thanksgiving for all of these things in Jesus’ name Amen

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