Morning Prayer Summary for Friday, October 12, 2018

Dave shared…

I was seeking the Lord about today and I said, “Lord, let’s just do whatever You want to do.” I’m going to bow my head here and come to Him for us and get Him in on what we’re doing. We’ll go from there. (prayer)

The one thing I had was regarding the Holy Spirit. This is one of the things that has been seated in my heart is the work of the Holy Spirit in us. It’s such a critical subject matter. So many need this but so many don’t know they need this. I was listening to some old messages from ministers you would know. They were so refreshing to hear the Word of faith. I was listening with my eyes opened to what I know today. The revelation of God’s Word is a progressive revelation. What you knew ten years from now, it’s not wrong. It’s good. But there’s always added information. In other words, it’s like if you know something and then you learn something new about it, the old stuff doesn’t go away [become obsolete], it just adds to what you know. That’s what they call progressive revelation. How many here has had the opportunity to read the scripture and then you’ve read it so many different times and then one day you read it and it’s like it’s on fire for some reason. That’s the difference between having a rhema word and just having a regular word. That’s the difference between having the Word impregnated with the Spirit of grace and just having the Word rote.

This is my Bible here. I have lots of Bibles. And I have lots of books. All kinds of stuff. I’ve got all of that stuff and those are all very good things. It’s a good thing to learn. What I’m going to communicate to you has to do with the subtleties of falling into a place where you get this dry place where you’re disconnecting from the Spirit of grace. It’s a subtle time because lots of times, we’re in what they call right now the “dispensation of grace.” When Jesus came and He died on the cross and rose from the grave and was seated on high with the Father, after that work was completed, we entered into the dispensation of grace. Now the thought process and the thinking that goes behind the dispensation of grace is different than the previous dispensation, which was the law and the works. Most of you heard this information so I’m not going to spend any time talking about that. But just to say that there is a difference. And the thought process is different. And you have to make sure that you don’t use the other thinking with the new dispensation, because a lot of people would say, “In the Old Testament, it said that the law was given and it talks about how what types of food you’re supposed to eat.” There’s a lot in there. And they were all supposed to keep those commandments. Those were legitimate commandments. But they were designed for one purpose. It was almost if God spoke to man. He was leading them to not have to walk in that. He was trying to get them in the scripture to not have to go that way. If you’ve read the Old Testament and zoom out and look at it as a whole, the goal for the law was set for one purpose only. That man would recognize the need for grace. That’s what it was all about. It was always pointing to the future… pointing to the dispensation we are currently in. After the fall. So how we relate to God is very important and it needs to be relative to that dispensation. I’ll give you an example of that. I grew up in the Word of faith. I got saved at age 11 and from that point on, I knew about brother Hagin and Copeland. And all the different ministers. I learned from these people a lot of good things. I’m trying to get to this point. The things I learned were positive but not everything I learned was helpful. Man is fallible and when they teach, they teach relative to what they know. And if what they know and we live with a progressive revelation, then what they knew back then wasn’t the same as what they know today. And that information from today to back then is critical for you to go further in your faith. But since we didn’t have that, I had to operate in what we did know. I remember brother Hagin used to say this. He used to talk about the history of the church. Him coming up and talking about how the Word of faith did not exist at one point. And the Word of faith was almost heresy in the church. It was not something that was looked well upon. If you followed that message, you weren’t part of the church. As a matter of fact, if the truth was known, brother Hagin used to talk about him and brother Copeland couldn’t even go into the churches. [woman: Oral Roberts was told, “How dare you say God is good.” He would say, “expect something good.”] That thinking was so off and it was religious war. When brother Copeland was here years ago, we had people picketing the meetings. You see how divided and divisive it is in the country right now and how from a political standpoint, if you don’t know there’s a war going on right now, then you’ve been in the dark. At first, I thought, “We’ll get past this. It’s like this every time there’s political stuff going on. They always mud sling.” But what is going on today is different than the past. The gloves