Morning Prayer Summary for Thursday, October 18, 2018

Annie led group in worship…


Father, we stand in Your goodness today… You’ve given us everything we need in Christ… we are more than conquerors in this life… thank You for the blood of Jesus… the blood is over this nation… this is a blood-bought nation, redeemed and formed by You… men who sought Your will and plan for their lives… thank You for this great nation… for the great days we’re living in… days of transition… moving to the righteousness of God… You are raising up millions of believers… taking their place… with the authority You’ve given them… shaping this nation… supernatural change… You ordained and saw fit to give us a President that would work and cooperate with Your plans and purposes… You anointed him… blood over him and family and cabinet… we loose ministering spirits to watch, guard, guide and protect them… You turn his heart… there are peripheral plans that need to come into the big picture now… we plead the blood of Jesus over the timing of these events… we take our place, seated with You… we declare no weapon formed against this nation shall prosper… no plot or conspiracy, no strategy of the enemy… we bind every spirit of darkness in Jesus’ name… we take authority over anarchy, mobs that would try to overtake… we stop you in the name of Jesus… we hold the blood against you and declare, “You are forbidden from operating…” … we pray for wisdom for those in authority… governmental positions… grant wisdom… how to negotiate… we’re not going to be caught behind… we go out ahead… we lift up the mid-term elections… we declare there will be no shenanigans… we pray over every aspect… polling places… surrounded and covered in the blood… we loose angels to go and watch, guard, guide and protect… preparation… not coming behind… light to expose things that need to be exposed… divine intervention… we get out beyond the results… we declare peace and stability… we call for a “calm” in the name of Jesus… You are causing the church to arise and take her place in the voting booth…taking her place in the prayer place… greater influence… to the astonishment of everyone, we take our place… momentum and motion there, Father… a sustained effort to press through…inspiration … we hold the blood to the source of difficulty… no one is exempt… You inspire… every part doing their part… participating in the great work of God… infused with the strength of God… working together that the kingdom would increase… laying aside things that do not matter… single minded to Your Word and Your Spirit… harvest… the day in which we live… we refuse to delay any longer…

Annie led group in worship…

Erika shared…

The other day when I prayed, I prayed, “Let us come behind in no good thing.” I thought in the natural, that’s not really happening. I’m talking about the Church. I began to pray about it and the Lord led me to a subject we’re going to talk about today. I’m going to talk about “watching” today. To watch means “to look attentively or observe as to see what is done; maintain a guard or a vigil; to look attentively or with sustained interest; to care for; a continuous act of looking or waiting for something that may or is expected to appear or happen.” Watchfulness, a synonym is “attentive, heedful, cautious, or wary.” In Strong’s it’s used several different ways. It says “To hedge about, to guard, to protect, to attend to, be aware, be circumspect, take heed, to keep, to mark, to look narrowly, observe, preserve, regard, reserve, saved, sure, wait, or watchman.” Another word for it means “to guard the man, the post, the prison with diligence; to guard the office, the prison, the ward, or the watch.” One other meaning can be to “twine or braid together.” The primary root word is “to lean forward, to peer into the distance by implication to observe, to await, to behold, to spy, to look up, to wait, to keep the watchman.” Then opening the eyes to awake, to lift up oneself, to master, to rise up oneself.

In Isaiah 62:6, “I have set watchmen on your walls, O Jerusalem; They shall never hold their peace day or night. You who make mention of the Lord, do not keep silent.”

In the Study Bible notes, it talks about watchfulness. “Restlessness.” It says, “The true spirit of prayer.” This passage formed the essential vision for a prayer community organized in the 1700s in a part of Germany called “Moravia.” Known as the Moravians, they Christened their community “the Lord’s Watch.” Established and 24-hour prayer vigil that lasted over 100 years. Isaiah called such intercessors “watchman.” Noting they are positioned high on the walls, prayerfully focused in three directions on activities in the city and among the nations as well as developments in the heavens. They are alert to the character and ways of God. They review His promises which are unfolding before both Jerusalem and the nations. They take stock with a spirit of urgent restlessness, refusing to keep silent before God.

So they’re looking, watching, observing, seeing things according to God. But they’re not keeping silent. They do something with what they’ve been given. We have a job to do! Amen!

Let’s go to Hosea 9:8. It uses the word “watchman.” “The watchman of Ephraim is with my God.” Watchman is to look out, to peer into the distance, to spy, to keep watch, to scope something out esp. in order to see approaching danger and to warn those who are in danger. The very occurs 80 times. Often it is translated “watchman” referring to the king’s guards or those who look out from a tower in the city wall. In other instances, it is spiritual watchman or prophets who look out to see danger and report to the people.

In Pro. 31:27 the ideal woman watches over the ways of her household.

So now we have a better idea of what a watchman is.

Then the Lord brought to my mind to look at Billye Brim’s book, “The Blood and the Glory.” I came across chapter 3 entitled, “The Old-Timers: And the Truth they Knew.” She saw about the blood. She went on to say she was reading brother Hagin’s book, “Triumphant Church.” He gave an account of how a missionary overcame the deadly sting of venomous scorpions by saying, “I plead the blood of Jesus Christ against this scorpion stink.”

The natives watched the woman expecting her to die. When she suffered no ill effects most of them accepted Jesus.

In relating this, Dr. Hagin commented, “every benefit and blessing we possess in our redemption, including complete and total victory over Satan, is based on Jesus and His triumph over Satan at the Cross. We have victory over Satan because of Jesus’ shed blood. The old-timers in Pentecost understood a truth about the blood of Jesus. They would plead the blood against the devil. That’s scriptural.”

