Prayer Summary for Friday, September 01, 2017

Pastor Ray shared…

Yesterday, we did three confessions and we had communion. I had one other confession I wanted to go through today. It’s from Keith Moore, 2001, at a Kenneth Hagin Faith Crusade. It’s good and I want us to say it together.


Thank You for the power of the Holy Spirit
What we speak, we will get… what we ask for we will receive
Thank You for the connection between heaven and us on this earth
Through You, we can do all things

Confession by Keith Moore
Kenneth Hagin All Faiths Crusade
September 21, 2001

Father God, I believe You. I am Your child. I serve You. I belong to You and I believe You. And I’m the seed of Abraham. And I’m fully persuaded that what You have said to me, You are well able to perform.

I am persuaded that every good thing You have begun in me, You will complete it. You will finish it until the end. You are the author and the finisher of my faith. Heb. 12:2

I believe You. It shall be in my life and over all mine, just like You have said. Just like You have told me. I will serve You, I will run my whole race. I will finish my whole course with joy. I will overcome every trial. I will be more than a conqueror. Romans 8:37

Things are changing in my life. The perfect will of God, the complete plan of God is unfolding in my life. The Lord is causing me to see. I am seeing. I am knowing. I am understanding the will of God, the plans of God, the ways of God. Revelation is flowing in my life. I will see things I have not seen. I will understand great things I have not understood. I will grow. I am growing and I will grow mighty in spirit, in faith, in grace, in truth, in power, in victory. Hallelujah!

My finances are getting stronger. I’m coming out of debt. I’m getting stronger. Money flows to me in great abundance. I always have more than enough. I lack for no good thing. I want for no good thing.

My body is kept by the power of God. Every system, every organ, every part is kept by the anointing of God, by the strength of God. No disease can live in my body. No disease can operate in me. I’m strong in the Lord and the power of His might. Eph. 6:10

My children, my grandchildren are growing up in the nurture, in the instruction, in the protection, in the care of the Most High. Everyone will live free. Everyone will serve God. Everyone will be fruitful in the things of God. Hallelujah!

No weapon formed against me shall prosper (Isa. 54:17) No work of the enemy, no purpose of his will stand, but the purpose of God, the plan of God will stand, will be completed, will be fulfilled in my life. Hallelujah! Thank You, Lord.

(Some ministers need to say this. Everybody can say it out loud because we all have a ministry even though you may not be called to five-fold. Say it out loud.)

My ministry will not be held down. My ministry will not be suppressed. It will not be restricted. It will not be stopped. But all that the Lord has called me to do shall come up, shall come out, shall come forth. Every word of God He’s spoken concerning me shall come to pass. [end of confession]

Pastor Ray continued…

I heard that the Governor in Texas has called for a day of prayer. For the governor to declare that over his state is a big deal. This morning, we want to hold up in prayer the restoration that needs to take place in Texas and all those areas.


We lift up all the leaders in authority and we pray the blood to cover them
We apply the blood over the whole area and for restoration
We lift up the finances that are needed
Thank You for wisdom and knowledge on what to do and how to bring about the restoration
We hold the blood against those that come against the goodness of the people and turn it and make it look bad
We quiet lips and put a stop to things that have been spoken through media
We put a stop to those negative words
The unity of Texas will bring about change in America
More will see that in unity and one accord things get done
We pray for all those positions of authority in America beginning with the President
We come against division in Jesus’ name
We take authority over the plans of the enemy that come against our nation
It shall be exposed for what it is
We plead the blood over our boundaries and the waterways
We pray over all the containers that are shipped to this nation and we plead the blood over them
We pray over all the transportation… trains, busses, planes
All of the cities and Minneapolis and St. Paul
We plead the blood over the governor of Mpls.
We pray for the churches in Mpls/St. Paul and the pastors
That they would stand up and be strong in You
No weapons against the church will prosper
Bringing the churches together… aligning together
How should it be carried out… we trust in You, Father
We plead the blood over all the major cities of America
They will move more in the right way… God’s way
This is the year of change… we pray for the right kind of change
Opportunities opening, ways being revealed

Economic understanding… empowered by the Spirit… the fruitful path… the band… banded together, Father… one anointing… one purpose… that band that holds us together, Father, working for one purpose and cause… leaping forth and out into the water, into the deep… stepping out into those good things… things that have been prepared… the pastors and ministers stepping out and into that flow… that financial…in the name of Jesus, there’s a freedom that must come there… freedom that has to come in the financial area… Father, we’re asking You to help them to step out and to reach out so they can have freedom… free to do the work… free from every encumbrance… free from every weight… You said this was the time… we’re tired of the world spending our money… that’s the church’s money… we call it in for its proper use… it’s time Father for the church to be unencumbered by financial restraint… it’s time to take hold of the full vision… see it come to fruition… it’s not just a dream never to be attained… You are driving that increase into the hands of Your people, Your kingdom… angels, go forth and bring it in… you move that wealth around… things lost, you cause them to be found… increase to come to the body of Christ… things undiscovered, You cause them to be discovered… those untapped resources… come forth in the name of Jesus…

Pastor Ray shared…

I heard this.

“Because of the prayers you’ve prayed over the days, the weeks, the months, and many for years, words that you’ve declared for others concerning finances, you have qualified for a supernatural increase. Because what you sow, you shall reap. So there will be as Miss Barb was declaring as we loose ministering spirits, angels and tell them to go and we keep on declaring increase, not just for “me and my family” but for others, we sow those seeds into their lives. Or if we’re praying over the body of Christ, the churches, those prayers come right back upon you and bring about great increase in you. So you can expect to see your bank accounts increase. So you can expect to see your deposits increase. And you can expect to see those investments that you have made based on the seeds of your prayers that you’ve given, they shall increase also. And it’s not just a little bit. Not a little dab that will do you. It’s abundance and great increase.”

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