Prayer Summary for Friday, January 29, 2016

Jerre led in worship…

Pastor Ray shared…

This morning, I read this scripture from John 11:25-26. This is when Lazarus was still dead and Jesus was responding to Martha. He said, “I am [Myself] the Resurrection and the Life. Whoever believes in (adheres to, trusts in, and relies on) Me, although he may die, yet he shall live; And whoever continues to live and believes in (has faith in, cleaves to, and relies on) Me shall never [actually] die at all. Do you believe this?” She said, “yes.” We say so often, “The same resurrection power that raised Jesus from the grave is operating through us.” But we need to continually speak resurrection life or words over situations, just like He did to the blind man. He resurrected those eyes. Like He said to Jairus’ daughter who was dead. He raised her up from the dead. Even Lazarus.

If we go on in the book of John, we see how He thanked the Lord that everyone would hear what He was praying. But when He shouted with a loud voice, he said, “Lazarus, come out!” It was the resurrection power that raised him up and brought him back to life. He’s operating through us but it’s His resurrection power that must raise up situations, restore them, renew them, heal them… whatever is necessary so that we operate in that same resurrection power on this earth. We don’t just celebrate it on Easter but every day, all day. His resurrection power. It must be in our words and in our hearts when we pray; we’re praying God’s resurrection power to the situations where we’re sending our prayers in that hour.

Jerre continued to lead in worship…

♪ Your resurrection power dwells within us… It’s all because of Your love… ♪

Pastor Ray shared…

We have a small prayer group on Wednesday at noon. We were talking about signs and wonders, the power of God. This young lady said, “When Jesus put the mud on the blind man’s eyes and he was able to see, many in these days would look for the mud. What kind of mud was that?” They’d look for the mud and not the Man. It’s a reminder that we sometimes seek the wrong answer when He is the answer and we have the answer in Him.


(a spirit of joy was on the group)
So get on board and get in the boat, for I, the Holy Ghost, will keep you afloat
There’s a plan and way, there’s a purpose today
Just stay in the boat and stay afloat
Beyond every defeat right now and watch over your feet and the way they should go
Call things that are down, call them up and spread the word all over town
The glory of God has come and it shall abound to every good work

The Word is working
Wading out into the rivers, wading out into the deep
There’s deeper and greater
Water, water, water, water

There’s a place out there where you are impervious to the obstacles and distractions, to the pains, to the sicknesses and to disease and poverty and lack, the place where you are impervious to the darkness of this world, that place where it doesn’t affect you and joy unspeakable and victory, your fullness of joy is present and faith is present and grace is present and healing is present and provision is made known and bought in Jesus’ name. It’s in this place where distraction no longer affects your faith, only with great joy do we walk in this place. (much laughter)

Jerre sings…

♪ With joy we draw water from the wells of salvation… this is the place of fervent, effectual prayer… up above… joy sees the answer… joy apprehends… ♪

Jerre shared…

I just heard this in my spirit. “Joy is one of the keys of the kingdom. Joy unlocks the prayer door that receives answers.” We can’t just sit in the darkness any longer. Those chains have to come off. And joy has to be instituted into our prayer lives like never before. We need to ride those waves of joy as we pray because joy is a key, one of the keys, that unlocks the prayer door.

Barb prayed…

Today, today, you’re the man
It’s time to take your place
It’s time to get up and go
It’s time to be filled and overflow
So that you can go and do and change the face of the nation, the earth, the place where your foot does tread
You’re the man, Christ in you, the hope of glory
You’re His man in the earth; it’s time to rise up in the joy, in the peace, in the power of the Spirit
Yes, we go forth with joy and in the power of the Spirit
It’s time to engage, engage, put it into gear and move
It’s time to go and step out!
Get up, get out! Take the Gospel forth and be a carrier
You infect everyone around you, you infect them with the glory of God
You infect them with the anointing
All the body, all the Church, we carry that infection of Jesus Christ
We carry that infection of the anointing and it is catching
It is a worldwide epidemic
It will not be stopped and there is no cure
All to the anointing of God, it will deliver, it will set free, it has dominion in the earth in Jesus’ name
We will change the face of the nations, the face of the earth
There are more with us than there are with them
The heavenly host surround and encompass and they’re moving and working
For the harvest is white and we’re taking it in
All of Russia in Jesus’ name
A shakeup in Jesus’ name
Change now! We command you to change now in the name of Jesus
We’re waking up all across the earth and we’re coming up and out
We’re coming out of that slumber, with eyes wide open and vision clear
Face set like a flint for the plan and purpose of God
And nothing shall stand in our way
Every hurdle lifts us higher, every stone is cast to the side, anything that tries to trip us up just causes us to go further
Ha, ha, ha, there is no limitation; anything the enemy can throw, Jesus Christ uses it to propel us
It shall not prosper, they shall not prosper
For these are the last days and we will make a mark on the earth
This generation shall not pass away without a transformation of this place
Opportunities left and right… future is bright
The darkness, we cast it away for the anointing of God is here to stay
It’s time, it’s time
He wants to have so much fun! He wants to play right now and do some amazing things
He wants to perform miracles right now!
He wants to enjoy Himself right now through you
Let Him do it. Let Him slay you. Let Him make you an instrument for His glory
He can make you hit every note you were meant to sound
That you would be fully satisfied with this life, that there would not be one regret
That you would hear “well done”
(Holy Ghost laughter)

Pastor Ray…

Demonstrations are coming, increasing and they’ll come your way. Watch when you say… what you say… when you pray and My demonstration will come forth that day. And it’ll bring about results and great joy inside you. And that joy is My joy and it will bring about strength to do even greater. Over the top in victory!

Dave shared…

Joy silences the foe. It stops him dead in his tracks. No progress for you! Joy comes when you meditate and keep your thoughts on the things the Lord is speaking to your heart. He said to your heart, fret not. Take no thought for those things. Don’t take those things upon yourself. All things are possible for them who believe and that joy keeps you in that place of belief and dispels the darkness that comes because of those thoughts that may enter in. Joy keeps a wall of protection around you so you have a skip in your step. You got a smile on your face. And you know the end. The end is good for you. I heard the Lord say, “My love is greater than any obstacle or challenge against you. My love for you is greater than those things. I love you more than those things. They’ll come to naught if you meditate on those things.”

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