Prayer Summary for Friday, December 16, 2016

Jerre led in prayer and worship…

Father, we think about You and Your greatness and Your mercy and compassion. And Your faithfulness that You never leave us or forsake us. If I have You, I have everything. Everything I need. So I thank You that I have You.

♪ I love Your presence… I love, I love, I love Your presence… I love You, Jesus… How I love Your presence… ♪


We thank You for that precious gift… we lay honor upon that gift of the Holy Ghost… we do not take it for granted… we know that within that gift, that Your creative power dwells within it… for You speak through these lips, these words… we direct them to those situations… that would try to arise today … we say “No!” … you come down… No!… the Spirit of God is against you… and the blood of the Lamb is there… every situation… for this day for this time that is meant for evil, every situation… we direct the power of the Holy Ghost there and there and there… the blood of the Lamb is there… we shut the door on that in Jesus’ name… and nothing would slip under that door… that place is shut up… behind the door… and the door posts are covered in blood… ha, ha, ha… it will come to naught… thank You, Lord…

Dave shared…

I heard this word from heaven: “If you want something different, do something different.” In the Word we see where the Lord reached out and took the hand of somebody and told them to “take up your bed and walk.” When He asked that person to do that, it was something different that they weren’t used to doing. As a matter of fact, that person probably had never done it in his life. When Jesus was on the earth, a lot of the things He asked people to do were things where it didn’t look like they had the ability to do. There is something to that, that opens up the doors for miracles. It opens up the doors for God’s presence for grace… the things you hope for in your life, things you’ve been praying for… You say, “Lord, I’m waiting on You.” Well, the Lord is waiting on you to do something different.

What is different? There is something about miracles in that they are sometimes initiated by acts that may not be mainstream thought. It’s the catalyst that initiates that power in a situation. We’re all astounded when we hear brother Hagin getting a woman healed by punching her in the stomach. That wasn’t normal. And the Holy Ghost is waiting for those opportunities, those ques. He gives you a prompting but you’ll talk yourself out of it. You might be in a shopping center and see somebody in a wheelchair and the first thing that comes out of you is you just want to pray for them or do something. But after you think about it for five minutes, you start thinking, “Maybe this isn’t the right place.” You talk yourself out of doing anything.

Remember when Jesus took dirt and spit in it and made mud and then put it on the blind man’s eyes? Imagine being there and watching Him do that. That is unusual. Why didn’t He just lay hands on the man and say, “Open your eyes.” Why did he do that? A lot of times when God moves that way, it’s to get you out of where you’re at and into the place where you’re “on the water.” When Jesus bid Peter to come out of the boat and onto the water, Peter had never walked on the water before. He saw Jesus doing it, but that’s Jesus! He saw Jesus do all these miracles. In their eyes, He was the Son of God. Jesus said, “who do you say I am?” He said, “You’re the son of the living God.” Well, that’s what Peter saw Him as. But Peter never saw himself that way. So when Jesus bid him “Come,” Peter had to make a decision. He had to forget who he was and he had to look at Jesus for who He was. In order for him to get out of that boat, he had to change his perspective. He had to do something different in order to be able to get something different. And therein lies that place where miracles live.

This weekend I was talking to a friend who has been working in the healing ministry for 30 years. He talked to me about some of the miracles he’s seen in his ministry. Some of the greatest miracles he saw had to do with something completely unusual, different than what you would think God would do to heal someone. There was one thing he said that stood out to me. He said, “If I can get them out of their day to day and get them to start seeing things differently, I can get them healed.” He wasn’t saying that he was healing them. He was saying that he could get them to realize that the power of God is not waiting on anybody. It’s available right now. The anointing of God is right now, here in this place, ready to transform the lives of everybody here. Right now!

The thing that amazed me is that he said he saw more miracles when he was able to get people into a place where he would tell them to do something different than what they were doing. Or he would ask them to do something. Have you ever seen it when someone comes up and they lay hands on them? Then they say, “Okay now do something you couldn’t do before.” A lot of times that healing manifests when they start doing the thing they couldn’t do.

He gave a testimony where this woman came up for healing and he told her to do something. She said, “The doctor told me I couldn’t do that. If I did that, I’d die.” He couldn’t convince her to do what it was he was asking her to do. He kept working with her and pulling on her. Finally she gave in and did it. When she did it, she was so surprised that she got healed.

Just remember… something different. Let’s do something different.

Florence shared…

When Jerre was talking about smashing the devil and then do it all over again, that’s the way I felt. I think the reason I felt that is because the devil will come to make you feel so unworthy. He comes and makes you feel so guilty. He makes you feel so unloved. And when you have all these emotions going on inside of you, you cannot get the fullness of God. You cannot see the way God wants you to see because your eyes are so full of guilt. He makes you feel that you cannot be forgiven. What you did and what you said and what you thought… how can you even think that God loves you. And I am a Christian for so long but in some situations, that’s where I was. Sometimes I would feel so unworthy I don’t think I’m worthy to do that. I’m not worthy to say that. I don’t think I’m worthy to go there. So when she said in that song, I was thinking about so many Christians that need to smash the devil. Get your freedom. Just to know that we are loved with such a great love. And He died to show us that He loved us. We are so worthy in our Father’s eyes, but he wants to bring a veil over us and show us we are unworthy. That’s why we don’t get the miracles. That’s why we don’t get the freedom. That’s why we don’t do as we are supposed to do because we are not aware what the Lord wants us to do. So I think that’s what I want to do… just smash the devil.

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