Prayer Summary for May 8


Father, we ask You to help us by Your Holy Spirit to be sensitive to the world
Give us a tender heart toward those people in need, Lord
We know that You are the only answer to every need
Open our eyes to see those that are in need; we will be sensitive to them, Father
Yes, we will be Your hands and Your feet; we will show them the love of God
Holy Spirit, give us the words to speak and use us in anyway
Wake us up and stir us up to the needs of Your people
Father, You are waiting for the precious fruit of the earth
We thank You for Your mercy, for Your grace, and for Your lovingkindness
You have given the church time and opportunity; help us seize them, Lord
Let us seize every opportunity to be a light in these last days
We will be shining examples of Your love, let the world see Jesus through us
Jesus reached out and touched the untouchable; He came to love the unlovable
Yes, we will be Your hands and Your feet, Father
Forgive us for our all-consuming desire of selfish ambitions and motives
Thank You for the precious blood of Jesus that cleanses us and changes us
Let us be conscious of that blood that flowed, that blood brings light and life to all those who believe
Speak to us, dear Lord, give us plans and purposes that encompass the great harvest
We ask for the God kind of thinking; we don’t want to get caught up in our own thinking
Open our eyes and show us how to reach the lost, Lord
There is more to be done, more to be spoken, and more souls to be found
Give us the courage to go out, find them and bring them back to You
Your Holy Spirit is leading, guiding, and showing us how to reach the lost
Let us see the harvest, Father
The harvest is ripe, now is the time to bring them into Your kingdom!
No! Fear will not hold us back from bringing in the harvest
We are not afraid of political correctness; we are not afraid of what men might think!
Give us boldness and courage to stand up and do what is right in the sight of God
Father, we ask for signs, wonders, and miracles to come forth in these last days
Let us bust out of the confines of our own minds and human limitations
Jesus came down to set us free, and freely we have received, and freely we give!
You have given us a greater revelation of Your love for us, Lord
We call forth the harvest in Jesus’ name!
Declaring that wherever we go, Christ goes with us
Give us words from heaven to go out and bring in the harvest
We are entering into the fullness of more; we want to be more like You, Lord
More seeing like You, more thinking like You, more doing like You, more speaking like You!
Lead us into the highways and the byways; we will go wherever You lead us!
Let us seize every opportunity, Father!
Give us divine strategies from Heaven, to pierce and to penetrate the hearts of man
We are asking for an increase of souls in every church in this city, Lord
You have set the vision and the plan before us, and we will fulfill all You have called us to
Declaring that hearts would be changed and eyes would be opened
Only You can change the hearts of man, and we speak that change forth in Jesus’ name!
Give us fresh eyes to see and fresh ears to hear all that You have for us in these last days
Father, thank You for the Holy Spirit that is working on the inside of us
Your Holy Spirit is softening our hearts, and we yield ourselves to You today, Lord
Thank You for all that You have done, all that You are doing, and all that is yet to be done!
You have called the churches to come together in one accord, and we thank You for it, Father
We lift up the evangelistic outreach, through PULSE ministries
That is the key for souls to come in, for the lost to come out of the darkness and into the light!
Declaring that there would be greater opportunities for churches to grab hold of the vision
We lift up and plead the blood of Jesus over the leadership of PULSE ministries
Thank You that there are connections already being made in this city
Churches are coming together to lift up the one and only name of Jesus!
We bow our hearts, our lives, and our futures before You, Lord
Father, we lift up this city before You, and we ask that we would continually follow Your plan
You have called us to be a light, and we thank You for far, wide reaching effects!
This city is our responsibility and we will do all that You have called us to do, Lord
Thank You that Your favor goes before us and it prepares a way!
You have set before us new purposes, new plans, and new ways to reach the lost
Father, You have anointed us for such a time as this
We thank You for supernatural abundance in our spirits, souls, and bodies today, Lord
You have given us everything we need to fulfill the call and plan You have set before us

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