Almost immediately thereafter someone just handed me Mrs. C. Nuzum’s book, “The Life of Faith.” I remembered at once this was the first book Kenneth Hagin read about faith after he came off the deathbed through faith in God. …

One old-timer, Carl Roos told me before he moved to heaven, “the Lord told us, ‘Make much of the blood; and the blood will make much of you.’

That concept of “honoring the blood of Jesus” was well known to the saints I have researched. Like Mrs. Nuzum, they had faith in the power of the blood. And they wielded their weapon. Often by setting a watch with it—a blood watch!

It was in this area that I found the answer I was seeking. The preventative action we can take against Satan’s unfair blows. In Mrs. Nuzum’s book in chapter seven entitled, “Hold Fast That Which Thou Hast,” she exposed the doors Satan uses to enter and “take a place.”

We are all in the land of the enemy and are subject to his attacks in spirit, soul, and body, but God says, “Give no place to the devil” (Eph. 4:27). That means he cannot take a place in us when he attacks us if we do not let him. We open the way for him to come in if we sin; the smallest sin we commit in word, deed, or thought gives place for the devil to do us harm.”

The first door she mentioned is obvious—sin.

Thank God for the blood of Jesus which cleanses us from all sin and makes us new creations when we are born again.

And thank God, if we sin after we are born again, we can take advantage of 1st John 1:9: “If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and cleanse us from all unrighteousness.”

It is the blood in either case which cleanses us and closes the door of opportunity to the devil.

But when I read what she had to say about another door I knew what I was looking for—an opening Satan uses to afflict the innocents and how to keep it closed.

God’s remedy always accomplishes just what God says it will accomplish—overcome the enemy. But watchfulness is he price of constant victory. “Be vigilant (watch all the time) because your adversary the devil as a roaring lion walketh about, seeking whom he may devour.”

Our enemy is so set on our destruction that he never sleeps, or neglects to follow after us to destroy us. How sad that we, who have so much at stake, should be less diligent than he. A failure to watch, also fives the devil a place in us or permits him to return. “I say unto all, watch.” We are not safe from his attacks one moment, without the blood of Jesus. As soon as we waken in the morning we should cry for the blood to be upon us, within us, around us, and between us and all evil and the author of evil. The last thing before we sleep we should in the same way, cry for the protection of the blood.

Oh that we could rouse ourselves to a greater intensity in the things of God. We are so halfhearted and yet we must overcome an enemy that is constantly alert and ready to take advantage of all carelessness and neglect. Soldiers are severely dealt with for even a small carelessness or neglect. If we neglect to watch, can God call us good soldiers? Oh, how much we suffer because we fail to watch all the time. I say unto all, watch! Not one person is excused from watching. We shall never in this life get to a place where the enemy cannot attack us. But God is not willing that we should be overcome even once… not one failure as we obey and trust. END

I saw it. First Peter 5:8 is so clear. Be vigilant. Watch. That’s how he slips in on us. A lack of watchfulness.

The old-timers set up a watch. A Word watch. A blood watch. They drew a blood line Satan could not cross.

But can you do it?

I thought that was great about watching and a key for us. Then I wanted to look at something Pastor Lynne and Patsy had to say I their book, “Secrets of Powerful Prayer.” Chapter 10, Watching in the Spirit.

Why do bad things happen to good people?

You often hear that question asked in Christian circles today. It’s been answered many ways. Whole books have been written about it. Yet I’ve never heard anyone give what I believe to be the most accurate answer. So I’ll give it to you right here.

The reason bad things happen to good people, the reason the Devil is so often able to get into our churches to kill, steal, and destroy is this: The church has neglected to watch and pray. “But wait a minute,” someone might say, “We have prayer meetings in our church. We do a lot of praying.”

That may be. But how much watching do you do?

In most cases, the answer to that question would be another question, and it would sound something like this: “well… uh… that depends. What do you mean by watching?”

Watching is the very first step to Spirit-led prayer. It is praying to pray. It is tuning into God and purposely searching out the promptings of His Spirit. It is looking for His leadings so you can follow them and pray about things of which you have no natural knowledge.

She goes on to give examples. The Lord reminded me about two months ago, I was awakened in the night and began to pray. I didn’t have a clue what it was about. I kept praying and finally I began to see more clearly that He was praying about this individual. This person is overseas. I prayed more earnestly over every detail of her life. I began to know in my heart that there was a physical difficulty there. I sensed that this person would be leaving earth. I just prayed and watched until I had a release. The next day I got a call from someone who alerted me to the fact this person was in the hospital. Days later this person went home to be with the Lord. But when the Lord awakened me to pray and I didn’t know why. So as I watched in prayer, He made it more clear. I didn’t feel anything to do other than to pray in the Holy Ghost about all the details surrounding that situation. That it watching and praying. I had no way of knowing but the Holy Ghost does.

In John 16:13, 14 He said, “When he the spirit of truth is come, the truth giving spirit, he will guide you into all truth, the whole full truth. For he will not speak of His own authority but he will tell you whatever He hears from the Father, He will give the message that He has been given to him and he will announce and declare to you the things that are to come that will happen in the future. He will honor and glorify me because he will take of me, draw upon what I have is mine and will reveal to you.”

That is what the Holy Ghost does. That’s His part in helping us. We can’t do it on our own. As pray-ers, we need to esteem Him.

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