Prayer Summary for Friday, May 19, 2017

Jerre led group in worship…

Pastor Ray shared…

Listen to this prophecy from Brother Hagin from the 70s.

Prophecy from Kenneth E. Hagin
October 14, 1970

Walk not in your own strength nor be strong in your own power, for the strength of man is as nothing, and the power of man is even as the grass that withereth and falleth away. But be strong in the Lord and in the strength of His power for the Lord is the Almighty One. Yea, He is the one that brought into being out of nothing, the earth on which you stand. He is the one that brought into being out of nothing the sun, and the moon, and the stars. Yea, He is the one that delivered His people from the hand of Pharaoh. He is the one that divided the Red Sea. Yea, He is the Mighty One. Be strong in Him and in the power of His might, so He’ll rise up in thee and show forth Himself mighty to work on your behalf. Yea, ye shall find that there shall be strength within you that you never knew you had. Ye shall find that there shall be wisdom on the inside that shall rise up out of your inner most being and pervade your mind until you’ll know the right course to take and the correct steps to make the right decision. And ye shall be guided in all the affairs of life.

For the Lord is thy guide. And He is thy portion forevermore. So bring your thinking into captivity. Every thought and let your mind be stayed on Him. And in the midst of stress and in the midst of strife when all the world around about runneth rife, ye shall live in the God life. Yea, ye shall rise up in the strength of the Lord and speak the Word of Faith, and it shall come to pass.
Ye shall even speak unto the heavenly messengers, even the angels and say, “Go ministering spirits.” And they shall go and minister on your behalf. For power and authority is given unto the individual member of the body of Christ. For what belongs to the whole body belongs to the least member of that body.

Take your place, stand your ground, and accept the challenge. Do not wait for Satan to come and challenge you. Go out to challenge him and put him on the run. For remember that it is written and this is not just a pun. But it is the holy sacred Word of the heavenly writ. Resist the Devil and he from you will flee, that is run from you as one in terror. So be not terrified, nor afraid. But put the enemy on the run. And ye shall be victorious, everyone.

Jerre led group in worship and prayer…

Lord, in Your Word it says to stir up the gift that is within us. One of the translations for that is “fan the flame that is within us.” I remember reading one time that it is a sin for a minister of the Gospel to be boring. Ha, ha! I pulled out that book by Wesley Duewel entitled “Ablaze for God.” When I started reading it, I figure out my fire was low. He said the Lord can fan the flame. We can’t really fan our own flame, but God is well able to come in and fire us up again. Hallelujah!

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So Father, we’re here and desire for You to stir up that gift You’ve put in our hearts
That fire, Father, has to burn… that flame has to burn bright for You
Holy Ghost… we’re baptized with the Holy Ghost and with fire!
But we also have a fire with it… an unquenchable fire
It causes us to stir and burn… it causes our tongues to be fresh and new and alive and powerful
Your fire, Lord… Your fire, Lord… we’re asking for more fire
That fire within our hearts
That world shaking fire… fire in our lips… in our words… in our thinking…
Fire, fire, fire… we pray for the fire of God in the body of Christ
Burn like never before
No longer will prayers be weak and sickly… no whining…
Prayer that avails, Father, is fervent and hot and glowing and burning
It is a commanding prayer… stir it, stir it, stir it
Our songs of prayer and praise in the Church, Father, no longer will Your people stand with folded arms
And just singing out of their heads, but there will be a fire there
Open the eyes and hearts
Devil, you’ve blinded their hearts for too long… we command you to loose them in Jesus’ name
Your Church, Father, would arise with high praises
And your pastors would burn with holy fire
Everyone who teaches the Word, Father, would burn
Every nursery worker would burn with the power of God in their hands and as they lay their hands on those children, gifts, gifts, gifts…
Our children, Father, burn with Your power… up, up, up, up… higher
No longer mediocre
For the sons of God arise in power and authority with the fire of God… Your ministers, Father, are flames of fire
We stir it, Lord
No longer cowering… that cowering spirit in the name of Jesus, You get out of the Church in Jesus’ name
You get out of her! You get out of her!
Divine boldness in Jesus’ name… fire, fire, fire
Father, that we would know that every word spoken in the spirit accomplishes much
When we pray in the Spirit and with the fire of God encompassed in those words… a mighty stirring
Take us up, Lord… that the world would see the fire and say “What is this? These people are like burning fires”
For we would not have the spirit of the world upon the Church, but we would have the Spirit of God…
The Holy Ghost and fire upon the church
There is a divine zeal that must come again… revive it, Lord
Oh that the world would come to see the Church burn
For we are not normal… but we are the supernatural of the supernatural kingdom
We pray for all those in authority… baptized in fire
For it’s not in the energy of the flesh… Lord, help us… divide that asunder, Father, that we would know the difference
That Your Church would know the difference… for we must have the true