have come off. Now nobody even faking anymore. They’re out in the open. The media is charged. They don’t even apologize for anything. That’s the way it was when Jesus was around. When Jesus was on the earth, the fight was on! We’re talking unto death here. That’s why Jesus was crucified. What He was saying was so diametrically opposed to what they were saying that it caused such division and hatred in the body. That’s what is happening now. The dispensation we’re in is the dispensation of grace and God has taken the next step and emphasized grace. There are a lot of people that aren’t for grace. They couch it in different terms. I’ve heard it different ways. I want to pray about this for this reason. Brother Hagin said back in the 50s, God emphasized healing. That’s when Oral Roberts was around. Then it went into the Word of faith. Now it’s grace. Now in each one of those phases, there was a fight. And the reason why there was a fight was because more truth and revelation was coming out. The devil doesn’t mind you going to church. As a matter of fact, he would encourage it. Why? As long as you’re getting stuff that makes you ineffective, that’s what I want. The reason he wants that is because he wants you not effective in praying for people and getting miracles and getting the Bible in the earth. The book of Acts is a book of revival. Okay, where is that in the world that we live? It should be that way. And the reason it’s not that way has to do a lot of what I’m talking about. Is that resistance. I have a good friend who is an “out there” kind of guy. He pushes on that grace message. How many here know Joseph Prince? Ten years ago, his message was pretty radical. I know brother Jim Hammond has been following him for a long time. He told me one day, “You got to listen to this guy. He’s really good.” So I started listening. He was different. But what was unique about Joseph Prince is this. And he’s not the only guy because I do like Andrew Wommack too. He’s similar to Joseph. But if you listen to these guys, they sometimes say some radical things. Very controversial things. I remember hearing some of these things and I was like, “Yeah, that wouldn’t preach well in a church.” When they’re saying the things that they’re saying, they are radical statements but they’re not untrue statements. They’re different than what we’ve been used to hearing. And when they’re different, it’s imperative that as the body we look into these things so that we know whether they’re real or not. We can’t have our blinders of religion on. You have to be willing to take the step that God is leading us to take. Because when Jesus came and was talking to the religious leaders at the time, He would say things that were completely opposed to what they taught. They got offended and not only did they get offended, they got violently offended. You were taking away their power. You were taking away what they knew and they fought and lived and spilled blood for to believe. But just because you spill blood does not mean what you have is true. And we see that right now in the country. Just because you believe a certain way does not make it true. But you see people violently in these positions fighting tooth and nail with stuff that isn’t true. And all I’m trying to bring out is this. We have to guard against these things in the church. And us, as pray-ers, this is how we do that. It’s not a matter of us getting out there and start taking out our bat and fighting physically against these people. Because even though deception is not something that people choose to believe. People can be deceived. You can be sincere but be sincerely wrong. What the Holy Spirit has had me on is this issue of recognizing that not only exterior but internally my prejudice about the things. Keith Moore said he had a young minister come in while he was at Rhema and he said the guy came up to him and said, “If there is anything you can tell me that can help me, just tell me. If you see something, just tell me.” Keith said, “Yeah, that’s a good statement. But not everybody can receive…” If you could imagine Jesus on this planet and telling the religious people… He didn’t want the religious leaders to die and go to hell. He was not interested in these people not having the truth. He was interested in them having the truth. He came for everyone. Right? And just like in the nation right now, you see people who are divided and you look at how deceptive the thoughts are. “It’s okay to beat people up and to be an angry mob.” They justify these things. But the good thing is that most people know that’s not good. However, they don’t know. It’s imperative that us as people who do pray help and pray and ask God to help them. That’s why the Bible says that we should pray for those in authority. Because we’re not talking about just the people in the streets doing this. People in authority are doing this! They’re leading the charge! You see? That’s not good. That’s what happened in Germany. So the Lord’s been moving with me on this, and this is what He’s communicated to me. Just because you know what you know doesn’t mean you know everything. That seems pretty obvious.

