Prayer Summary for Friday, February 3, 2017

Ms. Jerre led us singing “I Will Rejoice”

♪ Oh the Kingdom of God dwells within me
My King reigns there upon His throne
And I have been given dominion, dominion restored
Promised a heavenly home

So I will rejoice! I will Rejoice!
I will rejoice all day long!
So I will rejoice! I will Rejoice!
And I’ll lift up the heavenly song!
(ha, ha, ha, ha…) ♪

Always, always no matter what
Sometimes you just grit your teeth and start rejoicing
Whoo! (ha, ha, ha)

One time I saw it like a fountain coming out of my mouth. But like an artesian well that bubbles up on the inside of you and that well bubbles up strong and that living water comes out of that well and it showers us. It comes down like rain, showers us like rain. And it washes and the washing of the water of the word and the song washes us and lifts us. Sometimes after you start singing songs and hymns and spiritual songs, you shake your head and say “Where was I?” (ha, ha, ha)

Rejoice in the Lord always
Then he had to repeat himself
And again I say “Rejoice!” He said it again!

Ms. Barb shared…

Isn’t it exciting what God has done for us? I mean you can be excited knowing the power, the authority, the dominion He has given you. It should be an excitement in your heart. He has given you power and authority over everything.

I met with someone yesterday and she was telling me “This thing keeps happening to me.” And I said, “Well tell it to stop.” The Holy Ghost says to start speaking to that thing. When it’s happening, you speak to that thing. And guess what? That thing changed. It stopped.

And I think we forget a lot of the times that we have that dominion. But we should be excited. We should be joyful and rejoicing because we have that dominion. There is nothing that can stand against you in the name of Jesus and by His blood. There is nothing you can’t move out of the way in the name of Jesus. So stir yourself up. Be excited today. Be joyful. Rejoice because God is inside of you. He is the victor and He will cause you to be victorious.


Today is the day of salvation, complete wholeness, peace in every area of our lives
We receive that and speak it out with excitement and joy
Excited because we really believe it
Nothing can stand in our way
Nothing can hold us back or hold us down
The power of God resides in us
Tapping into that now—letting it go and letting it flow
Walking in victory all day long
Rejoicing all day long
Glory to God!

Okay, the Holy Ghost just said “Somebody’s not getting it.” You can change anything. You can change anything. You speak with your power, with your authority that’s been given. You speak to that thing and it will change. I’m telling you in the name of Jesus that situation will change, that thing will change! That body will change in Jesus’ name. It’s the truth. It’s the truth in Jesus’ name. Now you take hold of that thing, whatever that is. In the name of Jesus right now, you speak to that thing. You speak to that situation. You declare that thing to be done. You declare that thing to be finished. You declare that thing to be completed now in the name of Jesus.

No more, no more of that in Jesus’ name
We cut that off in Jesus’ name!
We yield to the spirit of life
we yield to the spirit of peace
we yield to the spirit of joy
Hallelujah, glory to God!
We tap into that amazing anointing that’s on the inside
That deep river, that deep river
That delivers, that opens the way
That mighty, mighty, mighty river
Let it go and let it flow!
And let Him move those things out of the way!
Get out, mountains, now in Jesus’ name
We connect our mouths to the Holy Ghost

Ms. Jerre led us singing “I Will Rejoice”

♪ Over in the glory, over in the glory
Step over in the glory
Leave the past behind
Oh, step over in the glory
Up into the glory, up into the glory

So I will rejoice! I will Rejoice!
I will rejoice all day long!
So I will rejoice! I will Rejoice!
And I’ll lift up the heavenly song!
(ha, ha, ha, ha…)

It’s a HAPPY SONG! (ha, ha, ha, ha…)
It’s a blessed song!
it’s a powerful song!
it’s a song of victory! (ha, ha, ha, ha…)

Victory is in my pathway
Victory is what I declare
Victory is all that I say
Victory is mine! Victory is mine! ♪

Sometimes you just need to sing to yourself. Sometimes you just need to tell yourself who you are. Sometimes you just need to sing to yourself what you have, who your God is. You will be filled! You will be filled! This is the avenue of the Spirit, says the Lord, to be filled. Avenue of the Spirit says the Lord to be filled. Singing songs and hymns and spiritual songs making melody in your heart to the Lord, singing songs and hymns and spiritual songs making melody in your heart to the Lord…

