Prayer Summary for Friday, February 17, 2017

Prayer today was predominantly worship…

Jerre led in worship…


You make our pathways straight
For those things that are to come
Clearing it out for those things to come
Thank You, Lord
Greater glory is coming of the latter house
We hold to Your promise, Lord
Help us to step into that greater glory
We lift up holy hands, O Lord

Dave shared…

I keep getting this in my spirit. The Lord is able to bring those things to completion. We look about ourselves, we look about our circumstance, and we look in the mirror and wonder “How in the world can we do this?” Some might even say to themselves, “How can I do this?” And He who has begun a good work is also able to bring it to completion. He called you by His name—not your name—and His grace and His all sufficiency in all things… He called you and He knew from the beginning of time that you’d be in this hour and in this place. Ha, ha, ha, ha… He knows what’s ahead. He’s got the plan, the master plan. Ha, ha, ha… And He’s able… ha, ha, ha, ha… and willing. So quit looking into that mirror and wondering what you’re going to do. Ha, ha, ha… Wonder no more! No more! Ha, ha, ha… He’s able to make us what He said He’d do. Thank You, Lord. And He’s able to cause us to finish our race… in joy! I like that. Finishing the race with joy, with victory, with joy in your step, with excitement knowing that today is my day and ahead of me is great things. And He’s got me on His mind. Glory to God.

So thank You, Father, we don’t have to rely on our flesh or on what we are. We can rely on You and what You are and Who You are. You created all we see and everything we don’t see. You have said it and it shall be. It shall be! Ha, ha, ha… So I don’t have to carry it or make it happen. All I have to do is get in agreement with You and Your Holy Spirit. Listen to the Spirit of grace and walk it out.

We thank You, Father, that You have begun that work in us. You’re stirring us to completion and You’re bringing us up to a new place so we can see further than we’ve seen before. We can see the possibilities and not the impossibilities. That we can see the things that are just, that are praise worthy, if there be virtue that those things is what we focus on. And that it causes us and draws us near unto You, knowing that every hour of every day, You lead us and guide us in the paths of righteousness for Your name’s sake. That it may be done as You said it should be. That You not let one jot or tittle of Your Word, not one bit of Your Word fall at the wayside. But every person You called, You shall establish in this earth. Every gift and every person in this room, every one of them bringing them to the end of the race. Bringing them to the end. Yes! Glory to God, with joy! Joy unspeakable and full of glory.

As we move ahead toward the end, that joy, that stirring, that knowing inside, I’ve got a plan. I’ve got a plan. I hear it. I got a plan. And it shall come to pass. Even as I have said, it shall come to pass. It has to come to pass. If I say it’s so, then it shall be so. Ha, ha, ha… It shall be so. Yes, Lord, I hear that.

Yes, triumphant. A triumphant church. A body that is in victory. It speaks with My very words. That moves with My very actions. That touches the world with My very thoughts. My ideas, My intentions. That it may be as I said it should be. Because I am capable and well able to do… So it’s time. It’s time to rejoice. To know that I am able and walk about and know that I am able. Knowing inside of you… Yes! A confidence, a boldness… An absoluteness… So you don’t have to sit there weak and defeated any longer. You can get up, stand up, allow My Spirit to move you into that place of victory, into that place where you know that you know… into that place of confidence, into that place of absoluteness… into that place where you stand up and speak boldness and you know with absoluteness that it shall be as I have said it shall be and you know! No longer are you weak and defeated. No longer do you have to sit on the sidelines. You don’t have to sit and watch what is going on. But it’s time to stand up and get in… the water is just fine… just perfect for this hour… and let Me do the work inside… and change your mind and change your heart… I will convince you of greater things… I will show you great things and let you see My will… Then you’ll no longer sit on the sidelines… but you’ll stand up inside and you’ll lift your hands up high… And you’ll move with Me… No longer will you look behind but you’ll look ahead… You’ll look ahead and know that I have a plan…

Barb shared…

It has already worked out. I saw this picture if you can imagine driving down the road on a nice summer day. You’re in the driver’s seat. You have your arm out the window and the breeze is flowing. You look in the rear-view mirror. All those things, step one through 20, God sees them all in the rear-view mirror. He sees them all as done. It’s not a work that you have to take on. You just got to get in the car and be ready to move. He sees it as all done. So for you, everything, even this next week or next month, you’re thinking I’ve got this decision to make or this thing I know is coming up in six months, start seeing it in the rear-view mirror. Start seeing it as it’s already been taken care of. God has already made a way for that thing. He already has a solution. He’s already completed that thing and we need to start seeing it in that way. It’s back there. We’re moving ahead. That thing is already done in Jesus’ name. No matter how far down the road.

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