Barb: When we first started hearing about the message of grace, we went to some meetings and we were listening and we were like, “This can’t be right.” You’re hearing it for the first time and it’s so contrary to what you know. It offended me. This is different than what we learned. It’s completely different. I’m going to have to throw everything away and start over. I’ve been in this for however many years. “Lord, come on.” Even when you’re offended, on the opposite side, you’re like, “this can’t be right.” Then you need to look in your heart and say, “Lord, is this the truth?” We would just start chewing on it and the Holy Ghost would start to minister to us. Then He would bring light to us, “Yes, this is the truth.” He began to open it up and we’d see things change. But until you open yourself up to the truth, the Holy Ghost can’t move you into the place you need to be. He’s wanting to move the whole body into a place. But half or more of the body of Christ won’t even receive the message of grace. And here isn’t it the same, this battle in the body right now? There’s a battle in the country. Hmmm, I wonder if there is a correlation.

Dave: Those ideas that I’m relating to you, I really believe that God wants the country in unity. Until we get it amongst the body, you see what I’m saying? We’ve got these squabbles and that’s not okay. The idea that God would actually consider you to be blessed and have more than enough was offensive at one time. There are so many different things that you can look at and point out and say, “yeah, I can see that.” I’m giving you these little snapshots of these things. Yet, we’re at a different place today than we were ten years ago. When I was listening to these messages, I’m hearing them and I don’t have any problem with any of the messages that I’m listening to. But there are some subtle differences though. If you were to take those messages and bring them into today, what would be added to them is grace. So I would say don’t throw out what you’ve learned, but apply that which God has given you today to that which you’ve had from yesterday. And then it will help you because then you will make those little adjustments. I’m give you one example and then we’ll pray. We have been taught “speak the Word.” That’s right. The Word has a powerful effect when spoken. But one thing during this dispensation of grace that I’ve learned is that communion has a lot to do with that. Otherwise you could just take the book of Harry Potter and open it up and read the spell to get something to happen. Because that’s what people do. Literally, people open the Word… now don’t get offended here. You could open the Word up and say “I’m reading the Word and I’m going to speak the Word over that situation.” And that’s okay. But the element of faith has never been designed to work away from the Spirit of grace. It’s the rhema word. It isn’t the word but it’s the rhema word that causes change. It’s the revelation, the word of revelation, because they’re just words. The Bible is just words. “Oh don’t say that the Bible is just words.” Okay, be open here. The Bible is just words. Those words have no power unless they’re impregnated with the Spirit of grace and faith. They’re just words. Otherwise lots of people like theologians and people who study… there are people at major universities that are in academia that know the Bible better than we do. And yet without any effect in their lives and without salvation. But it’s clear to you and me that it’s all about salvation. How could you miss that? I’m not taking away from the Word, but the Word away from God is not good. The Word away from the Holy Spirit. My wife said something to me last night. What did you say?

Barb: If you were lost on a desert island, what would you do if you didn’t have the Bible? We’re Word people. What would you do without the Bible. “Oh I don’t remember all those scriptures. I can’t look it up and I don’t have my phone.” What do you do? It’s the Holy Ghost. You have to lean on Him.

Dave: Remember, the Bible wasn’t written the day Jesus died. So what did the early church do? They didn’t even have a Bible. I’m not preaching against the Bible. The Bible is a wonderful and I have lots of them and it’s very important to me. Yesterday, the Lord woke me up and gave me a bunch of scriptures. I’m not pushing away from the Word. That’s not what I’m saying. What I’m saying is that there are too many people having refrigerator faith, using the Bible as you would a coin you stick into a pop machine and get a can of pop, like a magic spell. It’s not how it works. And the reason people have faith failures is because of that. But the Word talks about healing and “himself bore my sicknesses and carried all my disease… by His stripes I am healed.” You can quote scriptures about healing and not have healing. The other day I saw a meeting that asked people to come up for healing and half the church came up. It wasn’t here. Why is that the case? It’s not for the lack of the Word. What it has to do with is that Holy Ghost infilled impregnated Word and that communion, that connection with God. Yeshua Himself sitting right there with you in your chair and speaking to you. “I bore your sicknesses and I carried your diseases.” And when He does that with you, that’s different than you reading it off the page. Because now it’s personal. And now you’ve heard from God. And that will solidify your faith in a way reading the scripture a 1000 times won’t. That is what I’m talking about, what we need in the body. That kind of faith. Now I believe that it’s possible that’s why He sent the Holy Spirit. the Bible talks about the Holy Spirit being the teacher. He said you have no one to teach you. You don’t need anybody. You have the Holy Spirit. The answer is being led by the Spirit of grace. This is the same problem that happened when the Hebrews were led out of Egypt. This is the same problem Moses had with them. They told Moses, we don’t want to talk to God. You just tell us what we need to do. You go talk to Him. You tell us what to do. We’ll collect that together in a book, right? And we’ll read it out of the book and put the coin in the machine and get it out of the machine what we need. That is not right. That’s wrong. You need to get it from God yourself. You need to hear from heaven your own self. And the Holy Spirit is more than glad to spend the time to commune with you and maybe not couched in all these religious scriptures that you’re familiar with or have heard. He might just say one simple thing and say, “I love you and I told you I would never leave you.” Then tears start rolling out of your eyes because you know He loves you. And that’s all you need to know is that He loves you. And if He loves you, He won’t leave you desolate, fearful, poverty stricken, sick, or any of these things. That is what I’m talking about. That’s what is going to get you over. That is what is going to save you. Heal you. Deliver you. Provide for you. That’s the real thing.


Father, we thank You for the Word. Thank You for the Holy Spirit to help us to come closer to You, to see You as You are and to become like You. That we put down the things that so easily beset us, the thoughts and things we think are right. We yield to You and ask You to help us understand what we need to understand. So we can go further with You. That we can touch You and be touched by You. That a daily bread is that. It is daily. And that we look for You daily, Lord, not just in that time of prayer but when we’re out shopping, working on the car, at work, wherever we’re at, Lord, we know that You’re an ever present help in a time of need.

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