Starting our engine, rolling our engine over
Putting the key in
Roll the engine says the Lord (ha, ha, ha…)

A Word of the Lord came forth…

So the Lord says it isn’t what your circumstance says. It’s what I say. It isn’t the way you feel. It’s what I say. It isn’t what you see. It’s what I say that matters. What I say matters, so just hold on to what I say. And if you hold on to what I say, rejoicing will follow. When you focus your attention and follow what I say, your attitude changes because I am the faithful God. I am not a man that I should lie nor the son of man that I should repent. If I say it’s so… Have I not said it? Will it not be so? It will be so because I have said it. And no man, no circumstance, no obstacle, no challenge can stop it. I move heaven and earth for you. For you are the object of My affection and My eye is on you. So lift up your head and rejoice because I love you and nothing else matters.

Thank You, Jesus.

For the psalmist said rejoice oh my soul and all that is within me rejoice. In the midst of adversity rejoice. Rejoice for it enters you into that place, into the place of faith!

Holy, holy, holy!
He is the Lord God Almighty!

Mr. Dave went on to share…

So I am going to give you a testimony I have. I have a lot of these testimonies and every one of these testimonies I’ve seen redemption and I’ve seen the Lord come through and His grace come through. It has to do with this, what we are talking about. I was in back in Rhema several years ago and I was going through a lot of difficulties. Financially I was dealing with some things. Emotionally I was dealing with some things. I had a loved one in the family, very close, that was on their death bed. I had really a lot of things happening at the same time. And I was in a place where I was so down that I couldn’t even eat. I got down to 145 pounds and that’s pretty light for me. And my roommate at the time was concerned about me. You need to eat. He said you got to eat otherwise you going to get sick. I just had no appetite whatsoever. But my focus was all of the natural things. That’s why I lost my appetite and was depressed. It was all circumstantial situations. But one morning I woke up and it was before school and I was getting ready and I was in the rest room brushing my teeth looking in the mirror. The Holy Spirit spoke to me. He said “rejoice oh my soul and all that is within me rejoice.” Then he reminded me of where that scripture came from. It came from when David had to tell himself to rejoice. He had Saul coming after him to take his life from him. And there was nothing in David’s life at the time. He hadn’t done anything to deserve what was coming on him. All he did was good for his king Saul.

And so here he is telling himself to rejoice in the cave. Can you imagine him in a cave telling himself to rejoice? And he has people, not just the kingdom after him. They pretty much put a bounty on his head. And the Lord spoke to me and He said he had to tell himself to rejoice because at the time he didn’t feel like rejoicing. And I could tell you this. Anytime you are down you don’t feel like rejoicing. It’s hard to get out of your mind and things that are around you. It’s hard to put down those things because they are there every day pressing against you. But by faith I am sitting in front of that mirror and I start saying in a low voice rejoice oh my soul. I was just barely whispering. And I continued to say that over and over and about two or three minutes it began to get louder and louder. And it got louder and it got to the point where I was shouting as loud as I can. And as I shouted the anointing started coming on me. My roommate came in. He was wondering what was going on with me. I ignored him. I just kept shouting.

We went to school that day. We had what they called shared praising. It was exactly like this. And Keith Moore was on the piano and I was way in the back. Now things had already started stirring up in my spirit but I wasn’t all the way there yet. Then Keith started playing and he said this. He said you know in life sometimes life throws you blows. It sends things to you that can discourage you. And he said you are not designed to take those things by yourself. Those circumstances… you are not created to take them by yourself. And then he mentioned it’s kind of like this. In the world when people have problems what do they do? They go to the bar. Right? They go “tie one on.” They drink or take drugs or do something to get away from their problems. And he said the Lord gave us something like that to relieve our pressure, our circumstance. He gave us the Holy Ghost. It’s call the “new wine.” He said sometimes in life you can’t take circumstances by yourself so you need to get something inside of you that can help drink. Something that can help you pass this time. And that is that One. And then he started playing and as soon as he said that the Holy Ghost said this to me. He said “if you let that go and you get in the aisle and dance before Me, I’ll deliver you.” He asked me for something.

