Morning Prayer Summary for Monday, August 31, 2020


Hallelujah, we lift up Your wonderful name, Lord
Thank You for all that You have done and all that You are doing
We worship You!
Father, thank You for a fresh visitation today, a fresh infilling of the Holy One!
Yes yesterday was good, but God is in the now!
I am that I am that I am is filling us afresh today
We thank You, Holy One, for You said it was better for You to go, so that the Holy Spirit could come
Thank You, Trinity, thank You, Father, thank You, Son, and thank You, Holy Spirit
We know that this is the dispensation of the Holy Spirit and He is moving and He is working!
He is looking for men and women that will take up this call with urgency
The time is indeed very short, we are living in the last of days!
Whatever You have dreamed that God has called You to do, oh it is time to work!
It is time to work like never before saints of God
If You have fallen away, it is time to come back and to rededicate Yourself to Him
Move with Him, and let Him use You like never before
We rejoice with You, Lord, for what You have done and for what You are doing
Yielding ourselves to You the Holy One, we want to be filled by You, Lord
He is seeking for those that will submit themselves to His purpose and His plan
Let the Holy One fill You up today with the holy fire!
We are the sons and daughters of God
Light us up, Lord, like never before
Tongues is the language of heaven!
The Spirit of the living God, fill those that need to be filled
Fill them with the fresh fire from heaven
Grant unto them the language of heaven, speak up and call out to be filled
You are the spirit of adoption, we are not living under the spirit of slavery!
Yes, You are our heavenly Father, You are the spirit of counsel
We yield to You, and we pray for the Spirit of God to fall upon us
Thank You for the fear of God to be on and over us
You are the spirit of fire, and You are lighting us up like never before
Saints, we need to press in, we need to take our place in the realm of the Spirit
It is time and we give You praise and glory


The following prophecy was delivered by Kenneth Copeland on September 8, 2017:

Together, We’ll Bring It to Pass!

“Most people are saying, ‘I can’t do it. It’s not working. It just seems like it doesn’t work out for me.’ The more you say that, the more the unbelief and fear compounds and compounds and compounds. But, you see, all of that is very weak. So, when you begin to tum to the strength of The WORD, when you begin to confess My WORD,” saith The LORD, “when you begin to say, ‘I believe I receive,’ it sounds like it is so simple. But My words are with power and authority. The devil’s words are full of fear, and they are weak and empty. And when you come against him, he folds up and he runs in fear! So, begin to say, ‘I can, I will and I have it,’ and you’ll see results,” saith The LORD. “Don’t ever give up! Stand! And if it seems as though it isn’t working, inquire of Me. I’ll encourage you. I’ll coach you. I’ll train you. I’ll be your Coach. I’ll be your Trainer,” saith the Holy Spirit. “That’s My job. That’s what I’m supposed to do. And if you’ll give Me a chance, I’ll coach you all the way to victory. I’ll coach you all the way to glory. I’ll teach and train you. And I will cause you to be well, and I’ll cause you to be strong in your mind, and I’ II cause you to be rich financially. You just stay with Me and, together, we’ll bring it to pass,” saith The LORD of grace.

The Holy Spirit through Brother Kenneth Hagin.


The time is coming and now is when men and women Blood-washed, Blood bought, will come to realize and know, the fullness of the covenant that belongs to them. Will come to know the authority, the rights, and the privileges. And there shall arise a company in these last days that many people will call Supermen. Because they’ll operate in the realm of the supernatural, in a way that has not been done heretofore. Many have touched the edge, gotten in just to the edge of it occasionally. But the time is coming when men will walk in it, walk in, their covenant, walk in the supernatural, and it will be just as natural to walk in the supernatural, as it is for a bird to fly through the air, or a fish to swim through the water. Hearts must be prepared, minds must be renewed. Spirits must come into subjection to the Father of Spirits. Speak it out, and by you speaking it out you create it. Hallelujah! The revelation is coming, they’ll be able to teach men in the realm of the Spirit in this area, where they can operate in that area. Like men in the mental realm will teach people the multiplication table, so spiritual things, will become real, as natural, as mental and material things! And it shall be said in these Last Days as it was said before, that there are GIANTS in the land. These GIANTS will not be giants of physical stature, but giants of spiritual stature.

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