Group worships…

Prayer continues…

The burning of the chaff in ourselves
As we speak, Father, the chaff is burned
Your love, Father, burns in us, in our hearts, it burns for mankind, for those blinded
We burn in prayers… for people blinded to the gospel
We burn for them… open their eyes and hearts for the truth
We burn against the wiles of the enemy…not against the men, but against those spirits of deception
You’re coming down in our land… get down in Jesus’ name
You lawless spirit, get off of them!
They are our brothers, Father… we have great love for them
You said to pray for our enemies but we must pray in the Spirit with great love for them
The enemy is our enemy… not the man or the woman… Get off of them in Jesus’ name
Devil, get off… you foul darkness of hell… get off of them
Eyes to see the light of the glorious Gospel
There is a truth shining
We exalt and lift one thing… that is the spirit of unity
There’s a green gate and we step through that green gate
Oh we stand, Lord, with the fire
You’re coming down, deception… you’re coming down… the blood of the Lamb is against you
In the mighty name of Jesus Christ, get out!
You pour in the oil and the wine, Lord…
We call upon You, Prince of Peace… only You… apprehend there, Father
Thank You, Lord, that we see a difference

Pastor Dave shared…

I want to read something from Kenneth Copeland in 1/10/16.

“I remind you again, don’t be impressed by what you see or hear on the news media. Pay little attention to anything they say. Because unless they are in tune with Me, they don’t know anything. They see things for the way they want to see them and they attempt to create things instead of reporting things. They try to create situations that will give them something to report. They care little to nothing about what you do or see or hear, but I do. I care what you do, what you hear, what you see. And if you walk with Me I will show you things to come. I’ll show you news before it happens. The way it happens right now in the coming election is a very poor representation of what actually is going to be the outcome. But rest assured, this is our assurance. Rest assured, I know what I’m doing, saith the Lord. And what is happening in our favor and I might add, saith God, listen to this for the present election is not the only election that is coming. There are senate seats involved, there are governorships involved. There are things other than just President and Vice President of the United States which in some cases are equally important. So be in prayer. Stand with Me. I’m standing with you, saith the Lord. And we’ll do this thing together and it will be in our favor of the Gospel and it will be in the favor of the kingdom of God. And it will be in the favor of our prosperity. Now there are things coming this year that you’ll need to prepare for. You need to stand on your faith. Don’t let the Devil pull you aside because there are some things coming on a national scene and there are some things coming that are going to get worse before they get better. But ha, ha, ha… All is well in the kingdom. All is well in the kingdom and those that walk in faith and those that walk in love. Everything is going to be alright.

As I was reading this morning with my wife, Nancy, we started praying about this because there is such a deception right now in the news media. We have to keep our eyes on the Lord and what God says. We can be all caught up in this. She’s a flight attendant and she was flying out to San Diego. There was a couple more liberal type of flight attendants and there was one who was conservative. They were talking. And they all started coming into agreement and started sharing but not in anger. But actually sharing and thinking about what they were saying. So we all need to do that. Think about what we’re saying. Don’t be angry but walk in love. Love is the thing that is going to win people over. The love of God is shed abroad in our hearts. It’s already in our spirit.


Lord, we thank You that You are still on the throne and You are a mighty God. It’s You that we trust. It’s You that we lean on. You make our way. We thank You for Your great faithfulness to each one of us and our families. Father, we thank You that, that love that is in us that You give to us by the Holy Ghost that we have a soft answer to questions of anger, for every man, for every woman and that we give them a soft answer. So Lord, we praise You for who You are and Your Word.

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