At the time, I was sitting there with some friends of mine and they were people I hung around with and maybe I shouldn’t have hung around with. In my mind I was thinking what are they going to think. All these kids were PK’s (pastor’s kids) by the way. I don’t know if that says anything but… But the Lord told me that and I had to make a decision. But I was hurting too much. And when you are hurting too much, you don’t care. How many of you have been there? You are hurting too much that you don’t care anymore. I mean to the point where sometimes even taking your life. You don’t care. So I made the decision I don’t care what people think. I don’t care about any of this. I only care about getting delivered, getting set free. That’s all I cared about. At that point I got up and as soon as I get out in the aisle “boom” the Holy Ghost fell on me. I am telling you it was like fire. And this thing with the food and whatever had been going on for a long time. I would eat just a little bit and then I couldn’t eat. That day I got delivered. Not only did I start eating but I had joy. I was excited. I wasn’t depressed anymore. When I came out of that meeting, I was a different person than when I came into that meeting. And it did change. It kept on through the day and it got me through that time. I just gave you that testimony to tell you this. You are not going to feel like doing what you have to do. That’s not going to happen. When you are feeling pain in your body, when you are feeling depressed about finances, when you are feeling circumstances, you are not going to feel like it. I promise you. But you don’t have to stay like that! God has given the Holy Ghost to give you that relief valve. To let that lift. To get that monkey off your back! To get your mind on those things that are just, that are pure, that are praise worthy. If there be any virtue that where He takes you – into that. And when He takes you there, the enemy can’t touch you. He can’t touch you with circumstances because you know something. You know something he doesn’t know. That God is faithful to do what He says He is going to do. And when the Holy Spirit comes upon you this way, He will convince you of the truth. He will open the eyes of your understanding, enlighten you to know that hope that you have been called to, that hope that you have been believing for, the reason you are a believer. That hope, that place that I can live today because You gave me yesterday. He died for me yesterday. He paid the penalty for my sin and I can live today rejoicing free today because He did that. And you get that revelation inside your spirit, there is no circumstances neither can any plague come near your dwelling. You become impervious to this stuff. Why are you so happy? You have nothing to be happy about. Whoo Hooo! Yea! Yea!

Afterwards He said this to me. He said what happened to you? I said “the Lord happened to me.” From that point on I was able… everything that was against me turned around (ha, ha, ha) and victory was mine. And now I was on the top and not the bottom. I was above and not beneath. I was looking at the circumstances as it was complete and it was. That’s how you get your victory! You don’t have to feel like you have victory. Just take the pathway. When the Lord says do this then do that.

Ms. Jerre shared…

I heard this in my spirit. Take your dominion that you have been given. Take dominion over your sorry self (ha,ha,ha…). Say it again. Take the dominion that you have been given. We have that dominion. And take dominion over your sorry self. Amen. And go up above.

Mr. Dave shared…

It just comes down to jerking the slack out of your flesh. It’s what it comes down to. Your flesh just want to be in charge. In Minnesota we have this thing called the Polar Plunge. Have you ever heard of the Polar Plunge? You got to take the Polar Plunge (ha, ha, ha). I am talking you just throw caution to the wind. I see those guys going into that ice cold water and I am like “oh my goodness.” That’s insanity. But that’s what it’s like. It’s like you know what, you can’t think about how cold it is. I can’t think about that. So just do that right now. Take what I am saying. Look at that mountain that is in front of you. It has to obey you. That mountain has to obey you. But don’t think about the mountain for right now. Got it? Just think about what He tells you. Hold fast to that which He is communicating to you. And when you do that, you are not going to have to move the mountain. The mountain will be moved. Your faith will lock onto the Lord and the earth will start shaking. It will!

Look we were praying just Wednesday here about some things that need to change in our country. And they are already changing. I am seeing them on the news. What we were praying here on Wednesday is happening in the news now. This God we serve is real. Absolutely! A couple of the gals that were in here on Wednesday said “We were talking about this right before we even came here. On the way over we were talking about what we prayed about then.” Now what’s the chances of us praying about those things right and them talking about them before. That’s God. That’s the Holy Ghost. He is real folks. He is absolutely real. He is as real as you and I. He is real and He does love you.

