Prayer Summary for Friday, December 02, 2016

Jerre led in worship…

Pastor Ray shared…

Yesterday after morning prayer, I received an email from someone in Wisconsin. Yesterday, we had prayed about plowing up the soil.

Excerpt from yesterday’s GPAN report:

Pastor Ray shared…

In my spirit, I saw a plow plowing up the soil that was hardened and full of weeds. The farmer plowed it up and the soil was turned upside down. I had an alarm concerning what the enemy has been planning for this time right now, the transition from one President to the President Elect. There is some kind of deception planned by the enemy. We must take our place and watch over the transition right now. There are hidden plans of the enemy to disrupt all of these changes that we’ve prayed for, that our nation would move more in God’s direction. Opening up doors for revival. Those plans must be turned around and exposed. Like the plow turns all those weeds, plows them up and turns the weeds upside down and brings up the black soil, we by our prayers and the name of Jesus take authority and hold the blood against what the enemy is doing. [end of excerpt]

In her email, she said, “Thank you for live streaming prayer so that we have Holy Ghost pray-ers to connect with who know how to pray with the help of the Holy Ghost. Today, when Pastor Ray was speaking about plowing, I saw in the spirit the US being plowed by the old type of plows, the ones that dug deep and turned over the earth. I saw the deep fertile soil of our founding fathers was, again, coming to the top for a new crop to come forth… a new fertile crop would again grow in that soil. Hallelujah! A rebirthing is taking place. Also, the eagle [The U.S.] is going to fly again. She’s gone through the molting—her beak was torn off and her feathers had fallen out. Now she’s in full restoration and is flying again. Majestic! Even better than before. She’s the leader of the sky again and she humbly knows her position. She flies in power once more.”

She sent a picture of a plowed field. One of the things we were doing yesterday was plowing weeds up that had begun to grow back even after victories that were won in prayer. Thank You, Lord.

I feel really happy today. His joy in us is strength to us, to keep on keeping on! If you don’t quit, you’ll win. If you’re not happy right now, take a drink of the Spirit today.

Group took a laughing in the Holy Ghost break…

Vocal inspiration…

Today is a new day. We forget those things that are behind and we press on to today because it’s all new. We forget about yesterday and we’re looking toward tomorrow and we’re living in this day today with the power and victory through Jesus Christ, through His blood and the Holy Ghost on the inside of us working and moving and doing things day to day in this new day, full of His mercy, full of His grace. And He is causing us to abound, to overcome every moment of the day. We are having victory from the moment we woke up to the moment we sleep. While we’re sleeping, He’s watching over us and He’s causing those angels to work for us while we rest. In the night, He’s sending us places and He’s causing us to go as we sleep. My God, my God, hallelujah. It’s a good day. It’s a good time. This is a good place. Hallelujah! Victory is mine, saith the Lord. I will have it My way. I will have it today. You fellowship with Me today. Stir yourself up today!


Who says you do not have more than enough? The devil! He’s a liar. We’ve been given more than enough! We receive it, Lord!

Barb shared…

Yesterday, my daughter had made this soup. When you let soup sit, all the good stuff goes to the bottom. All the pieces of chicken and noodles go to the bottom. She said, “Mom, I hate getting soup after it sits cuz all the good stuff goes to the bottom.” I said, “Well, just stir it up. All you have to do is reach down in there and get that stuff out.” So the Holy Ghost is saying when you stir yourself up, you get all that good stuff that’s in there and by the Holy Ghost, it’s able to come up and come out of you. So stir yourself up by leaning into the Holy Ghost and let Him help you stir that up. There is so much on the inside of you that He brings up by the Holy Ghost.

Group is worshiping and singing…

♪ With joy we draw water from the well… ♪

Pastor Ray shared…

Brother Hagin said, “One of the things I appreciate about being filled with the Holy Spirit is praying with tongues. From that day in 1937 when I was first Spirit filled to this, I’ve worshiped and communicated with God praying and singing in other tongues every single day. I’ve never left that place of prayer feeling that I didn’t say what I wanted to say because my spirit was enabled by the Holy Spirit who indwells me to say what He wanted to say. If you’re not doing so already, I invite you to come in and communicate with God supernaturally. He wants to do so much more for you. He wants to communicate with you in a better way. Know the joy of fellow shipping with the Lord in the spirit. Speaking in tongues is a continuing experience to assist us in the worship of God. It’s a flowing stream that should never dry up. It will enrich your life spiritually, and it will enable you to help others. Isn’t that what it’s about? And to work with God himself in the consummation of His work in the earth through the ministry of intercessory prayer.”

Isn’t that why we’re here?


The door is open for more
Illumination and greater revelation about what is on the other side of the new door
What is it? What will it look like? How shall it unfold? It’s better than it was before
The old soil is plowed up
Pressed down, shaken together and running over… more! There’s more and greater
Assignments! God-given assignments in Jesus’ name
To restore things the way they should be… to make whole… to make healthy
Turning it, turning it, turning it… prepare the way… clearing it out
A new kind of creation… it will be available for more
From country to country to nation to nation all over the globe
Greater illumination, greater revelation
My daughter, press through… press into… Take it! Take it! Receive it!
Father, You said if it wasn’t there that You would create it…
Lord, You create it now
New things are being born
Creation in this place… by faith… with creative power from heaven
It’s new territory… even regions or lands… new ways
The blood is against you, devil, from stopping the way
Change and move… turn… a complete turnaround
There’s a crossing over now… where we’re moving over to that place… it’s time …
We’ve been waiting and waiting but it’s time to step over… time to take the step… it’s time to reach out… it’s time to draw those things… that have been appointed to you… the opportunity that He’s arraigned, it’s time to step into the flow… it’s time to step into the know… it’s time to cooperate with the Holy Ghost… casting down imaginations and every high thing that would exalt itself against His appointed time… that which He has imparted to you, it’s time to step in… don’t delay… it’s time today to walk in the power of the spirit… there’s a move today… there’s a shift in the spirit… He is moving His body, His people into their places… He’s pulling up and plucking up those things that would hinder and He’s casting them to the side… Be encouraged… the Lord is on your side… He is working for you… He will not fail you… He will bring you to completion… He will cause that Word to flourish inside of you so that that river flows and is not stopped up…
Open, open, open today… Open eyes, open ears… opportunities open today
Be ignited today by the fire of the Holy Ghost… let Him burn on the inside of you
Let that fire increase and grow so it cannot be pushed aside
Father, you cause that corruption to bow… and deception to bow in Jesus’ name
No limitations, no boundaries… no hindrances
Change, change, change

Pastor Ray shared…

As we were praying, I saw time begin to move much more quickly, like double time, triple time, and beyond that. We were praying way out ahead, preparing some things that will be ready when we get there. I saw the hands on the clock just went into a quickening into the future for each one of us personally and together. Things were prepared for us that needed to be made ready. When we get there, it’ll be ready. So we can be blessed knowing that the things that will come in the days, the weeks, the months, the years ahead will be prepared for when we arrive on the scene. Even our tomorrow, Saturday… I take a brush by the Spirit and begin to paint a scene of greatness, painting a scene of abundance, painting a scene of wellness and wholeness and prosperity—spirit, soul, and body! It’s in full color. It’s almost like in three dimensional. The cares are behind us. We’ve been set free from them. We step into the abundance from heaven above.

Prayer continued…

More of us moving through, moving up… apostolic ground… to bring about the things that have been prepared… Ha, ha, ha,… only with joy should you move into this… only in the joy… this is the ground that higher… only coming through in the joy of the Lord… no other way through that door… coming through…

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