Ms. Jerre shared…

A little while ago I heard in my spirit… You know brother Hagin would talk about the spirit of seeking and knowing. Do what you see yourself doing. Remember? So let’s just take a minute to seek Him on that. You know you took a step into the water when you stepped out into that aisle. You stepped into the glory of God. So, see what God has you to do to break those chains off of yourself. Glory to God, step out into the water. Maybe it’s something you didn’t think you could do and you can do it in God. Just obey Him. Just seek Him and do what you see yourself doing. Hallelujah, no matter what. Get rid of the spirit of inhibition. Get rid of the spirit of fear. Get rid of the fear of man. What are they going to think? Get rid of timidness. Get rid of the hindering spirits. If you see yourself prophesying, prophesy. If you see yourself singing a song, sing a song. You won’t interrupt us. I’ve been in prayer meetings where we were together and everyone was doing something different and yet we were one. Hallelujah.

If it’s to run, run. If it’s to dance, dance. If it’s to lift up your hands for the first time, lift up your hands. If it’s to laugh out loud, laugh out loud. Hallelujah. Just obey Him, obey Him. If you’ve never given a word in here and that’s stirring around in you, there are seasoned people here, those that are generals in the spirit and have never given a word here. If it’s to give a word, then you know what’s stirring around in your spirit. You have liberty to do that now.

She is a seasoned one.

Ms. Judy shared…

When I came in I put my phone on vibrate and I was looking down at it and suddenly my hand kind of went down on it. It buzzed. It vibrated on me. So I looked down and what I felt when our brother was talking before, I just felt that there were people in here that had had things happen to them that were not particularly good and they tried to overcome. They had done all the things that you know to do. They read the Bible and made their confession. And even today I felt like they were doing what they were told to do but it was like a hurdle. They couldn’t get it because they were locked into things or situations that had happened. And it was not good. The situation was not good and it was hard, it was difficult. So they would do all the things to get away from it but it was like the enemy just coming back and putting it in front of them. And so the joy that they wanted to have, the fullness of that joy, they just couldn’t quite get.

When my phone buzzed and I looked down… I didn’t honestly want to come up here. I just wanted to stay back there. The first thing I saw, one was my Bible verse of the day, but what was lit up on it, because it lights up on it every day, was a blue square that says “share this.” So finally after Jerre kept encouraging I thought okay, I am going to share. This is the verse and then I will tell you what I felt. Out of I Corinthians 2:8 “However it is written no eye has seen, no ear has heard and what no human mind has conceived of the things that God has prepared for those that love Him.” What I felt like there was people that just were concentrating on what had happened. It did happen and they were trying to overcome it but it kept coming back. It just kept coming back like a flood of what had happened and even though they knew to move beyond it, the enemy was just so strong there to keep them locked into that situation. And so what I felt like that verse was telling them to do was to concentrate on what God has prepared for you. That’s future. That’s coming. That’s now. But it’s now, it’s not the past. It’s now and the future and God has prepared this wonderful new purpose for you, this wonderful new place for you in God. Wonderful things are in store for you and so quit concentrating on what happened. It happened. It’s done. It’s over. Concentrate on what God has prepared for you because it’s good.

Ms. Barb shared…

People need help. Sometimes you are in a place where you just need some help to get there. And so if there are people here who need help, we want to help you.

Ms. Jerre shared…

There is an anointing to destroy the yoke. You know the Lord told me one time… I had that where I couldn’t get over it. I was praying and the Lord spoke to me. He said if I have to I’ll send an angel and burn it out of your memory. And He is able to do that. Now did he have to? No, it was just a great big love. But the power of God is here with these believers to help you overcome that and to give you the power and strength to boost you so to speak to get over that.

And this can be the step. Say, I am going to connect with God right now. I am taking the step and I am stepping out and moving and I will be delivered from this thing.

The remainder of the hour was spent rejoicing and praying over those who came forward.

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